Breaking in Kirk

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It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and I’m driving home from work. Just past the train station I see a kid hitch-hiking. I recognise him. It’s Kirk, a boy who was on the local under-15 basketball team when I was assistant coach a few years back. He must be 18 or 19 now. He looks a bit like one of those skater types – long blond hair under a baseball cap, shapeless oversize sports singlet, baggy shorts. He gives off a hint of effeminacy – nothing you could put a finger on, but nevertheless something.

I pull over, of course, and he is grateful for the lift and to get into an air conditioned car. I don’t have to remind him who I am and he talks away about what he’s been doing. Although his place is not far, I ask if he wants to stop first at my house and join me having a cold beer. He doesn’t agrees readily enough and five minutes later I lead him through my front door and down to the living room.

Beers in hand we chat. He rattles on about some course he’s doing in music production. I barely listen, just add a word here and there to keep him going. I tell him I’m getting us more beers and suggest he flick on the TV for a sports program, or else check out the DVDs in the cabinet to the side. When I come back he is looking through the porno – pretty hard to miss given they are close to the front of the shelf of DVDs. He looks a bit flustered but I act natural and point to one he has in his hands, titled Bisexual Orgy, and tell him it’s pretty good and to put it on.

He sits in an armchair and I spread out on the couch, both of us chugging beer as the movie starts. There is about two minutes of scene setting, then the action begins. Five minutes in there’s a scene of a guy being blown by another guy, I look across and see Kirk adjusting his shorts. His mouth is a little open and his eyes fixed. As the scene finishes he gulps down the last of his beer. The camera pans across to a lesbian scene and I go to the kitchen for more beers. I take one over to Kirk and stand beside him watching the next scene as a guy sitting on a chair sucks the cock of a guy standing beside him, while a busty brunette kneels between his spread legs blowing him.

‘Pretty hot,’ I say. Kirk grunts in agreement and now that I have his attention, I unzip the front of my pants and pull out my dick. His eyes go wide.

‘I bet you like to suck cock,’ I say, putting a hand on his shoulder and pulling him toward me a little. ‘Don’t you?’ He resists and I tighten my grip. His face is right by my groin and, holding him there, I push down my pants, take my thickening cock in hand and wipe it over his lips and cheeks.

‘Suck me!’ I hiss, pushing against his closed lips, smearing them with a little pre-cum. Reluctantly, his mouth casino oyna opens a little and I wedge it wider with my cock, feeding in a good couple of inches. I’m boning up real fast now and resist the urge to grab him by the ears and fuck that pretty face. So I just rock my hips a little to get him going and after a moment he is actively sucking on the cock sliding in and out his mouth.

‘Yeah, that’s it,’ I say soothingly. ‘I knew you were a good little cock sucker when I saw you hitch hiking.’ He is taking more than half my length now and after another moment I take a handful of his hair and slowly push deeper. ‘Come on you little slut,’ I say. ‘Take all of daddy’s big cock.’ He starts making gagging sounds but I persevere and get the last couple of inches in past his lips and hold. ‘Mmmmm, that’s real good,’ I say, feeling his tongue slithering under my dick and his throat closed on the head. I hold a few more seconds, then slowly ease back. He looks up at me, eyes watery, just the head of my cock still in his mouth and I just have to do it again.

‘Now suck my balls,’ I order and enjoy his warm mouth sucking the hanging orbs. Then it’s back to fucking his face and after a minute I no longer need to hold his hair when I push all the way in his mouth. ‘Such a talented little slut,’ I say admiringly.

I pull back, my cock bobbing wetly, and tell him to get his gear off. He doesn’t move, looking up at me apprehensively. I reach down and stroke his face then slap his cheek a couple of times.

‘I said, get your fucking clothes off.’ He jumps up and quickly peels off his singlet, lets his shorts drop and stands with his hands crossed over his y-fronts. I grunt menacingly and jerk my chin and he pulls them down. When he stands up, his hands can’t fully hide the fact that he has an erection. I smile thinly and tell him to get on his knees and blow me some more. I make him wait while I get out of my shirt so we are both naked, then step in front of him and smack his face with my cock, tell him to open wide, and feed it back in that hot pretty mouth. He almost gobbles in his eagerness. Either he’s done this before or he’s got a real natural talent.

After a few minutes of his sucking, I’m debating whether or not to cum in his mouth. On the one hand I want to see his face as I squirt a week’s worth of jizz along his tongue; but on the other I want to stuff my cock up his tight, hopefully virgin, arse. I decide on the latter and, after a bit more action from that hot mouth, I ease back. Looking down at his expectant face – the big eyes, the plump lips, the smooth skin – I just have to cock slap his cheeks. He looks so surprised and innocent that I can barely resist shoving my cock back in that baby mouth slot oyna and blowing off. Instead, I walk down the hallway and get the lube from the bedroom.

When I come back in he is still kneeling where I left him, eyes fixed on the TV, mouth open, hand squeezing, but not stroking, his hard boycock. On screen a man is bent over a chair being fucked by another man, his face twisted in pleasure, begging for it harder. Good prep for little Kirk, I think.

The boy’s eyes go wide when he sees the lubricant. I figure he’ll be more compliant if we follow the porno script and tell him to bend over the arm of the couch. He’s a bit reluctant and I have to shove and push him a bit. God he’s got a pretty butt – pale, smooth and pear shaped. I tell him to hold his cheeks wide and he has the most perfect, neat, hairless little hole.

‘Ever done this before?’ I ask in a soothing, empathetic voice.

‘No,’ he says, voice high and cracked as if he’s going to break into tears. Oh Christ, he is a virgin! My cock surges and I have to discipline myself to play this at an easy pace.

‘But you want to, don’t you,’ I say in that same quiet voice. On screen the guy being fucked is still groaning in ecstasy and begging for it harder. Kirk is watching even as he lies holding his cheeks apart.

‘Uh, I guess.’

That’s all I need and, impatient now to deflower him, I coat my cock with gel, then grease his crack. More gel and I work my finger at his hole, tell him to push back at me, and grin in anticipation as my finger slides into his rectum. Tight, hot but not so willing – oh yeah, this will be so sweet. I can’t wait any longer and, pushing Kirk’s thighs wider apart, get close behind him and slide my cock up and down his crack. He tenses and I tell him to relax.

I fit my cock to Kirk’s crinkle, take him firmly by the hips, and lean a little weight forward. He tenses up and a hand flutters back and presses ineffectually against my chest. God I love this part.

‘Relax, kid,’ I tell him gently. ‘Push back like you’re taking a shit.’ He calms down and I feel a slight slackening in his ring. I grin and push forward.

‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’ he cries as his sphincter stretches relentlessly and the head of my cock pops through. I pause take my eyes from his anus all thin and white round my cock, look over his tense back which now has a sheen of sweat, and focus on his head hanging low as he copes with the penetration. He is breathing quickly, almost hyperventilating. It makes my cock pulse – or would if it wasn’t clamped so tight by his ring! I tighten my grip on his hips and push another couple of inches into his rectum.

‘Stop! Stop!’ he cries out, but it seems to me he’s doing OK and I slap away his canlı casino siteleri protesting hand and lean all my weight forward, sliding my cock deeper until I am hard up agains his tight cheeks.

‘Jesus! Oh Jesus!’ he pants. ‘Take it out! Please take it out!’

‘Sure kid,’ I say in a concerned voice and ease back. I feel his butt relax in relief and, before I’m quite all the way out, jam it back in. Sweet!

‘Uuuuuunnnhhh!’ he grunts, but more in discomfort than pain and I know he’s going to be OK. Sure enough, after only a dozen or so thrusts, he’s taking me quite well, his grunts now just a response to the physical pressure of having a 105kg man thrusting seven inches of meat hard into his bottom. Another couple of dozen strokes and this de-flowering is getting a bit tame. I slap his bum and yank his hair, tell him to squeeze my cock with his arse, buck back at me. He cries out that it hurts too much but I bully him until he’s raising his butt to meet my cock each time and squeezing as I pull back. We’re working up a nice sweat and have a good rhythm going when his anus goes into convulsions and he moans and drops his head again. The little cunt has cum all over my couch!

I slap his arse a few times, grip his waist and really fuck him hard. His groans have a hint of pain and my balls churn. I fuck harder and he starts going ow ow ow again and suddenly I’m there, crying out and cumming in three big thrusts, then falling forward on his sweaty back.

It takes a minute to regain my breath then I step back. He whimpers when my cock comes free and I’m gratified to see it is streaked with plenty of semen mixed with a little shit and a touch of blood. I want to make the kid clean me off with his mouth, but I figure he’s had enough for today – maybe next time. He gets unsteadily to his feet and I see that he has a few red marks on his thighs, stomach and chest from being pressed against the couch. There are a couple of tears on his cheeks but he is OK – not exactly smiling but not far off it. His cock is soft and semen is matted in his sparse pubes and smeared on his stomach.

I flick the TV off, pick up Kirk’s underpants and wipe my cock and balls clean. I tell him to get a cloth from the cupboard in the laundry and clean up the couch. Luckily it’s leather or I’d be getting $20 off him for the damage. I get another beer while he cleans up then tell him to get dressed and go home. I was going to drive him, but can’t be stuffed now. Anyway, it’s only a couple of kilometres.

He’s about to go out when I tell him I need the back lawn mowed and that he can come back tomorrow after lunch and do it. Then we can have a beer together, maybe watch another video. He smiles, almost a grateful smile, and says OK, that would be good. I watch him walk down the driveway. He is limping a little and it makes me want to call him back and bugger him all over again. But tomorrow will be soon enough …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20