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M “Hinge seems to want me to respond to pokes from women, but I might be a touch choosy”

F “Hinge? Pokes?”

M “it’s tinder for adults I think, installed them both at the same time, and it keeps bugging me to do things”

F “Well, maybe you should, In fact, that would be the right thing to do. Especially, because it bugs me, for some reason”

M “you mean like… 38 year old Tracy, who is a conservative Christian… and lives near Newcastle”

F “Go get laid…”

M “that would be a fun 3 hour drive there… and 3 hours back again… Or Helen, who loves jigsaws”

F “Hmm”

M “or Suzie who loves “good bants”, nice legs though”

F “Bants?”

M “I think that’s youth jargon for banter”

F “Go do Suzie. For my sake”

M “you haven’t seen her face”

F “You don’t need to either”

M “I’m no oil painting… but, I have limits”

F “Having seen your ex, you are probably a little choosy”

M “I’m looking through these now… In the looks department, um… I think I’ll stay on sabbatical, just for a few months more. At least until after my ski trip”

F “Or during it”

F “Sabbatical from? Dating?”

M “being in a relationship, dating”

F “Shagging?”

M “all that jazz”

F “All of it?”

M “Isn’t there like an episode of Seinfeld about it, “the competition”. Where they all abstain. Jerry goes insane, Kramer lasts 10 mins, George becomes a super genius and Elaine gets scatter-brained”

F “Haha. Which one are you? And you didn’t answer my question”

M “lets find out”

F “And you still didn’t answer. All of it?”

M “well… I can do n=1. I honestly tried some dates using those apps not good.”

F “Solo fun?”

M canlı bahis şirketleri “A time will come, but it isn’t right now”

F “Either you’re evading or you need sleep”

M “Evading?”

F “I know which one for me, Haha. Too honest”

M “ask again then”

F “All of it?”

M “Nah. Just the dates and the relationships”

F “Right on”

M “I think that’s reasonable”

F “Can you still cum on your collaborators?”

M “it would almost be rude not to”

F “It probably would be

F “Haha”

M “especially when they ask nicely for it”

F “I’m sure they would” ??

F “They all seem like lovely people who would”

M “One their knees asking for it?”

F “If it were me I certainly would”

M “On their knees do you think?”

F “On their knees. On all fours. Whatever works”

M “Well now… who could resist that”

F “You’d have to oblige”

M “Yes… yes I would.” ??

M “Could get very messy indeed. How would one even go about cleaning that up.”

F “You know I love to submit. I’m sure we can find a way to clean it up”

M “Or not bother… and just go have coffee.”

F “Haha”

M “Do you think people would notice”

F “People? Notice what? Where rather”

M “At the coffee shop”

F “Where is the mess?”

M “You tell me”

F “Haha. You’re the boss. You tell me! But there are options… Many… Endless…”

M “Well now… if one were to submit… and I had a choice… I would say the lower back, or maybe the tummy”

M “But then… it would have to be smeared in with my hands…”

F “Back? Or front? canlı kaçak iddaa Now that’s a question…”

M “And I do like touching hair. So that might be quite sticky”

F “Hmmm… you’d have to be very persuasive. For me to let you”

M “Persuasion.. I’m told… is my speciality”

F “I can see that”

M “Wouldnt there have to be serious quid pro quo though?”

F “Like…?”

M “Well… I suspect you would be all over my face.”

F “Fuck.”

M “Wouldnt the guy at the coffee shop notice?”

F “I should hope so. Waste not to”

M “He might even like it”

F “I imagine so”

M “Not quite sure… what he likes… but knows he likes it”

M “What would you be wearing do you think?”

F “At the coffee shop? Or before?”

M “Before… I’ll give you one of my shirts for coffee…”

F “I wasn’t expecting to be wearing anything. But can accommodate requests”

M “Something like a summer dress… buttons up the front… not fully buttoned below the waist? You sit and falls to either side of you legs… a little V almost visible”

F “Bit like a lab coat would”

M “Dark hold ups… accentuated against a tan. That kind of thing?”

F “That can be arranged. You like hold ups?”

M “Doesnt everyone?”

F “mmm. Yes”

M “Could have white sports shoes on with them…”

F “Yes sir”

M “Or no shoes at all… How does it all start?

F “Yeah, I guess we now know only how it ends. If it’s summer I have no underwear on”

M “Wow, You too?”

F “And my skirt or dress, well, it’s easy to lift. It’d be a crime not to”

M “I think the vernacular is “hitch up”

F “Hitch up. As you wish”

M canlı kaçak bahis “Drawn up either thigh. Slowly”

F “I need a minute”

M “Really?”

F “Mmm”

M “Wet?”

F “Soaking”

M “Hot to the touch?”

F “And close. Very”

M “Breathing deeply?”

F “Hip bent”

F “Hand down the front”

M “Pressure on the mons. Fingers buried?”

F “Legs open wide”

M “Fuck me”

F “Arse in the air”

M “Imagine being eaten out at the same time. bet that would really be something”

F “Fuck”

F “That was god”

F “Good”

M “You’re telling me”

F “My feet are tingling”

M “Where did that come from. Escalated quite quickly”

F “Really??? Did it?”

M “I don’t think I need to write any stories”

F “Not for me…”

M “I’ll just copy paste”

F “Fuck off”

M “You’re telling me this wouldn’t get 4.5 stars on ”

F “This?”

M “Chat listed as boy and girl, M and F or subject 1 and subject 2″

F “Go on… do it”

M “people would read it”

F “Do it”

M “game on” ??

F “Did you? Or was I alone tonight?”

M “I really did”

F “You don’t have to, of course. That’s also fine”

M “about 10 seconds after thinking about eating you out”

F “Oh man”

M “I know…”

F “You’re trouble”

M “do you need to review this manuscript before I submit?”

F “I need sleep – I look forward to seeing our work published… I trust you to be discreet with any identifying info”

M “ethics says it has to be anonymous”

M “subject 1, and subject 2” ??

M “Night Night subject 2”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20