Christimas Wish

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I’m not Jewish or Christian so for any inaccuracies I apologize

* * * * *

Dec 23rd

“Hey honey, how’s it going at your folks’ place?” Diana asked while the slim, blonde, twenty two year old stretched out her long frame on her queen-sized bed. Her childhood room hadn’t changed much since she had moved out, and as she chatted on the phone with her girlfriend her eyes wandered over the décor. ‘Wow I can’t believe I still have that poster of the New Kids! What was I thinking? Hmm well that was during the time period when I was faking being straight.’ at that thought she chuckled.

On the other end of the line Rachel, who had been telling Diana the pain of being at home and visiting the relatives, huffed out “Well I’m glad you think it’s funny that my cousin told everyone about the time I got drunk and puked in the punch bowl, cuz I most certainly don’t think it is!” Rachel stormed about her room throwing back her long raven locks, upset at her girlfriend.

“What? Punch bowl? I have no idea what you’re talking about honey.” The blonde stated slightly confused “I was just wondering why I still had my New Kids poster, when we all know I was desperately in love with Tiffany at the time.”

“Oh, so you weren’t listening to me?” The dark haired girl pouted on her cell.

“No, I totally was listening, but I was definitely not laughing at you” Diana said quickly, into her cell’s headset, to placate her girlfriend.

“Good, so anyways…”

About twenty minutes later the phone call was winding down, when Rachel asked “So what do you want for X-mas this year?”

“Hon, you don’t have to get me anything. I know that since you’re Jewish you don’t celebrate it, so don’t worry about it.”

“But it’s important to you. I’ve seen your computer at our apartment: the dancing Santa screensaver, a Rudolph pointer, and Christmas tree desktop. Oh and the little stocking hanging on the side of the computer! I appreciate the fact that you didn’t go all crazy with decorating, even when I know you want to, but I want to get you something for X-mas! Besides, there is no way I’m getting you eight presents, I’m too poor right now!” She said jokingly, there was no way that a doctor such as herself was poor, but it was a long-standing joke between the two of them.

In fact they had met when Rachel had been running late for her shift at the University med center and had no change for the meter she had parked at. Desperate she had turned to the first person she saw, Diana, and asked for change. After a second in which the blonde had taken in the shabbily dressed and tired woman, Diana had dug some change out of her purse and given it to her. It wasn’t till later that evening when the tall blonde’s roommate had drank too much and was taken to the ER, that she saw the cute brunette again, but this time Rachel was alert and full of energy. Rachel had tended to Diana’s roommate and had recognized the young woman who had helped her out earlier; she invited her for coffee as a way to thank her, but really it was a ploy to get to know the attractive blonde better. The two started out as friends, but soon were dating and then moved in together over the summer.

This was a first for both of the women, since neither had ever before been in a serious committed relationship. Rachel had thought that there would be a lot of problems, since she was always on call and worked long shifts and would hardly get to see her girlfriend, but Diana had been extremely understanding about the situation and all of their differences. It was because of these reasons that Rachel loved her girlfriend and she wanted to get her something that expressed her feelings fully for this wonderful woman.

“So tell me, what you really want and maybe if you’ve been a good girl I’ll get it for you.” The dark haired woman teased.

“Hmm really?! Well,” Diana continued in a husky voice, “I wish you were here right now, so I could make love to you.”

“Oh, you’re so naughty! Well I wish I was there too baby, but maybe we can pretend. So what are you wearing?” Rachel asked coyly.

“Well I’m in a tank, and the silk boxers you bought me.”

“Oh my favorite, but I think you’re wearing too many clothes for this to work, so why don’t you just slip out of the shirt and boxers, and stretch out that gorgeous body of yours on your bed. Mmmm I love the way you look, I could just eat you up, but we’ll save that for later.” Rachel said wickedly getting a groan of response from her girl.

“Hmm I think I’ll start by running my fingers gently over your breasts, they feel so good. Your nipples are so responsive, I love tweaking them into hard little nubs!” on the other side of the Diana was playing with herself in exactly the way Rachel was instructing her; she was gently pinching her nipples and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger, imagining that it was her girlfriends talented hands stimulating her perky mounds.

“Oh Rachel, please I need more! Don’t casino siteleri tease me!” The excited blonde pleaded desperately with her lover. “I need you so badly babe!”

“Hmm aren’t we eager tonight?!” The petite woman purred into her phone.

“Well,” Diana managed to moan out, “it’s been nearly a week since I last saw you, and you know how, mmm, demanding I can be!”

“Yeah I do, and that’s one of the things I lo…like about you.” Rachel quickly amended hoping that the slip hadn’t been noticed, she wasn’t exactly sure of Diana’s feelings and didn’t want to say something that would mess up the relationship. After all Di was five years younger and still in college, but her girlfriend’s attention was somewhat diverted and Diana didn’t hear the slip that she sorely wanted to hear.

“So I’m slowly sliding my right hand down your smooth tan skin, and soft belly, while my left is continuing to tease your nipples and massage your breasts. My right hand slides through your little patch and down your slick folds; you’re so wet! I gently trace my fingers around your moist heat, getting my fingers slick with you’re juices and I slide my index and pointer fingers into you. Gently pumping at first then harder as your hips buck up to meet them.”

At this point the statuesque blonde was moaning loudly into the phone, as she slid her fingers in and out of herself at a furious pace “Oh so close, unngh, oh God! Please!”

“Thrusting harder and faster, in and out of your soaked core, as I’m doing this I flick my thumb over your clit, a few times…and that’s why on Hanukkah we light the menorah.” Rachel said quickly to cover up the fact that she was having phone sex with her girlfriend as her mother came into her room unannounced to tell her something.

On the other end of the phone Diana, shuddering intensely as she had cum when she flicked her thumb over the sensitive bundle of nerves, was slightly confused as her girlfriend was saying something about Hanukkah.

“Well, honey I gotta go, my mom’s here. Hope I answered all your Hanukkah questions. I miss you lots bye!”

“Wait, what?” The blonde panted still slightly confused as she listened to the dial tone on her phone. She sighed, wishing once again that Rachel were with her. ‘Damn! I didn’t even tell Rach what I wanted the most was her!’ Lazily the flaxen haired beauty got up and wandered over to her bathroom for a shower.

Dec 24th

The next morning Rachel headed over to her uncle Jakob’s jewelry store to see if the jewelry she had requested was ready. She had asked if her uncle could make a special charm for a necklace that she was planning on surprising Diana with. Her uncle had happily agreed since Rachel was his favorite niece, and had called her up yesterday afternoon to tell her that the piece was done. The charm was small, about an inch, but was an exquisitely worked Christmas tree. What made the tree unique was the fact that the trunk was a small cross, the body was an inverted heart, and the star at the top of the tree was the Star of David, and decorating the tree were little precious stones.

When Rachel saw the piece she was amazed at its simple beauty and elegance. It was beyond what she had expected and felt that it expressed her love for her girlfriend wonderfully. Her uncle questioned whether it met with her approval, and all Rachel could do was nod and give him a huge hug.

“Oh, it’s perfect! I hope she’ll like it!” The pleased woman gushed, eyes shining happily.

“Oh I’m sure she will, especially since you spared no expense in conveying what you really feel for her. The family is excited that you’ve found someone to love, and we don’t care that you’re going out with a shikse. We’re happy that you’ve found someone that means this much to you, and we all want you to be happy. No matter what you do Rachel, we are always proud of you, and I’m sure your father would say the same if he was still with us.”

“Oh feter, dank, a sheynem dank.” Rachel choked out hugging her uncle, the man who had helped raise her when her father had died when she was only ten, and the man she considered a father as well.

“Oh dumpling enough of this! It’s a happy time so I don’t want to see any tears alright?” At Rachel’s smile he continued on “Now this girl, is she the same one we met at your cousin Eli’s wedding?” When she nodded he laughed a little then said, “Ah I remember her! She was really funny, intelligent, polite and not to mention attractive. Oh and she was such a firecracker, you know how she was dancing with your cousin Milt? Well that boy grabbed her behind and you know what she did? Ha, she just grabbed his and asked how he liked it, we laughed so hard at him!”

Rachel smiled proudly as she thought about her girlfriend ‘Yup, that sounds like my girl.’

“So when are you going to see her? And tell her how you feel?”

“Well, I was planning on going in the morning, so I wouldn’t miss dinner at Aunt Rebecca’s, and surprising slot oyna her. I already called her parents and they said that her brother is coming in, so they’ll send her to the airport around ten, so she should be back by 11:30. If I leave by 8 tomorrow I should get to her house by 10:30.”

“Ah good plan, and when are you planning on returning? Hopefully before the last candle lighting?” Her uncle asked.

“Well of course, like I would miss the dinner at your house, there is no way I’m missing tanta’s latkas!” The tiny brunette said indignantly “And I hope that I’ll be bringing Diana as well, if that’s okay with you and tanta?”

“Of course, don’t be silly! We all want the opportunity to meet her again, if only to be able to tease Milt.” Jakob said laughingly “Now my girl, since you are going to their house on an important holiday, what have you gotten them? I mean it never hurts to grease the wheels a little.”

The two chatted for a few more minutes, but then a harried looking man entered the store in search of the perfect Christmas gift for his wife. Rachel hugged her uncle again, said she would see him later, gave him the check for the necklace, and headed on her way, leaving her uncle free to offer his expertise to the frantic man.

Dec 25th

“Diana, get up or else you’re gonna be late picking up Eric from the airport!” Jennifer Richards called into her youngest child’s room.

“Aww mom, you’re already up why don’t you and dad go? And whatever happened to Merry Christmas” She complained as she snuggled further into her bed.

“Diana Christina Richards! Get your butt up right now; you know that your dad and I are expecting a guest this morning, that’s why we asked you yesterday if you would pick Eric up. And you agreed; maybe if you hadn’t stayed out late last night with your friends there wouldn’t be this problem today! Now hurry up sweetie, and get dressed then come down for some breakfast okay?”

Mrs. Richards left her grumbling daughter and headed downstairs to see if the food was ready. When she got there she kissed her husband and gave him an excited smile. “Wow David, I can’t believe how excited I am for Rachel coming over. She makes Di so happy, and she is just so great!”

“Yeah I know hun, she really is good for Diana. Remember last year when she broke up with that Erica girl, she was just so depressed. It really scared me for a while, but now she’s better than she’s ever been. So what’d you get Rachel for X-mas?”

But before she could reply, their daughter stomped her way noisily into the kitchen. “Well good morning sunshine! Merry Christmas” David said to his daughter.

“Hmm what’s to be merry about?” the grumpy blonde questioned despondently “I was woken up early, and on one of the most important holidays of the year I can’t even spend it with my girlfriend!”

The two parents looked over at each other and smiled. “Aww sweetie, you know she would do anything to be with you right now.” Jennifer said soothingly to her.

“Sorry I’m being like mega bitchy. You’re right, and after all holidays are times for families, and it’s not like I don’t want to be here, but I miss her. I haven’t seen in her a week! I mean I usually don’t see her every day but I see her a few times a week. Uggh who knew that this would be so hard!” Diana said dramatically then got up from the table while grabbing a couple of cookies and a travel mug of coffee “Well I better go get Eric, see ya later, and Merry X-mas.”

“Hmm I think I know what her reaction will be to Rachel being here.” Mr. Richards said with a big smile “So what’d you get her for X-mas?”

Twenty minutes later Rachel pulled into the Richards driveway. She got out of her SUV and headed up the walk, which had been recently cleaned of snow. She knocked on the door, and was greeted by an enthusiastic hug from Mrs. Richards.

“Oh Rachel, I’m so glad you made it okay, how was the drive? Not too bad I hope, come in, we’ll move your car later, so Di doesn’t realize you’re here.”

As usual Rachel was welcomed into the house with a great sense of warmth. Ever since her first visit, the Richards had accepted her and received her like she was part of the family. They had all instantly clicked and Rachel felt that they got along so well because the Richards and her own family were very similar. Of course in the traditional sense, the two families were quite different, but there was just a loving feeling that they both exuded that made the petite brunette feel comfortable and at home.

“Actually, Mrs. Rich…I mean Jenny, we won’t have to move the car, it’s my uncle’s so Diana won’t recognize it. But I do need some help bringing in my bags and a couple of other things.”

“Of course. David! Where are you, Rachel’s here!”

“Ahh my little matzoh ball,” Dave teased, “we were wondering if you were ever going to come. Come give us a hug.”

Rachel smiled at the tall teddy bear of a man, who was so physically different canlı casino siteleri from her own skinny shorter father and uncle, but radiated the same charm and kindness that they did.

The hugs were given, and then David and Rachel headed outside to get the bags and gifts Rachel had brought along. When David saw that Rachel had brought gifts for the whole family, even Diana’s Dauschaund Hercules, he smiled and thought ‘This girl is really special’

After her things were taken up to Diana’s room and the presents added to the ones already under the tree. The three sat in the kitchen talking, while Mrs. Richards prepared a light fruit salad for Rachel. The three were laughing when the front door was opened and the two younger Richard’s entered the house noisily. Eric burst into the kitchen and made a beeline to his parents, completely passing by the willowy brunette in his haste. After he greeted them he turned and saw Rachel who had Hercules on her lap, but before he could say anything a shushing motion from his mom silenced him. He quickly smiled, picked up Hercules and gave Rachel a quick hug, as they were all waiting for his ever so slow sister.

“Hey mom,” Diana called out as she entered the kitchen “have you seen Hercu… oh my God Rachel!” The tall blonde hurled herself towards her girlfriend, and picked her up, crushing her tightly to her body and giving her a kiss that left them both gasping for air. “What are you doing here, honey? I thought you were going to be with your family for your week off.”

Blushing Rachel said “Well I was with them, but they understand. However, I must admit that they said if I spent Christmas with you, that you have to come with me and spend time with us during the last night of Hanukkah, which sadly is the day after tomorrow. So I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Richards, but I’m gonna have to steal her away from you.” Rachel said looking at the Richards family, who just laughed and said that it wasn’t a problem. “Now umm Diana could you let go of me? I’m kind of losing feeling in my arms.” again everyone laughed as a reluctant Diana loosened her grip on her girlfriend, but didn’t totally let her go.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here, lets go unwrap some presents!” Eric said, while rubbing his hands together with a mercenary look.

When they started unwrapping presents, Rachel stood back and watched the family, but she was surprised when Diana gave her some boxes and said with a smile “I think Santa left these for you.” Rachel gave a lopsided grin and opened them; inside she found a tan cashmere sweater, a glove/scarf/hat set, a couple of her favorite movies on DVD, and in the last box that said from Diana, a stethoscope.

Rachel was overwhelmed when she saw the gift. How had Diana even remembered that she had said she had broken her stethoscope a few days before, she had only mentioned it in passing. The amazed woman lifted the stethoscope out of the box and looked at it closer, on the front of the disk she noticed some writing and read ‘To Rachel, with every beat of my heart; Love, Diana. Rachel smiled and felt her eyes water at the message; she looked over at Diana, and saw that she was quietly observing her reaction. Rachel got up, walked the few feet over to her girlfriend, sat on her lap and whispered, “I love you too.” before lowering her lips to the soft pair beneath hers, and nibbling gently.

The rest of the family quietly observed this little moment, until Eric interrupted by saying “Hey where’s my kiss? I got you those DVD’s of Sabrina and GiGi. You know how hard the clerk laughed at me when I went to pay for them?”

“Hey keep you’re grubby paws to yourself, and find your own girlfriend.” Diana said while cradling her slightly shorter girlfriend in her arms.

The five of them opened the rest of their presents, but Rachel had decided to give the necklace to her girlfriend in private, so Diana when she opened the “gift” from her girlfriend smiled and thanked her for the painting by a little known artist that she really liked.

The rest of the day went by quite lazily. Everyone just spent the time talking, and eating Christmas lunch. Towards the evening, the older Richards said that they were going over to an X-mas party at their friend’s place; when asked if the kids would like to join them, the three young people looked at each other and vehemently declined the invite. Eric started calling his friends to see if they wanted to hang out or something, and managed to get invited to a much better party.

The two girls decided to just spend a quiet evening home and watch all the old Christmas movies that would be playing on TV; so around nine that evening they were alone in the house watching the Frosty special on one of the family stations. Rachel was sitting with her shoulder pillowing Diana’s head and her arm wound around her girlfriend. It was about then that Rachel decided the time was appropriate to give Diana her real Christmas gift. As she pulled away, the taller blonde complained, but the brunette said she had to go to the bathroom. She quickly hurried to her purse, and grabbed the wrapped box. When she came back she shyly handed it to Diana; the younger woman looked at it puzzled

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