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Jim and his current girlfriend, Lori, were picking me up at the airport that evening and as I walked toward them in the Phoenix terminal I think I fell in love all over again. Time had been good to Jim. He was still all beefy muscle with a wide chest and slim hips, a crew cut head and a killer grin. He was dressed in a t-shirt and snug jeans and I’m sure that my gaze lingered on his bulging crotch a little too long because when I looked up, he was smiling and his eyes were sparkling slyly as he said, “Just like old times.”

He introduced Lori, who I barely even took in because I was so overcome by the sheer force of being back in Jim’s presence. He had been my secret crush all through high school and now, in our mid-fifties, we were meeting again. Through both of his divorces and his stint in the Marines, we’d stayed in touch but never gotten together.

They drove me to their condo to spend the rest of the evening eating, drinking and reminiscing. Their living room featured a huge L-shaped sectional and we spread out on it and got comfortable.

As he poured our first glasses he said, “Wine is Lori’s favorite drink. We have to make sure that she doesn’t overdo it.” but then, strangely, I noticed that he kept refilling her glass to the point that she was soon shitfaced.

He and I just sipped our drinks, the tension building. Eventually, we all fell asleep (or passed out) right there on the sofa.

I don’t how long we’d all been asleep when something jostled me awake. I’d fallen asleep with my head in the corner of the L of the sectional so when I opened my eyes, I was looking directly along the other length of the sofa. And what a sight to wake up to!

Jim was lying on his back, now totally nude, head thrown back and legs spread wide, his right hand pumping away on his upright cock.

From where I lay, I had a clear view up between his legs and through half closed eyes I took in the vision of his delicious looking cock, the head covered in precum,, his big balls bouncing with every stroke and I could even see his hairless hole clenching with pleasure. My cock was as hard as a brick as I lay there watching and regretting never having made a move on him in all of these years but I still pretended to be asleep.

After a few more pumps, Jim stood up. Lori let out a snore and I pretended that I was still asleep but through my slit eyes I watched as he gave his upright cock a few tugs while looking at me. His cock was beautiful and this was the first time I seen it hard. Rising out of a big floppy ball sac and fatter at the base, it was a good seven inches that tapered up to a pointed head…perfect for opening a tight asshole! He stared at me for a few minutes while stroking his cock, then turned and padded bare assed down the hall and a few seconds later, I heard the shower turn on.

My own cock was so stiff that it hurt and I wasn’t sure what to do. I lay there a few minutes, then thought “Fuck it” and got up and followed him down the hall. I could always say that I needed a piss after all of the wine we drank.

The bathroom door stood open and directly across the room, the glass doors to the walk in shower were open, too. Jim stood with his back to me under the nozzle with water pouring over his muscular smooth body and I stood watching in the doorway as he lathered up and then his hands came behind him to soap his firm ass, one hand lingering as he slowly soaped his crack.

“You always were a peeper, buddy” he said, and then looked over his shoulder at me with a sly grin. “You were always stealing looks at me in the showers at school. You must have liked what you saw.”

“You were always a hot guy.” I said. “You still are.”

I was hypnotized watching him slowly lathering illegal bahis his buns and his hand sliding in and out of his ass crack. He turned around to rinse his ass and I saw that his cock was still hard and pointing at the ceiling.

“Worst thing about that Viagra,” he said “is that once I’ve got a hard on, I’ve got it for a couple of hours. I was hoping Lori would be in the mood for some dick but she’s out for the count.”

He reached down and grasped his cock and bent it forward and let go so that it slapped back against his belly. Then he started playing with his big hairless balls


“Judging by that tent in your pants, I’d say you’re sporting a pretty solid boner too, so I don’t need to feel embarrassed about mine. You’re welcome to the shower next.”

He turned off the water, then stepped out of the stall and stood drying himself while he watched me strip. I’ve kept myself in good shape, too, swimming every day so that I’m still almost as slim as our high school days. My cock was still so hard it was ready to burst and when I dropped my pants, he looked down at my crotch, then wrapped his hand around my hard on and said, “That a good looking piece of meat you’re sporting. No Viagra for you to keep it hard!”

I almost passed out as he ran a thumb over my leaking piss slit, then jacked my cock slowly up and down a few times and said, “Buddy, I need a real favor. When I was in the Marines, you knew you were a badass from day one, nothing could change that. And, if there was no pussy available, you didn’t hesitate to help a buddy out by letting him use your hole to get a load off. It was just part of the routine; no one thought anything of it.”

He let go of my cock, then turned around and stood straddling the toilet bowl with his bent arms resting on the tank. His smooth muscular ass was in front of me spread wide.

“It’s been years since I’ve had a cock in my hole and I’ve been craving the feeling. You think you could be a real pal and throw an old buddy a good solid ass fuck for old time’s sake?”

I thought I must still be dreaming or had died and gone to heaven in my sleep.

There was lotion next to us on the vanity top and I slathered a good load onto my cock then lubed his crack, fingering his tight hole. “Feeling good already, buddy.” he said.

I stepped up and positioned my hard cock’s head at his sweet pink pucker and pressed.

His hole was tight but it slowly opened, then I watched as my cock sank inch by inch between his spread buns. When I was balls deep in his hole, I paused and rolled my hips so that my cock rotated inside him.

“Damn, that feels good!” he said. “I knew you’d know how to please another man’s ass.”

I started out slow, letting his chute adjust to my cock and enjoying the sight of my dick going in and out of him, his ass lips riding my cock. I rubbed my hands over his muscled back and reached around to play with his hard nipples, making him moan.

“Give me that meat.” he said and I picked up my pace, fucking him harder and faster.

Soon, my hips were slapping against his ass in a steady rhythm and he lowered his head to the top of the toilet tank and let out a long groan.

“That’s it,” he said, “deep dick my ass like you hate me!”

I reached up and grabbed his shoulders so I could slam his ass back against my cock with every stroke. It was all too intense and after only a minute or two, I could feel cum boiling in my balls and climbing my shaft.

“I’m going to shoot!” I said and he lowered his body even more so his ass was spread wide and welcoming and said “Pump my ass full of jizz!”

No sooner said than done-I blasted a load of ball juice into his guts that felt like it was coming illegal bahis siteleri from my toes.

His hot hole was spasming and milking the juice out of my softening cock and I said, “I can’t believe I just fucked the ass if my high school crush!”

“Hell,” he said, “I can’t believe we waited this long. And remember, turnabout is always fair play!”

I was as close to heaven as I’ll probably ever get at that moment. I was standing in a Phoenix bathroom with my softening cock buried to the hilt in the asshole of my high school crush buddy. We were sweaty, panting for breath and hotter than a two dollar pistol and even better, he’d loved it.

I slowly backed my cock out of Jim’s clutching hole and looking down, watched as the head cleared and his pink pucker shrank back to normal size. Jim stood up and turned around, raising his arms straight over his head stretching, his cock still hard and stretching straight up, too.

“That was a championship fuck, buddy. My hole will be throbbing till tomorrow night.” he said. “I could get used to that!”

I reached down and wrapped one hand around his hot dick and cradled his big hairless balls with my other.

“Looks like that Viagra is still working.” I said. “That’s too pretty of a hard-on to let it go to waste.”

I got down on my knees so that his hard cock was standing in front of me. I’d spent many a teenage night dreaming about this moment while beating my horny teenaged dick into submission. I grasped his cock at the fat base and bent it down so that the pointed head was straight in front of me, then stuck out my tongue and licked up the precum leaking from his piss slit.

“Delicious!” I said and he put his hand on my forehead and bent my head back while grasping his dick at the base where my hand was, guided his cock head over my lips and painted them with his juice, then backed away and sat on the toilet lid behind him.

He spread his legs so that his hard cock was standing straight up and his big balls were hanging over the edge of the seat.

“We’ve got plenty of time for you to suck my cock. Right now, I want a piece of that hot ass I’ve been waiting to fuck for these last 40 years.”

I’d imagined this moment so many times and now it was coming true. I handed him the lotion bottle and watched while he lubed his rock hard dick, then with my back to him I straddled him and started lowering my ass onto his cock.

“Go slow,” he said. “I want to watch my cock slide into your hole.”

When I felt his cock head nudging my hungry hole I stopped and puckered my ass lips against it and watched his toes curl from the sensation, then very slowly pressed down and felt his pointed cock head enter my ass.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him say, “Damn, that’s beautiful. I’ve fantasized this moment for years.”

I leant further forward to give him a clear view and very slowly slid my ass lips down over his cock till he was totally inside me and I was riding his pubes.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck and said, “Your ass is so hot and tight, just like I knew it would be.”

His cock felt totally amazing, lodged deep in my ass. It was just the right length for the head to rub my prostate and the thick base of it stretched my hole open like a fist. We sat that way, him holding me from behind and nuzzling my neck with his cock buried inside me for several minutes. I then slowly stood up, letting his cock slide out, my ass already aching with hunger before the head was even out.

“I want this to be special.” I said.

I lay down in front of him on the bathroom carpet and spread my legs and raised my knees to my shoulders so my ass was spread wide and my juicy canlı bahis siteleri hole winking up at him.

“This ass has always been yours, baby. I want you to fuck it like you own it.” I said.

He got down on his knees, then knelt over me and looked into my eyes. I felt his cock bump against my hole and he used one hand to guide it as he slowly sank each fat inch into my ass. When I felt him hit bottom and the full length was inside me, his cock head massaging my prostate, I was almost delirious and I wrapped my arms around his muscled torso and kissed him on the mouth.

He pulled back with a shocked look for a moment, then his face changed and he lowered his full weight onto me and gave me a deep kiss, his tongue plunging into my mouth. With his tongue buried in my throat and his cock buried in my ass, I felt complete for the first time in years.

His hips slowly started to buck and I felt his cock moving in my chute. As he sped up, ramming my ass, the feeling of his cock head pounding my prostate and my hole telescoping open around the thick cock base and then tight around the head was too much for me.

“Fuck,” I yelped, “I’m cumming!”

Jim sat back on his haunches, his cock buried inside my ass, and watched as a rope of thick goo flew out of my piss hole and splashed across my chest.

“You came without even touching it.” he said.

“What can I say? I’ve just been getting the best fuck of my life from the hottest man I’ve ever known.” I replied.

He got a funny look on his face, and then fell on top of me with all his weight. His tongue raped my mouth while his cock pistoned in and out of my asshole harder and harder. My hands flew over his body caressing every inch of smooth flesh, then gripped his hard ass cheeks and pulled him to me, fucking his dick even harder into my ass. I kneaded and rubbed his taut cheeks and then explored his crack. I felt his puckered hole, still wet with my cum and I plunged one finger in and finger fucked him. That was all it took. With his mouth glued on mine, his tongue in my throat and his pulsing cock buried balls deep in my guts, I felt his juice splash into my hungry ass and coat my insides.

We lay like that on the bathroom floor till dawn, his soft cock still lodged in my satisfied hole, and he made love to me like no man ever has. My cheeks and lips were red and sore from beard burn by the time we finally separated.

Walking out into the quiet house together, Lori was still asleep on the sofa. I felt like waking her and all of the neighbors up to tell them what a fantastic time I’d had with the love of my life.

We managed quite a few more lovemaking sessions before my two weeks were up and it was time to go home. Jim drove me to the airport that evening without Lori and I managed to suck his dick one last time in the parking garage and savor the taste of his cum in my mouth on the flight home.

BUT THEN…about six months later Jim called one night and said that he and Lori had had an amiable split. He said he was thinking of selling up and moving back to our hometown.

I told him he was welcome to stay in my guest room, my house was paid for and he wouldn’t need to pay rent till he found a place of his own, all I expected was for him to buy his own food and contribute some occasional cock and ass toward the general upkeep.

He said that those were terms he couldn’t have negotiated better himself.

Well, you can probably guess that the guest room never got used.

As soon as Jim arrived, he took up residency in my bed and he’s never left. That was six years ago and I’ve never been happier. I love Jim deeply and our sex life is one long adventure. Since we’re both versatile, it’s a surprise every day as to whose cock goes where. I’ve helped him catch up on a lot of the things that two men can do to please each other’s body. As a matter of fact, when he felt my tongue making love to his asshole, a first in his life…well, that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20