Coming Down on Daughter Ch. 02

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“Hi, dad,” greeted Ashton with a smile. She was snacking on some grapes in the kitchen while flipping through a magazine as her dad came strolling down the hallway finally home from work.

Henry set down his briefcase before giving his daughter a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Hey sweetheart,” he said in the process of the hug. “What are you doing?”

“Just taking a break from my homework. No dance today,” replied Ashton. She knew from her father’s look that he was thinking she should be at class.

“Where’s your mother?” asked Henry.

“She went to watch Anthony’s game,” Ashton answered, her eyes back on the magazine in front of her.

That’s right recalled Henry. His son had another game this evening and he was missing it. Oh well, he couldn’t make them all and his wife was there in his stead, showing Anthony the support he deserved. He’d make the next one. Enough about that he thought, it’s time for a work out.

“Ashton,” Henry called as he neared the stairs, “Do you want to come to the gym with your father?”

“Yeah, sure. Are you leaving right now?”

“In five minutes,” Henry replied. “I just need to take off this suit and grab my bag. Meet you down here?”

“Perfect,” Ashton called back as she dipped downstairs to put on her workout attire.


Nearly two hours later, father and daughter were leaving the workout facility side by side, their gym bags slung over their shoulders. Both bodies were slick with sweat. Ashton had her hair pulled up in a bun with a thin purple head band creating a halo and keeping it all in place. Henry’s hair was a little damp but otherwise short and neat. His muscles (he performed a back and arm workout) were taut and full of blood.

So was his temper. While they were working out for the past hour and a half, Henry noticed every man in the facility leering at his daughter. A couple even attempted — to no avail — conversations with Ashton, undoubtedly trying some pathetic pick-up line. It made him so angry. Ashton was barely 18. Still in high school! And these guys were close to twice her age, yet it made little difference to them. It was infuriating.

Henry looked sideways at his daughter. Truth be told, the moment he saw her come up the stairs dressed in her workout attire, he knew this was likely. She was wearing a pair of tight spandex shorts, grey, and a cropped white workout top that clung to her chest yet revealed her toned abdomen. While it wasn’t over-the-top promiscuous, it flaunted nearly every asset she had and the shorts left little to the imagination as Ashton’s ass jiggled with each step she took. There was no faulting the men in there for their looks of desire. Though, as the protecting father that he was he hated the stares and the attempts to move on her. He spoke up.

“Ash, you can’t dress like that when you go to these gyms,” stated Henry. “Maybe your high..” was all he managed before his daughter cut him off.

“Dad, I can handle myself,” Ashton said firmly. She knew where this conversation was headed and she didn’t like that her parents couldn’t trust that she could take care of herself. “Besides there isn’t an outfit I can wear that isn’t going to attract looks. That’s just the way it is for me now. This one is pretty tame to be honest.”

They were a few steps from the truck and as Ashton finished her last sentence she stopped walking and looked down at herself with her arms spread out as if to say, “What’s the problem?” Henry was watching and could only raise an eyebrow and shake his head a little in disagreement. Henry unlocked the car and they climbed in.

“Alright, well just don’t be going by yourself,” he said as he started the truck.

“Dad, this is your club. I’m only going to come here with you,” Ashton responded simply. “When I’m at school, I’m always with one of my friends. It’s fine.”

“Are you hungry?” Henry asked, looking to move on from the subject, not exactly happy with where it resolved.

“Yup,” came Ashton’s short response.

“OK, well let’s get back to the house and I’ll make up a protein shake for us.”

Her father’s comment made Ashton smile to herself. He certainly was going to give her a protein shake, it was just going to come a little sooner than he thought.

“Actually, I think I’ll take mine right now,” she said cheekily.

Henry glanced sideways at his daughter with a mixed amount of surprise and appreciation. She was tugging at his pants when he decided to pull the truck over on the shoulder of the main drag leading up to the highway on ramp. He had a better idea.

“Get out of the car and come sit over here,” Henry said quickly.

Ashton did as she was told. She was unbuckled and walking around the car in no time while Henry unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out. He was still semi-hard, a state he endured since about the time their workout began. As he pulled his dick out, he moved his seat back to give her room to get in and sit on his lap. He opened his door as Ashton casino siteleri came up and told her to drop her shorts. She did and passed them to him. Henry put them on the console then extended his left hand to help her in as she struggled to settle herself over him without bumping her head on the top of the roof.

“Spread your legs over me… there you go,” said Henry. “OK, can you reach the pedals, Ash?”

Ashton gasped as she sat down on her father, taking a full seven inches of his cock deep into her vagina as she did so.

“Oh dad, you’re so thick,” she said lustily, still ignoring her father’s question.

“Can you reach the pedals, Ash?” her father repeated.

Ashton took her hands off of her father’s legs and placed them on the steering wheel then reached for the pedals with her right foot. She felt the brake with the tip of her foot. She scooted forward a little on her father and a few inches of his cock slipped out of her.

“I can but it’s a bit of a reach,” she said. “Can you scoot us forward a little?”

Henry did, moving the seat forward a couple of inches while Ashton raised the steering wheel so it wasn’t tight to her legs. Her head was just beneath the roof of the truck so she would have to incline it a few degrees to allow herself to slide up and down the way she wanted.

“Are you situated now?” asked Henry. Ashton was sitting on top of him, his cock buried in her nude vagina while he leaned back in the driver seat just far enough so there was enough room for Ashton to be comfortable and his side profile would be obstructed from view by the door seam.

In response, Ashton wiggled her butt on her dad’s lap, then pulled the truck out of park and got back on the road, checking both ways before accelerating towards the highway and the road back home.

Henry watched as his daughter’s gorgeous ass moved forward and back on his cock, getting him harder and harder as they neared home. He put his hands on the ass that teased him all evening, giving his daughter some support.

“This is nice,” Henry said, thinking aloud. It really was to him. Just father and daughter again, seated together. “I miss holding you on my lap, Ash. Do you remember those times?”

Ashton was focused on the road and maintaining a neutral face determined not to give them away if any eyes turned her way. Besides, it would not do to crash the truck. That would cause more problems than either of them wanted, least of which having to explain a damaged truck to her mom. All the while she kept a steady rhythm going forward and back on her dad’s cock. She felt her dad getting harder inside her and gasped. Fuck, he filled her up! It made Ashton feel so good, to know not only that she was loved, but that she could make her dad happy too. That’s when he spoke to her about how nice this moment was and recalled her childhood; times when she would sit on her father’s lap and watch TV.

“I do. I always loved when you held me,” Ashton replied, reminiscing a little.

Henry moved one hand up his daughter’s torso, reaching her neck where he lightly caressed her. She meant everything to him. All he wanted to do was protect her and provide a good life for her.

They came to a light as they pulled off the highway. Only a few more miles left on the trip home. Ashton put the car in park as they waited for the light to turn and began riding her dad’s cock with more fervor.

“Oh dad!” Ashton screamed out, “You’re so hard for me.”

Henry continued to just lay back in the reclined seat, allowing Ashton to work as she pleased. She was bouncing her gorgeous young booty up and down on his pole with her hands braced against the roof of the car. She was milking his dick for all that it was worth and finally he was getting close.

There was a honk behind them and Ashton looked ahead. The light changed to green perhaps some time ago. She slid a little forward, making contact with the brake and slid the truck into drive. They lurched forward again and her butt took in more of her father as she leaned forward. Fuck, what bad timing, she thought. She was so close to reaching climax. She knew they were getting close to their house so she had to think. She wanted both to reach orgasm and swallow her father’s load before they arrived back. She decided to pull off the road about a half mile from the house. There was a closed up old bank that always had a deserted parking lot and she drove around to the obscured side. No passers would be able to see them without driving directly to the back where they were. She parked and turned off the car. Now she was free to get what she wanted.

Picking herself up off her father’s lap, Ashton opened the door and piled out. She locked eyes with her dad and began a sexy little dance dropping her hips low, turning and shaking her body so that her back now faced Henry’s gaze. Ashton placed her hands on the open car door for support and continued to move seductively. It was a spontaneous bit of fun for the 18-year-old who knew how slot oyna much it turned her father on.

After about 10 seconds of that, she beckoned for her father to come outside with her. She then strode over to the front of the truck and bent over the hood presenting her ass to her father. She knew he would know what to do from there.

“You weren’t quite ready to go home, huh?” Henry said with a little smirk as he came around the front of the truck.

“No, dad,” replied Ashton. “I haven’t had my fill.”

“Oh, you want your fill?” Henry stated with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t wait for her response, she just stood there, bent over the hood waiting for him. Henry’s cock was rock hard and pointing towards his target, his daughter’s gorgeous pussy fold which was splayed out before him like a plum on a low-hanging branch. He stepped forward and plucked it with his cock, spreading her out as he pushed forward inch by inch.

Ashton moaned as he entered her. Within seconds he was drilling her and Ashton’s body was pressed into the hood of the truck with little concern for her comfort. It wasn’t bad. The pleasure of being fucked overrided any pain her torso was feeling smacking into the grill of the truck.

“Oh shit!” Ashton screamed. “I’m cumming dad! Right there! Don’t stop!”

Henry didn’t and he felt his daughter’s orgasm flood over his dick as he continued to drill into her. He slowed down a little, letting his daughter come back after a quick spasm shot through her legs.

“Don’t cum yet!” Ashton demanded.

Ashton turned around and began sucking her cum off her dad. She wanted her protein shake and she was going to swallow every last drop. Ashton wasn’t kept waiting long. Henry was an experienced lover capable of holding back his orgasm as well as anyone he knew, but he wasn’t that good. After a few seconds in his daughter’s mouth, he indeed lost control, sending four ropes of cum straight into Ashton’s mouth.

She did as she promised, swallowing every last drop that her dad gave her. One swallow was what it took, then she pulled back off her dad’s cock and began pumping it with her hand trying to coax a few more drops out. She licked what trickled out off the back of her hand and finally stood up. Ashton embraced her dad with a tight hug, her head dipped back as she took in his contentment. He seemed exceptionally happy to Ashton which made her smile, too.

Henry lowered his head as his daughter wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him into a hug. He gave Ashton a tender kiss on her forehead, broke the hug and quickly pulled his pants back up.

“I’ll drive,” he said.

The final half mile was made in no time. Henry couldn’t think of the last time he did something so risky as having sex outdoors before dark (let alone with his own daughter). While he was a little troubled with his actions, he couldn’t deny that he really enjoyed it. The sexual arousal was real he realized, and it probably had something to do with Ashton, too.

Henry pulled the truck in the driveway and noted to Ashton that his wife was back, likely with Anthony in tow. They climbed out with their gym bags (Ashton pulled her shorts back on in the truck as they drove back. She was now clothed the way she was when they left the house nearly two and a half hours previously.) and made their way into the kitchen where they found April.

Henry embraced his wife with a hug and a couple kisses, then asked about his son’s game.

“It was good,” April answered. “Anthony went 2-for-4 with a home run and three RBI. Their team won 6-3 over Grant High and they play again on Saturday.”

“Awesome,” stated Henry. The news had nearly made him happier than the orgasm he just had. “He has a select tournament this weekend as well, right?”

“Yes,” April said as she continued to clean up. Henry was pulling out the protein mix and milk as he talked. “His high school team plays after the two tournament games Saturday. Then he could play Sunday if his select team advances.”

“So a lot of baseball this weekend,” Ashton offered.

“That’s right and it’d be good if you took in a few. Anthony would appreciate that Ash,” stated her mother. “You could bring some of your friends if you want.”

“Maybe. I have a dance class and practice of my own to go through,” replied Ashton.

“Where were you two anyways? Don’t you have homework?” her mother looked at them both as she questioned Ashton. Henry now had the blender going so Ashton had to speak up when she answered.

“The gym.”

“Oh,” April replied with an understanding nod of her head. She finished her wiping of the counter and placed the rag back in the sink just as the blender came to a stop.

“Did you have a good workout?”

“We did,” answered Ashton for both of them.

Henry handed her a glass of protein while he started to drink his own.

“You need to finish your homework, Ash,” Henry stated. Ashton took her leave and went down to her room with her glass, slowly finishing canlı casino siteleri her drink all the way.


Ashton didn’t hear the footsteps as her brother came down the stairs. The music was loud and she was facing the backyard, away from the staircase, as she rehearsed the new choreography she was given. It was another modern sequence, set to a fast tempo with a lot of sexual movements. It was the kind of dance she liked to perform. One that took advantage of her best skills and assets.

The couch separated the two of them and Anthony sat in the middle of it. From there he had a front row seat to watch his sister no more than three feet in front of him. She finally turned and saw him there, watching. A smile crept across her face and she continued the dance until the song ended.

“Do you mind if I watch,” Anthony asked calmly.

Ashton was facing her brother now. She was wearing a high cut pair of booty shorts which revealed the lower half of her ass and a low cut sports bra. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun with a pink head band keeping any loose strands at bay. Her toned legs and core were on display and Anthony was eating it up.

“Not in the least, Tone,” replied Ashton. Taking the remote she hit the back button and the same song came on. She began her dance again as her brother sat back and took it in.

Anthony was mesmerized. Watching his sister dance was one of his favorite things to do. That and make love to his girlfriend, play baseball and watch porn. He was no stranger to watching her. The duty of taking her class or picking her up had largely fallen on his shoulders the past year and a half since he obtained his driver’s license. Neither he nor Ashton could afford their own car as of yet since they weren’t working so they would borrow either their dad’s truck or their mom’s SUV. Just as Ashton would occasionally take in his baseball games, Anthony made sure to arrive early on the nights he was tasked with Ashton’s pick up, wanting to watch her and her dance mates complete their final rehearsals of the night. It was an elite class filled with plenty of prime teenage girls that attended the high schools around the city. Ashton was always happy he was early.

“What do you think?” asked Ashton as the song ended and she pulled up out of her final move.

“Ash, you get better every week, honestly,” Anthony replied looking directly in his sister’s eyes.

“Well, I think I need to work on that middle section again,” Ashton said and she flipped the song back on, turned back towards the sliding door facing the backyard and slid into her routine.

“I heard you hit a home run tonight,” Ashton said as she dipped low and looked at her brother over her shoulder.

“I did,” came Anthony’s reply. He reached up with his right hand and slapped his sister’s ass cheek firmly. Ashton squealed in delight. She didn’t expect that. Anthony grabbed her by her hips and pulled her onto his lap. Ashton knew what he wanted. She’d started it a few months ago. She thought the lap dances were good training for her dancing and obviously a good way to please her brother. In turn, Anthony did things for her. Picked her up from practice, took her out to her parties, did her chores, whatever she felt like she needed at the time.

Anthony bit his lip as his sister sat down on him. He was hard and he knew she would notice right away. He didn’t mind, though it was still weird. This wasn’t the first time she had felt his boner.

After a few moves with her ass in his groin, Ashton turned her head sideways to catch her brother’s eye.

“Little brother, are you hard for me?” she asked with mock disbelief.

He just nodded his head and Ashton faced forward again, continuing her subtle grinding action on her brother. She wasn’t making it too intense. Just hard enough for them both to enjoy it.

“I heard you hit a home run today,” Ashton queried a minute later. “I wish I saw it, Tone.”

Ashton got up and sat in her brother’s lap facing him now. She just sat, barely moving her body when he responded.

“You don’t come as much anymore,” he said. It wasn’t obvious by his tone, but Ashton knew Anthony too well. There was hurt in his eyes.

“I was there Saturday! Didn’t dad tell you?” she asked incredulously.

“Oh, yeah maybe he did,” Anthony answered thinking back to that night. “So how come you haven’t posted any new videos these past couple weeks? I miss them Ash.”

Ashton sat up on her knees, fixing her hair. Anthony held her by her bare thighs lightly caressing.

“Dad made me stop,” she said as she secured her mane in a bun. “I think I can send you a couple private ones, just don’t post them or share them with anyone, okay?”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because I promised dad I would stop,” Ashton answered with some minor frustration. Frustration mostly at the problem.

“Why does he care?” Anthony fired back.

“I don’t know,” Ashton responded sitting back down on her brother who was still hard. “I guess he doesn’t want me giving off a slutty appearance.”

Ashton was sitting astride her brother towards his knees and decided to get up and sit beside him instead. She was getting a little uncomfortable.

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