Brit , Lori Meet Angela

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This is the sixth Brit & Lori story and is meant to follow Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch. 3. For those who want to read the complete series in its proper order, it goes Landlady 1, the Go Clubbing stories, then Landlady 2 and 3, then Meet Angela.



Brit and Lori were cuddled together in their bed, kissing and caressing each other, trying to keep warm. The thermostat in their apartment was shot, and Melissa, their landlady, was away from the complex on vacation that week.

There was only one perfect way to keep warm: body heat.

The pair was locked in a passionate embrace, with the legs of the blonde-haired Lori intertwined with those of the sultry brunette. While they were rubbing their legs together, the heat between their legs was increasing, and soon the pair didn’t care that the heat was out in the apartment.

Brit and Lori had been lovers for the past five years and had lived in this apartment for a year exactly this night, and were rather disappointed that Melissa wasn’t spending the anniversary with them. But, despite her absence, they decided to have a little party of their own.

Then the heat went out about an hour before Lori was due home from work; when she got in, a blast of what felt like arctic air knocked her senseless. But soon her lip curled into a devilish smile, knowing that there would only be two ways to keep warm until the thermostat was fixed – wear many layers of clothes, or lay naked in the warm arms of her sweet Brittany.

Brittany, the dominating brunette, slid on top of her lover, looking deep into the blue eyes of Lori. Brit loved those eyes, loved staring into them, getting lost in the sparkles that seemed to dance near the iris. Lori’s eyes were like sponges, sucking in Brit’s ceramic-like facial expressions, especially the mischievous grin splashed across her face at this moment. Lori rose up to meet her girlfriend’s lips, and the pair shared a sweet, soft kiss, before the brunette raised herself out of reach.

“You’re such a little clit tease!” Lori said loudly, looking at her girlfriend and beginning to pout playfully. But it wasn’t playful to Brit, whose pussy started to get soaked just from the blonde’s lips being posed the way they were.

Brittany moaned softly, and Lori broke into a laugh.

“What’s so funny baby?” Brit asked, but she got no answer in return. She started to tickle Lori’s sides, making the blonde squirm. Lori kicked the covers away as her partner assaulted her sides with her fingers, and immediately the pair was greeted by the cold air. Two sets of nipples hardened more than they already were and their flesh became taut as the air bit their skin. Each woman started to shiver and Brit quickly pounced down on her partner and started to rub her body against Lori’s, trying to quickly generate some body heat.

Lori’s teeth were chattering but that suddenly subsided as Brit’s pubic mound rubbed against hers. Lori started to rub her hands up and down Brit’s back, caressing her skin and feeling the small valley that was Brit’s backbone. Her hands dropped lower to the brunette’s heart-shaped ass, cupping the cheeks and pulling her sweet girlfriend closer to her.

Both started to kiss, Brit softly kissing Lori’s lower lip, nibbling tenderly. The two loved each other dearly and loved to show each other how much their love had grown. Times like these, when they were all alone, were extremely special.

Having the heat out made them all the more closer, making their love making a little more interesting.

Brittany continued to kiss Lori, their kisses lingering and growing into something more, until the brunette began to slowly slide down Lori’s body. She kissed her neck, sucking onto the spot where the neck met the shoulder, sending more shivers down the blonde’s spine. Lori moaned as she felt Brit’s lips pursing against her soft skin.

Soon Brit’s head lowered, kissing past Lori’s clavicle and down her chest. Brit’s head ducked under the blanket and her lips began to kiss Lori’s succulent breasts. Lori’s chest heaved as she felt her girlfriend’s tongue sliding back and forth and around her hardened left nipple. She gasped as she felt hot air being blown across it, Brit exhaling hard on Lori’s boob.

Lori was moaning softly, cooing as her lover’s tongue softly tiptoed through the deep valley of her cleavage. She slid her hands underneath the blanket and ran her fingers through Brittany’s dark hair. Brittany repeated the process of tonguing Lori’s nipple, teasing it and flicking it, before she nibbled it. She ground her teeth back and forth against the nipple, sending waves of intense pleasure through Lori’s senses. Lori loved rough play, especially when Brit instigated it.

She could hear Brit’s lips pucker and she felt them against her skin, all the while feeling Brit slip lower and lower on her body, the lips travelling slowly down her torso. Lori began to spread her legs, feeling Brit’s perky boobs and her sharp, needle-like nipples rubbing güvenilir bahis against her supple thighs. She giggled as Brit’s tongue licked around her navel, but after several minutes of that, Lori’s hands pushed Brit’s head down between her legs. She wanted her lover to touch her where it mattered the most.

And when Brit’s tongue dragged down her wet, shaved pussy, Lori groaned deeply. She smiled as she could feel the tongue of her lover run up and down the silky folds repeatedly, occasionally zigging and zagging down her slit. Brit artfully and expertly licked her girlfriend’s pussy lips, knowing exactly what drove her best friend in the world wild.

Brit took her tongue away from Lori’s pussy and started to kiss her vulva, placing pecks on the labia before taking two fingers and spreading the lips apart, exposing her girlfriend’s clit. The clit was poking out from underneath the hood, enticing the brunette to lick and suck on it.

The dominating woman dove in, clamping her mouth down on Lori’s clit, causing the blonde to jump. She squealed as she heard her girlfriend sucking away, feeling her tongue swipe this way and that, then feeling Brit’s teeth nibbling away. Brit took her mouth away from Lori’s clit, took a deep breath, and dove in again.

Lori couldn’t believe the ride she was being taken on. Heat was pulsing out to her extremities and pleasure was rolling from her clit to her nipples, which she began to pinch and roll between her fingers. She pulled on her left nipple and felt the jolt from the pain go straight to her pussy.

She felt her body spasm slightly, making Brit bounce away from her pussy for just a second. Brit said, “Damn baby, you’re really liking this!”

Lori could only moan and say, “Uh huh!”

Brit then took her tongue and started to lick inside her precious baby’s pussy. She licked along the vaginal walls and tried to get her oral member deep inside her lover, deep enough to wiggle it around. Lori felt this intrusion and continued to spread her legs, and soon, she was in the shape of a T on the bed, her feet poking out either side of the heavy blanket. Lori arched her back as Brit found a sweet spot and began to shake as Brit’s tongue hardly moved a centimeter left or right; she only pressed the tip of her tongue against it and held it there.

Lori’s fingernails were digging into Brittany’s scalp as she felt the pleasure envelope her and take her to places she had never been before. She felt the tongue move away and was replaced by fingers, as two fingers on Brit’s right hand snaked into Lori’s pussy, plunging in and out with reckless abandon. Lori was wet and was growing wetter by the second.

Brit’s fingers were squishing in and out of her girlfriend’s pussy, rhythmically dancing inside the satiny softness, feeling the young woman’s arousal swell around her digits. She felt Lori’s pelvis rocking, bouncing up and down as she was humping the brunette’s hand. Brit quickly stuck her tongue out and began to flick Lori’s clit, as she felt the blonde was going to have an orgasm.

Lori was thrashing about on the bed, not caring if she was kicking the blanket off her. Her body was on fire from Brit’s oral and digital ministrations and she needed a release. She was moaning incessantly, her moans and groans getting louder and increasing in timbre. Tears were sliding down her cheeks, tears of happiness. She loved being made love to by Brittany, and she felt elated at the fact that her girlfriend never once complained about her always doing Lori first.

Brit’s tongue continued to swipe at Lori’s clit and her fingers were still sliding in and out forcefully, but she soon got an idea. She slowed the pace of her fingering down, causing Lori to whimper. She wanted to cum badly.

Instead, Brit began to seek out the blonde’s G-Spot with the pads of her fingertips. She rubbed the roof of her girlfriend’s pussy, which was already in a frenzy. Soon she found the rough flesh and began to rub it in a circle, clock-wise first for several revolutions, then reversing. Lori’s eyes began to roll into her head and her body slumped back on to the bed, her head hitting the pillow with a “thump.” She was tired and she hadn’t cum yet, but she was incredibly close. Her body had given out on her and she was simply going to enjoy the rest of it.

But Brittany noticed this at once and began rubbing faster, increasing her speed. That snapped Lori out of her daze and she quickly began to moan again. Her hands retreated from the confines of Brit’s dark tresses to her own beautiful breasts, rubbing circles on the undersides. The pressure was building in her groin and she was doing her best to stem the flow.

Brittany soon slid a third finger and then a fourth into Lori’s pussy, and the blonde simply couldn’t take it anymore: with a groan that took her ass straight off the bed, Lori flooded Brittany’s hand.

She announced she was cumming with a scream. Brit put her mouth back to the woman’s pussy and started to suck Lori’s cum out türkçe bahis of her, getting a tasty, wet mouthful.

After the orgasm had subsided, Brit crawled up Lori’s svelte body and began to kiss her long and hard, letting the blonde get a good taste of herself. Their tongues mingled between their lips, groans of passion echoing through the small second floor bedroom.


An hour later, after Lori had recovered from her orgasm and had returned the favor to her extremely talented lover, the pair were cuddled in bed, the blanket wrapped tightly around themselves. They were sweating, and the blanket took the body heat burning between them and insulated their sexy bodies. They exchanged kisses, their tongues slipping into the other’s mouth slowly.

Lori moved a strand of wet hair from Brit’s forehead and smiled down at her beautiful girlfriend. Brit returned her smile and lovingly ran the back of her right index finger down Lori’s cheek. She whispered, “I love you, Lori Reynolds.”

“I love you too, Brittany Powers,” Lori replied, kissing her again and again.

Brit broke the kiss and looked at Lori.

“We have to do something about this heat, baby. I could live like this for a while, holding onto you every night. But sooner or later, we’re going to have to get out of this bed!” Brit said. Lori laughed in agreement.

Then the phone rang. Brit reached back and grabbed the cordless.


“Brittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!” screamed Brianne, their red headed friend who they occasionally had sex with. Brianne had been a surprise for Lori about 11 months ago and had been away on business for the past two weeks.

“Hey Bree, what’s going on?” Brit asked as Lori was circling her hand on the brunette’s flat tummy.

“I just got back into town and I can’t get a hold of Melissa. She’s not even answering her cell. Any idea where she could be?” Brianne asked.

“She went on vacation for a week, left yesterday. I can’t believe she didn’t tell you!” Brit said.

“Well I have been gone for two weeks. Assholes kept me in meetings practically around the clock, so I couldn’t get a hold of her or answer my phone when she called. I haven’t even checked my messages yet. What are you two up to tonight?” Brianne asked.

“We are sitting in an absolutely cold apartment, cuddling in bed after an amazing round of oral pleasure,” Brit said with a little teasing inflection in her voice.

“Cold apartment? Did Melissa forget to pay the heat again?”

“Nah, our thermostat shut down today before we got home. Turn it up and nothing comes out of the vents. So we made our own heat,” Brit said with a giggle.

“Awww, so you’re not interested in some company tonight then, huh?”

“Not tonight sweetie, but maybe tomorrow night,” Brit said, but then Brianne came up with a great plan.

“Hey, I have an idea. My cousin Angela is in town and she does heating and air conditioning. Let me call her and she if she can schedule you for tomorrow.”

“That would be great hon. Call me back when you get an answer.”

Brit hung up the phone after saying good bye and turned back to her lover.

“That was Brianne. She’s calling her cousin Angela to see if she can squeeze us in tomorrow to get the heat back on. She says hi to you, too,” Brit said, reaching in for a kiss, which Lori graciously returned.

Three minutes later, Brianne called back.

“Great news! Angela said she has the day off tomorrow but will gladly come over tonight to work on it. I told her you were good friends of mine and she said that no one should be cold at night. She’ll be over in about a half hour,” Brianne said, before hanging up.

“Angela will be over in a half hour. What should we do in the meantime?” Brit said to Lori, a wicked grin growing and a sparkle showing in her eyes.

“Maybe we should get dressed, baby. They way we go, we’d be in mid-fuck when she gets to the door, and I don’t think we should open the door to a stranger when we’re buck naked!” Lori said.

“That didn’t stop us on our first full morning in here, remember? Melissa came to the door and we were practically naked!” Brit replied. Lori remembered this, as she was in just in a white tank top and a cute pair of blue bikini panties at the time. Brit had just gotten out of the shower and was in a towel that was quickly dropped. The three then had hours of passionate sex.

“True. But she is a friend now. Angela isn’t.”

Brit groaned, but stole a kiss from Lori before she got out of bed. She walked over to her dresser and opened it. Lori was looking at her sexy girlfriend as she walked, the heart shaped ass swaying back and forth. Lori couldn’t help but stare.

She watched as Brittany picked out a cute little pair of white panties, a tiny thong with a small bow on the front. Brit was shivering as she bent over to put her panties on and felt like she was going to fall over. She managed to get her feet into them and slowly brought them up her legs, the tiny güvenilir bahis siteleri slit of material disappearing into the crack of her cute ass. She wiggled her ass at Lori, who laughed at her girlfriend. Brit looked back and laughed, too.

Brit then put on some form-fitting jeans, which she moved her hips while putting on, before putting on a shirt and two sweatshirts. Lori then got out of bed and didn’t put panties on, but put on sweatpants and a loose-fitting sweatshirt.

“You should put something else on, your nipples are going to go numb!” Brit exclaimed, a smile on her face.

“It’s okay, you will just have to warm them up for me later!” Lori said, and both laughed again.

Brit made some coffee and Lori began to straighten up their apartment so that it didn’t appear that they were slobs. A few minutes little, the doorbell rang. Lori went to open the door.

Standing there was Angela. She had red hair with streaks of blonde scattered through it, her face looked to be made of porcelain, her lips like precious rubies. She had an athletic physique, with curves in just about all the right places, including her breasts and her sensuous hips. She had light blue eyes, just as blue as the sky.

She wore a pair of jeans that seemed to fall off her as she walked, as well as a tool belt and a heavy jacket that said “Angela” on it. She wore a heavy sweatshirt underneath, one that showed off her large breasts, which seemed to be straining against it.

Lori guessed Angela was about a 36c cup. She couldn’t be sure until she sampled the good herself. She bit her lip at the thought.

“Hi, I’m Angela, you must be Lori. Brianne described you perfectly!” the woman said. Lori said “Yes,” and backed off so Angela could get in. They walked down the hall to where Brit was, and when Brit saw Angela, her jaw dropped slightly.

“This is Brittany, Brittany, Angela, Angela, Brittany,” Lori said, making the introductions.

Brittany shook Angela’s hand and said hello to her, before leading her to the thermostat. She then grabbed Lori and dragged her into the bedroom.

When they got there, Brit’s eyes were wide and Lori was trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

“She’s gorgeous!” Brit whispered to her girlfriend, and she saw Lori smile.

“Wanna try?” Lori asked, and Brit enthusiastically nodded her head. She then kissed Lori hard on the lips, holding it there for what seemed like an eternity. She broke the kiss and tried to get herself under control before rejoining their guest.

Angela had taken off her jacket as well as her heavy sweatshirt and was working hard on the thermostat in just a tight white tank top. Her nipples were erect from the cold air that washed through the apartment.

In a matter of minutes, Angela was done.

“The switch was all screwy. Wasn’t making contact. Just cleaned the contacts and it should be all set,” she told the girls, who weren’t looking directly at her face, instead at her large boobs, which were larger than both Brit’s and Lori’s. They heard a “whoosh” as the heat came on, rushing through the vents.

Brit heard it and quickly took off her two sweatshirts, her nipples still hard from the cold.

It took a while for the heat to really pump through, but that’s not what they cared about. They both wanted to pump Angela.

Angela turned back to both girls, only to find them staring at her boobs.

“Like what you see?” she said, and both girls nodded.

“Wanna see more?” Again, a pair of nods.

Angela crossed her arms under her breasts and pulled the tank top over her head, exposing her firm boobs to the women.

“They’re real girls. Check them out for yourself,” Angela offered, holding her boobs in her hands. Both Brit and Lori went to Angela liked two starved puppy dogs and placed their hands on a boob each. They caressed the breast they held, lightly using their fingertips and the backs of their hands. Lori brushed the pad of her thumb up against Angela’s left nipple and the handywoman shuddered from contact.

Brit lowered her head and began to suckle on the right nipple, with Angela tilting her head back and gasping.

“She’s good with her tongue, isn’t she?” Lori asked, and all Angela could do was nod her head and say, “Mmmm, yeah, she is. Suck it good Brittany.”

Angela’s eyes met Lori’s and she looked down at her left breast. Lori took the hint and, without taking her eyes off the red head, lowered her mouth to it and began to suck on her nipple violently. Angela moaned as she felt double the stimulation on her breasts, putting her hands on the backs of the girls’ heads to keep them there.

The pair was sucking on Angela’s bullet-like nipples for five minutes when Angela pulled them away from her tasty teats. Both girls looked up and whimpered helplessly.

“You two are wearing too many clothes and I think we should all get comfortable,” she said, and the girls led her by the hand to their bedroom. Brit immediately ripped her shirt off, exposing her own firm breasts to the increasingly warm air. Even though it wasn’t cold anymore, her nipples stayed erect, this time from arousal. Lori also got naked, taking her time in removing the two articles of clothing she wore.

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