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This Ella’s story. She is real, as are Dani and Gabrielle. Part of the story is true… the rest is Ella’s fantasy. I’ve reflected exactly what she told me. For those who don’t enjoy stories with interracial lesbian domination or reluctance and coercion as their themes, thank you for stopping by but please pass on.


The delightfully pretty Ella Parker was the cutest of twenty-one year olds.

Like most young girls of her age, she loved nice things. It didn’t matter how much it cost, her wardrobe was full of shoes, clutches and pretty dresses. If she liked it, she bought it. She was outgoing, friendly, full of fun and always—always—she liked to catch the eye. The revealing clothes she wore … the larger heels than were appropriate … her body piercings … and the exuberant way she invariably acted were all designed to attract attention.

Perhaps that behaviour was rooted in her troubled background? Inner City Croydon, where she had grown up, was one of the toughest parts of London.

Her mother still lived in the Greater London borough and Ella hadn’t seen her dad in fifteen years. She hated him. Samuel Parker had brought her mother to England from Trinidad and a few years later the bastard had disappeared from their lives.

Being an only child, the mixed race girl had needed to grow up quickly. She’d been a member of a gang for as long as she could remember and had been in a relationship with one boy or another since she’d been fourteen. That was the way gangs worked and if you didn’t comply … well … Ella had made sure she complied.

When she’d seen the future on the wall, she had decided to get out and make a fresh start. It was a mature approach for a girl her age but all her friends were either getting into trouble or starting to get pregnant. She wanted more. It hadn’t been easy to escape that environment but it was the best thing she had ever done.

Brighton suited her down to the ground. The whole town had a laid back, cool, atmosphere. There was a hippy, music generated feel and there was always something going on. She discovered clubs, drugs and dancing until the sun came up. Life there made quite a contrast to the gang fights she’d left behind.

She’d even found a new boyfriend there. Marlon was black, easy going and protective but for whatever reasons it had been more of a fling than a relationship. Ella often wondered whether her life might have moved in a different direction had it become more serious.

But then she wouldn’t have met Danielle had she still been with Marlon…

That night at the Honey Club had changed her life forever. The nightclub was a fun place to go, she’d been told. It had a great atmosphere. And so she’d tested out the recommendation one night. She’d loved the place—it had been vibrant, hot and played some great music.

She’d danced for a few hours, ignoring several attempts to chat her up. It hadn’t taken her long to realise that the type of guys who frequented clubs were similar to those she’d left behind. She was moving forward, not back.

Dani had been as high as Ella when they’d bumped into each other. The young girl from Croydon had made her way outside for some much needed air and within a few minutes the Oriental woman had joined her for a much needed cigarette. They’d quickly and easily fallen into a conversation and it had quickly become clear that the two women had much in common.

When Ella had confided she was at the club on her own, Dani had insisted that she join up with her group of friends. They’d danced the night away.

Before they left the club, they had exchanged numbers and her new friend had subsequently assumed a protective role. She would regularly telephone Ella to make sure she was okay, that she wasn’t staying in on her own, and that she joined them whenever she and her group of friends were having a night out.

It was a couple of months after that when their relationship changed … the night they’d gone to the Volks club. It was different to many of the other clubs— dirty, grimy, small, dark, sweaty—and played much heavier dance music. Most revellers were taking some sort of drugs but even that had a benefit. There was rarely any trouble and people could more or less do what they wanted.

Ella loved the place.


“I love it here,” Ella shouted into Dani’s ear.

They’d been dancing for at least a couple of hours and the heavy beat of the music was thumping around their ears. The speakers beside the dance floor vibrated with full on bass and smoke billowed from the machines above them. Everyone in the club was high and life had never felt so good.

A guy who’d tried to cut in on them had made a suggestive remark about the way they were dancing close to each other. They’d laughed at him and begun to dance even more suggestively together.

“Me too…” Dani shouted back.

The Oriental girl looked hot tonight. Her tiny white camisole top revealed her wonderfully toned stomach and that tiny black skirt flounced around casino şirketleri the top of her light brown thighs as she snaked her body to the beat.

She linked her arms around Ella’s neck and rested forehead on forehead, her gaze staring directly into the younger girl’s. Dani’s deep soulful brown eyes had always given Ella goosebumps … but now there was a look in them that the younger girl hadn’t seen before.

“What?” she mouthed, giving her friend a puzzled stare.

Dani simply took her hand. “We need some air.”

They made their way outside without another word. The fresh night air cooled their overheated bodies but not the fires within. Dani glanced at her again. Her luminous eyes were sending signals that Ella didn’t fully understand. In an attempt to break the silence, she leant against her friend to whisper in her ear.

Dani misread the movement. Or had this been the moment she’d been waiting for?

Her hand snaked around Ella’s neck, pulling her into a long kiss.

For a moment or two, the younger girl was shocked. Then her natural instincts took over. It could have been the drugs, pushing her nerve endings to the edge, but she couldn’t resist. She tilted her head and snaked her pierced tongue into Dani’s mouth as her friend’s soft lips practically devoured her.

She’d kissed girls before, of course, but that had mainly been to impress the guys. Those times had been nothing like this. Dani’s hand was pulling her closer, deeper, teasing her and at the same time testing out her position. She had no idea how long they made out, but every part of her body was tingling when Dani eventually took her hand and led her back to the dance floor.

She stumbled along after her friend. She was so high on drugs, alcohol and her newfound arousal that it felt as if the floor was moving. Even the walls seemed to bounce and sway to the heavy rhythm of the music. The whole room seemed to be swimming, every touch as she brushed past caused tingles to run up her spine.

And then, in the middle of the dance floor, they were making out again…

Dani entwined her leg between Ella’s thighs as they swung and swayed their bodies to the music. Her hands were in the younger girl’s hair, ruffling it, curling it around her fingers, holding her head in position as their lips crashed into each other’s again. She was sending out a message that she was the one in control.

Some people around them were staring while others were completely lost in their own drug-fuelled world. They couldn’t care less. They were exhibitionists, yes, but they could have been in the room alone for all they knew. All that mattered were their soft lips and the way their bodies rubbed against each other.

Dani took more and more control until the club eventually began to close. Their actions had become more intimate as the night had worn on and it occurred to Ella that what had begun as a heavy make-out session had turned into foreplay…

It was difficult to keep track of time, the drug fuelled haze was so consuming. Even the air seemed to vibrate as the bassline thumped around them and their bodies undulated to the heavy beat. By the time the club was closing Dani had taken more and more control and the intimate make-out session had long since turned into foreplay…


The Eastern European driver couldn’t believe his luck as the two young women grabbed the first available cab outside of the club. They ignored his staring eyes in the driver’s mirror and Dani was all over Ella again. The need to release the needy thirst that had been building up all evening was overwhelming.

Settled in the back seat of the cab, their embraces instantly became more sexual. Hands cupped perky breasts, thumbs flicked hard nipples, fingers dug into firm asses. Ella could see the street lights flashing by outside the cab, but with Dani sliding her hand under her skimpy dress the young girl was in a world of her own.

Inside her small apartment, Dani took control in a way Ella had never previously experienced. The Oriental was a sexual predator, needing to feast on her prize and sate her hunger. She pushed Ella against the kitchen work top, hands everywhere, making sure that her prey was left in no doubt who was in control.

They somehow made it to the bedroom…

With a strength that belied her slender frame, Dani threw her on the bed.

Ella gasped as her body bounced. “Oh God, Daniiii!”

The Oriental triumphantly smiled down at her prize. As she lowered herself onto the bed, her hands deftly slowly pulled Ella’s toned thighs apart. Their gazes never left one another, adding to the sexual tension. Their soft skin sensually slid against each other, making the younger girl purr.

The look of raw sexuality in Dani’s eyes as she stared upwards was intoxicating. She scraped her slim body up and along Ella’s, kissing and licking each piece of tender flesh like a cat who knows its prey is cornered.

Reaching Ella’s sensitive breasts, she stretched an arm upwards and casino firmaları teased a fingernail lightly across the neck of her prize, testing for tenderness. Ella reacted to the perfect touch by wantonly squirming her hips beneath her. Dani’s mouth was on the same spot in seconds, kissing, licking and sucking.

Her fingers slithered down between Ella’s parted thighs, expertly teasing the sensitive skin. She was in no hurry, each soft touch seemingly designed to take the girl on the very edge of oblivion and keep her there…

Ella’s body shivered with need.

She wanted—needed—to abandon herself completely to her red-hot friend. They made out like animals in heat. Dani’s lips were soft and feminine and yet more demanding than any boy she had ever been with.

“You’re mine, little Ella,” Dani whispered teasingly in her ear.

The words, so possessive and commanding, made Ella shudder. When Dani began to slide back down her body, the little fireworks that started to explode inside her body were almost too much bear.

Dani dragged her thighs apart, feasting her gaze on the wonderfully smooth pussy for a few moments and then lewdly licking her lips.

The first touch of her mouth sent Ella into orbit.

The young girl’s body arched. Her hands found Dani’s hair. She cried out but had no idea what she’d muttered. The Oriental girl’s amazing tongue flicked along the ridge of her labia, teasing her clit without touching it.

“Please,” Ella pleaded.

Her voice was hoarse. She could hardly speak. Her hands tightened in her lover’s hair. She’d often wondered what it would be like with another woman but even in her wildest fantasies it had never been as good as this.

“Oh, Dani…”

“God, Dani…”

“Oh fuck, Dani…”

Her orgasm was closing in and it felt like it was going to turn her inside out. When it arrived, she screamed at the top of her voice. She’d never felt so good, so disorientated, so aroused, so dominated, so out of control…

It took her a long time to recover from the violent climax.

Half an hour later she was stumbling around the small bedroom, giggling uncontrollably as if her new lover had melted her brain. Time meant nothing and everything around her seemed as if it was surrounded by a pink haze. Every little touch on her body made her cry out for more.

Then she’d willingly reversed positions.

Her eyes sparkled with need as she took her place between Dani’s thighs. She needed this so fucking badly. Boys she’d been with had gone crazy when they had felt the effect of her studded tongue. Dani was in for a treat…


It was a couple of months later and Ella was enjoying life more than ever. She was being fast-tracked for promotion in her job and even if Insurance didn’t set her world alight, the money was welcome. It allowed her to do the things she wanted. How else could she afford her sexy clothes, accessories, drugs whenever she needed them, and regular nights out with Dani and the other girls?

Her relationship with Danielle had gone from strength to strength. Sex never got in the way of their friendship and they indulged whenever they felt the need. Otherwise, Dani continued to look out for her and the gang of girls continued to meet regularly each week in one club or another.

There was something about clubbing that brought Ella alive.

She was at home on the dance floor, as high as a kite, dressed provocatively in a sexy little number and with all eyes feeding on her tight little body.

The Audio club was her favourite and they had been dancing non-stop for a couple of hours. She glanced across at Dani s as she shook her hips to the heavy beat, wondering if she could tease her friend into staying with her tonight.

She wasn’t sure.

Dani was even higher than she was and one of the other girls—Jade—had practically draped herself around her body. Ella knew what the bitch was up to. She was practically fucking her Oriental friend in front of her on the dance floor.

She swung away in frustration, hands above her head as she swayed her hot little body to the beat. But looking towards the bar, she almost froze in mid-step! No. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. Was it? My God, it was. The black woman watching her from beside the bar was none other than Gabriella Wilson.

Gabriella had run the newsagents in the area where Ella had grown up. Even though she was in her late forties, her full figure was as stunning, curvy and gorgeous as Ella remembered. And tonight she was wearing a tight red dress that turned her from a fantasy figure to a wet dream.

What the heck was she doing in Brighton, and in the same club as her?

Ella had had the hots for her ever since she’d first laid her eyes on the woman. She had been brought up in the midst of strong—really strong—black women. No shit! The older women were tough and forceful, and knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it. ‘Miss Gabriella’ fell into that category.

Ella’s gang güvenilir casino thought of themselves as quite cool and hard, but not a single one of them ever entertained any thoughts of stealing from her shop. That would have been suicidal. She could be fierce—a super bitch—and Ella knew she would have ripped out her hair extensions and dragged her along the road to the police.

Oh God. That sort of domination was a real turn-on, especially with someone like Gabriella Wilson. It didn’t matter how she dressed or what she did. She was just the type of woman who looks hot putting out their bins.

And here Ella was, staring across the room at her!

Stomach churning with arousal, she pulled her hair high on her head and then let it cascade down around her bare shoulders. Give her a show, she told herself. Let her see Ella’s transformation from a young girl into the hot woman she was today. She swayed her hips with an obvious exaggeration to each heavy beat.

The dance floor was her home and she knew she could move her body in a way that most other women couldn’t.

Thank God she’d chosen her skimpy white one piece dress tonight. It barely covered the swell of her ass and revealed every curve on her toned body. When the clubs laser lights picked it out, it almost looked see through. Gabriella couldn’t fail to be impressed.

The why was she turning away?

She had her back to her now, sipping at her drink. Her apparent indifference made Ella doubt herself. It was Gabriella Wilson! She was sure of it. But maybe her wet dream hadn’t recognised her? There was only one way to find out.

She made her way across to the bar, her eyes never leaving that black skin.

“Hello,” she nervously whispered.

Gabriella turned around and glanced at her with that dismissive look she remembered so well.

“Well, well, it’s that nervous little girl who used to hang out with her oh, so cool little gang.”

Ella’s face coloured. A shiver ran through her.

“Hello, Miss Gabriella. You remember me!”

“Well, you’re different, babes, I’ll give you that. But even back then you had a fire in your eyes. I could see it every time you looked at me. Like you wanted to strip my clothes away but were afraid I’d bite you. It’s the same look that’s in your eyes right now. You’re feeling the heat, babes?”

Ella felt the perspiration break out on her forehead. She’d worshipped this woman secretly, but now it appeared as if she’d been able to see right through her all along. The woman was looking at her expectantly, those eyes burning into her again, waiting for some sort of answer but she felt strange, almost powerless.

What could she say?

“Cat got your tongue?” Gabriella huskily asked.

The corners of her full lips turned up in amusement and she reached out to cup Ella’s chin. The younger girl felt goosebumps break out on her skin. Recollections of her infatuation with this woman burned inside her head and she daren’t move a single muscle as Gabriella lifted her chin and stared deep into her eyes.

“Let’s find out, should we? Come with me.”

Placing her empty glass on the bar, she walked towards the exit without as much as a backward glance.

Ella stood transfixed, uncertain as to her next move, but this was an invitation she couldn’t refuse. She turned towards the exit, hurrying as fast as her four inch platforms would allow her. When she made it outside, Gabriella was already halfway down the narrow street, heading towards a small car parked near a corner. She thumbed a remote and climbed into the driver’s seat.

Ella increased her pace, puffing hard when she came abreast of the car. Instantly, the passenger door was pushed open.

“Get in.”

She hesitated. Shouldn’t she have told Dani and the other girls were she was going? But Gabriella had already started the engine…


The small car smoothly accelerated away and snaked around two corners before Ella had time to rethink. Electricity was racing through her body. She sneaked a glance at Gabriella. Her dress was hitched up to the top of her thighs and her black skin looked every bit as sensuous as it had in the newsagent’s shop.

This was foolhardy, wasn’t it? She knew only too well how dominant black women could be. But that was part of the attraction. She’d masturbated thinking about Gabriella Wilson. And now … well … here they were, together in her car, heading off to God-knew-where. She was wet with anticipation.

“Where are we going…?”

Her voice quivered as she spoke. But the woman made no attempt to answer.

“Miss Gabriella, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this…”

Her words were ignored. Only the steady thrum of the engine interfered with the silence between them. It added to Ella’s sense of expectancy. Her heart was almost pumping out of her chest when, around ten silent minutes later as they drove along the seafront, their destination became clear.

The Thistle Brighton Hotel was located on King Street and Gabriella eased the car into the hotel car park. She found a vacant spot near the front of the hotel and nonchalantly looked Ella up and down as she turned the engine off. Without a word, she stepped out of the car and walked across towards the hotel entrance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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