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My name is T and was a student. The second guy or man in this case I was with since my time with Chip.

I noticed the professor during my first day of summer semester at FLC. When I got to class and the professor was there and hard to stop looking at. He wasn’t what you called attractive. He was a rangy rawboned 6’4″ or so with rough chiseled features, black shaggy hair, but he had a nice bulge that was held by his tight pants. Now I know why the girls were lusting after him.

He shuffled into the classroom stood in front of the class and stared at me with a grim stare. He than started by saying, “My name is Dr Larry Hartsfield and call me Dr Hartsfield not Larry or Doc.” Dr Hartsfield explained the content of Early American Literature course. He saw that I was not a happy camper because of course load. Dr Hartsfield expected I was going to ask to be dropped but instead several other students did ask to be dropped.

For the next week I attended his class religiously, always taking the same front seat. Taking notes on what Dr Hartsfield talked about like “Bradstreet: The Prologue and The Author to Her Book.”

At the end of the second week couldn’t believe time went by. After class I approached Dr Hartsfield, “Ah Dr Hartsfield?”

“Yes? What can I do for you?”

“I…ah…don’t know. Probably nothing but I…I just don’t understand the language or what I am reading. Maybe I should drop but I need for my major.”

“Well it’s a little early to come to that conclusion, isn’t it?”

“It’s just…I…well old English writing and I never got along.”

“I see, follow me to Noble Hall to my office and we’ll see what the problem is.”

We sat on Dr Hartsfield couch for an hour over his coffee table. Dr Hartsfield probed my understanding of the course materials. finally I sat back happy.

“Thanks Dr Hartsfield! I think I’ve got it now! I really appreciate your help.”

As Dr Hartsfield leaned back on the couch. I saw his crotch and almost gasped aloud at the sight of the long fat bulge outlined down the pant leg.

I couldn’t immediately tear my eyes away and he caught me staring.

I felt color creep down my face as I force myself to look into his eyes. As Dr Hartsfield got to his feet, “Ah, you’re welcome T.” I thought to myself, “Damn! You better get a hold of yourself. All you need now is a reputation for coming on to college casino siteleri professors.” As I walked out into the hall,

“Uh, Dr Hartsfield? Uh can I come see you again if I get stuck?”

“Well, if you really get stuck.”

I walked back to my campus apartment Anasazi. I sank into my bed with images of professor Dr Hartsfield’s cock in my mind. A vision of what it might look like naked played in my daydreams. How it would feel in the palm of my hands. The strange thing is I was certain the horny professor Dr Hartsfield would let me drool over his hard thick cock in exchange for a good grade. BUT I couldn’t and don’t think he can be trusted to keep his mouth shut. So I told myself not to be a damn fool and shook away the thoughts.

During the remainder of summer semester Dr Hartsfield and I met several more times in his office. I acted formally but Dr Hartsfield became increasingly open and relaxed. He would put his hands on my shoulder as he always walk me out. I always try to keep my eyes above his waist but I was never successful at it. In his office he always catches me looking and often spread his legs to give me a better view, or he would grope himself breifly.

On our last meeting he wriggled on the couch pawing at his crotch repeatedly looking at me.

“Damn underwear is pinching my balls. You ever have that problem, T?”

I tried to control my voice, I trembled my answer,

“Sometimes sure. Every guy does.”

“T, Now do you understand Early American Literature better because finals are coming up?”

“Yeah I think I do.”

“If you are set I’ll get back to grading these papers.”

“Thanks again Dr Hartsfield.”

“If you pass the course T we are going to celebrate.”

“Okay but right now have to concentrate on passing.”

I did pass the course.

A few days after graded were posted I ran into Dr Hartsfield crossing the campus on a Sunday. I stopped him,

“Hey Dr Hartsfield!”

I went up to him,

“I did it! I did it! I passed!”

“Yes, I know you did. Congratulations.”

I would not have done without your help. ”

We walked and talked all the way to his office on the second floor of Noble Hall. I was wearing a basketball shorts and Dr Hartsfield was wearing a frayed cutoffs and it was obvious he was freeballing. I closed the door and as I turned around Dr Hartsfield slot oyna was already unzipping his cutoffs and pushed the down.

From the nest of black curls was easily a nice perfect 8 1/2 cock for an older guy. The hard thick cock was sticking straight out at me. It looked like a club, with it’s hardness and fragile appearance, with the light skin that showed ropes of blue veins. The mushroom head innocently glistened more maroon than red, the slit gapped at me.

My mouth went dry and hung open. Dr Hartsfield said,

“You like T? Its all yours”

Dr Hartsfield stroked his cock as a drop of precum bubbled from the slit.

“I wanted this since the first day we sat at that table. Oh god! T! I haven’t got you figured wrong have I, T?”

I answered Dr Hartsfield by sinking to my knees between his legs as I licked the precum off than licked down to the base and up until my lips pressed to the smooth mushroom head.

“Yeah! That’s it! T! I knew you wanted my cock.”

Dr Hartsfield rubbed his cock back and forth across my lips. I took his balls in my hand sniff than lick them imprinting his male musky oder. Slowly lick up the length of his cock and running my tongue around the mushroom head.

Dr Hartsfield was moaning and groaning holding my head with both hands. I brushed Dr Hartsfield’s blood filled mushroom head with my tongue as I pushed him back onto the couch.

“You have a perfect to die for cock Dr Hartsfield.”

But he said to call him, “Larry” since I am no longer his student and I have his cock in my mouth. Looking into his eyes, I open my mouth slowly putting the mushroom head between my lips again then slowly went down until my nose was buried in his black curly pubic hair.

Larry moaned throwing his head back as his cock stiffened more down my throat. Holding his cock deep down in my throat I swallowed making him moan “Oh Shit! Oh god!”

As he gripped my hair tight and his hip bucked trying to go deeper and to fuck my throat.

I backed off his cock and swirled my tongue around the mushroom head. Larry responded with Loud gasp and moans of pleasure.

I sucked his cock with primal hunger as if I am cock starved and like I am afraid would not ever see another cock.

I was almost in a trance with sucking Larry’s cock, bobbing up and down going faster each time.

Larry tried to tell me to slow down but canlı casino siteleri his cock was my drug of ecstasy. His cock throbbed and balls went up high. It was to late for him as Larry screamed.

“T!, I can’t hold it, T! I…ahh…am…ahh…Cumming…god…I…ahh…am…ahh…Cumming!”

I just suck harder and moaned around his cock. His cock throbbed and spasmed shooting load after load after load of hot creamy cum against the back of my throat. After swallowing every drop not wanting to waste a drop. I licked Larry’s cock clean as he softed, but not all the way.

He sat back on the couch as he grinned.

“Thanks, Larry.”

“Holy Fuck, T! I should be thanking you!”

Stroking Larry slowly as we sat on the couch he got hard again.

“T! Ohh T, I would love to fuck the shit out of you!”

Larry took some KY from the couch and put it on his cock, and rubbed it all over his cock and he put on some of my tight ass. He then positioned me on my knees on the floor with me leaning onto the couch. He then entered me with his finger than 2 fingers than 3 fingers. He fingered me for about 2 min each time before asking me if I was okay and ready.

He gently grasped my hips and began rubbing his cock against my ass. I could feel the head of his cock against my tight ass. He slowly began to push his cock in. It didn’t go in the first time, and it took him several more tries to make any progress. Finally he got the mushroom head in with a pop, but still not quite all the way. He was being very gentle, and he continually asked if I was OK. Slowly but surely he proceeded, when suddenly his cock slid all the way in. We were both taken by surprise at the suddenness of it, and we both gave a deep moan as it slid in.

“Oh god! Larry you are thick and its making me feel full.”

“Mmmm, T, You are tight and the heat…”

He then fucked me with a gentle, steady pace for quite a while. There was a mirrored in the room and I could see him fucking me. I noticed that his eyes were closed most of the time as he fucked me. I enjoyed watching some of the faces he made. I could feel him squeeze and spread my cheeks. Suddenly he began to loose control himself and began fucking me really fast, then his entire body stiffened and he let out a loud moan, then layed down flat against my back. Screamed,

“T! I going cum and fill your ass. Oh god, I…can’t hold it!”

I could feel his warm cum as it shot into my inside as the warmth spread.

Our relationship lasted for the rest of the summer. By fall semester I figured he found someone new in his class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20