College Boy Confessions Pt. 01

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These stories are all true. My college years started out as a blurry, confused mess, but -thanks to a number of generous older gentlemen- I was able to discover things about myself that I never knew before. Namely, that I love to be on my knees, taking cock.


I was 18 and headed off to college for my freshman year. NYU was looming on the horizon, and I was excited at the prospect of starting over completely fresh.

High school was an okay time. I had a couple girlfriends, performed in the theatre program, served as editor of the literary magazine, and hung out with friends on weekends. Friends of mine were constantly in and out of deep relationships, but I never was. I didn’t really want that life, and I wasn’t sure why.

I’d lay awake at night, thinking of my best guy friend. I’d see his stubble and his dark brown hair in my mind. His well proportioned body, his round ass under his clothes. The cock that I’d only ever imagined, but had never seen.

I felt like I was in love with him, but in truth, I was probably just infatuated. I would fantasize about sleeping over with him, sharing a bed, and then waking up to feel his hard cock between my cheeks as he unconsciously spooned against me in the night.

He was in a committed relationship however, and every time I teased him about it or tried to get some information, he always said that he’d never fool around with a guy.

So, I went off to college very frustrated and eager to explore. I remember the moment, laying awake in bed, thinking, “I am going to suck a cock in college. I need to see what it’s like.”

So, I went off to school in September. Like most big schools now (every school?) the first week of school is just orientation events for students to meet one another and get used to campus life. For NYU, in the middle of NYC’s downtown, this was rowdy. Every night, we would get trashed on cheap vodka in someone’s room, then run off into the night and explore nearby St. Mark’s or Alphabet City.

That’s when I met John. He lived in my building, but not on my floor, and he was very comfortable with himself. He wasn’t the most masculine guy who walked down the street, which would have been more my type, but he knew what he wanted, and he wanted me.

One night in particular, towards the end of our orientation week, I saw him at a party. We were in some rich kid’s off-campus duplex apartment in the West Village. I had a 40 in my hand and was chugging casino oyna Colt 45. He saw me drinking from the bottle and sauntered over to approach me.

“When am I going to fuck you?”

The question caught me off guard, since I’d never been asked that before. I didn’t know what to say so I kind of mumbled and didn’t say anything. He laughed, and I knew that he knew I wanted cock.

I don’t know how he knew, but before anything else could happen, my friends grabbed me, we were headed back to the dorm.

I went with my friend Shayla and a couple others back to her room. She lived at the end of the hall, near a large air vent, and she always had some pot on hand. So we were sitting around smoking pot, when another guy from the floor, Brett, came into the room and said, “Guys, it really reeks in here. Gus, John is looking for you.”

Next thing I know, John’s face is poking around the door frame. He’s got a grin on his face. He walks in and sits down with us, all eyes are on me. I’m stoned out of my mind.

“Do you want some pot, John?” said Shayla, always the humanitarian.

He took a toke, but didn’t really look away from me. His shorts were hitching up, and I noticed that, from the way he was sitting, I had full view of his crotch, which looked fairly bulged out through the fabric.

Another friend stood up and said, “I have more vodka in my room, why don’t we walk down the hall.” I felt kind of bad because I knew that they were all desperate to get away from us. A large part of me wanted to go with them and forget about John, but at the same time, I was too curious, and turned on at the thought to actually let it go.

I stood up with the group, and went to walk out the door with them, but John grabbed my arm and held me back. After we were alone, I turned around to face him again, and he put my hand on his crotch.

“I know you want this.”

I couldn’t really formulate a response. My breathing was ragged, and I’m sure I looked like a flushed, hot mess.

“Get on your knees for me.”

At this point, I knew what I was in for. I just had to get through the next couple of seconds, and I would soon (at long last) have another man’s cock in my mouth. Since he was so keen on giving the orders, it made my job easier that I would only need to worry about following them.

I got on my knees in front of him. “Good.” He started to undo his belt. “No, actually, you should take it out for me.”

He put his hands on his slot oyna hips and pushed his crotch closer to my face. Trembling, I reached up and finished undoing his belt. My fingers undid his top button, slid down the zipper. The pants hit his ankles. Now I could see his bulging cock through the fabric quite clearly. He wasn’t very long, but he was extremely thick, and I reached up and felt him through the fabric of his boxers. He purred deep in his throat when I touched him.

Now, I watch porn from time to time. I watch gay and straight porn, and usually I get really into blowjobs. So, I had some tricks that I wanted to try out.

I smelled and kissed his cock through the fabric. I felt him twitch. He had a damp spot forming at the tip, I licked it and reached up for his waistband.

I slowly pulled it down and felt his cock hit me in the face.

“What do you think?” he said, but I couldn’t formulate words. I was so blown away by how thick he was, and just the moment of seeing and then touching some other guy’s dick, was too much for me to handle. “Speechless, huh?” He laughed. “Well, if you aren’t going to talk, then you can get on with it.”

With that, he shut up for a while and closed his eyes. I looked up at him to see if he was going to take any more initiatives, but when I saw him pause, I thought it was best not to keep him waiting.

I licked the slit first, I was interested in tasting his precum, and I liked it immediately. I brought my tongue up and around his head, trying to cover it all and make it wet. My hands came up and closed around the base of his cock. One moved to his balls and the other started gently stroking his cock. He moaned, I was having the time of my life already.

I slowly started to take his head into my mouth while I pulled on his balls, and, as I did, I felt his hands go to the back of my head. This was the sensation that I was looking for! Turned on more than ever by feeling his hands there, I sank down and took his cock as far in as I could. I could feel his extreme thickness stretching my jaw, and he sat at the opening of my throat while I adjusted and attempted to swallow a couple of times.

Slowly, he began to move back and forth in my mouth. I looked up at him, with his cock in my mouth, and I saw the most dominating grin. “Aww yeah, I’m going to make you such a good little faggot.” I needed to breathe. He pushed all the way in, and I gagged a little. He pulled out.

“Let’s make this interesting.” canlı casino siteleri He walked over and locked the door. Shayla would understand. “Take off your clothes.” I did as I was told. “Mmm, wow, crawl up on the bed there.”

I crawled up on all fours, and I tried to show off my ass for him. He told me to arch my back so my ass was in the air. He smacked my ass cheek. “Oh god, you’ve got such a fuckable ass.” He licked two fingers and slid them down my crack. He massaged by tight little hole with them but didn’t enter too far. “Do you want to fuck??”

I could tell that he wanted it, but that seemed like a lot for me to handle. I wasn’t expecting it, so I hadn’t prepared, and I knew that I wanted my first time to at least be clean and smooth. I declined him and he seemed put off.

“Aww well, soon then, baby.” He gave my ass another smack. Then he grabbed both cheeks and mashed them together. He walked up behind me and ground his thick cock in between my cheeks. “Can you imagine what taking this is going to feel like, baby?” I was lost, I was very close to cumming just from being around this man and experiencing all of this.

“Turn back around and take your thick reward, slut.” I got back off of the bed and got on my knees in front of him. “I’m gonna cum so hard.” He grabbed my head behind the ears and brought my mouth down on his cock. I was trying to adjust to his thickness when he started fucking my mouth in earnest. He was working up speed and getting quite loud. I knew that it was only a matter of time. “Where do you want me to cum?” But his cock was still in my mouth, and he was still fucking me, so I couldn’t really answer.

The next thing I know, his cock is swelling in my mouth, and a thick rope of cum is hitting the back of my throat. I started swallowing to try and catch what was coming, but he came quite a lot, and before long he was pulling out. A shot hit me on the face, one on the cheek under the eye, one on the chest. His cum tasted good. I had never tasted any before, not even mine, so I was curious about how it was.

I took some of the cum near my eye off with my finger and tasted it again. “Mmm you like the way my cum tastes?” I nodded yes.

“Ooo I made you so dirty, little bitch. We’re going to have to do this again, and get even dirtier.” I just nodded yes again. “Get dressed now.” He threw my shirt to me, while I sat there, naked on the ground, covered in his cum. He got dressed and walked out the door. When I left a couple minutes later, he was gone.

Part of me was sad and worried that I’d never get to suck his cock again. Then I remembered, I’m in college now and I live in his building. I’m sure I’ll get to do that and more.

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