Cindy and Dana Ch. 02

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Cindy was exciting, energetic and sexually precocious. Her light-hearted approach to life and its passages was somewhat startling at times, but refreshing, and it brought a brisk new breeze into my life that had been missing for some time. I was just enough older to be surprised at her directness, especially in matters of the bedroom. To be completely honest, I must confess to a little frustration with her casual treatment of our relationship, the way she took it for granted and ignored what were, for me, the norms of courtship. Still, she was a hot little package and I could never have stayed away when she wriggled her ripe little butt and smiled her invitation. When she was with me, she was there one hundred percent, aggressive, uninhibited and generous. She never refused any position or act that struck my fancy but joined eagerly in any experiment sometimes laughing and adding her own delightful twist. I regarded her voracious, youthful appetite for sex with wonder and gratitude.

Dana was an entirely different being. Very tall, very blonde, very introspective and, to all appearances, very cool and self-possessed. She owned her own business, a small bookkeeping and accounting firm with an office in the same building where Cindy worked. That’s how we met. I went to a party in Cindy’s office and there she was. I couldn’t help but notice her; she was an incredible Scandinavian blonde. And tall. I’m six-four but she was just below eye-level with me, and in only two-inch heels at that.

And all six-feet-plus of her was put together exactly right. She had a figure that could not be hidden even by the severely tailored business suit that she was wearing. Half the men in the room were having trouble keeping their eyes off of her and the other half weren’t trying.

Her pale blonde hair was pulled back in a severe bun at the nape of her neck but it did little to diminish the sensual beauty of her classic features. Lips full and ripe and a little petulant; smooth, even, well-tanned skin with only a hint of makeup; frosty blue eyes that noticed everything and revealed the well-ordered intelligence behind them but also sparked with quick humor when something struck her as funny.

After Cindy’s introductions the three of us stood in a corner and talked for a while. The two of them were very easy together, relaxed and casual the way women are when they genuinely like one another. This seemed more surprising after a few minutes of conversation. Cindy was very wise and knowing for her age but she was still something of a girl. Dana was a mature, sophisticated woman, cultured and refined. I remember wondering how two personalities at such different stages of development had come together in what was obviously a genuine friendship; it seemed unlikely somehow.

Inevitably, others invaded us. Again, Cindy made the required introductions and the three of us were drawn apart by conversations. While I was talking to Cindy’s boss, I caught Dana’s eye from across the room and she stayed locked on a moment or so longer than I would have expected. Whenever I caught Cindy’s eye, I got her patented devil-may-care smile with eyes to match. Once, she drifted over and pinched me on the butt.

“Having a good time, sailor?”

“Sure, but when do we get out of here?”

“Any time you want, BUT, I’ve been summoned to the family domicile for some reason and my father wouldn’t be put off, said it was ‘awfully important’.” Here I received her patented soulful look from under her lashes. “Another time though, — promise!” She drew the X on her heart with her finger and pecked me on the cheek.

That killed the evening and any desire I had to hang around an office party. Still, I lingered long enough to be polite. At last Cindy broke free and headed my way.

“I’m off. If you don’t mind, would you give Dana a lift? Her usual ride took off at five to pick up her kids and she’s stranded . . . Dana, that is. You don’t mind, do you? She lives in your part of town and . . .”

“OK, OK, no problem.”

“Oh, don’t be so disappointed. I’m not going to disappear for good. Call me this weekend, OK?” She gave me one of her most fiendish smiles while she copped a feel of my butt with her free hand and I grinned back.

“That’s better,” she said, “now I’m going to get our coats and I think Dana’s ready so we can go down together. Just be a sec.”

If I had been less absorbed with my own problems I would have caught the whiff of mischief in the air, but I was still a little selfishly miffed because Cindy and I wouldn’t be shaking the sheets later on. You know how it is: when you, been looking forward to rock and roll it’s hard to settle for jazz.

Cindy parted company with us in the parking lot and scooted off in her mustang convertible — the vanity plate read “Sin D.” I wondered what Papa thought of that. I unlocked the passenger door of my Mercedes and handed Dana into it. Her knees and long slender calves flashed in the streetlight and I suddenly canlı bahis şirketleri realized that I was at loose ends for the evening with a beautiful woman who seemed to have no plans either.

“I’m hungry,” I said, “there’s a good Italian place a few blocks away, how about some dinner?”


The menu at Il Ristorante d’Toscana was extensive and included all of the standard dishes as well as some of the less well-known northern cuisine dishes that I especially liked. We ordered wine and studied the selections for a few minutes. Then she let her menu fall closed on the table and leaned back against the booth.

“Oh, I can’t decide,” she said. “I’ve made decisions all day long. Order something for me, will you? I’m tired of working. I want to be carried along for the rest of the night.”

There was a subtle undercurrent of electricity in her voice that sharpened my attention. She smiled across the table at me and held my eyes for a few seconds, then dropped hers demurely. I got the message . . . I hoped.

The rest of the dinner was passed in languid conversation, wandering wherever I happened to guide it. If she had seemed icy at the office party, she was thawing nicely now. By the time dessert arrived, she was glowing with warmth and eagerness, leaning across the booth, to smile and laugh softly at my conversational sallies.

I decided to satisfy my curiosity about her and Cindy.

“Forgive the inquiry, but how did you and Cindy hit it off? You seem to be an unlikely pair.”

“Yes . . . half of the people in the building think we are . . . uh . . .more than friends. The truth is there was a fire drill and I was caught in the hall away from my office. I had to go out in twelve-degree weather with only my suit. Cindy saw me and grabbed a coat from her office for me. We’ve been friends ever since. She’s a sharp one to be so young.”

Her voice was a pleasure. There was just the hint of accent, a lilt that sounded familiar somehow, so I tried to finesse her birthplace.

“How did you wind up in this town, anyway?”

“You mean where did I come from?” The glint in her eye told me she was on to me; I’d have to watch my step with this one. “I was born in Denmark and educated in England and Germany. My husband was an American businessman from Philadelphia whom I met while working in London. He brought me here. We divorced. He left. I stayed.”

“You’ve told that story before.”

“Not so many times, really. I just like to keep it short . . .as it deserves to be.”

Maybe it was the voice, maybe the tilt of her chin, but I suddenly identified the strange familiarity: she sounded like Ingrid Bergman. I paid the bill and we strolled casually into the parking lot. She slipped her hand into the crook of my elbow and I felt it all the way into my chest. I kissed her lightly before settling her into the seat. When I got in, she moved as close as the bucket seats would allow and covered my hand with hers on the gearshift lever, her head relaxed on the seat back. She smiled in the soft light from the instruments. Nothing else was said. We went to my place.

As soon as the door was closed behind us I took her in my arms for a serious kiss. When it ended she laid her head on my chest and sighed deeply. After a few seconds, she glanced up, smiled and went straight to the center of the living room and looked around.

“This is very . . .cozy. I like it.”

“I like having you here. You make the place warmer.”

There was a slightly awkward pause. She ended it by removing the jacket of her dark blue tailored suit. Her breasts moved excitingly under the white silk blouse, something I’m sure I was being treated to. She let the jacket fall on a side chair, then, with a smile at me, she crossed to the couch and sat on one end.

I sat close to her, leaned over and kissed her again. This time I pushed my tongue between her lips and felt them stiffen, then yield, then open. Our tongues fenced lightly and hers followed mine back home for a little more play.

When we finally broke the kiss she said, “M-mm, I liked that very much. May I have some more, please?”

I gathered her into my arms and her mouth was hot on mine, open and wet and mobile, her tongue a sinuous little dancer. We parted gasping and I let my hand caress her breast softly, suggesting. She smiled and her fingers moved to the buttons on the blouse.

“Shall I remove this for you?” She enjoyed the reaction that I couldn’t keep out of my face and her smile widened. She added more.

“I’m not wearing a bra . . . and I would like for you to look at me . . . .at my breasts . . . .if you want to.”

“Yes . . . please . . . Take it off,” was all I could manage to mutter. Her fingers worked nimbly, descending quickly from button to button. Our eyes were locked and I swore I would keep looking into her eyes until she finished.

“Here,” she said and pulled the blouse open with both hands. I almost canlı kaçak iddaa lost the carefully cultivated cool that I had been wearing. Her breasts were larger than I had imagined. They sloped down from her chest in a long ski-run of suntanned flesh ending in perfect pink nipples as big as berries set in large circles of rough, pink flesh. The undersides described two beautiful symmetrical arcs that hung heavily above a smooth, flat stomach. I gazed for what must have been nearly a full minute, trying to memorize their perfection.

“Well, do you like what you see?” She leaned forward and both luscious globes hung down temptingly. “Touch me, James, . . . I want you to touch me.”

I responded by slipping my hand beneath one ripe curve and lifting it slightly. I fondled it gently, felt its weight and warmth and she must have felt how my fingers trembled with mounting passion. I squeezed and thumbed the nipple, then did the same to the other breast. I bent and kissed it, tongued the nipple lightly. Her breathing quickened. I took the nipple and as much surrounding flesh as I could manage into my mouth and sucked strongly.


My first impulse was to rip off the rest of her clothes and throw her onto the floor but I resisted . . . just barely. Let’s see, I thought, what she will do.

I pulled back and saw her gazing at me, her eyes bright with anticipation. I decided to retake the initiative. I want you to look at me, she had said. Okay, then. I rose, crossed to the wall, switched on the track lights and adjusted them to a spot just in front of the fireplace. Then I sat in my easy chair and looked at her. Her breathing was more rapid now and her smile was tight and nervous but her eyes and voice remained steady.

“You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Show me.”

From then on it was as if I didn’t exist, as if she were alone in her own room. She rose and crossed into the light, letting her blouse fall to the floor in front of the fireplace. Her breasts swayed provocatively. I pushed the large leather footstool toward her. She sat on it, slid her skirt up over her knees, then she straightened the leg nearest me and drew the skirt up to reveal stockings and a garterbelt. I caught the flash of smooth, suntanned thigh. She released the clasps and peeled the stocking down her leg and off, then the other, deliberately but without hurry or excessive show. She stood, unhooked and unzipped the skirt and it joined the blouse on the floor. The half-slip beneath it was short, less than halfway down her long, silky thighs.

She reached up, undid her hair and shook it free to cascade over her shoulders and halfway down her back, long, fine, straight and bright as sunlight. She combed her fingers through it, then reached for the waistband of the slip. She paused, then smiled briefly and reached for the hem instead. She raised the slip up to her waist and stood displaying her legs, long columns of gorgeous golden flesh. Her ankles were trim, her calves slender and sinewy. Above them rose thighs that were long, full and mature, like her breasts. There was nothing of the teen-ager left about her. She was all woman! Her eyes never acknowledged me but remained on the floor or on her self or focused somewhere in the distance. But I could tell she relished her own performance and the effect that it was having on me.

She took a few steps across in front of me, posed and turned her back gathering the slip up to the small of her back to give me a view of the backs of her thighs and her bottom. Her panties were very brief and lacy and clung to her bottom to reveal clearly the cleft between her buttocks. Then, she pushed the slip down over her hips. It slid down her legs into a puddle of silk and lace leaving her in nothing but the panties that were almost too brief to answer the need. She stood there for a minute, tall and tanned and glorious. I felt my heart lurch and my cock twitch and rise.

Only then did she look directly at me. She crossed the carpet and slipped quickly astride my legs, her knees in the chair seat on either side of me. She allowed me to gaze at her wondrous breasts for a minute or two, then, placing her hands on my shoulders, she leaned up and in and those two lovely orbs settled on my face. I captured a nipple in my mouth and sucked gently. She sighed softly, then pulled easily away turning my face up with her hands and placing her open mouth on mine. Her tongue slipped between my lips and squirmed deliciously.

We kissed for a long time, hard and violently, as if it were a contest. My hands mauled her big gorgeous tits, twisted the nipples and squeezed hard. She groaned and squirmed in my lap but when I began to go easier, she placed her hands on mine and urged me on. I crushed her lips with mine and pressed cruelly. She gave it back and we gasped and licked and bit each other’s tongues and lips till we were so hot we were insane with it.

She backed smoothly off of the chair, pulled canlı kaçak bahis me to my feet and sank down before me. Her hands worked my belt and fly and in seconds, my cock was free and bobbing before her aristocratic face. She caught her breath and shot me a quick, appreciative glance when she realized the size of it as it waved before her. She closed both hands around the shaft and squeezed lightly, encouragingly. Her face was flushed and her smile was broad. One hand dipped below, caressed my balls softly.

Then, her hands dropped to the tops of her thighs and she settled back on her heels and looked up at me expectantly. Her face was an erotic dream — flushed and tear-streaked and her breath came through bruised and puffy lips.

I was riding an adrenaline high! Her face inflamed me as much as her heaving tits. My cock waved in front of me, long and thick and as hard as I ever remember it being. Suddenly, I realized that she had stopped, had settled back on her heels and was looking up at me with a bemused smile, waiting — waiting for me to take over.

I grasped a handful of her hair and pulled her face roughly forward. Her hands pushed halfheartedly against my thighs but I overcame it and pushed my cock against her puffy lips. She offered more token resistance, enough to make it interesting, but took it in at last, letting the head slide over her lips and thrilling me with the gentle pressure of her teeth. Her tongue worked over the head; her hands rested lightly on my thighs.

I let her suck and lick in her own way until we were settled in and I felt her lips pulling on me with lust and need. I placed my hands on either side of her face and moved my hips in and out, slowly fucking her mouth, selfishly taking satisfaction. She responded, her cheeks hollowing with the sucking, her beautiful face flushed in the beam from the track light. The sight of her gorgeous, classic face with my stiff cock protruding from it gave a powerful boost to my excitement. I pulled slowly out until the head rested on her lips. She sucked obediently. I pushed in with agonizing slowness, letting her feel every inch, forcing her mouth wider with the thickness of the root.

She came up and off of my cock with a fierce sucking pull, held it against my belly with her hand and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. I nearly exploded. She shifted to the other and her warm, wet mouth pulled dangerously at it. She kept sucking on each in turn and finally captured both of them at once, sucking and tonguing them, stroking my shaft with her hand.

Finally, she moved back to the head of my cock, sucking it in and pushing it out until I was nearly wild with the need of it. Then she plunged her head up and down in rapid, rolling sucks. I felt the climax begin to build and did nothing to hold it back. She felt the tension through me and her hands went around to my ass and I felt her nails dig in. That did it. I came like a rocket and she uttered a little cry of satisfaction. She grasped the shaft and poised the head on her lips to catch the semen, sucking and swallowing. The second spurt blasted between her lips and a small streak ran down to coat her chin. The last of it shot across her cheek and ran down onto her neck. I gazed down at her gorgeous face, streaked with come, her slippery lips still puffy from the violent kissing. She smiled up at me, her blue eyes deep and soft in the lamplight. Then, she covered the head with her lips and sucked and sucked and swallowed till I was dry. Then, we sank to the floor together. Her head snuggled into the hollow of my shoulder and she sighed contentedly. I squeezed a handful of her lovely ass.

“I’m so glad you’re a little rough!” she said.

We lay beside each other on the thick pile carpet until the chill forced us to seek the comfort of my bed. As we mounted the stairs, I let her go ahead of me so I had a very intimate view of her luscious bottom in action. Her hips swayed hypnotically and the round globes of her buttocks moved against each other with every step. I slid my hand up the inside of her long, silky thigh and lodged it high between her cheeks. The warm, soft friction of her flesh as she climbed the stairs was maddeningly delicious. She stopped and smiled over her shoulder and increased the pressure of her thighs. She had regained some of the cool self-possession of the earlier part of the evening but there was a throb of lust running beneath it. I could see it in her eyes and in the flush of her cheeks beneath the tan.

When we reached the top, I left my hand where it was and reached for her breast with the other. She slipped an arm around my waist, smiled up at me and found my balls with her free hand. We stood there in the hallway kissing and fondling each other until she pulled her mouth away and asked, “Can we please take a shower?” Somehow we got through the bathroom door without letting go of each other.

I turned the shower on and adjusted it to a tolerable temperature while Dana tied up her hair. Then we entered the shower and let the hot needles massage us for a while. Her golden skin glowed and small rivulets of water ran down her body, dripped from her nipples and coursed down the long, long length of her remarkable legs.

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