College Camping Experience Ch. 03

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This story is a continuation of a story about a group of 18+ year old college girls who take annual camping trips filled with fun and daring nudity.

Ally rolled over and opened her eyes. It took a few moments before she realized she was able to move freely. The aroma of bacon entered her nose. She realized she was alone in the tent. She wondered where all the girls had gone.

She wiped the sleep from her eyes and stood up. She was still naked so she through on a t-shirt and old panties. Her entire body was sticky from last night. She intended to go bathe at the lake. Ally exited the large teepee and saw Molly cooking a few feet away.

“Good morning, Ally. I hope you are feeling well this morning. I am making some eggs and bacon if you would like some.” Molly said as Ally approached.

“I am going to go freshen up first. I am all sticky for some reason.” Ally said as she grinned at Molly.

“Okay. The girls went for a hike. They should be back soon.”

“Great.” Ally said sarcastically. “I can’t wait to hear the jeers and cheers.”

Molly put her arm around Ally. “You will be happy to know that your initiation was finished last night. You are not the first one to be initiated, in fact we were all initiated our first year. You are now part of the annual club if you choose to return next year.”

Ally relaxed knowing there would be no more surprises. She made her way down to the lake and removed her clothing. She climbed into the lake and enjoyed the feeling of the cool water surround her body. She felt her nipples harden. She cleaned up, dressed and made her way up to the camp. She grabbed a plate of food and scarfed it down.

Ally made her way into the teepee and changed into fresh clothes and underwear. She was going to put a bra on then decided there was no point, the girls had all seen her naked anyways. She heard laughter in the distance and took a deep breath as she heard the girls returning.

Ally sat down and started combing her hair when Mandy stood in the entrance. “Can I come in?”

“Sure”, Ally replied as she looked up at Mandy.

Mandy smiled and sat down beside Ally. “I just want you to know that I chose you because I thought you would enjoy this weekend. I thought it would help you open up more and be more free. I hope you do not resent me or any of the girls.”

Ally thought a few seconds as she continued to pull the brush through her hair. “I understand now and I get it. I am not mad at any of you.”

“Good. I hope you have fun the today and tomorrow morning before we head back to real life.” Mandy said as she stood up and began to exit.

“Thank you for inviting me.” Ally blurted out as Mandy left.

Ally could not believe those words left her mouth. She also could not believe how turned on she had just become from looking at Mandy. This weekend was turning her into a crazed lunatic she thought to herself. Ally could not help but think of Mandy naked and wonder which of the many hands were hers the previous night.

Ally stood up and walked outside the teepee. Molly was walking towards her. “Oh good. I was just coming to get you and let you know we are all heading down to the lake for a swim. Do you want to join us?”

“Sure. Why not.” Ally said with a smile.

Molly took Ally by the hand as they made their way down to the lake to meet the other girls. Ally surprised herself when she saw all the girls were swimming naked and it didn’t bother her. She placed her clothing next to Molly’s clothes and put her arm around Molly’s bare waist as they dipped their feet in the water. Ally could not help but check out Molly’s breasts and butt.

The girls played in the water for hours before making their way back to camp. Cloe suggested they start drinking. Beth who was still built up with sexual tension from not getting a release all weekend agreed. Mandy, Molly and Ally soon joined in the fun as the sun began to drop. Mandy turned on the radio and the girls began to dance.

Ally had a few drinks and was beginning to feel tipsy. She decided to help Molly build a fire. Both girls reached down to grab the same log. Their faces just inches apart. Ally froze and hesitated. She could feel the tension as Molly looked at her with lustful eyes. Molly leaned in and kissed Ally on the lips. Ally felt herself kissing back for a few seconds before they lips separated. Ally pulled away and they continued starting the fire.

Ally sat down on one of the log seats and noticed the more the girls danced, the less clothing that was staying on. She wondered if tonight would be one big love fest. Molly broke out the hot dogs and chips, calling the other girls over to the fire.

Molly handed out sticks to cook the food and distributed the hot dogs before asking, “Who is going to tell a camp fire story tonight?”

“I will.” volunteered Beth.

“This ought to be fun.” replied Mandy as all the girls laughed.

“So once upon a time in a far off woods” Mandy began, “…were a group of college casino oyna girls. The girls planned a weekend event which was going fine except one of the girls was not allowed to get off.”

All the girls began to laugh hysterically. “Fine, I will end your dare now.” Ally replied.

Beth stood up and ran for the tent. Molly shook her head as a buzzing sound began coming from the tent. A few seconds later, Beth began to moan. Cloe stood up and raced for the tent.

“We won’t see them for awhile.” Mandy commented. “So, anyone else up for a story?”

“I am not sure I can concentrate over all the moans coming from the tent.” Molly replied.

“I have a better idea. Let’s go watch.” Ally said with a sly smile.

“I like this girl. She is going to fit in just fine.” Mandy answered.

The three girls made their way to the tent. Ally peaked inside to find Beth lying on her back naked, with her legs spread, and wrapped over Cloe’s shoulders. Cloe had her face buried between Beth’s legs. Her tongue was dancing around Beth’s clit. Ally could feel her own body beginning to heat up as she watched Cloe pleasure Beth. This was the first time she had seen real girl on girl action.

Mandy maneuvered herself next to Cloe and began to slowly run her pointer and middle fingers up and down Cloe’s crotch. Cloe moaned softly as she felt the fingers push against her wet pussy. Cloe unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down to her knees. Mandy helped remove the pants from Cloe’s legs as Cloe continued to lick Beth, who was twisting and turning.

The girls were having fun teasing and pleasing each other. It was not long before Ally felt the desire to jump in and join the fun. She quickly stripped her clothes off her body and straddled Beth’s face.

By now, Beth was panting and moaning. Ally did not particularly like Beth. She felt this would be a good way to get back at Beth for all the mean looks and snide remarks. To her dismay, Beth was quite pleased with the vagina in her face. She lapped at the moist skin in between pants and moans. The moans against her lips sent chills down Ally’s spine.

It did not take long for Ally to find out that Beth was an expert vagina licker. After all, Becky had more experience then all the other girls combined. She was the only true lesbian of the group. Becky’s tongue masterfully wiggled and lapped the insides of Ally’s young vagina.

The whole aura in the room was exciting to Ally. She quickly lost her nervousness and became submersed in the atmosphere around her. Moans and groans, sounds of skin on skin and lapping noises filled her ears. The sight of other girl’s faces in pleasure, bodies twisting and turning filled her eyes. The smell of sweat, hormones and many different smelling juices filled her nose. The touch of the soft, wet tongue and random hands against her body filled her body. It was almost too much. Her body was priming up faster than she had ever imagined it could. Before she knew it, she was joining in with the moans of ecstasy.

While the girls were having fun inside the tent, Molly was tending to the fire and downing cans of beer. The effects of the alcohol were beginning to take effect. She was starting to feel tired. The sounds of the girls in the tent went quiet. All she could hear was a loud snore. Deciding the fun was over for the night, Molly climbed into the empty tent. The breeze of the night was blocked by the walls of the tent. Molly began to get warm and changed clothes. Her bra and panties became too restrictive so she changed into a loose pair of shorts and a tank top.

Ally woke in the middle of the night. Her bladder was full. She carefully stepped over the sleeping girls and unzipped the tent. She could not find a roll of toilet paper in her tent so she unzipped the other tent in search of a roll. She saw Molly sleeping peacefully on her back with one leg propped up and the other stretched out. Ally moved her head a little and found she could see most the way down one leg of Molly’s shorts. This peaked her curiosity, but first she had to pee.

Grabbing the roll of toilet paper, Ally found made her way away from the tents. She leaned up against a tree and started relieving herself. When she was almost finished, she heard a rustle in the distance. She was scared. As fast as she could, she finished peeing and wiped, then rushed back to the tents.

There was a lot more space in Molly’s tent. There was also an enticing view. Ally unzipped the tent and climbed inside before closing the tent back up. Molly was breathing regular, yet heavy. Ally scooted closer and could see Molly’s eyes moving under her eyelids. She wondered what Molly was dreaming about.

Her attention returned to Molly’s leg, her knee propped up in the air. Molly’s leg looked so smooth and sexy. Ally secretly had a crush on Molly, but had been too scared to pursue it. After all, Molly had treated her the best of every one this weekend. Ally’s hand softly and slowly ran up and down the top of Molly’s leg from slot oyna the knee to the inner thigh.

After several soft strokes, Ally thought she heard Molly moan softly. She was not sure if she was imagining what she heard or if the moan was in response to her touch. Ally felt a pang between her legs. The thought of Molly enjoying her touch, all the while sleeping, enticed her.

As the seconds passed, Ally became more brave. She could not resist getting a look at Molly’s vagina. Ally pulled back the material of the shorts on the leg that was propped up until she had a clear view. Molly’s lips were beautiful to Ally.

Molly was also sporting a landing strip. Ally thought the strip was so cute. She reached in and stroked the strip of hair with her index finger. The hair felt soft to her touch. Ally continued to stroke the strip of hair, unable to get enough of the feeling. In the meanwhile, Ally’s eyes were transfixed on Molly’s labia.

Eventually, the staring was not enough. She had to touch. She had to feel it. Ally’s index finger slid down the strip and softly traced Molly’s outer labia. Molly’s leg moved a little. Ally froze her body and looked to see if she had woken Molly. After a couple seconds of inactivity, Ally continued to trace the outer labia. The skin felt so smooth and soft. She heard another moan.

This moan was a little louder. Ally was sure it was a moan this time. Molly was surely reacting to her touch. The thought of Molly being turned on by her touch excited Ally. Feeling more daring, Ally slid the tip of her finger between the folds of the outer labia, sliding slightly inside Molly’s vagina.

Ally reached down between her own legs and ran a finger from the bottom of her vagina to the top. Her finger slightly grazed her own clit. She felt her hips gyrate. The sensation felt wonderful. She was horny all over again.

The finger slid up and down the slick, smooth inner labia of Molly’s vagina. Molly’s second leg raised up and spread. Ally quickly had to readjust her body. She moved in between the two legs and took a peek at the young vagina once more.

She could see the labia filling with blood now and slightly pulling back to reveal a little of the inner labia. Ally smiled to herself. She felt good about making Molly feel good. She wondered what Molly would say if Molly woke right now. Would Molly tell her to stop or would she beg her to continue?

Continue she did. Ally stroked the landing strip of hair a few more times before sliding her finger an inch inside the bottom of Molly’s vagina. Feeling daring, Ally pushed a little deeper then retracted her finger. No reaction from Molly. Ally repeated the action again, this time moving a little deeper inside. Two inches inside, Ally could feel a little wetness. She pushed just a tiny bit deeper to gather some of the wetness on her finger. Her finger retreated and withdrew from Molly’s inner vagina.

At this point, Ally no longer cared if Molly would wake. She slid her finger between the outer labia, one knuckle deep. She moved her finger up the slit and very gently touched the tip of Molly’s clitoral hood. Molly’s hips jerked ever so slightly. A soft,low moan left Molly’s voice box.

Molly moved both of her legs up closer to her chest. With this movement, the shorts were now hugging against Molly’s vagina. Ally could feel the material pressing hard against her hand and her finger was starting to get sore from the weight so Ally withdrew her finger. Unwilling to give up and go away, Ally started to stroke the center of Molly’s slit through the thin, slippery material of the shorts.

Ally could feel the heat radiating from between Molly’s legs now. She reached down and stroked her own clit a few times, priming her own body. Ally looked up at Molly’s face to watch for a reaction. Molly’s eyes were continuing to dance under her eye lids. All four of Ally’s fingers now stroked Molly’s vagina. The two outer fingers stroked the outside of Molly’s labia and her inner thighs. The two inner fingers ran up and down the inside of Molly’s labia. Her thumb rested on the mound.

Her touch was soft and moved slowly. She enjoyed feeling the contours of the lips. Each fold and crease intrigued her. On the last stroke up the vagina, Ally felt a new bump. When her finger rolled over the new bump, Molly’s body jerked. Molly grunted softly. Ally realized Molly’s lips had pulled back enough to expose her clitoral hood now. Ally softly tapped against the new bump twice while watching Molly’s facial expressions intently. She saw Molly’s face tighten with each touch.

Ally was having fun with this. She was enjoying the slow, soft teasing of the sleeping, yet aroused female body inside the tent with her. Since she could no longer see Molly’s vagina, Ally moved out from between Molly’s legs and repositioned next to her.

Ally lay down next to Molly with Molly’s breasts in line of sight. Ally wanted to reach out and cup the breasts so bad, but she would have to be patient. Instead, Ally slid canlı casino siteleri her right hand slowly underneath Molly’s shorts. Again, she stroked the strip of hair that lead to the promised land, several times. Not wanting to leave the strip, but unable to restrain any more, Ally slid her hand further South.

She cupped the wet, clammy skin of Molly’s vagina. Her middle finger navigated the folds and slipped slightly inside Molly’s vagina. Molly’s legs closed slightly. Ally paused a few seconds and then used her left hand to spread Molly’s right leg. With clear access once again, Ally started softly sliding her finger in and out of Molly.

Molly took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Ally could feel Molly’s hips move ever so slightly with the rhythm of her finger. Her middle finger was dipping inside one knuckle, then a second. Her finger was wet and slid in smoothly. The heat radiating from Molly’s vagina was making Ally’s hand begin to sweat.

Ally was enjoying the actions immensely. She could feel her own vagina getting wet. She was starting to get warm and breath heavier herself. She wanted to see how far she could go before Molly would wake from her slumber.

Ready to go further, Ally sunk her middle finger in as far as it would go. She paused and left it deep inside Molly. Molly’s hips raised slightly. Molly moaned. Ally withdrew her finger most the way then ran it up the pulled back slit. Using the wetness on her finger, Ally gently circled Molly’s clit. This caused Molly to moan again and raise her hips off the ground just a bit. Ally then slid the hood between her middle and index finger.

Ally enjoyed this feeling when she did it to herself while masturbating. She could only imagine what how much Molly’s body was enjoying it. Pinching softly and sliding the hood of the clit between her fingers, Ally knew it would not be long before Molly started to wake. She wanted Molly to wake now. She wanted her to enjoy the teasing.

Molly’s body began to stir a little. Ally looked up at Molly’s face to see if her eyes had opened yet. They were still closed shut. The middle finger slid back down the slit and buried deep inside Molly again. This time the inner walls were well lubricated. Ally slid her finger in and out with a little more speed, but still being gentle.

Molly’s hips moved more than the first time. Molly’s head started moving back and forth now. Ally pushed her thumb against Molly’s clitoris and held it there. She heard a stronger moan. She could tell Molly was starting to wake. Ally’s thumb slowly moved back and forth, teasing the sensitive clitoris. The inner walls started to contract against Ally’s middle finger as it moved in and out of the inner walls.

Ally wanted to hear how heavy Molly’s breathing was so she stopped moving her fingers for a moment. This is when she heard Molly’s voice say, “Don’t stop.” Ally smiled. Molly was now able to fully enjoy the sensations. Her fingers returned to what they were doing moments ago. Ally was rewarded with a long, moan.

Looking down to see who was in the tent with her, Molly reached down and tugged on Ally’s shoulder, signifying her to move up. Ally adjusted her body and moved up until she was face to face with Molly. Their mouths made contact. They kissed passionately while Ally’s fingers stroked and dipped inside Molly’s begging vagina.

Ally felt a hand on her breast. The hand on her breast reminded her that she wanted to touch Molly’s breasts. Ally’s hand slid from beneath the short, up under the tank top and onto Molly’s breast. She squeezed the hard nipple and felt her own nipple be squeezed in response.

Lips locked, they mirrored each other’s movements. Kneading each other’s soft breast, gently squeezing and tugging the nipple, then doing the same to the other breast. This lasted for several minutes until Molly grabbed Ally’s hand and guided it back under Molly’s shorts. Ally took the hint and started massaging the vagina.

To her surprise, Ally felt Molly’s hand move to her vagina. Ally moaned inside Molly’s mouth at the touch of Molly’s hand against her yearning clitoris. Molly’s fingers did not move as slow as Ally’s fingers. The fingers on Ally’s clit danced up and down, moved in circles, pinched quickly and moved back and forth. All the movements lasted briefly before moving onto the next action. The unpredictability of the finger movements kept Ally on edge.

Ally could be patient no more. She sucked Molly’s tongue into her mouth and started moving her own fingers quickly. Their bodies were grinding against the hands and bumping into each other. Ally turned onto her left side and moved her right foot in between Molly’s legs. Molly lifted her hips and pushed her shorts off her legs, then spread them wide open.

“You surprise me.” Molly says in between deep kisses.

“You intrigued me.” Ally responded.

Their fingers mirrored each other’s movements, pushing each other closer and closer to an orgasm. The moans and heavy breathing filled the tent. The moans started to become louder and louder. Ally was no longer able to breath and kiss at the same time so she pulled her mouth away from Molly. Her free hand pushed Molly’s shirt up to her chin.

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