Calendar Boys

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It seems like more and more organisations have jumped on the bandwagon of producing ‘sexy’ calendars nowadays to make money or raise funds. It started with guys like the Chippendales all those years ago and gained in popularity with the Women’s Institute hiding their saggy boobs behind flower arrangements or home baking.

Our swim club was never one to not jump on a bandwagon, even if the said vehicle was some way down the road, but that’s life living in the backwoods of northern France. All of the guys were asked if they were interested, except me seemingly. I put it down to my being the foreigner as some of the others aren’t that sexy, in fact anything but. And much as my ego was bruised, I didn’t say anything or ask about it.

Then the day before the said shoot was booked for, the Organiser said “see you tomorrow” as I was leaving.

“Oh I don’t swim on a Monday, there’s no session” I said.

“No, the shoot” he said, assuming that the collective invitation had been extended to me. Anyway, long conversation short, he asked if I wanted to be in the calendar the club was producing, all very tasteful and maybe some ‘bum’ shots etc etc…

Did I? I’d seen all of those guys in trunks and some of them were real fit but as the club was mixed and the showers communal with individual cabins for changing, I’d never seen a single cock. This could be my chance to put a name to a face. Or a dick.

The session was arranged for 19h00 so those who worked had chance to get home and was going to finish around two hours later. As part of the pool is fully exposed to public view, some screens had been brought from the various other parts of the complex to shield our bodies from prying eyes. I arrived at just before seven and changed as usual but wore my trunks. There didn’t appear to be anybody to ask about the etiquette or dress code. I went and sat on the steps by the pool side where one other guy I know had already taken his seat and we awaited for the others. In total, ther were just seven of us at the appointed hour and the Organiser, JC, arrived about 5 minutes late with the photographer (or at least some guy with a fancy camera and other bits) of photographic equipment in a case he carried. 2 more guys came and by quarter past, although If wanted to get started, his plans for the 12 or more photographs were in tatters without some serious ‘doubling up’.

We were all in trunks except for the last 2 to arrive who wore towels round their waists and may or may not have been naked underneath. They were the oldest, about my age so that was 3 of us in our 40s, one guy in his 30s that I knew as he swam with us occasionally and organised the triathletes’ training schedules, the others were all in their 20s and frequented the one almost trendy bar in town on Thursday evening. And they were all hot, I thought, hoping I wouldn’t be out of my depth. I’m a pretty good shape myself but wasn’t sure if the others thought so.

Eventually, we got started and all had to lose our garments, trunks and towels, though most of us stood with a hand either blatantly cupping our privates or discretely obstructing the view. The first shot was a group shot, all of us from behind, and we were arranged in several line ups, both on the pool side and using the steps. At this stage I got to see some of the guys cocks, all in flaccid states, though I had to do a double take when I saw Nico. He was cocky when he came to swim club, cocky in the pub on a Thursday if we went into town for a drink… and very cocky naked. Naturally smooth, big pecs, blue eyed and blond. Shaved. And hung. I had imagined perhaps his ‘modesty’ being shielded casino siteleri by a flipper.

Then we were split in to varying groups; twos, threes and fours. More shots followed, us getting out of the pool and pictures taken from behind so the wetness combined with the nudity, others diving in synchronicity and again, full back and arse shots. There were snaps of us sat on the edge of the pool with a raised leg covering our cocks and balls and as the water was cold, most of us weren’t at our best. In fact, with the exception of Nico and Paul (another hottie who lives quite close to us) we were all in the same boat.

The session was coming to an end and almost all of the guys had been photographed and gone home to their wives, girlfriends, parents or TV dinners. The photographer had an idea which would involve 3 of the gang coming down the slide together and the splashing of whoever hit the water first hiding the modesty of the two that followed. As the first of us down hit the water, we were to do so with our legs raised so our backside was in view of the camera and the splash bigger than if we’d slipped in with no resistance.

Paul, Nico and myself were the last 3 standing and although I was on reasonable terms with Paul, I had never exchanged as much as a nod with Nico previously. Still, there we were all starkers at the top of the slide. I looked at the pair of them, both smooth except for Paul’s full bush atop his member and then peered down at my own little offering.

“I’m hoping for a cold month” I said. Nico laughed somewhat and it seemed to lighten the mood before we rode down the slide the first time. Several more attempts, with us in different orders and permutations and we finally had it perfected, apparently. Nico had gone first, his muscular butt causing the splash the photographer needed as I followed with Paul close behind. Seemingly, it was ‘a wrap’ as they say, JC switched the water off that flowed down the slide and we wallowed in the shallows as he said his goodbye and thankyous to the photographer.

I apologised to Nico once we hit the water, I had been pushed in to him by Paul and wasn’t sure if I had whacked him anywhere tender but he shook his head, he was fine. JC, also now appearing to be in a hurry, told us to leave via the sports hall entrance as there was a 5-a-side soccer tournament going on until 21h30. The three of us waded to the edge of the pool and got out but I made sure the 2 others got out before I did so I could admire those muscular arses as they pulled themselves up out of the water. We all went and collected our bags and things from the far side of the pool and hit the showers.

I was in no rush, it was a pleasure to be next to these 2 strapping lads and as this was a private session, unlike at swim club, we were all showering completely nude. We soaked up and rinsed several times and there was a great bond between the 3 of us, the last to leave and hopefully a great photo that would raise money for the club. And the warmth of the shower did wonders for my cock size, returning to normal quite quickly (with some carefully concealed extra soaking when the other 2 weren’t looking).

I made sure Nico got to see that although I didn’t have a good 5 inches of flaccid meat plus a loose foreskin like he had, nor was I quite as big as Paul (4 inches flaccid and cut), I could hold my own in the cock department. Truth be told, I had pumped it just that little bit extra so it was on the way to being semi erect, I know it wasn’t a competition and I love tiny cocks as much as big ones but I wanted to be one of the gang, at least until we were all dressed.

I slot oyna left the showers first, towelled off whilst admiring their torsos and, perhaps for the last time, their cocks. I walked towards the cubicles but remembered the small room just before them that is used by the local students to give massages twice a week and has benches on two sides. As it wasn’t locked, I went in there to get dressed, leaving the door open. I slowly and methodically hung my clothes on two of the wall hooks, the room can be used by small groups for changing too. Paul and Nico finished showering too, just after me and I was hanging my things for the umpteenth time on different hooks when the 2 of them came in, also taking advantage of the hooks and benches to arrange their affairs and clothing. They continued and finished drying off, as did I. I was naked like they and I went starkers to the sinks and mirrors just outside the door with my hair gel and moisturiser. I took my time applying them and sure enough, the lads followed with their hair products so we were all there tousling our hair, me being the only one to moisturise too.

Once finished, we all returned to the little room and as I was last in this time, I pushed the door closed.

“Do you think it would be easy for me to fuck Paul?” asked Nico.

“Sorry?” I asked, thinking I had misheard or misunderstood. Nico repeated the question and I was unsure if this was a joke so I laughed. He looked deadly serious.

So I decided to be quite non committal in my reply. I guess anybody who wanted to fuck somebody could do so physically if the sub was willing, except perhaps some poor little bottom seeing a monster cock for the first time.

“I think it’s possible, I mean you’re a big boy but not the biggest I’ve seen and Paul has the hips.”

“What do you mean by me having the hips?” Paul asked.

I had him face the wall as if he was being frisked and spread his legs ever so slightly. Then I told Nico to come stand behind him. I still was unsure whether this was a joke or if they were testing my reaction. I knew from previous experience that my boyfriend and I weren’t the only gays in the village but perhaps we were the only ones who were ‘out’. He stood behind Paul about 2 feet away and I glanced down at his cock. He was indeed a big boy and I thought it looked bigger than before but wanted to test things slowly just in case I was in for a humiliation or a thump.

“He’s nicely spread now” I said, and tugged gently and playfully at one of his cheeks. “If you were slow and gentle, with a bit of lube, you could slide right in…”

I placed his hands on Paul’s hips, thinking that if this were to go any further, they could see for themselves where and how far they wanted to take it.

Nico was quick to point out that there was an absence of lube. “A bit of spit would help” I said. And bent down in between them. Now I think Nico was expecting I’d be wrapping my tongue round his still expanding juicy cock but I parted Paul’s cheeks and spat on his ring then buried my face in his buttocks and teased it with my tongue. He’d spent the best part of an hour in chlorinated water and I’d seen how thoroughly the two of them washed themselves. I made sure I left plenty of saliva around his man cunt before turning to Nico’s now fully erect dick and taking the head in my mouth, licking under that great big clean but salty foreskin as I slowly pulled it back. I licked his piss slit and gave his heavy bollocks a gentle squeeze, hoping to see some precum. I wasn’t disappointed, a really large of glistening dollop almost immediately arrived. I held his nut sack and returned canlı casino siteleri my spit giving to Paul’s hole. He looked over his shoulder but probably couldn’t see too much of me with my face between his buttocks but he opened his legs and arse a little wider, clearly enjoying what I was doing to him. I used my other hand to feel forwards and reach for his shaft. One in each hand now and my tongue wetting Paul’s ring. The solidity of his expanded fat cock told me he was loving it.

I moved away from Paul’s well wetted hole and stood up, letting go of Paul’s dick too before moving Nico forward. His head was at the opening of Paul’s maybe virgin anus, and I still had my other hand wrapped round Nico’s shaft. I positioned it and let the natural indentation and softness of Paul’s butt hole hold his head in position and I moved round to stand next to Paul, although with my back to the wall. I reached down and took his cock in my hand again, squeezing it tight. He was good and hard so I slid down the wall and pushed his hips back a little, meaning Nico was now pressed firmly behind him and, by the intake of breath, entering his wet little arse. “Nice and slow” I said, and then took the end of Paul’s cut cock in my mouth and very gently deep throated him. As my a were free, I used one to reach round and pull on Nico’s butt, gripping the cheek and pushing him further into Paul. I continued sucking and tasted and swallowed his precum, seemingly a double dose when Nico’s tip rubbed against Paul’s prostate. I sucked for a short while, easily taking Paul’s full length in my mouth until his nuts were in my face and then slowly withdrew a little and repeated this several times, hoping this would confuse his senses until he was used to Nico’s tool slightly rocking and throbbing in his innards.

I stood up and by now Paul’s face was right in front of mine with Nico peering over his shoulder as he was locked in place.

“Feels good guys, huh?” I asked. Paul murdered approvingly and Nico grunted likewise. I wanted to kiss either or both of them, to me it takes a real man to be macho enough to stick his tongue in another guys mouth, but was unsure how they’d feel about it. So I smiled at them both and returned to Paul’s cock and lapping up the precum he leaked with almost every thrust from Nico.

I never know in sexual situations (planned or not) who will come first, or indeed where, but I made sure I had both arms pulled round Paul so I could really pull on Nico’s muscular, gloriously smooth buttocks as he quickened the pace. His thrusts were quite short which I thought a good thing, if Paul was indeed a first timer, the length of Nico going in and out might have been too painful. The pace and his determination quickened further and I heard his breathing speed up too so I knew he was close as he bit his teeth and muffled “I’m coming!” quickly followed by the orgasmic convulsions of a man dumping his seed in his best friend’s arse.

Paul never announced he was about to shoot, I think he had taken his cue from Nico and almost immediately his abs hardened and I felt a warm and substantial spurt of his spunk roll part way across my tongue, followed by 4 more. I waited until he’d finished shooting before swallowing and then sucked a little longer so he’d be clean when his cock fell out of my mouth. I had a raging hard on but knew these two had enjoyed themselves and were truly spent, so as they untangled themselves and headed back in the direction of the showers, I dressed and left. My boyfriend at home could sort me out, I had done my good deed for the day and he could shortly do his…

Well we were all very pleased with the calendar and several hundred were sold, raising money and cocks for a good cause. I kept the month of October, the 3 of us all together, and had it framed as a little momento to the shoot. And the shoots.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20