Chris and Matts’ Camping Fun (Part I)

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Chris and Matts (Part I)
Based on 2 guys’ REAL activities!

By: Rick Green

Well here is a little background for you. These two guys needed a totally SAFE place to fuck around without worry of getting caught….so thats when they planned their trip to the woods.
It was the start of summer. Chris and Matt decided they were going to take a little trip to the woods. Chris, the older of the two men was determined to get some sexual release somehow. The two men were not gay, but they aren’t closed-minded! They both have their own homes but they also have many ‘friends’ that don’t usually call before they visit. It’s gotten to the point that both men had to buy security cams to get a “heads up” before the knock.

The reason why they like privacy so much is they both like to get their sexual fetishes fullfilled alot! Most of the time by themselves, but sometimes one will come to the other’s house and they’ll get “horny” and explore all areas of erotic play.This would include things like crossdressing, putting on the stuff that they had stolen from girlfriends or people whose houses they were at, sneaking into the little sister’s room and stealing their panties and shit. Both men had extensive collections!

Matt is known to be the “Assplay Wizard”. If there is some act that involves the ass, Matt will investigate, engineer, and develop a toy or something to shove up his ass or anyone elses! Chris has always admired Matt’s “GOODY-BAG”. casino oyna Both men would get all dressed-up girly in their lingerie and video tape their hot circle jerk sessions! Chris really likes the cross-dressing part.

“Hey Chris, make sure you pack the essentials.” Matt yelled.
“I know, the KY, the vaseline, and vegitable oil, papertowels, and the enema kit.” Chris answered.

They packed the droplights that would work off of the auxillary battery they had. After about an hour they had all they needed to have some hot fun. They jumped in the car, and they left for the area in the woods, Matt already had a place in mind. The place was about 8 miles away in any direction from roads, trails, towns, and houses. It was also in real deep forest cover. That, of coarse was the most important thing. Seclusion!

They finally rolled up at the site they planned. They walked most of the way, leaving little signs along the way; ones only they knew to look for. People would never run into them.

When they got to their spot they set up the camoflauge tent. Unpacking the instruments of pleasure first and formost. They immediately loose their clothes!The faster they could loose the clothes and work on setting up the other stuff they needed to be comfortable; the better. After all everything is much more fun when your naked!

Chris set up his mechanical fuck machine that he made his self. Matt would clean and gather the numerous dildos, buttplugs, slot oyna ass-expanders, and other anal intruders. He would arrange them in order of size, and applications. Everything had to run on batteries, car batteries.

Both being buck naked, they set the video camera, and tested it. It wasn’t long before Matt was applying some ky to the butt plug he was gonna start off with.

“Wait just a minute there!” Chris says, “We havent shaved each other yet….You know we gotta get that action on tape!” Matt gets the shaving cream out of one of the bags. They adjust the camera to capture Matt position himself doggy style with his head on a pillow and his ass in Chris’s lap, spread wide. Chris shaved Matt’s entire ass, most importantly around his pink hole. Then Matt stands in front as Chris shaves Matt’s pubic area, balls and all. They switch up so both are hairless. Now Matt could carry on with his lube up.

He likes to put vegetable oil in a spray bottle, it puts a nice sheen all over his ass. It also doesn’t dry up like ky does. Chris has his cock ring on as he sets up his machine, I guess it helps keep his dick nice and big, but not completely hard.

Both of them take a moment to have a little light embrace; enough to each grab the other’s ass cheeks and rub dicks together.

“You about ready to start this action?” Chris asks.
“Hell ya!” Matt answered.

Matt starts off with a buttplug ‘to challenge all others’. It’s one of those canlı casino siteleri old metal flashlights with the lense taken off and a tennis ball in its place. So basically, you hold on to the handel, and push the ball up past the spincter. Once its passed that- it “pops” in your ass and fills it up, and stays up there no matter what you do. The best part is taking it out!

Chris is over changing the dildo at the end of his “Ass-o-Matic” machine. You have to have it at just the right height to enter your asshole perfectly. That thing has 2 speeds, fast, and really fast! When you start it: you better have the tip of the dildo just about in your ass! That thing shows no mercy! You better also have alot of ky on it. Once it fully enters your ass, you can adjust yourself to get the best ramming, without any pain.

Chris offers Matt his warm mouth while he’s getting ass-pounded! Matt, still having his super buttplug up his hole, walks over and inserts his cock in Chris’ mouth. While his dicks being sucked, Matt is slowly tugging on the handel of the
plug. You can’t just pull it out- it literally takes about 15 minutes! Reason being your ass muscles have surrounded the ball, and don’t wanna let it go! Matt gets down on all fours, and lays his head down on the pillow, ass way up in the air, and tugs. Then pushes, never letting up on his handel tugging.

“You want me to spray some more oil in your crack?” Chris asks.
“Ahhh ya!” Matt answers almost out of breath. Chris tells him to let go and he will keep the pulling going on, and that Matt should just concentrate on pushing this thing out.

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