Caveworms 4

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Anticipation can be a difficult thing to deal with. I can’t say I was worried about mum’s reaction when she came down and saw us, but not knowing exactly what was going to happen was making me excited, though somewhat impatient. I could tell Hannah was feeling it too. After we heard the ominous silence after the footsteps, I knew that mum had noticed the smell. Remembering the effect it had on me in the cave, I knew she’d be drawn down here, but she sure seemed to be taking her time.
After a little while, we heard the sound of muffled voices coming from upstairs, which meant only one thing: mum had not come home alone! I could make out three distinct voices; other than mum’s, there was one male and one female. It took me a second to recognise them, but when I did, I couldn’t help but gasp. The female was definitely my cousin Jenny, and the male was her dad, uncle Jeff. I gave Hannah a look of excited shock, and we both tried to stifle a giggle as we realised things were going to get very interesting indeed!

Their footsteps started again, but they were different, slower, like they didn’t know where they were going, only that they had to go there. As expected, they were being drawn towards the smell. It wasn’t until they took their first steps down the basement stairs that they actually noticed what was going on. Getting my first look at the three of them, I started going into overdrive again, I couldn’t help but undress them with my eyes and imagine all the perverted things we would soon be doing to each other.

When they saw us, their eyes bulged, looks of horror and disbelief on all three faces. They seemed to try to form words, but just couldn’t. What could they say? Hannah was pinned beneath her ludicrously pregnant stomach, as I was by my immense, writhing boobs, and the both of us were surrounded by a sea of white, slippery worms. Under normal circumstances, maybe they would have screamed. Run away? Tried to help? No way of knowing. Whatever chemicals the worms exuded removed those kinds of emotional responses, and replaced them with an incredibly intense level of sexual arousal.

They couldn’t tear their eyes away from us as they lowered the staircase, and when they reached the bottom, just in front of all the worms, I noticed mum’s work slacks, and Jenny’s jeans looked soaked. Like utterly drenched, as if they’d wet themselves. Uncle Jeff had a prominent bulge in his pants, which he was unconsciously rubbing. Mum broke the silence.

“What’s going on? What is this?” she stammered, as she started pulling her pants down like she had no idea what she was doing.

“These are our new friends.” I smiled. “Come say hi!”

Mum muttered something about this all being a dream, and stripped out of the rest of her clothes. I admired her beautiful body. Her boobs were incredible, big and round, with just a little sag, and the way her hips flared out made my clit tingle. I could also see her pussy juices dripping down her inner thighs. She was practically gushing, I didn’t think it was possible for a woman to be so wet. I wondered if Hannah and I were leaking just as much, but it was so hard to tell since the worm’s fluid was simply everywhere.
Then, she dipped her toe into the worms, like she was about to step into a hot bath, before immersing herself. I could hear her moaning and whimpering as the worms enveloped her. It wouldn’t be long before she started cumming, but it would be a while before she stopped.

Jenny and Jeff were also mindlessly undressing themselves, but couldn’t seem to take their eyes off the insanity before them. I stared at Jenny, memories flooding back to me of the days where we fooled around. We were just exploring each other, more out of curiosity and boredom than anything else, but now I was eagerly anticipating taking things more than a few steps further.

She was about my age, with long, dark hair and brown eyes which she inherited from her mum. Watching her undress was captivating. Her boobs made me drool. They were definitely bigger than mine were before the worms had their way with me, and her nipples with slightly puffy, and pointed upwards a little. And her pussy was leaking as much, if not more than mum’s. Her juices didn’t just trail down her thighs, they actually dripped down between her legs like a leaky tap. She then waded through the worms, which were about half way up her shins, then sank down to her knees and fell onto her side. The worms quickly enveloped her as they had mum, just as Uncle Jeff had fully removed his own clothes.

His cock was rock hard, and he was rubbing it with a bit more purpose now. When he joined us, the worms reacted quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Their slow, sensual slithering became a frantic writhing, and my boobs followed suit. They felt like they were going to explode, as the countless creatures inside them started to really come to life. Mum and Jenny had emerged from the worms, and with glazed over eyes they watched me intently. Hannah stared as well, though she was smiling a little since she had at least some idea of what was about to happen.

I squealed when I felt one of my nipples expand from the inside, a thousand tickling sensations followed as one of the little creatures started pushing its way out. The same thing happened to my other nipple, and they both stretched wider and wider. These new creatures were about the size of a kiwi-fruit, white like the other worms, but their little mouths were surrounded by tiny, wiggly feelers. I wasn’t surprised by how wide my nipples had opened up, but it was a sight to behold. And god it felt good. It didn’t take them too long to finally emerge, I cried out in joy when first one, then the other finally popped out. These little guys weren’t worms, or were a different kind at least. They had segmented bodies, and lots of little legs. They were almost insect like, but they had no exoskeletons, they were soft all over. The first two scurried down my boobs, causing a wonderful tickling sensation across every bit of flesh they touched.

Everyone was watching me, and all four of them were masturbating furiously while worms slithered around their bodies. Our three newcummers made muffled moans as they drank from some worms lodged in their mouths, while a couple of familiar looking long, thin worms casino oyna were massaging and drooling all over mum’s nipples. A few smaller ones found their way into her pussy and ass, disappearing inside and making her shudder and try to scream.

The next couple of little bug like worms, which I decided to call ticklers, started to come out of my boobs, slipping out and falling to the ground after a few seconds. Then another pair, and another. Each one seemed to have a different plan once it had been born. Some immediately made their way into my pussy, and the feeling of them tickling my womb was unbelievable. A couple slipped into Hannah’s pussy, and they seemed to be having a similar effect on her, but also causing whatever was growing inside her to stir. Most seemed to just enjoy tickling us all as they crawled over our skin. A couple started to nuzzle at Uncle Jeff’s cock, and another tickled his balls, causing him to let out a loud grunt and collapse on his back, happy to just let them do their thing.

It seemed like it was going to take hours for all of the creatures to emerge from my tits, but it was kind of nice noticing them start to shrink as more came out. I was quite looking forward to standing up again. In the meantime however, the worms had really started to get to work on the others. The ones at mum’s boobs were forcing their way into her nipples, while another had completely swallowed Uncle Jeff’s cock. Jenny was being fucked surprisingly hard by a rather thick one in her pussy, while the worm in her mouth disappeared down her throat. Many others slithered across her skin, and suckling on her nipples and her clit, coating her in a thick layer of their goo. A tickler was poking around between her buttcheeks, before disappearing into her tight little ass. She wiggled her hips happily, moaning quite loudly.

I watched the scene before me for a while, as I gave birth to hundreds more ticklers from my nipples. They soon developed a habit of popping in and out of any of our holes they could get to. Even squeezing past worms which already occupied the space, causing unbelievable stretching and unimaginable pleasure. Not even mum’s boobs were safe, with a few slipping inside even while the worms were forcing their own way in. When they finally made it all in, and mum’s tits began their expansion, the ticklers shoved their way out amid a torrent of milk.

The worm on Uncle Jeff’s cock seemed to be fusing with him somehow. He writhed and moaned as it did its work. It was similar to what the worm which had impregnated Hannah had done to me, it changed its colour to match his skin and grew a bulbous head on the end. By the time it was finished, it just looked like a massive cock, veins and all. And I do mean massive – at least the size of my forearm, a thick trickle of fluid leaked from the tip. I could swear I noticed his balls growing as well, and as if on autopilot he began to stroke and rub his cock and balls. He was staring at mum in amazement, drooling as he watched her tits continue to grow, until they were over twice their original size.

Mine on the other hand had shrunk down to a more reasonable size, though there were still more ticklers to come. I could get up and move about now at least, and I crawled over to mum, who was rubbing her new tits with a delirious smile. As I crawled, the ticklers popping out of my nipples scampered their way up onto my back, and down my spine, causing shock waves of pleasure to ripple throughout my whole body. They then slipped into my ass and made their way deep inside me.

When I reached mum, I gently took her hands and pulled her arms above her head, pushing my chest into hers and kissing her deeply. She gasped, but then immediately shoved her tongue as far into my mouth as she could, and I did the same with mine. Ticklers were emerging straight from my nipples and into hers as we made out. Mum pushed up at me, wanting us to be as close as possible, then pulled her lips away and kissed across my neck, up and down, licking and biting my ear as she went. I shuddered and collapsed on top of her, it was just too much!

“Your little friends are amazing darling. They feel so wonderful in my tits.” mum whispered to me as I cried out in bliss.

“I know, and you haven’t seen anything yet.” I gasped, clamping my mouth onto hers for another passionate kiss. As if wanting to prove just how right I was, I felt mum practically scream into my mouth. A worm had slithered between her legs and was nuzzling on her clit while it arched its other end around and forced it deep into her pussy. I could feel the force of it fucking her, slamming itself into her g-spot with hard, well aimed strokes. And through all that, a group of ticklers were popping in and out of her ass as if they were playing a game of some kind. Mum was panting and swearing as our new friends fucked her, and she suddenly tensed up and began to twitch. She went silent, her mouth hanging open with a trickle of drool pouring out. The worm in her pussy was inflating and deflating itself, and it was making mum cum in a way she could never have thought possible.

She came back to her senses after a little while, and demanded my lips again. I was more than happy to oblige, I licked up the trail of drool from her neck up to her lips, and I trailed my tongue across them, planting a soft kiss on each. I then felt something soft and warm on my butthole, and I thought for a second that it was a little worm , but when I felt a couple of hands spank my cheeks and heard a soft giggle behind me, I realised that Hannah had somehow made her way over to us. It couldn’t have been easy considering the size of her tummy, but I was glad she made the effort. She enthusiastically rimmed me as mum and I took turns sucking on each other’s tongues. Before long, my ass winked open, and out came a tickler, which Hannah immediately swallowed. She sighed as it crawled down her throat, and put her lips over my little pink hole and started sucking with all her might. It felt amazing, as more and more of them went from my ass to her mouth, and she was making these gurgling noises which had me gushing.

A familiar warm feeling began to spread from my stomach up into my throat. A worm which had been resting inside had decided to emerge. At that instant I realised that slot oyna the last of the ticklers had been born. My boobs were back to their original size and shape, and I couldn’t help but rub them. Mum’s had grown to accomodate my brood, and she really seemed to enjoy them moving about and drinking her milk from the inside. This also caused the occasional torrent to squirt out and my chest was covered in it. I wanted so badly to suck one of her nipples as far into my mouth as I could and drink her delicious, nourishing liquid, but the worm in my throat had already pushed past my lips and into mum’s mouth.

As much as I loved my lovely little worms slithering in and out of my holes, I really wanted this one out as soon as possible. I just had to have a drink from mum’s massive, milky, tickler filled boobs, I just had to. The thought was driving me wild, and when the the worm had finally come out all the way, squirting a bit of its own wonderful nectre onto my tongue as it left, I immediately grabbed one of mum’s tits and sucked her swollen nipple into my mouth.

The rush of milk that followed was overpowering to all my senses, and there was so much of it! I couldn’t swallow it all, and a lot leaked out the sides of my mouth. I ravenously suckled and swallowed, but the more I drank, the thirstier I seemed to get. I was so lost in my feeding frenzy, it wasn’t until she was right next to me that I noticed Jenny was hungrily drinking from mum’s other boob. I moved off mum and knelt next to her without missing a beat. Unfortunately, in my stupor, I’d forgotten about poor Hannah. A tickler was hanging half out of her mouth when I moved away, while another popped out of my ass and immediately scurried into one of her nipples, intensifying her gurgling for a moment.

Hannah pouted, but then I noticed her slowly inching forward somehow. The worms must have been moving her, and soon her face was right between mum’s legs, and she needed no invitation, diving in and sucking on her pussy, covering her face in her juices. Mum cried out as she was hit with another wave of orgasms, but was suddenly stifled by uncle Jeff sticking his cock into her mouth. He’d been watching us and masturbating the whole time, but now he couldn’t take it any more, he just had to join the fun. And who could blame him? His cock was leaking even more than before, and as soon as the taste hit mum’s tongue, her eyes lit up and she lovingly began to suck his cock while stroking his balls. She licked up the shaft and looked up at him, and then slowly started to try to swallow it. It didn’t look like she’d even be able to fit the whole head in her mouth, but Jeff started pushing. Her mouth expanded around his cock, and when the whole head slipped past her lips, it stretched improbably to accommodate it. I wondered if she was like a snake and had dislocated her jaw or something, but I figured the worm’s fluid was probably a more likely culprit. Jeff met considerable resistance at her throat, but soon pushed past that and sank deeper and deeper.

“Mmm yeah that’s it Claire, take it all the way down.” he moaned.

By then I’d finally had enough milk, but kept a big mouthful which I shared with my uncle, much to his delight. We kissed as we shared the precious fluid, but I made sure he got most of it, he was going to need his strength! Jenny joined us after a minute or two, and we shared a three way kiss before uncle Jeff gently nudged us away, obviously wanting to watch the two of us. We wasted no time and we had our tongues deep in each other’s mouths within a fraction of a second.

Mum continued swallowing his cock beneath us as it was fed to her by Jeff, and when she hit bottom, he slowly slid out before pounding back in. He furiously fucked her throat while he watched Jenny and I making out. We rubbed our clits on mum’s nipples, and she grabbed our butts and pressed them firmly to her chest. Our pussies soon started to fill up with milk as the squeezing forced it up inside us, while in turn our juices liberally flowed all over mum. After a particularly intense gush, a tickler peeked out of each of her nipples, stretching them as well as our pussies as they made their way deep inside, tickling our cervixes open and nestling themselves comfortably in our wombs.

Jeff had started to let his cock linger inside mum’s throat at its deepest point. A couple of worms inside her stomach were doing something to him that seemed to drive him nuts, he’d shudder every time. I loved watching the bulge in her throat pulsating as he rammed into her face, and the gurgling sounds she made were heavenly. She went stiff suddenly, obviously experiencing yet another incredible climax, in fact, I could hear her pussy gushing.

“Mum, you squirted all over my face!” exclaimed Hannah with four fingers still buried in mum’s pussy.

Jenny gave me a look of uncertainty, not quite being used to this whole thing just yet, she didn’t really know what any of it meant, or what to do next.

“Cmon Jenny, let’s go clean that up.” I said, giving her cheek a lick so she got the idea. We dismounted mum’s boobs, leaking milk everywhere, and joined Hannah between mum’s legs and started to lick mum’s delicious cum off her face, and there was a lot of it. Jenny and I were both quite thorough, and I made Hannah squeal when I got to her ears. Hannah licked back when she could, just for fun, and eventually we settled into an intense three way kiss, dipping our fingers into mum’s pussy and slurping all her nectar off our fingers.

We were broken from our reverie by Jeff shouting “FUUUUCK!” as he started to cum directly into mum’s stomach. We could hear him squirting inside her, filling her up. He unloaded an incredible amount, causing her to bloat noticeably. Hannah, Jenny and I watched with great interest, Jenny seemed particularly overcome by what she was seeing.

With one last grunt, Jeff pulled his cock from mum’s mouth, though he still had a couple more ejaculations left in him. As soon as it was clear, mum took a sharp, urgent breath, as though she had been holding it the entire time, while Jeff’s cock spurted all over her face until he was finally done, and he collapsed on his back. The two of them were panting heavily, and Jenny suddenly slid herself up mum’s body and started licking Jeff’s cum canlı casino siteleri off her face, shaking with each mouthful she swallowed, looking like she was in heaven. The way she slurped that stuff up turned me on like you wouldn’t believe, but I have to admit, it also kinda made me mad that she wasn’t sharing.

That feeling didn’t last once I realised that Jeff’s cock also probably needed a little a bit of a clean. Jenny and mum had started making out, as one could expect, and so with them distracted, and Hannah uncharacteristically immobile, Jeff’s cock was all mine. While he was still recovering, I practically pounced on him and wrapped my lips as far around his cock as I could manage and sucked up a good mouthful of his cum. It was insane! It tasted really good, though not quite as good as the worms’ fluids. It did however, seem to excite the worms in my stomach, and gave me a very sudden and very sharp jolt of arousal while I continued licking and sucking his cock. It was so big I couldn’t believe it; licking from balls to tip was quite a journey.

“Thanks uncle Jeff, that was yummy!” I said when I felt I was done.

“Any time love.” He replied, becoming distracted part way through his sentence, staring at something behind me. When I turned around, I saw that mum was now on all fours, with Jenny’s head between her butt cheeks. Hannah hadn’t moved of course, she and mum were drinking from each other’s boobs. As if possessed, Jeff sat up, staring at the junction between mum and Jenny. I found the sight pretty arousing myself, I couldn’t figure out what Jenny was actually doing back there. But as if on cue, she separated her face from mum’s ass, and crawled towards me, shoved me onto my back, and practically tried to swallow my clit.

I’d never had my pussy eaten before, despite all the other things that had happened to me recently, and I loved it. Jenny’s tongue felt heavenly as it flicked my clit, and looking down at her between my thighs drove me wild. I’d wanted this for so long, and I didn’t even realise it. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into my pussy, grinding on her mouth.

“Oh Jenny, that’s so good.” I cooed, “Finger my ass.”

Her fingers slipped easily into my slippery hole, and added wonderfully to the feelings she was giving me. I glanced up just in time to see Jeff get behind mum and position his cock at her pussy. They both moaned loudly as he started to push it in, her pussy stretched and stretched to accommodate it, and as hard as he pushed forward with his cock, she pushed back with her hips. When the head popped in, she craned her neck and gasped, just for a second, before returning to Hannah’s nipple and sucking hungrily.

I wanted Jenny to see this, but more than that I wanted her to keep eating me out. I was getting close, and definitely did not want her to stop. I felt a tickler enter my pussy and then pause, using all its little legs and feelers to stimulate me, and I cried out as I started cumming yet again. Mixed in with my own screams were mum’s.

“Deeper! Deeper!” she shouted as Jeff’s cock was about half way inside her pussy, and still going. I was too lost in bliss to notice, but the worms had started moving Hannah towards me, until she was right next to Jenny. The sudden feeling of both their tongues on my nethers, one on my pussy, the other in my ass, had me cumming even harder.

“Fuck me Jeff!” mum screamed when Jeff reached her cervix. But little did she realise he wasn’t quite done yet. She was groaning and pushing back on him even harder, as her cervix slowly opened around his cock. When it slipped past, she let out a surprised gasp as he entered her womb, went even deeper, and his balls slapped against her clit. Then he started to fuck her. Mum screamed like a maniac as he pounded her. Her butt jiggled at the apex of each thrust, and Jeff was thrusting hard. The wet, slapping sounds of their coupling, as well as Jenny and Hannah’s tongues kept the waves of my orgasm from diminishing even a little. I came the entire time I watched them fuck. Mum and I would lock eyes occasionally, and we both seemed to feed off each other’s pleasure. I’m pretty sure she was cumming the whole time too.

I could see Jeff’s cock making a bulge in mum’s tummy, it was so huge and so deep, stretching her womb and everything else inside her, and bringing her to heights of pleasure very few people have ever experienced. Some ticklers began to pop out of mum’s ass, a couple hanging around her pussy, tickling her clit and Jeff’s shaft, and others crawling up to squeeze their way into her boobs. The rest simply made their way straight to her mouth and back into her stomach.

Jeff was getting close, and we could all sense it. Jenny, Hannah and I made sure we had a clear view of what was about to happen. Jeff was playing with mum’s enormous tits as he fucked her, before pulling her up towards him til they were both fucking vertically. His thrusts shallowed as his hips slapped against her butt cheeks, and he grunted deeply, on the verge of climax. And what a climax it was! When he came, he obviously came hard. Even more intense than the last time, his cum practically poured from his cock, filling mum’s womb. When her stomach started to expand, mum and Jeff were both twitching and shaking.

“Oh my god…” Jenny gasped, hand at her mouth as she watched mum’s womb expand. She seemed to love every fleeting moment as mum’s stomach grew before her eyes. I loved it too, though admittedly seeing it didn’t quite compare to actually causing the expansion myself. Hannah rubbed her own tummy as she watched, imagining mum’s growing that big, and remembering how she’d gotten to that point in the first place. She was grinning the whole time she watched.

It took Jeff minutes to fill mum with his entire load, and she looked to be quite pregnant when he was done. Not as big as I had made Hannah, but I figured that whatever was inside mum was something new. Jeff gently lay her on her side as his cock slipped out of her with an audible pop, her pussy closing tight, preventing even a drop of his cum from escaping. We all converged on her then, holding her and kissing her, and we enjoyed this tender moment for a while, but then Hannah’s immense stomach came to life. She started to moan with an intensity I had never heard before, and we could see bulges in her tummy rise and fall.

Whatever was gestating inside her had made it clear that it was ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20