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Music pounded around her. The club was an exclusive one, and had only the best DJ’s turning on any given night. The floor literally vibrated under her feet. She looked at the bouncer that let her in without issue, then at the writhing mass of bodies visible beyond the door.

Swathed in light that shifted like water, the strobes gave an interesting effect to the already interesting décor of the club.

Despite the pristine white columns, giving a very Romanesque feeling to the building, it was more the type of place one would expect to see a vampire, were they to really exist. Dark, shadowed, and very much gothic, as the light shifted, one could see the blood-red marbling on those otherwise perfect pillars.

She turned a full circle, amazed with the dark, gothic beauty of the place.

Soon, she was pulled into the mass of dancing bodies in the center.

It was an all women’s club, most of the members were lesbians, and of very high socioeconomic background. The rich, and sometimes famous, came here to be unknown and with others like themselves.

She was the very picture of gothic sophistication, her golden hair the only challenge to the black velvet that sheathed her slim frame. Fishnet stockings climbed impossibly long and shapely legs, meeting with the sensuous garter belt that peeked through the slit in her gown as she walked.

She found the bar, and found something to her liking.

She had never been a part of the “closed-door” scene here. Those people went into the opulent, beautiful rooms around the outer walls of the building for wild sexual escapades involving nearly any fantasy.

She herself had been in a committed relationship for many years, and only came here to dance.

But she had come home to her beloved Tara and another woman in her bed.

Leila had left in a fit of pain, anguish, betrayal, and anger.

She only wanted a couple drinks and a chance to forget, even if for a while, but she still had no desire to go back into those rooms. A few drinks it was, and with so little food on her stomach from the stress, she was feeling the welcome fuzziness starting to creep around her.

Leila stepped out onto the marble floor, feeling the pulse of bodies and the intoxicating smell of female musk and sexual energy around her. It made her heady, and light-headed.

Alaera saw the golden-haired beauty from across the room, from where she was perched in one of the tables. She quirked an eyebrow, her head cocking slightly as she watched the lithe woman make her way into the crowd. From her elevated seat, Alaera watched the woman’s every motion.

Alaera closed her dark blue eyes, and instantly, the room started to spin. She had the sense that the woman was hurting, and the taste of betrayal hung thick around her. Alaera felt a pang of sympathy and pursed her lips, watching the way the other woman moved, the sinuous contour of perfect legs, and the glimpse of a delicious garter belt underneath. Alaera could not help but smile. It was a favourite for her. There was nothing as sexy and feminine as a beautiful woman in thigh-high stockings and a garter belt. A pair of heels and the right panties could put Alaera into a froth without effort.

Alaera had an amazing sense for that which one felt but would not say. Some called it “a sixth sense” or “Clairvoyance”. It didn’t really matter what it was. It worked. That is what mattered.

Alaera stood, pushing a lock of silken black hair back from her face and stepped down from her pedestal to mingle into the crowd.

Of course, such dancing would have people in close contact, and most accidental touching was ignored. In her current state, Leila didn’t care. She just wanted to forget.

And, in her state, it was easy for her not to notice the woman slipping her way through the crowd towards her.

Leila moved and writhed to the beat of the music, until she felt cool hands slip around her waist from behind, and the feeling of a soft body press against her.

It felt so good…

Leila squirmed a bit, and tried to turn, but the gentle grasp held her firm.

“You are needing escape, I can tell. Let me show you a night that will help you forget,” a simmering illegal bahis voice whispered in her ear.

Leila blinked, not quite sure she heard what she did. Alaera smiled and stepped back only so the blonde could turn but remain in her arms. Leila turned, and stared at the other woman.

“You must have me mistaken,” Leila replied quietly, barely audible over the pounding music. “I just came to get a few drinks and dance.”

“You came to forget.”

Leila sighed. “How can you tell?”

The sable-haired woman gave an expression of concern. “It’s in those eyes of yours. Never a colour of blue-green have I seen before, but it’s the pain and anguish I see more glaringly. You have seen a terrible betrayal.”

Leila’s eyes dropped to the floor. She wasn’t sure how it happened, but somehow, amidst the alcohol and her distraction, she found herself on the edge of the dance floor, closer to the wall. “Yes.”

Alaera stepped forward, her lips hovering inches away from Leila’s.

“Let me help you.”

Leila sighed, and looked down… and then, everything went black.

Leila woke in darkness. She was warm, but disoriented. It took her several moments to realize that she was nude, and laying on something that was so heavenly soft it felt like sheepskin. She was covered, but only barely. For the warmth of the room, she was covered only with something light and breathable. She blinked a few more times, and still couldn’t see. Finally, she realized she was blindfolded.

She squirmed, reaching to try to remove it, only to find her hands and wrists bound. She could move only a small amount.

She started to panic, and yank against the thick, soft bindings. That is, until, she heard a familiar voice.

“Shhhh…. You are safe,” the voice told her.

Leila froze. It was the same voice she had heard earlier in the club, from the mesmerizing, dark-haired woman.

Leila felt soft lips trail across her cheek, and press to her lips in an intense kiss. As the kiss ended, she could feel the fabric covering her lift, and the warmth of another form next to her. A hand slid over Leila’s slim form, a gentle, feminine touch. Hands started to roam over her body, touching and caressing every inch of her skin.

She was confused, and wasn’t sure what to do. But when she felt those hands cup her full breasts, gently rolling her nipples between soft fingers, the only noise she could muster was a groan of pleasure.

Fingers trailed lower, and trailed over her thighs, moving inward.

“You know,” the voice told her, “those fishnets and that garter belt were absolutely delicious on such beautiful and supple thighs as these.” The hand moved inward, and gently urged Leila’s legs to part.

Leila gasped as she did, and the hand came up between her legs, soft fingers playing over the velvety, womanly lips.

“How wet you are already. Here you are, helpless, bound by your wrists and ankles, blindfolded, and at my mercy. You like it, don’t you, my sweet little pet?”

Leila whimpered, and nodded. A purring groan of pleasure met her ears.

Lips kissed gently down Leila’s cheek, over her chin, and to her throat. The nibbling and sensation of the other woman’s tongue was amazing.

“Tell me your name, my pet.”

Leila struggled to bring herself together enough to even muster speech.

“Leilatha Vaeris. Leila.”

The hand between her legs never relented, soft fingers probing into warm, wet depths. The other hand came up to cup Leila’s breast. Then, she felt lips, and tongue working over her nipple.

Leila gasped, and squirmed, her senses on fire.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Leila, you will call me Mistress. Am I clear?”

Leila nodded, and bucked her hips slightly, feeling the fingers surge into her deeper.

Leila gasped as the kisses trailed lower, and she could feel her Mistress’s tongue working over her soft skin. The other woman pressed her body tightly against Leila’s and slowly squirmed lower, positioning herself between Leila’s legs, now spread and held in place by the bindings.

Alaera’s eyes were filled with lust, and the heady feeling of power, as she looked up at the beautiful woman held captive illegal bahis siteleri and in her thrall. The heavenly scent of Leila’s arousal filled her nose, and Alaera’s mouth started to water. Her fingers were still inside her slave, and Alaera could feel how tight and aroused Leila was.

“You are mine to do with as I please, Leila. Do you understand me?”

Leila groaned softly, and nodded. “Yes.”

“Yes?” Alaera asked in an emphatic tone.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Alaera smiled, and rewarded her slave with a slow, trailing kiss over the inside of Leila’s thigh that caused the bound woman to squirm. Then, she reached under the sheepskin, and found an item she had hidden there earlier. Long, silvery-purple and bearing a slight curve, the phallus was large enough that Alaera was concerned she might hurt Leila if she wasn’t careful. She slowly removed her fingers, leaving Leila squirming and whimpering.

“What, baby? Do you want something?”

“Please, Mistress….”

“Please what?”

Leila only whimpered, and it made Alaera smile. The dominant woman pressed the tip of the phallus against Leila’s wet, swollen opening, and flipped a switch. The instant vibration made Leila’s hips buck, and she cried out in pleasure.

Slowly, Alaera pushed the vibrating toy into the other woman, watching Leila squirm and writhe.

Alaera leaned down and inhaled Leila’s scent again. It was too much to bear. She leaned forward, and kissed Leila’s sex.

The sensation of her Mistress’s tongue and lips against her clitoris was ecstasy. Leila couldn’t stop the cries of bliss that escaped her lips.

Alaera dove into Leila’s swollen womanhood; the vibe pressed deeply inside her now, Alaera’s lips and tongue working over the other woman’s soft nether lips.

The feeling of Leila’s thighs brushing against her face, convulsing around her head, her hips bucking against Alaera’s face was so sensual, so sexy, it made her ravenous.

Alaera’s tongue went again and again against Leila’s clit and to lap around her nether lips, trying to catch the delicious nectar of her pet’s arousal.

Leila could feel her Mistress’s tongue as it traced lovingly over her sex, never a single spot left unkissed.

Alaera could feel her pet coming closer and closer to orgasm; the fine muscles clenching around the phallus told her of what was about to come.

“Not yet, my beautiful pet, not yet,” she murmured, as she slowly pulled her tongue from Leila’s throbbing pussy. She smiled in pleasure as she heard the bound woman whimper and squirm as the Dom removed the vibrator.

Leila suddenly felt empty, almost painfully so as she hovered so close to orgasm.

Alaera stood fully, and Leila could hear her rustling around. She started to speak, but then she felt Alaera’s fingers on her lips.

“You are not to speak, unless to express your pleasure. Silence.”

Leila became silent, but her body ached. She needed her Mistress… and badly.

The bed shifted slightly, and Leila could feel the warmth of Alaera’s body next to her, pressed against her side. Hands trailed across her tender skin, drawing gasps and groans of pleasure from Leila’s lips.

Alaera came up, and pressed her lips against Leila’s fiercely, intensely. The kiss was returned, and Alaera knew she was completely in control.

The Dom broke the kiss and pulled back, leaving her bound, blindfolded slave to turn towards her, almost whimpering.

“I want you to feel something, my sweet little slave.”

Leila could barely stand it. Her curiosity was killing her. She could feel Alaera shift some on the bed, and finally, she felt her right hand being unbound. Alaera’s hands held hers, and as Alaera guided the hand to the skin of her taut stomach, it was hard for Alaera to control herself not to groan in pleasure.

She guided the other woman’s hand lower, past her naval.

Inside the darkness of the blindfold, Leila blinked, and she audibly gasped when she felt what she did.

Her Mistress wore a strap-on phallus, but not just any strap-on. From what she felt, it seemed that it had two ends; one that was obviously used on the recipient, and a second part that was impaled canlı bahis siteleri deeply into her Mistress’s, dripping-wet pussy.

It was short-lived, as her wrist was re-bound to the bed, taking with it the beautiful juices that coated her fingers.

Alaera shifted slightly, nudging Leila’s legs apart. She shifted between them, hovering over her captured slave. She leaned down at kissed the blindfolded woman, shifting her hips forward slightly. She knew she had to be careful, given the lack of sensation in the strap-on that a man would have, and how incredibly tight Leila was.

A single motion with her fingers, and the phallus shuddered to life with an intense vibration that made them both gasp.

The vibration made entrance easier, and soon, Alaera’s hips met Leila’s.

It was a slow, gentle motion, but finally, Alaera’s strap-on was buried entirely inside of the gasping, writhing woman under her.

Leila’s head was spinning from the sensation. She felt her Mistress shift a bit, withdrawing her hips and the vibrating cock, and enter again.

It was pure heaven… a moment of sheer bliss and absolute heaven.

Alaera started a rhythm, slow and gentle, and Leila could feel the intensity of the textured, vibrating strap-on as it entered her deeply and pulled out over and over.

She couldn’t hold back anymore, the composed Dominatrix groaned in pleasure, feeling the vibrations deep in her pussy where the other end of the sensual tool was. It was intense, and made more so with the picture in front of her.

The beautiful blonde woman, bound to the sheepskin covered bed, blindfolded, completely at her mercy… and her legs spread wide.

Alaera started to move a bit faster, feeling the thrust of the vibrator push up into her with each stroke, as intensely pleasurable for her as it was for Leila.

The slave whimpered, the sensation of her orgasm building again. She shivered in Alaera’s arms.

Alaera leaned down, and pressed her lips to Leila’s in a soft, sensual kiss, her lips parting slightly. Her tongue slid out, trailing along Leila’s lips.

Leila groaned, and her tongue met her Mistress’s, dancing and caressing as Alaera picked up speed.

Alaera’s orgasm started to build. The earlier stimulation of kissing, touching and licking Leila’s body, combined with the phallus that had been inside her since she started was now coming to the front as she stroked in and out of her beautiful slave.

Leila started to shudder, and whimper. “Oh… oh, Gods…. Mistress….”

“Yes?” Alaera asked with ragged breath. “What is it, my slave?”

“Oh gods… I am going to cum, Mistress…”

Alaera groaned and arched against the bound woman harder, her hips now pumping in and out faster.

“Yes…. Yes, my sweet little slave. Cum for me, cum for your Mistress,” Alaera whispered, her breath irregular.

The earth might have moved at that moment. At least, it did for these two women.

Alaera felt Leila start to writhe more, and her soft, ragged whimpers turned to intense screams of ecstasy. At nearly the very same moment, all the sensations built up, and Alaera desperately needed release.

Her once smooth motions became ragged, and she jerked, feeling her own pussy spasm uncontrollably.

The orgasm that washed over her left her seeing stars. All she could see, feel, smell and touch was Leila.

Both women climaxed, reaching orgasm simultaneously. Their hips rocked together as one, and as Leila strained at her bindings, Alaera clutched at her.

It seemed to last forever. The intense tingling and fire spread through them both, and slowly… it subsided.

Alaera slumped forward, against Leila’s heaving breasts.

Several long, endless moments passed, and Alaera couldn’t stand it any longer. She squirmed only enough to reach the bindings over Leila’s head, and finally released her arms.

Instantly, Leila wrapped her arms around Alaera tightly, pulling her down, pressing her body against Leila.

Both women’s heartbeats started to slow finally, as did their breathing. Alaera reached down, and carefully withdrew the vibrating cock from Leila, then untied the straps and slid it from herself as well. She groaned, and leaned back down to press her bare breasts against Leila’s, kissing her again.

Leila could feel those lips brush against her ear, and then she heard a soft whisper.

“I told you I would set you free.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20