Brain Storm

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Smokey Saga

8: “Brain Storm”


Twenty Smokey Sagas ago, a zookeeper named Adia met the lycanthropic love of her life in “(Hungry Like The) Wolfgirl.” Ten Sagas ago, a corporate axewoman called Poppy was shown the error of her ways by her conscience in “On Your Shoulder.” These were the last two fantasies I wrote—if you don’t count the lesbian version of “Do You Trust Me?” It’s time for another Sapphic sci-fi story, and while I know it’s not the most popular category, there are many who enjoy it nonetheless. This one’s supernature’s not quite as “out there” as those other two, but it still could not happen in real life. It’s more along the lines of “Time Warp” and “Perfect Girl,” except there’s no fairy godmother here. Enjoy, happy reading, and your feedback as always is welcomed, valued and appreciated.


A Match Made In Limbo

Saturday, August 27th, 2016, 7:45 p.m.

Each day, Hannah Amelia Finnegan tried to work up at least one genuine, beautiful smile, for all the good things in life. Some days the smile came harder than others. But yesterday’s and today’s had been many, pure, and effortless.

Her gorgeous, smart, perfect girlfriend Mara had earned herself a sweet bonus at MD&M Enterprises, and elected to celebrate by taking Hannah to Fisherman’s Bay for the weekend. They’d enjoyed two simply splendid days swimming, sailing, strolling, dining, playing games, relaxing, and of course their favorite activity of all, just the two of them, behind closed drapes. The day before, they had checked in, thrown the curtains shut, dropped their bags, and didn’t even unpack them. They just got right down to frisky business. Mara tirelessly and generously gave Hannah the first monstrous orgasm. Hannah was so ecstatically grateful, she insisted on returning the favor. Post-sex, they rested up, did a little unpacking, and adjourned for a delectable early supper.

So far today they’d slept in, eaten, slathered each other in sunblock, walked outdoors paw in paw, done some swimming and shopping, trod the boardwalk, sat on a bench, shared some ice creamy kisses, and returned to the room. It was a bit after 7:30 p.m., and now that the maid had made the bed, it was once more ready to ravage. They didn’t often have sex consecutive days, but this was after all a special occasion. Mara had slipped into the bathroom to pretty herself up, and so Hannah was left for the moment to do as she would. She didn’t care for makeup as it gave her acne, and Mara’d convinced her she was beautiful as could be without it. She slid open the screen door and sat on the balcony to gaze down upon fellow frolicking vacationers.

The content, relaxed Hannah wore her daily smile with ease, though from day to ordinary non-vacation day, her personal worldview was bittersweet. Hannah, as well as her mother and uncle, suffered from clinical depression. She wanted and tried to be as happy as she could, but the condition rendered her less able to focus on the good in her life. She took medication, but her mood was chemically elevated only so much. She needed good nights’ sleep, to look after her health, and to take impeccable care of her relationship. Mara Kim Bronson was her world. The girl meant everything to her. Before they met one fateful afternoon at K-Mart, Hannah never knew she could be so happy. She’d fallen in love a few times before, but learned the hard way how it felt to have her heart broken. But Mara was different. She was beautiful, caring, funny, strong, charming, and she rocked Hannah’s world in bed. Last night was no exception, nor hopefully was tonight to be. Making love couldn’t eradicate her depression altogether, but certainly was a delightful diversion.

Hannah and Mara had their first encounter and date four years before, in October 2012. The relationship was just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Considering herself quite mere and plain beside Mara, Hannah didn’t know what she’d done to win her. A truth such as Mara becoming enamored of her for who she was, seldom occurred to Hannah. She felt amazingly lucky. Before meeting Hannah, Mara was engaged to be married to another woman. But her would-be bride proved unfaithful. Her grieving period was frankly brief, and she tried always to look forward, never back. Public outings were something of a game for Mara, seeking to meet girls at opportune venues. Her chance meeting with Hannah was akin to that of an old situation comedy. Pushing through neighboring aisles in the 52nd Street K-Mart, they turned in one another’s directions, and bumped carts with a krish!

At the time, the girls reacted almost as polar opposites. Mara giggled, “Oh—oopsie-daisy!” and apologized with a friendly smile. Hannah, looking down in her pessimistic mood, was quite miffed—at first. She was about to yell at her new acquaintance to watch where the hell she was going…until güvenilir bahis she saw her face.

Angels sang. Chimes rang. Hannah’s heart slammed with a clang and a bang. She left the store with a cart of bagged groceries and digits in her pocket. She couldn’t remember the last time she walked all the way back to her car with a giddy grin plastered on her.

Three years, countless dates, hundreds of kisses and a few dozen orgasms later, here they were. Hannah’d entered her 30s in ’14, Mara earlier just this year. Hannah didn’t mind getting older so much, but was becoming disenchanted and discouraged with her body. She knew once the bra came off, her boobs were drooping, as now per the norm. She wasn’t burning fat as efficiently anymore, collecting a little extra plump. She fingered the stretch marks on her waist and tummy, wishing she could make them disappear. She was less than sure just what about her Mara found so attractive, but…there must’ve been something.

She peered down over the sand and bay, adding up wishes. She watched the seagulls, wishing she could fly so elegantly as they. She took in a game of volleyball between two teams of beach bunnies, wishing she was that beautiful. She wished she could achieve decent vision through contacts, instead of having to wear her big, wonky glasses. At least they weren’t required for torrid, wild Mara-thon sex.

But her biggest wish of all dealt directly with Mara, as it turned out. There was no disputing it, Mara Bronson was a goddess. It bore reiterating, the woman was wonderful, angelic, and a fox. There was only one thing that could make her flawlessly immaculate. It was, however, a kind of nagging, noticeable one thing.

Mara never nagged. Hannah came closer to doing so, by wanting to know what was on her mind. Much as she asked, Mara virtually never shared with Hannah what she thought about. And were Hannah to be honest, it drove her a bit crazy. Physical intimacy was brilliant, but Hannah dearly craved the accompanying emotional closeness. And knowing what Mara was thinking once in a while would go a long way. Every time she asked, Mara gave her a smile, scrunched up her pretty nose and said, “Nuttin’, honey.”

She supposed it was possible Mara just wasn’t great at expressing her feelings, or that there just weren’t many to express. But Hannah found this hard to wrap her mind around. They’d gotten to know each other pretty well in the four years, and yet…

Hannah didn’t even care if it was something about her. Maybe Mara was trying to spare her feelings. Even so, if there was something she wasn’t doing right, or could to improve their relationship, she’d like to know. Perhaps she should give this question a try. Perhaps—


Hannah turned to see a gloriously naked Mara, made-up, hair-flipped, hand on hip, smiling seductively at her. Her heart re-hastened.

Yes, okay, we’re done thinking for now. Let the good times roll and the games begin.


Tryst Me

Saturday, August 27th, 2016, 8:03 p.m.

Mara knew and understood Hannah was self-conscious about her body. And Mara’s own body consisted of sweet bones a-plenty. So their recent routine was such that Hannah climbed on in and slipped under the covers, while Mara quenched the lights. Hannah was treated to the view as Mara walked naked, the subtle bob of both her 37Ds and her ass cheeks with each step. Her smooth, shapely gams sweeping past one another in perfect pattern. The magnificent way she idly lifted one foot behind her as she reached for the lights. Her finesse and excellence disarmed Hannah so much, she forgot to take off her clothes.

Mara turned back. “You can go ahead and get naked for me too, sweetie.”

Oh! Right. Hannah placed her glasses on the nightstand, then shimmied under the covers until she worked her bra and panties off, slipping them down the side. Watching them drop to the floor, Mara benevolently beamed.

“There’s my cue,” she purred. She slid in beside, like a second letter in the same envelope, taking Hannah’s hands to kiss them one by one. The first letter laid its arms tenderly around the second, and drew in close for the opening kiss. Four rich, velvety lips meshed together, two of which were tinted in a tasty artificial flavor. Mmm, Hannah smiled. She’s wearing her root beer lip gloss. She knows I love that. And they were off and running. One soft, mesmerizing kiss followed another, as the girls’ tongues and taste buds too got involved. Hannah’s eyes fluttered shut and her other senses took over. Mara’s exotic perfume tickled her nostrils and suffused Hannah with aromatic heat. She was already enormously turned on. She extended her arms to maximum reach around Mara and squeezed extra tight, encouraging Mara to do the same. Their gams mingled and intertwined as well, tangling the sheets into a mess.

Hannah gasped out türkçe bahis of the current kiss. “God, I love you so much,” she paused long enough to rasp out, before launching right back in. She didn’t allow Mara much of a chance to say it back, but it was okay. She didn’t have to. Hannah knew how true Mara’s devotion was. They snuggled aggressively, melding and mushing tits, paws grasping, fingers digging into raw flesh, as sweat generated in a dozen regions. Hannah often wished she and Mara needed do nothing but lie about and have beauteous sex.

She adored sex. Everything about it: flirting one another into the mood, the foreplay, their bodies warming, the splendid combination of bodies, fitting together as perfectly as puzzle pieces. Then of course the glorious pleasure sizzling over, as her starved erogenous zones were granted the oral/manual/pedal love they so desired. Mara Bronson was the greatest thing that’d ever happened to her life, in just so many aspects, and sex was no exception. Mara was magic, marvel and magnificence in one superb package. Deep inside, Hannah believed Mara was too good for her, and deserved someone as grand and vivacious. But she felt the unmistakable devotion returned in Mara’s every kiss. It wordlessly let Hannah know she was on secure ground, that her beloved wasn’t going anywhere. Sometimes Hannah kissed her just to let her know how much she meant to her. Sometimes she kissed her in hopes of leading to more. Sometimes she kissed her for the sole reassurance that Mara reciprocally adored her. Her lips neither deceived nor disappointed.

Another reason making love was amazing was that Hannah’d always been fascinated by the hot feelings of pleasure and lust in her loins. She didn’t appreciate or care for the bad rap lashed upon the overly sexual by the more prudish. It was as if the outside world indicated to her that gentlemen well in touch with their libidos were perverted animals by nature, nothing more. And that women were not even “supposed” to like sex, so logic dictated that those who did were whores. She thought this unfair on both ends, to say nothing of unrealistic. There couldn’t be that many real prudes out there. There were seven billion people on Earth. Procreational or recreational, somebody liked something about this act. Nobody asked to be born, but these holier-than-thou types had apparently forgotten that hadn’t it been for sex, they wouldn’t even be here. It was okay not to be crazy about it, Hannah reasoned, but uncool to shame those who were. She spent a lot of adolescent and adult happy time under the covers with her hands where it mattered. She didn’t know how much her folks approved, but if she was born with a healthy, busy libido, no one could fault her for it.

Not until she grew up did she realize this whole anti-sex agenda was a giant farce peddled by religion and the entertainment industry. Religion had already maligned Hannah—and Mara—for the unforgivable sin of being gay, so any credibility in that institution was shot. She’d not chosen to be a lesbian but vice versa, so it didn’t matter what anyone thought. She finally decided not to concern herself with all this righteous malarkey. She loved Mara Bronson, Mara loved her, they both loved sex, and if anyone else didn’t like it, tough.

Which brought her back to today and back to Fisherman’s Bay, together with Mara in the big fluffy bed of room 540 of the Barefoot Queen Inn on 43rd Street and Fisherman’s Avenue. A fantastic booking choice, as lying in Mara’s generous arms, swapping sweet love, Hannah herself felt like a barefoot—not to mention blissfully naked—queen. Their shapely curves deliciously contoured into one another. Hannah closed her eyes and saw the heavens open. All four nipples stiffened into their companion breasts, setting off small initial fireworks. The prerequisite moans and whimpers followed, rising in intensity. Mara sifted her fingers through Hannah’s frizzy auburn locks, petting and massaging. Hannah dutifully reciprocated.

Hannah and Mara made love with a steady increase in heat and passion—excepting only the brief pauses their engines took to re-rev. Their mutual engrossment was such that they couldn’t slow down if they wanted to. Even better, they shared a regimen of either one taking charge when ready. Each reserved the right, at any point, to bring the foreplay to a speeding halt and shift headfirst into the main attraction. They often exercised the right simultaneously. Today, the honor would be Hannah’s to seize. And seize she did.

Mara felt her cherub snatch her snatch. Her eyes snapped open and she shrieked through the kiss. Hannah grinned, taking her reaction as the compliment it was. She loved the feeling of storming Mara with such force, coochie in her clutch, having her literally in the palm of her paw. It made her feel important and powerful, as a person normally dismissed as insignificant. Another wonderful gift Mara gave güvenilir bahis siteleri her on a regular basis. Mara broke the kiss and tossed her head back.

“OHHHHHHH!!” she roared. Hannah giggled to herself, relishing the view. Lust radiated through Mara at her girl’s firm touch, face twisted in sizzling goodness, as Hannah smoothed her dampening womanhood between her fingertips. “OHMYGOD!!”

Hannah leered at her, holding on to one of her tits with the other hand. “I take it you approve,” she hollered over Mara’s cacophony.

Mara answered with her actions, pulling Hannah nearer, arching her back to push out her proud 37Ds, urging Hannah to have her way. Only too happy to oblige, Hannah dove in, swishing her own 36Cs across Mara’s tummy. Her feet and toes caressed and rode Mara’s legs. Seeing success soon to be reaped in her endeavors, Hannah found her way inside Mara, and lovingly began jilling her off.

Mara vainly shouted the Lord’s name several more times. She squeezed Hannah ever tighter, almost crushing her in a bear hug as uncountable fingers thrusted into her cunt. Her soaked, swelling, blotchy red cunt…oh, did Hannah know how to make her happy. How to please her like only a woman could please another. Hannah gripped Mara’s lower leg between both of hers, humping with her own wet, happy, hungry pussy. Mara felt herself being carried up another plateau every few moments, but she’d yet to see the full extent. Hannah closed her teeth on Mara’s rock-hard nipple, and thumbed her equally stiff crimson clit.

Mara erupted. She clamored like a child throwing a tantrum, but instead singing Hannah’s praises like a canary. Hannah smiled with vast satisfaction, doing her best to keep up with rhythm and accuracy. Mara trembled to hold back from cumming prematurely, limbs shaking and twitching. Her hair pasted to her head. Her eyeballs rolled back, her nostrils flared, her mouth dribbled. Here came the stars, as Hannah kept plunging and jilling, burrowing further up and in to reach her g-spot. Mara knew she couldn’t withstand it much longer, and Hannah had a pretty good feeling too, judging by her screams.

Hannah was catching up in her own arousal, but she had Mara furiously blazed. Her brain was on fire. She yelled, she caterwauled, she cried, she swore. She dripped like a spent candle, her overworked heart slamming her in the chest, gratuitously tangible against Hannah’s chin. Her grand explosion was imminent. She shot effortlessly through the reaches of time and space, end over end over end, obstacles bouncing off her like rubber. She could divide the act each time into blue, red and white heat. God, she loved being an American. The heat was as bright as the blinding passion, about to send her rocketing beyond oblivion. Abruptly, before she knew it, it was too much. She couldn’t take it anymore. It was time.

“Han, I’m cumming!” she dynamically announced. “Oh my GOD I’M CUUUUUUMMIIIIIING!!”

Yes! Hannah celebrated. Mara loved making this declaration when it was upon them, and hearing it made Hannah’s life. She sank her teeth the last bit, and pumped Mara’s bubbling cauldron as if actually trying to sprain her wrist. Mara’s legs lurched, shook, and locked for the impact. She felt herself blasted through the brass rings one by one, spewing and squirting over Hannah’s arm and the mattress. Her paws remained around the nape of Hannah’s neck, grabbing her by the hair, holding her vigorously tight. Hannah was glad to cooperate. A little tough womanhandling was a small price to pay for bending Mara to her will and culling her dry like a vacuum.

The monstrous orgasm tuckered them both out. Once it died down, Mara dropped practically dead on her pillow. Hannah held on, gingerly vacating Mara’s swollen maroon pussy, and turning her attention to her own. Mara’s cum felt good mingling with her own automoisture. She gazed at Mara’s now angelically slumbering face, so calm, so tranquil, so restful. Hannah adored her just so much, she thought, rubbing her own wet cunt. She wanted to kiss her, but not to accidentally wake her back up. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, she worked herself into a lovely climax as well. She lay motionless beside Mara. She’d no interest in getting up to use the john, or for any other reason. She could use a nap herself. Her eyes fluttered closed as the sun slid completely below the horizon.

Hannah smiled as a final conscious thought floated through her mind.

Hee hee…I hope the maid appreciates the little present we left her.



Sunday, August 28th, 2016, 12:18 a.m.

Friday morning, Mara’d gotten the two of them up bright and early, to get their luggage in the car, and beat the brunt of traffic. After one day of excitement and play, they got to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Saturday morning, Mara’d again gotten them up bright and early, this time to pick up the fun where they left off. The second day of frolicking culminated in the latter of as many amazing lovemaking romps. This time they fell right to sleep, and could’ve dozed for eons. However, Hannah was not to be so fortunate.

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