Computer Stripper

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To say that I was absolutely amazed would be a tremendous understatement.

The girl I had known for nineteen years had indeed become a woman. And not just any woman, for she was stripping on my laptop.

It suddenly made sense. During the summer, she and some friends had traveled to Europe for a week. She had said that a wealthy friend from college had invited her along.

Such an interesting lie. Laurie and I had discussed her travel plans, which had included flying to and from Budapest and then taking a train to see the surrounding area.

Interestingly, the company which made the Computer Stripper 2008 software I had installed was also headquartered in Budapest, and apparently not by coincidence, Laurie was stripping for me on my laptop.

…but she was not known in the program or on the Web site as Laurie. Instead, she was Plume, a French name likely chosen as a nod to our French ancestry.

The clip ended, and I immediately set another clip to play at random. This time, she was wearing a basic black bikini with matching heels and plenty of silver jewelry. The tattoo of an old-style writing quill upon her lower right arm was proof that it was indeed my sister and not just someone who looked very uncannily like her. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and as she sauntered toward the pole at the center of the screen, she reached up to immediately casino siteleri free her hair and toss the scrunchy off-screen before prancing around the pole.

I could not remember a time when Laurie was shy about displaying her body. I had never seen her naked as we grew up together, but she would often wear revealing clothes which hid just the bare minimum to be deemed acceptable. Her athleticism and her general exercise ethic had truly favored her over the years, which was particularly evident as I watched my bikini-clad sister brushing her breasts against the pole.

I knew what I would do.


Just before the spring semester began, Laurie came to visit me for a few days before returning to college. It was nice to be able to take two days off from work, even though I knew I would suffer for it upon my return.

The hug Laurie and I shared at the airport was a warm one, as usual. She looked good, her average-looking clothing hugging her curves quite well. Only as we were about to leave the warmth of the terminal and head to the car did she hide her curves with a heavy winter coat.

Little did she know that I had seen far more of her.

As I navigated the snowy road to the highway to head into the city, I glanced over at her and met her smile with one of my own. “It’s good to be here with ya, big bro,” she said, “even if we did slot oyna just spend a few days together with the parents at Christmas.”

“Yeah, it is nice to have you all to myself this time,” I joked, and she laughed softly.

“I’m definitely all yours,” she assured me. “Can you turn down the heat just a bit?”

I reached toward the center part of the dashboard and adjusted the temperature accordingly. “That should be better, right, Plume?”

She didn’t say anything. She didn’t stare at me or unhinge her jaw in disbelief.

“I now know why you went to Budapest over the summer,” I informed her. “I know Mom and Dad would never forgive you for displaying yourself like that. Dad in particular. He’d probably toss you out of the family.”

“You know!?!” she suddenly half-yelled at me, the disbelief extremely evident in her voice.

“I’m a guy,” I said simply with a shrug. “I’m hard-wired to scan for interesting porn online, and when I saw the ad for Computer Stripper 2007, I followed the link to discover that the 2008 edition was available, and actually yours was the PG-rated sample file included with the software. Nice bikini, by the way.”

“Oh shit…”

“I knew it was you because of the tattoo.”

Laurie buried her face in her hands, on the verge of tears.

“Hey, listen,” I said, the usual machismo suddenly absent from my canlı casino siteleri voice. “I’m letting you know that I know because it’s possible that other people you know may also have installed the Computer Stripper program and installed your files. You need to be prepared for that.”

A long silence passed as I drove and Laurie attempted to hold back tears. Eventually, we pulled off the highway and I turned into a park, stopping the car beside a picnic area.

“Sis, listen… I don’t care about what you did, alright? I wouldn’t’ve done it myself, but that’s just me. You’re a legal adult and you can make your own decisions. I don’t hate you, and I don’t think any different about you. You’re still my kid sister and I still love you and want the best for you. But wanting the best for you also means that I’ve gotta point this out to you, because it’s possible that somehow word of this will get back to Mom and Dad, and then you’d be in deep shit. Understand?”

With tears welling up in her eyes and threatening to spill down her cheeks, Laurie nodded. I patted her left leg softly, and suddenly her hand was atop mine, keeping my hand upon her thigh.

Something seemed to change in that moment between us. I could feel the energy flowing like a gentle whirlwind from her to me and back to her. Nothing was said for a while as the sky darkened and fresh snow began to fall with the onset of nighttime.

“I’m still your kid sister?” Laurie finally asked, her voice close to breaking.

“Absolutely, sis.” And with that, I drew her into a hug, and the dam broke, the tears falling quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20