Celeste’s College Adventures Ch. 01.5

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** NOTE ** i know it’s terribly short, which is why it’s 1.5 instead of 2, but I’ve been swamped with my day job and haven’t been able to do any of the things I love, like write. Chapter 2 just needs a little finishing work- I’m glad so many of you want to read more and I’m sorry for taking so long! Thx! – V


Christmas break had been like hell for me. I had wanted nothing more than to go back to school, back to my dorm room, and return to the blissful life I had been living for the past two months. Kara, my room mate and girlfriend, had gone back home to visit her parents for the break, and I had done the same. They didn’t really give us the option of staying over the two and a half week ‘vacation’, so technically we didn’t have any choice in the matter. I had toyed with the idea of asking her to come home with me and meet my family, but I thought I had better feel my parents out first.

Fortunately for me, my younger sister, in her usual way, caused a huge scene by announcing the moment she made it home that she was pregnant by her 45 year old freshman comp teacher. Nothing I could say or do could top that. At least I had made it through almost three years of college before finding something that would probably make my parents both prematurely grey. My sister had done it without question in a semester. I bided my time and kept my mouth shut for two weeks. When I announced that I was a lesbian on New Years’ Eve to my entire family over the champagne toast, I think my dad actually sighed in relief.

Nothing was said about it the next day or the day after that, and I wondered if anyone even remembered me saying anything. I wondered if I should mention it again as they were helping me pack my car up to drive back to school. As I was loading the last bit of stuff in the car and getting ready to say my goodbye’s my mom pulled me aside.

“Are you sure?” she asked, tone neutral, expression impossible to read.

I nodded, confident and surprisingly unapologetic. In my mind, being a lesbian was a far less crime than my sister’s and it was certainly something that just felt like it was right for me.

She smiled a little half smile. “I knew you’d find a path that was yours. I hope she makes you happy. And we really would like to meet her, when you’re both ready.” I was flabbergasted. I thought only parents on tv were so understanding and supportive. My shock must have been totally visible because she laughed. “You know, I wasn’t always with your dad. Don’t paint me into the mold of boring, vanilla mom. Just don’t let what other people think make you walk away from something meaningful, ok?”

My eyes began to well up with tears. My mom and I had always been close, but she was sharing something with me that I don’t think she’d ever shared with anyone. I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded furiously. She hugged me, kissed the top of my head and said “I love you, Celeste. Don’t ever doubt that.”

Twenty minutes later, I was pulling out of the driveway, already missing my family, surprisingly, but stomach flip-flopping in anticipation of seeing Kara again. We had texted several times over the break, but she was traveling with her family on their annual holiday ski trip, so she was often unavailable.

I made it back to school in record time- actually; I was over 7 hours too early casino oyna to check back into the dorm, so I slept in the car, waiting for 9am to come. We had a day to move stuff back in, then classes resumed. Since I was so early, I had prime parking and it only took me three trips to unload everything. Then I sat in the room and waited. And waited. I called Kara to see where she was- no answer. I texted her — no reply. I was beginning to worry. I passed out in the bed around mid-night, no sign of her at all.

I drug myself to class the next morning. I was so glad it was the first day and I wouldn’t be expected to actually learn anything. I was exhausted and more than a little distracted. The hour and a half class ended after less than 30 minutes as all she did was hand out the syllabus and review her attendance policy. I sat in my desk wondering what to do as everyone else filed out of the room. I tried texting Kara again- still no response. I was leaning over, digging in my bag for a book to read when someone scared the hell out of me by poking me in the ribs from behind. I whipped around to confront them and immediately lost myself in her sparkling green eyes. She smiled a huge smile before plopping herself on the table of my desk.

“Miss me?” she asked playfully. “Miss you?! I’ve been worried sick about you!” I said, my eyes hopefully reflecting the concern I felt inside.

She furrowed her brow a little and made a little sad face. “I’m sorry. We almost got snowed in. I didn’t mean to worry you- the battery on my phone has been dead since yesterday- no time to charge it when you’ve got less than 2 hours to get out of town, you know.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her. “I’m just glad you’re back now. It was terrible without you- I couldn’t sleep to save my life.” “Me neither, see?” she replied, pointing to the barely visible dark circles under her eyes. She always looked perfect to me, even when her was hair sticking all up and her face smooshed into the pillow. She started looking around the room.

“When is the next class in here?”

“In about an hour. Why?”

Her eyes were locked on the projection booth at the back of the classroom and she wore a naughty grin.

“How much did you miss me?” she asked seductively, spreading her legs a little and letting my hand fall into her lap. Heat was radiating from her.

The pre-Kara me would have been terribly embarrassed, blushed brightly, stammered a little and said no way. The new-improved me raised one eyebrow and without missing a beat, replied “Care to let me show you?”

She took my hand and led me over to the booth. She opened the door that was unintentionally ajar and pulled me inside. It was actually a lot bigger than I thought. There were two chairs in the back and three projectors in the front, which was a big pane of glass. I was nervous and excited, and very aroused. She pushed me down into one of the chairs and hiked her corduroy miniskirt up around her waist so she could straddle me, face to face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me, looking up at her in anxious expectation. She took my face in her hands and kissed me hard.

“I thought about you all the time,” she said between kisses. “I couldn’t wait to get back to you.”

“Longest two and a half weeks of my life,” I slot oyna replied. I wanted to taste her, to feel her fiery clit, to make her body tremble.

My hands were all over her- such a tactile playground- cable knit tights, corduroy skirt, chenille sweater, her silky soft hair and velvety skin. Velvety skin I could hardly wait to have my lips all over. I must have spent 5 minutes just petting the different areas of her body, comparing the sensations.

“I got you a present,” she said, digging in her pocket. She fumbled with something small for a moment before pressing it down in my crotch. I jumped from the initial sensation of it and she giggled, pleased that it produced such a response. It was a small vibrator- less than 3 inches long and about as big around as my thumb. But it was a strong little thing- through my heavy jeans I was certainly feeling its effects — the hot gush surprised me.

“Like it?” she asked, her voice sultry and a come-hither look on her face.

I nodded, words escaping me. It had only been pressed against me for about a minute and I was on the verge of an orgasm.

“I brought home a whole box of goodies for us to play with. This is just a teaser.” My eyes got huge, and she laughed playfully. I’d seen sex toys online, I’d even bought a gag-gift vibrator for a friend from Spenser’s but to actually use them- with another person, this was going to be quite an adventure. She turned it off and tucked it back in her pocket.

“So- I seem to recall you were going to show me how much you missed me?” she said, reaching down to reveal that her cable knit tights came with a snap in the crotch and she wasn’t wearing any panties. “I was thinking of you when I bought them.” She slid her fingers into her pussy and pulled them out- slick with her juices. She was about to lick them clean but I grabbed her hand and pulled them to my mouth instead. She tasted so sweet.

“Sit in the chair- on the edge- and spread your legs,” I commanded. She stood up so that I could give her the chair and did as she was told. Slouched down in the chair, she could just see over the projectors into the class room, and had a clear view of the main door that was currently almost closed. I kneeled before her, throwing her legs over my shoulders and without pomp or circumstance, began licking eagerly at her pussy. I had missed her so much- the smooth softness of her lips amazed me every time. I wondered if my lips were so pleasing on her tongue- I would have to remember to ask her later. She was dripping wet- I had to wipe the juices off my chin with my sleeve to keep from making any wet noises as I probed her with my tongue.

“Finger me. Please, fuck me with your fingers,” she whispered. I had been running my fingertips around the edge of her pussy as I flicked my tongue across her clit. I happily obliged to her request, sliding my index and ring fingers into her hot, throbbing pussy. There was nothing gentle or sweet about this tryst- I was ramming my fingers deep in her, glad that I had turned down getting acrylic nails with my sister over the break.

My heart was pounding in my chest- I was having sex- lesbian sex, no less, in the projection room of a class in my major. The next teacher to teach in this class room was my advisor. If I got caught, I’d have to change majors, maybe even canlı casino siteleri schools, and yet, I couldn’t stop myself. I had missed her so much; I couldn’t wait to have her. She was moaning softly and I could tell she was getting close to coming.

“There’s people in the hall. You’d better lick that pussy good and fast because we’re not leaving here until I cum,” she growled in a deep, authoritative voice I hadn’t heard her use before. It made me think of spankings and corsets for some reason and I rather liked it.

I flicked my tongue as fast as I could on her hard clit, sucking lightly, like I knew she liked. “Harder,” she growled. I was getting so turned on from just her voice I knew I’d be skipping class to go back to our room for some more extensive play time.

I sucked her clit harder and slipped a third finger into her pussy as I fucked her with my hand as hard and quick as I could.

She cried out and ground her hips into my face as she came. I heard the voices of people as they entered the room and started moving chairs around. Still, I kept my tongue grazing across her clit until she relaxed back onto the chair.

By the time the professor came to the booth, she was curled up on the floor and I was leaned over her- pretending to try to wake her up.

“What are you doing in here?” the professor exclaimed, almost dropping her slide trays. I stood up quickly to face her.

“Sorry Dr. Cook, Kara came back here to catch a nap since her plane arrived so late and I was just trying to wake her up for class.” I was amazed at how smoothly the lie came.

“Celeste, you know you guys aren’t supposed to be in here,” she scolded.

“I know, I’m sorry- it won’t happen again.” I apologized, mentally trying to figure out if it could happen again sometime. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to put something in the door so that it wouldn’t quite catch when a professor shut it after class. Kara was doing a stellar performance of waking-up-from-being-asleep-on-the-floor.

Dr Cook sighed and smiled. “I guess I can’t be too tough on you guys, it is the first day back after all. Why don’t you just grab a syllabus for each of you and take her back to the dorm and let her catch up on her sleep? We’re not really going over anything today.”

I tried not to smile too huge. “That’s a great idea, Dr Cook. I think that’s just what I’ll do.” I pulled Kara to her feet and the two of us slid past the professor and into the class room. I grabbed my bag and two syllabi and tried really hard not to run from the room.

I waited until we were out of the building to bust out laughing. It was so exhilarating- almost being caught- but not. The getting away with it was almost as good as the sex.

“That was fucking amazing,” she said, her eyes glowing, as she pushed me against the side of the building. “Ready for more fun?” she murmured in my ear. I was acutely aware of her body being pressed against mine in open public. There were people walking all around us- I stiffened. Then I remembered I had come out to my parents. They knew, already. The only people that mattered, mom, dad and Kara, already knew I was in love with a girl- at least I hoped Kara knew- we hadn’t exactly exchanged those three words yet.

I grabbed her hair in my hands, pulled her to me and kissed her hard. “Oh yeah. It’s on. I have two and a half weeks to make up for. I hope you brought some Powerade,” I replied smiling. This time I was wearing the come-hither look. She grabbed my hand and we did run all the way back to our dorm room.

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