Cabin Fever

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The town was quiet and fairly conservative in its viewpoint. The kids were nice and clean living and attended church on Sunday. There were a few houses owned by the Army and in one of these Matt arrived when he was 15. He was good looking and tall with curly blonde hair and freckles. He immediately struck up a friendship with Donny and Kay who had lived most of their lives in the town. They spent their formative years together and were now 18. They went to different colleges but always met after to study or mess around in Matt’s cabin. It was a large shed with 2 levels and windows. A ladder led to the upper level which had a small mezzanine floor. The cabin was kitted out with electricity so they could play their CD’s and Playstation games. There was an old-ish settee in red leather, a futon and a dark wooden table and chairs. The cabin was located at the end of the long garden, surrounded by trees and when the gate was locked, they would need to pass through the house to gain access to it, sometimes meeting either Mr or Mrs Jones, on the way. There would be polite exchanges of pleasantries and questions answered regarding school or college. Usually they left the garden by the gate which Matt would lock behind them. Occasionally other friends would turn up and be let in.

Donny and Kay lived around the block from Matt. Donny had dark curly hair was again good looking with a gleam in his dark brown eyes and was about the same height as Matt. He was also an excellent footballer. Kay was attractive, tall 5’10” slim with wide shoulders and long dark hair, fresh face and long legs. She was an excellent swimmer and swam for the college. Donny had watched her compete against his college and remembered her standing on the side as he watched from the stands. The upturned triangular shape from her shoulders down to her slim waist and only slightly wider hips.

They would meet and occasionally do daring things like drink cider or smoke cigarettes, which usually ended with one of them being sick. During these times one would have to stand guard to provide early warning of any impending approach, so the evidence could be hidden.

They studied together and exchanged their views and often argued radical solutions to everyday problems. Kay had been somewhat of a tomboy, doing as much climbing and horsing around as the boys, but she was becoming more obviously feminine and the boys had started to notice.

Their relationship was strong and they saw themselves as more sophisticated than the other kids on the block – a cut above. Matt who had lived in various army camps brought a new depth of knowledge to them, recounting tales he had overheard from either his parents or kids at the army camp schools.

Increasingly their conversations had included sex, attitudes to sex, sexual practice, and even who knew of anybody having sex, which excluded them all. Matt would always have more exotic tales than the other two because of his greater exposure. On a night after sex had been discussed they would leave slightly aroused and go to their respective beds, to enjoy their own company.

There was less horse play in recent months probably because of their age and greater awareness of each other. Sometimes Kay would find one or both of the boys over-staring at her breasts or long legs or trying to glimpse up her skirt; if she spotted them she would not rush to cover up as it was only natural instinct and she quite enjoyed it; or she would glance slightly longer than normal at them, with a wistful look in her eye. Sometimes she would grip their biceps through a sweat shirt enjoying the feeling of hard sinew and muscle. Occasionally an arm would brush her breast, slightly more than fleetingly, when retrieving something or when dancing to a CD, a chest would press against hers.

One Wednesday Matt had brought a lingerie magazine from one of the Sunday papers to the shed. Both he and Donny poured over it checking out there favourites. Silk and shiny; lace and colours. Matt was the instigator but Donny was a willing follower as they both got aroused talking about there favourites.

Kay turned up wearing a white T-shirt and jeans; at the sudden opening of the door Matt hid the magazine. She drifted over asking them what they were doing. A little embarrassed at first, the boys admitted they were looking at some pictures.

“Let me see.” She said holding out her long thin hand, not wanting to be left out.

Matt revealed the magazine hidden behind him. She took it and proceeded to sit on the table, the two boys standing each side of her, with a foot on each chair. She browsed through, occasionally licking her full lips.

“You like these?” She asked and pointed to a view of women in latex bra and panty sets.

“Yes!” The boys enthused in unison. Relieved they were not being ridiculed. Kay tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and released a whiff of Chanel number 5.

“I quite like these.” She pointed to a Royal blue silk matching set with lace edges approvingly. The boys grinned, nodded and groaned. To which illegal bahis she smiled, teasingly.

“Have you a favourite?” She turned to Matt. He was slightly flushed through his freckles. He smiled and touched his blonde curly hair self-conscientiously.

“Well ….”, He pointed to a model in shiny white bra and pants.

“What do you like about it?” This interrogation did nothing to calm them down, they all looked flushed and slightly breathless.

“Well …I like the lacy bra and ….” He said flushing.

She looked at the photograph “And?”

“Well … and how you can see through to her nipples.”

Donny joined in, with more confidence.

“And I like the way the panties just cover the bulge of her dark hair.”

“Hmmm! I see.” Kay smiled thoughtfully saying no more, but thumbing slowly through and every so often stopping to point at a photograph, which revealed a nipple or crotch shape.

“There a men in too!” Matt exploded. Then nervously.” …If if you’re interested.”

“Of course.” She said nonchalantly and began flicking the pages faster until she found men in briefs, boxers and long johns. The boys looked at the pictures and then at Kay, who studied calmly.

“Well what about you? What do you like?” Asked Matt breathlessly.

She looked and then pointed at a blonde man with a bronzed body and six pack. The briefs he wore were high sided and you could make out the shape of his scrotum.

“He’s nice.” She said.

“What do you like?” Matt asked interested as both boys leaned in closer and fidgeted in their pockets.

“He’s good looking. Has a nice tan and fit body, flat stomach and large …” She paused, teasing. “… thighs.”

There was a crestfallen sigh from the boys and a laugh from Kay. She closed the mag, jumped from the table, ran holding it in the air. The boys ran after her finally catching her on the ladders, by her jeans. Matt had hold of the leg and Donny’s hand was gripping her belt and inside the waist of her jeans, where he could feel the her soft downy hair on the back of his hand.

“Stop it! Stop it! They’ll come down.” She pulled back at the top of her jeans which had moved down, the knuckle of Donny’s hand was at the cleft in her butt. She was breathless, laughing but serious. Both boys let go simultaneously and Kay dropped the mag which Matt retrieved and waved.

“Would it be as good in the flesh?”

“You’ll never know.” She was still laughing and flirting with her hooded green eyes. Her hands were on her hips as she stood at the bottom of the ladder, her nipples standing proud of her breasts.

“That’s a shame.” Matt smiled in sham disappointment, his eyes on her breasts. She laughed and slapped him on his shoulder.

“Cool down boys.” And slapped Donny for good measure, as she was sure, he was ogling her – which he was.

“I don’t want to cool down – I like it.” Matt was quite determined and sat on the red leather settee with the mag as Kay sat next to him on the arm.

“We both do.” Donny lay on the futon opposite. “Don’t you?”

Kay could see the outline through his tracksuit of his erect penis. She had seen it before but never in such a highly charged atmosphere.

“Perhaps I’m not effected in the same way you are.” She nodded toward his pants and he pulled a cushion in front of himself.

Matt in the half light opened the mag with a large picture of a blonde in almost see-through set. Her brown nipples were clearly visible as was the blonde ‘V’. He showed it to Donny.

“How does that grab you?”

Donny gripped the cushion with two hands and pressed it into himself rolling and groaning in mock orgasm.

Kay laughed and shouted.

“Don’t mind me, but I hope you wash the cushions.”

She was enjoying the exhibition which made the both boys warm to it.

Matt slid a hand down the front of his shorts and gripped his stiffening penis and winking at Donny shouted.

“Oh God sometimes I just feel soooo randy!”

Donny shouted.

“Soooo sexy and filthy!”

This tirade continued getting louder and more vociferous.

Kay was enjoying this but stood up and walked to the window.

“I think I better stand watch if you’re going to do what I think you are.”

She felt so beaujois and decadent. She looked out the window and suddenly whispered urgently.

“Matt here’s your mum!”

Both boys immediately stopped what they were doing and sat up straight at the table, the mag was under the futon. Mrs Jones tapped on the door.

“Is everything alright in there?” She proceeded to explain. “I was in the garden and heard a noise.”

Matt replied casually.

“Sure mum no problem. We were just laughing about college.”

“OK as long as you’re alright. No horse play now. Kay is a young lady you know.”

“We know mum. It was just talk.”

“Very well then but remember it’s college in the morning.”

“OK” They all responded affirmatively.

When she had gone, Donny said.

“That was a near illegal bahis siteleri thing. I was getting quite carried away.”

“I know you were.” Said Kay. “and you weren’t alone.”

Neither boys were sure what or who she meant.

“It’s a bit frustrating though.” Said Matt.

“Why? What where you expecting?” Asked Kay.

“Well before you came in we were getting aroused….”

“It didn’t stop when I arrived.” Kay laughed.

“Got worse.” Interjected Donny and smiling mischievously at Kay.

“Steady!” Smiled Kay.

“…no but we were….”

“What? Going to jerk each other off.”

“No not each other … ourselves.” Said Matt finally.

“Well I’m sorry I spoiled it for you!” Kay replied feigning hurt.

“No you didn’t spoil it.” Placated Matt. “We didn’t want you to get upset, that was all. Anyway it’s embarrassing.”

They then talked about masturbation for a while and Matt relayed storied of people in the army using almost anything to masturbate with. A guy had used a vacuum cleaner pipe which caused them to roll about laughing, he’s heard of women using sausages, vegetables, bottles all sorts of things. Donny raised his eyebrows and Kay caught him and through a cushion at him reading his dirty little mind.. They got back to the feeling of embarrassment just as Mr Jones resumed his shouting from the house.

She walked over to the two of them and put her arms around their shoulders.

“Now why would you be embarrassed in front of me. Aren’t we supposed to be friends?”

They all embraced and laughed about the situation, they had found themselves in. The boys nuzzled their noses into the soft smooth skin of her neck and imbibed the fragrance of her perfume, their arms around her thin waist. Her breasts pressed into their arms. Matt reached for her ribs with his thumb and she wriggled and burst out laughing. Donny did the same from the other side and she tried to push them away as they fell back onto the leather settee.

They tickled her as she wriggled between them on the settee. It was inevitable that they pressed against her body, in short spasms of excitement. She could feel them but only wanted the relief from the tantalising tactile torture she was experiencing. She forced her way to the end of the settee, pushing them down, and pleading release, as they stopped her sweet suffering and all laughed together in a sweating gasping heap. Her hair was slightly matted across her face and the boys heads nestled under her arms.

“Matt …… Matt!” Mr Jones bellowed from the house. “I need you in the house now!”

They all jumped and straightened themselves up as best they could. They looked flustered and dishevelled so turned to each other to check they were OK for parental viewing; each had a wry smile. Matt spoke.

“Are you coming over tomorrow?”

“I’ll be over.” Donny replied.

“I won’t be able to until Saturday.” Kay held her head to one side expressing her sorrow. “I’ll look forward to it then though.”

Both boys heads nearly burst.

“Not THAT!” Kay laughed and pushed them both.

Matt whispered conspiratorially to Kay.

“Can you get any mags? There’s more chance you can than us and it wouldn’t look strange if you were caught.”

“What would you like?” She smiled.

“Anything. Underwear, swimwear, bathers, women for us, men for you. “

“Matt did you hear me? What are you doing?”

“We’ll see. Come on you two, get home.”


Thursday came and Donny arrived at Matt’s house with his bag of ‘homework’. He had concealed a few magazines from more liberal friends at college. He was ushered through to the shed by Mr Jones as Matt was already there alone. Donny crept to the door and peaked through the window. Matt was knelt down by the red settee attending to something on the floor. Donny knew what that was. He stepped back from the door and then banged it loudly. He burst in. Matt was dumbstruck caught red handed with a pile of glossy magazines. Donny laughed as Matt jumped up and started punching him in the arms. Donny fell on the settee as Matt layed into him. Mr Jones hearing the noise shouted from the back step.

“What’s going on.”

But seeing them fighting turned and went back in the house.

“You mad bastard.” Matt said as he punched Donny who laughed hysterically. “I though it was HIM.”

Matt started laughing also and they both fell about.

“You should have seen your face. It was a picture.”

“I was absolutely certain I’d been caught. ” Matt laughed. “He’s have hit the roof.”

“What were you looking at anyway?” Donny enquired.

“Oh just some mens mags but you know how paranoid the parents get. They think if you look at girls you’re one step from being a rapist.”

“Don’t I know it. I’ve been carrying these around like they were dynamite sticks.” Donny opened his shoulder bag and pulled out the magazines he had brought.

“Oh let’s have a look.” Matt grabbed the books and began thumbing through them. “Phew canlı bahis siteleri nice!”

Matt looked at a model in see-through underwear her long smooth shiny legs stretching out as she lay on a Queen size bed. He started to get aroused. Donny was already fumbling with himself.

“Kay isn’t here tonight is she?” Donny looked up guiltily.

Matt laughed as he saw Donny hard.

“No not tonight.” He groaned as he slid his hand down the front of his training pants and gripped. “No I’m afraid not.”

He looked in the air and closed his eyes squeezed with his hand and felt the thrill. Donny groaned in unison.

“Oh yeh! The luscious Kay.” He smiled at Matt. “Hmmmm if only.”

“Stop it and get back to your mags. ” Matt shouted. “You know she’s not like that.”

“I’m not so sure. There’s latent steaming sexuality there.”

“You wish. Though she was a bit unusual for her last night. More daring. How far do you think she’d go?”

“I don’t know really but she is gorgeous.” Donny pointed to a picture and withdrew his erect penis from his pants and continued pumping. “Just like her.”

Matt got up and pushed a chair to wedge the door and drew the blind.

“We better not get caught like this.” Matt lay on the futon opened a magazine and copied Donny.

Donny looked up from the settee nodded in agreement and returned to his efforts.

“I’ll race you.”

The boys laughed and then seriously got down to business. Donny had started first but Matt quickly caught up and there was only seconds between Donny’s first spunky spurt into a tissue and Matts. They both jerked their hips in unison groaning open mouthed.


Saturday came and Kay spent the afternoon shopping in town. She had enjoyed the last time in the cabin and was looking forward to this evening. When she arrived back she had a shower and after drying; sprayed herself expansively with her perfume. She decided upon a new set of sheer white underwear. She looked languorously in the mirror, at her long body then stepped into the white brief panties and slid them up her long legs, veiling the black pubic patch. She looked back in the mirror the dark patch lightened but was still noticeable. She picked up the bra and threaded each arm between the elasticated straps, scooped the orbs into the cups and clipped the front catch. Her light brown nipples were visible through the gossamer material. The preparation made her warm in her groin and nervous in the pit of her lightly tanned flat stomach. She finished by wearing a pair of pink jeans, cut-off at the knees and a white blouse which when pressed against her bra, offered the faint hint of her darker nipples. She slipped her red high heels on.

She headed off to Matts house. She tried the gate which was locked so she knocked at the front door and Mrs Jones greeted her.

“Hello Kay. My you look a picture tonight.” Mrs Kay scanned Kay. The white blouse and short jeans with red pumps. Her hair was in a pony tail, revealing the long nape of her neck and she wore diamond studs in her ears.

“Why thank you Mrs Jones. I’ve just finished shopping.” Kay responded. Mr Jones was in the kitchen as Kay passed, with a toss of the head and wiggle of her hips. “Hi Mr Jones.”

He looked up and smiled his eyes following her into the garden. He turned to his wife. “Lovely girl that. A picture.”

“She is indeed.” Responded Mrs Jones.

On a weekend the group would smuggle some cider into the cabin and Kay arrived with a shopping bag containing the contraband. When drinking they always kept an eye toward the house in case they were caught. Mr or Mrs Jones would occasionally come to the cabin, if there was a telephone call or chore needed or it was getting late.

The group often spent the time discussing their futures; Matt was probably going in the army, Donny in the medical profession and Kay was studying a science with a view to lecturing in a university; Or life; How it could be improved or about people at college. Occasionally but increasingly they discussed clothes which invariably led to talk of sex. It was all self-conscious and invariably had some humorous element. Even though they were naïve they would still talk as if they were well versed in the art of sex. At these times they would usually lay on the settee or futon that had furnished the cabin.

Kay poured the cider into three glasses kept for that express purpose, handed them out, then sat on the arm of the settee.

As they talked they would fidget and stretch, secretly squeezing their own organs of pleasure, in their own way and become aroused. Their eyes would flick over each others bodies, capturing a snapshot of moist mouth; a taught ness of muscle; perhaps a nipple or penis erect through a top or shorts; an expression or sigh that teases or excites.

Donny was turned on by Kay’s tight pink jeans that sculpted her vagina perfectly, the seam parting her labia. Kay’s eyes drifted to Matt’s groin and Matt watched as Kay’s darkened nipples pressed against her blouse.

“Are there any certainties at your college?” Asked Matt.

Kay had been with the boys about forty five minutes and the conversation had arrived at the usual subject.

“Why, are you desperate?” She smiled and sipped on her drink.

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