Clover Takes Gemma’s Virginity

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Gemma booked me in for her twenty-first birthday. I thought she wanted me to teach her to blow her boyfriend, Freddy.

By then Clover’s Special Virginity Service had been doing a good trade for a year and a half, I’d taught dozens of girls – and boys – how to enjoy each other and had a fair few unexpected threesomes myself. There wasn’t much I wanted to do that I hadn’t already done. But it was pretty much heterosexual on my part until the evening that changed my skill set.

Gemma arrived alone, sweet and pretty in a white dress. She was small and blonde, with blue eyes, and she looked as if she ought to be picking flowers. her voice, though was unexpectedly deep and honeyed.

‘Clover,’ says she.’ I need you to help me have an orgasm. I don’t think I can. I never have.’

‘Never?’ I am horrified. Then I wonder… were you always a girl, Gemma?

In answer she whips her dress off and I see a white G-string and a pair of pert pretty tits. Always, she says sadly. ‘But I am afraid I might be frigid. I thought a girl might understand, might show me what to do. Do you think you can?’ Then she says, ‘you only have to show me. I’m not expecting you to be gay.’

‘You’ve never ever had an orgasm?’ I think of all the masturbation I did before I hit eighteen.

She shakes her head and her tits wobble prettily as she gazes at me with beautiful blue eyes. A strange feeling comes over me. I look at her pert tits, with the rosy nipples. And the neat little V between her legs – all nicely shaved. I feel myself moistening. And I say, ‘honey, you are just my specialty. You should get on the bed.’

She looked shocked. ‘Oh no, I couldn’t… I don’t know about…’

I remembered my sessions with my cousin Georgie.

‘Get on that bed, Gemma, or I may have to punish you…’

Her pupils dilated. Her tits erected. Okay… She lay. She sounded meek but her breathing was fast.

I slipped my clothes off, down to my G string, then I slipped hers off her. I wanted the full palette to work on.

She stared at my tits. ‘Oh my God, Clover what are you going to casino siteleri do…?’

And then I said, ‘I’m going to do whatever you tell me, honey. If you tell me, I’ll do it. So you must be very specific That way I’ll know what you like…’


‘Anything, honey. You’re a total peach and I want to fuck you.’

She gasped. ‘But I’m not gay’.

‘Neither am I but we can still show each other what we might do if we were. Do you like the look of my tits?’

‘Oh God yes.’

‘Do you want to touch one?’ I lower my tits to her face, and she slips her mouth around one nipple and suckles on it gently, then with a bit more force.

I moan and my clit heats instantly. You could fry eggs on it. ‘Oh God, Gemma,’ I said. I want to eat your pussy till you scream…’

And she looks at me from her sucking position and sets her teeth against my nipple for a second, pulling out me teat. then she says, ‘Kiss me.’

I put my lips to hers, slipped my tongue into her mouth, laid my naked body on hers, and we started tonguing each other’s mouths as if we were starving. I kissed her hungrily and lusciously. I realised I loved it – and so did she. I could feel her body starting to tremble. So was mine. She was soft and perfumed and beautiful and I wanted her pussy more than I wanted anything. We licked each other’s tongues for a few minutes, I suppose, or maybe only half a minute, then we stopped. She was panting. I said ‘Now what?’

Her voice was faint. ‘My titties’, she said.

‘You want me to touch them…?’

Oh God, she said, I want you to suck on me and chew me and lick me and do everything to them..’.

And so I began. I know what to do with a pair of tits, I should do. So I started to chew and suckle on her titties.

She wriggled and gasped. ‘Do that some more.’

So I did. Suck suck tweak tweak, gobble gobble lick lick. yum.

Her tits were gorgeous and I was pushing them together, rolling my tongue between the nipples, enjoying her gasps and moans. ‘Oh Clover’, she said, ‘suck it harder, oh yes, oh that’s nice, keep slot oyna going, use your lips on me…Freddy never does this’

‘You can teach him honey’, I said, and I started to trail my kisses down her stomach.

She panicked. ‘Oh no. I can’t. Don’t go there.’

I stopped. ‘Why not honey? Your pussy is beautiful.’

‘I’m – I don’t touch down there. Nobody does. It’s too naughty.’

‘You mean you don’t masturbate?’

‘No, never. My aunt says it’s wrong’.

‘Who’s your aunt?’

‘She’s a nun.’

‘I see,’ I say, and I wet my finger and slide my hand into her pussy and touch her little button. ‘You’re going to be a naughty girl today, I say. You’re doing as you’re told, and if you don’t I will have to suck you till you come in punishment.’

She screams with pleasure. ‘Oh my God…oh Christ oh Fuck’

I wonder what the nun would say now. I rub it gently, her little purple knobble, moving my finger gently in circles and retracting her clit hood. ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘Oh god oh god. Don’t stop keep rubbing that Oh God what’s happening?’

I guess she’s pre orgasm. I suck her rosy tit. ‘Shall I carry on…?’

Oh God yes…

‘Would you like my mouth on you?’

‘Oh yes…’

‘Then ask me’, I say, slipping my fingers in between her pussy lips and probing at her hymen. ‘Honey your pussy is gorgeous. I want to eat it so bad…’

‘Please Clover, put your mouth on me.’

I put my lips on her stomach and she shudders. ‘Please Clover put your mouth on my pussy.’

Carefully I place my hot wet mouth over her pussy, tongue flat on her vulva. I say still. She shakes and twitches and thrusts her pelvis at me and then she gets it.

‘Clover, ‘she says, and her voice is low and hot, ‘suckle on my clit.’

And so I start on her. I suckle on her pussy lips and lick her clit. I poke my tongue inside her. I finger her and stroke her and play with her. She is quivering and begging ‘suck my clit, suck my slit… I’ll do anything… I’ll be your slave forever… oh please I beg you, something’s happening…’

And canlı casino siteleri I give in. And I put my mouth over her clit and I start to suckle on it, regular and rhythmic, and she starts to cum almost immediately. Reaching up I tweak her nipples as she writhes and cums in a wave of unsurpassed joy, laughing and moaning and crying, as waves of orgasm break on the beach of her virginity like Cornish surf. As she calms and shudders and wriggles I stay in her pussy and I push my tongue firm and flat onto her clit.

I feel it pulsing as she calms down, trembling. ‘Oh my God that was amazing… what the fuck was it? that was my orgasm? Christ do it again…’

‘Mmm,’ I say, ‘we’re not done yet..’. and I do her again, sucking and chewing on her labia, rubbing and nibbling her hot little clit, feeling my pussy hot and hungry for her lips, her fingers. She writhes and cums again – and again – and again, amazingly. This girl has never had an orgasm before today. Every one she has is bigger than the last.

After five of them she is wild eyed and pink cheeked, hair everywhere, writhing and grinding her pelvis onto my face like a prom queen, and her nipples are purple from my chewing and squeezing, and she’s noticed me. With an animal moan she throws herself forward onto me and buries her face in my pussy, sucking my pussy lips between her teat, gobbling and salivating on my clit, moaning and gnoshing at my hot wet pussy> Her fingers are in me everywhere, she’s rough and hungry and dominant. She’s giving me the best oral girl fuck I’ve ever had. Her wet mouth is all over me, and she suckles and chews and sucks as well as Jed ever did. I cum wildly and wetly, clamping her tongue inside me as I spasm.

We feed off each other’s pussies over and over, well into the night. At some point I tie her up and spank her till she begs me to fuck her, and I take her virginity with the virgin dildo whilst she roars and fucks it as hard as she can.

By the end of the night I am tied up, handcuffed to my own couch with my breasts roped as she fucks my pussy with the dildo, plunging it in and out of my hot wet fanny and sucking my nipples so hard I gasp as she watches and pants and cums.

Well, I think, when we finally fall asleep, spent and wet and sore. That was a lovely surprise. I’ll put that on the menu…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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