Broken Birds, Part 28 The Compound on Green Island Time

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Part 28
The Compound on Green Island Time

Rafaela’s period arrived with the other girls’ departure. For some reason it was particularly severe. Michael offered to bring Jennifer back, but Rafaela declined. In truth, she wanted Shoshana to have a week with Michael. Rafaela had her children and knew her place in Michael’s heart.

“Michael, I just got my period and this one is a bitch. I’m going to lie down and see if I can feel better,” Rafaela lied.

Shoshana hid her excitement, but silently thanked Rafaela. She saw the truth in Rafa’s dancing eyes.

Shoshana knew Michael was in agony, his world in danger. She remembered when they had caged the beast. She had been waiting for several months to beg a favor. She went to him in his office, a bottle of wine and two glasses in her hands.

“Michael” she called softly before entering. The house seemed oddly silent and felt empty.

He turned, saw the bottle and nodded.

She poured him the first glass and then poured hers.

“Michael, I swore I would never bring my past into our bedroom. I never want anyone to think of what happened to me in that room. I have something to ask you to do, though, so I have to explain.” Tears gathered in Shoshana’s eyes.

It happened about eight months before Beth’s rape. Shoshana, then known as Susan, had been sent by her father to see her brother, Thomas, at his university on “the Hill” during a break. Shoshana knew she would be used as a sex toy for Thomas and his friends, but there was really no choice. David had the money, power and viciousness to force compliance. He and Thomas had raped her and broken her will to resist.

She went, knowing that her sister Lynne might soon be the target of David’s sick lust. Lynne would soon turn seventeen, an age dreaded by the Walsh women.

Thomas was acting strangely. He treated her as his sister, introducing her to his fraternity brothers. Thomas and six of his fraternity brothers sat with Shoshana at dinner. Thomas was called away to the main door. She saw that he was talking to a very young girl with fine brown hair and luminous green eyes and delicate features. She had a high forehead and flawless, pale complexion; a long, thin upturned nose and an oval mouth with a pouting lower lip.

The girl entered the fraternity house tentatively. Thomas led her to the basement. Several of the “brothers” excused themselves.

Another visitor arrived. She had dark hair, sharp features and predatory eyes. She was a bit overweight and carried a large purse.

They locked the front door and turned off all visible lights. Shoshana began to feel fear run through her.

The two remaining fraternity brothers grabbed her arms, lifting her bodily from her chair.

“Time for us to join the party,” the sharp featured woman sneered. She reached out and twisted Shoshana’s left breast, “I want to see those famous nipples!” She ripped Shoshana’s blouse and bra, exposing dark nipples more than an inch long.

“Wow! I’m gonna have a ball with them,” she said with an evil smile on her face.

Thomas stripped the young girl, tied her wrists and ankles together and threw her on the old basement bed. She had no say in what was about to happen. Thomas tied her wrists and ankles to the headboard posts, effectively folding her in half and spreading her open. A video camera recorded every moment of her agony and humiliation.

He looked at Shoshana and simply said, “Strip. Everything off,” he said firmly, a look of loathing clouding his eyes.

She complied. She didn’t try to cover herself. The woman made sure, extending a cattle prod that hovered suggestively over Shoshana’s sex.

The girl on the bed tried to escape her bonds. Though they were padded, they were like steel. Whatever they had in mind was going to happen. The campus was deserted except for a few security guards that had long ago been bribed into compliance.

“Get up there and get her ready. We don’t want to hurt her,” Thomas lied, “This is going to happen. Try to make it good for her.”

Shoshana climbed on the bed. Thomas turned to the sharp-featured woman, “Show me,” he demanded. The woman opened her large purse and began pulling out items.

On the bed, Shoshana looked into the terrified eyes of a young girl named Janet. Most people called her Jan. She was a “townie”, fresh meat for the spoiled children of the rich on “the Hill.”

“Please help me,” she pleaded with Shoshana.

“I can’t stop this from casino oyna happening, but I can make it not hurt as much,” Shoshana said sadly.

“My uncle is a State Trooper, you’ll never get away with this,” Jan said defiantly.

“Don’t tell them, they might kill you. Let me tell them!” Shoshana said urgently, moving down to Jan’s sex.

She saw some warming lube on the side table and grabbed it. Shoshana desperately spread the lube and added her saliva to try to make Jan’s rape more bearable. Even as she lapped Jan’s virgin pussy, Shoshana formed a desperate plan. She couldn’t oppose Thomas, but perhaps she could use the weak boy, Robert, to stop this from happening.

“Shit, where’re the pins?”

“I’ll go get some,” volunteered Robert.

“Can I go pee? Robert can watch if you want,” Shoshana hoped she sounded sincere.

“Okay bitch, but don’t be long. I want to split this cherry!” Thomas announced.

She left with Robert. Once on the ground floor, she said desperately, “Her uncle’s a state trooper! We’ve gotta stop this or you’ll all go to jail or worse!”

Robert blanched visibly. They heard a scream from the basement. Fearful eyes met fearful eyes. Robert froze, trying desperately to see a way out.

Shoshana’s mind raced. “Robert, go stop this. So far they’ve probably just taken her cherry. I made her pretty wet. There’s probably no real damage. THINK!”

Finally, he nodded and headed back down the stairs.

They entered a room filled with the smells of sex, pain and fear.

Thomas stood to one side, his blood covered cock in the woman’s mouth. As fraternity brother jackhammered his cock into the little girl’s bloody pussy.

“Her uncle’s a State Trooper!” Robert exclaimed.

Hate beamed from Thomas’ eyes, directed at Shoshana.

“They’ll slaughter us. No trial, no judge, they’ll leave us for hog bait,” one of Thomas’ frat brothers said, his voice trembling.

Robert used Shoshana’s explanation as a solution, “Look, we’ve only taken her cherry. We can take a bunch of pictures, digitize them and make it look like she wanted it. We can even change the face of her first fuck. Susan can clean her up and get her off campus. If we keep going, we’re gonna have to kill her and Shoshana and dispose of their bodies.”

Shoshana turned parchment white. Robert was not an innocent. He was just a cowardly monster.

“Fuck!” Thomas exploded. He looked at his blood-covered cock. He looked at Shoshana.

“Get her cleaned up. Then give her a couple of douches and brush her teeth and mouthwash. Got it?”

Shoshana nodded meekly.

Shoshana helped Jan shower, douche and redress. Shoshana walked her to the edge of the campus. A taxi waited.

Shoshana remembered the broken look Jan gave her. “I hope you roast in hell,” Jan said weakly.

Shoshana returned to the fraternity house. It was a bad mistake, but she had nowhere else to go and no money.

Seven sets of angry eyes met her. She surrendered to their hate.

They tied her to the bed in the same position they’d tied Jan. First Thomas, then the other men pounded her pussy until she whimpered in pain, blood dripping from her torn sex. Then the bitch began to play with her. She inserted thin pins in her elongated nipples and clit. Shoshana screamed herself hoarse.

They flipped her over and jack hammered her ass until it too bled bright red blood. They used pins in her nipples and breasts to keep her focused on the agony she now felt.

She was incoherent. She felt someone climb onto the bed.

They adjusted the cameras.

“Meet Max,” Thomas sneered, “this is the surprise we had for Jan. Now it’s yours,” as he led a dog to beside her head. “Suck him.”

He used her hair to twist her head to face the dog’s cock. The bitch had his penis hard and inches from Shoshana’s mouth. When Shoshana refused, they used the dental device one of the brothers had taken from his dentist father. It spread her mouth wide. The bitch guided Max’s penis into a human mouth. Later, the bitch had Max mount Shoshana’s bloody pussy.

One of her attackers complained that her pussy was so loose now that he couldn’t come. The bitch assembled an alum douche and enema to tighten Shoshana’s most intimate and sensitive tunnels. The bitch decided to spice things up. She dropped cocaine and various peppers and mild acids into the douche fluid. She injected it into Shoshana’s vagina.

They filmed her douche.

For a few moments, slot oyna Shoshana remained quiet. Then her eyes snapped open and she let out an inhuman scream, doubling over in pain. Her screams hurt their ears.

“What’d you put in that?” Thomas demanded of the bitch.

She blanched white.

“Get some fresh water and douche in her. NOW!”

As the girl tried to rinse the douche bag, blood began to ooze from Shoshana’s bloody pussy, the flow increasing by the minute.

Thomas left the room and called his father. He needed help. If Shoshana died, their whole world would collapse.

An ambulance took Shoshana to a private hospital. She kept saying, “It burns,” over and over.

They sedated her. Thomas, as her brother, was the family representative until David could arrive.

The doctor had seen this kind of abuse and injuries before. A feral light burned in his eyes.

“She has significant vaginal and cervical burns. She may not be able to conceive or carry a child to term,” the doctor watched Thomas closely. Thomas really didn’t care. “She needs her vaginal floor repaired. Based on the Alum solution injected into her, someone wanted her tight. It might be preferable to surgically tighten both her anus and vagina.”

Thomas started. Was the doctor suggesting surgically tightening Susan?

“Your father called. He’s consented to the surgical procedures, but you need to agree as her medical representative. Do you want me to tighten her vagina and anus?”

Thomas nodded.

“There are also a number of other things you might want to authorize. Her labia are very swollen and prominent. Some men prefer inner lips that remain inside the outer labia. They call it a “Camel toe”. We can remove the excess lips and implant rings so the lips could be manually stretched to allow entry into her vagina. Since all the surgeries, including the vaginal reconstruction surgery, have the same recovery period, you may also wish to have a ring inserted in her clit hood or through her clit. We can also insert rings through her nipples.”

Thomas’s cock raged. The doctor understood.

“After her sphincter is repaired, we can lighten her ass with certain creams. Perhaps you would like to also increase her oral capabilities. We can modify her tongue and insert a metal stud that she can be trained to use on a man’s penis or a woman’s clitoris.”

“All of it!” Thomas said enthusiastically.

“There’s one other thing. I am very hands-on. I will want to test the modifications before releasing her to have sex. Is that acceptable?”

Thomas nodded enthusiastically.

Michael remained silent as Shoshana relived her trip though hell. He held her as she shuddered with remembered pain and humiliation. She wept at the memory of her permanent disfigurement. Michael knew the story well. He wondered why Shoshana had gone through the obvious pain of recounting it.

“Michael, I want to know that Janet is OK? She thinks I was part of it. Sometimes, I think it’s better not to know but I have to!” she cried in pain.

Michael called Tim. When David had killed himself, Tim’s people had recovered most of the flash drives and photo memory cards. Michael really didn’t want to see them, so he had Tim categorize them.

Michael explained. Tim searched his database. “I think I have both a flash drive and a camera memory card.

“Tim, can you check and see if they match Shoshana’s memory. I want to know what’s happened to this Janet.”

“On it Boss.”

Less than twenty four hours later, Michael had his answer. It would hurt Shoshana terribly.

They had made tender love that morning, knowing they had both time and privacy. Shoshana was ecstatic. Now Michael had to give her horrible news.

She was on the pool deck. “Shosh, got some info on Janet.” Shoshana’s mood instantly evaporated. Fear filled her eyes.

“She’s alive and apparently in good health. Her parents divorced a few years ago and her mother threw her out a week or ten days ago. She’s doing Internet porn and selling herself as a hooker.”

“Before you ask, I’ve asked Alice to poll the other girls to see if they would like to help another broken bird. Alice said it far more complicated since Janet may think of you as an enemy.”

Michael had a plan, but it depended on Janet. If the bitterness and hate had eaten her soul, if she hated Shoshana, Jan would not be allowed to come to the compound. Michael felt empathy for her, but his family came first.

Green canlı casino siteleri Island – Maria

Things accelerated on Green Island.

Saturday night, Maria took Jeff to her room. On the way, they kissed twice. During the first kiss, she moved his hand to her breast; wallowing in the pleasure as he kneaded the soft, firm flesh.

On the second kiss, she caressed his cock through his thin pants, whispering, “I need you in me.”

When they got to her door, Jeff hesitated. “You’re committed to this man?”

“I’ll explain,” she said pulling him inside.

They embraced passionately, but he held her off. She understood that he needed to understand.

Willing her raging hormones to wait, she began, “Michael is a wonderful man. He rescued me from a horrible life of rape and pain. He taught me to love. He knew that I never had a choice, so this week is about me exploring choices. He’s set us free.” She was looking into space.

“Jeff, I want you. I want to make love to you. I want to feel you inside me and perhaps one day to meet our children. But I have been used. I am far from a physical virgin. Not by Michael, but by some very bad people.”

“I promise you, I have made love to only one man. I hope you will be the second and last.”

Jeff looked into her dark eyes and began to drown in her passion. He pulled the small woman to his breast and picked her up, carrying her to the king size bed. He placed her gently in the middle and slid onto the bed, pulling her to him. He tried to go slow. Maria was having none of it.

Clothes few in all directions. Maria desperately wanted this man. She ripped his shirt and fought his belt buttons and zipper to get him naked. She pushed him to the bed on his back and climbed on his chest. He was a bit smaller in stature and size than Michael, but she didn’t care. This was HER man! Without realizing it, she had succumbed to her cultural imperative.

She began to slide down his chest until she felt his cock head touch her distended labia.

She looked into Jeff’s eyes.

“Do you want me? All of me?” Maria asked in a husky voice.

Jeff had never felt passion like this. Instead of answering, his strong hands took her hips and slowly impaled her.

“Slowly love. It will take me some time to adjust to your monster.” Inside Maria giggled. He was smaller than Michael, but she understood male needs.

He stopped and let her adjust, thinking he did not want to hurt this little woman. She adjusted quickly and slowly sat up. Outside the Latin music continued and Maria began to dance on his cock, her hands above her head. She had perfected vaginal muscle control, so her pussy grabbed and caressed the invading shaft.

Jeff was in heaven. Maria’s muscle control sent waves of pleasure directly to his manhood. He was close. His hands closed on her hips, stopping her from her dance of passion that was making him come.

He looked into her frustrated eyes.

“You cum first,” he said softly. It was the perfect thing to say.

She took his hand and placed it thumb down on her clitoris. He rubbed gently. She resumed dancing, moaning and then screaming into the night. He kept caressing her clit and she kept cumming. His lips captured her nipples, sucking them hard and whipping them with his tongue. Her climax seemed endless.

Finally she was spent and fell to his chest. Unlike the harem where others would then please Michael, she needed to make her man cum.

She levered her head to look into his eyes. “Give me a minute and I’ll make sure you feel as special as you’ve made me feel. If you tell me one of your fantasies, I’ll try to make it come true.”

He told her. She ran to the bathroom, gave herself two enemas and returned to him with lube in hand.

Jeff took her ass after which she sucked him until he came in her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him his ejaculate, closed her mouth, swallowed and then showed him her clean tongue.

Later, she felt him cum in her pussy. No condoms for them.

By morning, Maria and Jeff shared dreams of children, futures and threesomes.

On Sunday morning, they went to breakfast together.

Maria and Jeff became inseparable. They snorkeled, watching stingrays try to lift blocks of concrete in the shallow waters. Every moment they spent together seemed to bring them closer.

Alice and Beth noticed sadly that Maria no longer wore her commitment ring. They still smiled, though when they saw her eyes and Jeff’s share a special moment. Maria had her one and only man. They knew it would hurt Michael, but he had known what might happen.

It had only begun.

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