Customer Friendly Ch. 05

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Susie stopped by about 8:30 one morning near the end of January. I saw her pulling up in the driveway on a cold gray day. She usually didn’t drop by unannounced-not that I minded if she did, it was always a bright spot in my day to see her. I opened the garage door and went out to greet her. She got out of her Tahoe and immediately hugged me, a long close hug that she didn’t seem to want to let go of. I kissed the top of her head. She pulled me tighter.

Finally, I spoke. “You OK??”

“We’re selling the dealerships here,” said Susie without looking up.

I thought for a moment, still holding her. I wondered if this had not been in the works. Toward the end of the previous year, I had noticed their marketing presence had diminished somewhat. I chalked it up to seasonal changes, as there was an ebb and flow to their advertising, picking up at certain times, most notably the end of the model year, but also for certain holidays. Some of it was geared to the local university sports program, of which they were one of several sponsors. I had noticed that some things that had been staples had changed: an ad that ran across the bottom of the sports section of the paper had vanished, and the ubiquitous billboards with Susie’s smiling face had become faded and sun bleached. Suddenly it made sense.

“All of them??” There were dealerships for Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Jeep, etc, four in total across the area.

“All of them,” said Susie, finally looking up at me. She had tears in her eyes. I kissed her forehead, just above them, and wiped the tear that was rolling down her left cheek.

“Wow. What brought that on??” Before she could answer, I said, “Come on, let’s go inside where it’s warmer. It’s too cold to do this out here.”

I took Susie by the hand and led her inside, closing the garage behind us. Once in the house, I made her coffee, and we sat at the dining room table. “This was not an overnight decision,” she said looking over at me. I nodded. It couldn’t have been. “We got a really good offer from one of the dealerships downstate-really good. Since we’ve had these operations, we’ve added a lot of value, and the equity we have in them has grown several times over.”

I smiled. “I could tell you’ve put a lot of effort into them. I’ve noticed the changes over the several years you’ve been here. And I’ve heard good things from customers, which is a good thing. As you’re no doubt aware, car salesmen aren’t exactly well regarded.”

Susie laughed. “No, they’re not. And we wanted to change that perception, at least in the places we controlled.”

“It worked,” I said.

Susie took a drag off her coffee. “Yes it did. Really well. By the time we were here three years, we were getting offers about a half dozen times a year from various places. None of them reflected what we thought the business was worth, and we weren’t really interested in selling anyway.”

“So what changed?? You seem to have a winning plan here.”

Susie sighed and looked across the table at me. “For one thing, the offer we got was really good, a lot more than some of the others that have been made. It wasn’t that we were not happy here. As you know, we have dealerships elsewhere in the state, mostly in the capital district, but also we picked one up in north Texas a few years ago. Those are doing OK, but really could use some attention. When we got the offer for the dealerships here, we decided we could use the cash to upgrade the others. It wasn’t an easy decision in some ways. We’re doing really well, and we really like it here. But the money was just too good. For what it’s worth, I’ve been dragging my feet on the decision, but we finally just ran out of time to fish or cut bait.”

“I hope you weren’t holding out on this because of me,” I said seriously.

Susie smiled weakly. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of you. The thought of losing you wasn’t very appealing. But I was outvoted. I proposed that I could stay to manage the dealerships here, while other members of our team went to the places that needed help. We could use the profits from these dealerships to help the others, though none of them are losing money. The money is there.”

I looked at Susie, reaching across the table and taking her hand. “Don’t let me affect a business decision. I don’t like the idea of losing you, either, but you can’t let something that should not be happening in the first place affect your livelihood. We’ll find a way to make it work, even if it means we see a lot less of each other. Or perhaps we should just take the hint that the universe let us have our time, and move on, much as it hurts to say that.”

Susie looked at me. I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m really going to miss the time we had together.” She smiled sadly. “All those photo shoots, fooling around in the car, fooling around outside, the times we got to spend the night together. I’m going to miss falling asleep next to you…” her voice trailed off.

I chuckled at the thought canlı bahis şirketleri of us doing all those things together. “Yeah, we had a lot of fun. I’ll miss all that. I’ll miss the other things, too, how we could watch an old movie, or just ride around and talk, just enjoying each other. Those things made the sex all that much better. I was really falling for you.”

Susie squeezed my hands tightly. “I’m afraid I did fall for you. Now I have to figure out how to move on. I knew in my head that this couldn’t go on forever, and that I shouldn’t even be doing this, but my heart is having a hard time with that realization.” Susie looked at me. “I love you. I don’t want to give you up, but I don’t think I have a choice. But don’t ever doubt that I love you.”

I looked into Susie’s blue eyes, now glistening. “I love you, too, Susie,” I said softly, suddenly having a sense of deep loss. “And you’ll always have a special part of me. Don’t ever doubt that when you’re deep in Texas, wondering if it’s still true. It is. But you’re right, there’s no realistic way we can keep this going, at least the way it is now.”

I stood up, walking around the table to where Susie sat. I took her hands, lifting her out of the chair, holding her tight as we embraced for a long time. I kissed the top of Susie’s blonde head, then her forehead. She lifted her face to mine, kissing me on the lips. It was a soft kiss, yet full of passion. We held each other close as we kissed. When we broke, Susie took my hand and started for the bedroom.

I knew where this was leading, but I wanted to make sure Susie was OK for it. “Are you good with this, us making love right now?? I know you’re not in the best frame of mind.”

Susie opened the bedroom door, pulling me in and closing it behind me. “I’m as good with it as I’m ever going to be,” she said, looking up at me, kissing me gently. “If this is my last chance to make love with you, I’m going to make the best of it.” She kissed me again, holding me close, her arms wrapped around me.

As we kissed, she pulled her arms back, going to my sleeves. She unbuttoned the cuffs, then went to the buttons on my shirt. I usually leave the top two undone, as it’s more comfortable. This gave Susie a head start, and she quickly had two more open, running her fingers through the hair on my chest. “Mmmm, I love your chest. I’ll miss this, how soft it feels next to me.” She continued unbuttoning til she had them all undone, and pushed the shirt off my shoulders onto the floor.

I stepped back, kissed Susie, then unbuttoned her flannel shirt, finding her braless as expected. “I’m going to miss this, too, knowing you’re unbound under your shirt. For as many times as I’ve done it, I still get a thrill when I open your shirt and you’re braless under it. The idea of you bouncing around all day at your office with no bra is just amazingly sexy to me.”

Susie smiled and kissed me. “I think of you every time I go braless. You have no idea how horny I get when I do this at work, and I know how crazy it makes you.” She kissed me again, now opening the button on my jeans. “That’s why I do it.” She smiled at me as she pulled the zipper down, playing her fingers through the thick hair above my cock. “I’ll miss this too,” she said, running her hand over the top of my stiffening shaft. She pushed my jeans down, and I stepped out of them.

I undid the button on Susie’s jeans, but didn’t pull the zipper down. I stepped back for a moment, taking in the sight of this 60 something blonde beauty, her blue eyes sparkling, her soft breasts with a little hang to them, nipples erect, standing in front of me in tight jeans. I took her hands in mine. “I know I’ve said this 1000 times, but you are so beautiful. You turn a pair of jeans into a work of art, and you have such a wonderful shape.”

Susie smiled and kissed me. “Not too bad for an old lady, ya think??”

“Not so old, either,” I said, kissing her and squeezing her left breast.

Susie giggled. “Thanks. You’re sweet.” She kissed me again. “If you like me in jeans, you’ll love this.” She looked me in the eye, then slowly pulled her zipper down, revealing the top of her blonde pubes. She continued til her zipper reached bottom, smiling at me the whole time. She knew how much it turned me on to watch her remove her jeans when she had nothing under them. When she’d go without, she relished watching me watch her undress. I was already hard, but seeing Susie’s bush emerge from her zipper, then come fully into the open as she lowered her jeans only stiffened me more. Susie, for a Bible college girl, had a knack not only for making unremarkable attire look sexy, but for removing it as well.

Susie was now in front of me in only an open flannel shirt, her hips slung to one side, which just accentuated them and the blonde patch in between. “I could eat you up.”

Susie smiled. “Better come and get it. Might be your last meal.” She retreated to the bed, sitting on it and sliding up, pushing herself back canlı kaçak iddaa toward the center. She turned so she was on her right side, facing me. I climbed on and lay down next to her. We kissed, and I gently held her left tit, rolling my fingers over the nipple. She giggled from the stimulation. She returned the favor, running her left hand through the hair on my chest for about thirty seconds, finally grabbing a clump and pulling it tight. “God, I’m going to miss this,” she whispered to me. I released her breast, running my hand down the curve of her waist and hips. “I’m going to miss that, too, the way you caress my curves.”

“As will I. I love your wonderful shape.” We kissed again. As we released our kiss, I moved down her body, kissing her neck, then her chest above her tits, then around the left one, kissing the sides and underneath, making Susie giggle. Finally, I kissed, then gently sucked her nipple, and her giggle turned into a soft moan. I eased her onto her back, then repeated with her right breast, again drawing an “Mmmmm…” from Susie.

I moved to her belly, again making her giggle. “You’re going to drive me crazy,” she said, looking down at me.

“Hope so. That’s always been the goal. And you seem to enjoy it.”

“I do. It’s one of the things I so love about when you make love to me, how you are so focused on my pleasure.”

“That’s because part of the turn on for me is the turning on. It gets me excited to see you excited-kind of an upward spiral with a very happy ending. And I love to see you smile. I know you’re having fun. Making love should be fun.”

Susie looked at me lovingly. “I love when you make me smile, too. Sometimes the thought of that is what helps me through a wearing day.”

“Then let me give you something to last you a while,” I said, tickling her navel with my tongue, making Susie squeal in laughter.

Susie cradled my head. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I said softly as I looked up at Susie’s face. She had a loving, but sad look all the same. I moved farther down, kissing the line between her navel and bush, a fine blonde trail starting as I got close. I nuzzled into the soft blonde hair, making Susie smile, then licked her spreading outer labia, savoring her musky scent, then her emerging inner lips.

“Mmmm…” Susie sighed as I licked inside her. She looked up a moment. “Swing that sexy ass up on the bed.” I did as she asked, and she took my ass in one hand, my cock in the other, starting to kiss my stiffening erection, then taking it in her mouth. We had engaged in some wonderful 69’s over our time, and I knew this was going to be another rewarding experience.

The race was now on. I wanted to get Susie to orgasm before she got me there, since I wanted what might be the last load I’d give her to go into her pussy. I licked up and down her slit, paying attention to her clit every time my tongue reached it. Her arousal increased every time I ran over it, and she was soon panting, even as she was doing her usual marvelous job sucking my cock. Suddenly, my face got soaked and she let go of my pulsing cockhead as she went over the top. I held on to her hips as she thrust and bucked, then stiffened, crying out as she climaxed. I kissed her pussy once she started to come down, all around her labia and bush, and the tops of her thighs. She took my cock back in her mouth, slowly sucking.

It wasn’t but three minutes or so that I started to feel the familiar tension. “Susie, sweetie, pull back very slowly,” I told her. She moved her mouth up my shaft til just the head was inside it. “Hold it…hold it…” I was feeling the surge that happens when I’m edged, and wanted Susie to taste it. Slowly, I felt the flow of semen ooze from my cockhead into Susie’s mouth. She swallowed my come filled her mouth, then again as my partial come trailed off. She let my cock loose, a thick white pearl emerging from the head as she let go. She swallowed again and looked at me.

“That was hot!!” she said quietly. “All the times you’ve done that with me, I always wondered what it would feel like if you did it in my mouth.” She gave me a big smile, licking her lips and swallowing again.

“How about I put the rest where we both know you want it??” I said, turning so my cock was now in position to enter her. Susie just smiled and reached for me, stroking my cock and pulling me to her. I held above her, looking down at this blonde goddess, her legs spread, her labia open, ready to take my straining cock deep inside her. As she stroked, more come emerged from the head of my dick, sliding down over the head. I lowered myself to her, making sure I ran the leaking head of my cock over her clit as I pushed it between her lips and inside her. Susie let out a sigh as I spread her labia, then a longer one as I slowly filled her void.

I settled in, and Susie hooked her feet around my calves, holding me to her. I kissed her, long, deep, affectionate kiss that she returned eagerly. I started pumping in and canlı kaçak bahis out as we kissed, and I could feel her breathing getting heavier as I pressed my chest into her soft tits. She was meeting each of my thrusts with her own, and we soon were in a steady rhythm. I was angling into her to stroke the top of my shaft on her clit as much as I could, and she soon came, her pussy getting wet all around me.

After Susie came, I pulled out, moving her so she was on her hands and knees in front of me. I put the head of my dick at her opening, and slowly pushed in. Susie responded by pushing back at me. I reached around her, taking her tits in my hands, mashing them as I started pounding her steadily. She responded quickly, soon making moans and grunts as my cock rammed her insides, hitting her depths on each stroke while my balls slapped her clit. She was primed, having just come a few minutes before, and hadn’t completely come off the high yet. It wasn’t much longer that the constant stimulation drove her into a frenzy again, and she came around my cock, trying to throw me off as if she were a rodeo horse. I held on til she collapsed in front of me, my cock slipping out. I rolled her onto her back, and lay next to her.

I pulled her left leg over me, then pulled her up so she was straddling me, making her inner lips open to me once more. I put the head of my cock to her, and slowly slid inside, but this time I just held still once I was inside her. Susie was still panting from her orgasm. She smiled. “Can I have a break here??” she said with a laugh.

“Of course. I could use a little rest after that last one, too.” Susie leaned forward and kissed me gently. I pulled her to me. When we broke our kiss, I looked down to see my cock in her parted labia, surrounded by her wide patch of blonde. It was intensely sexy, and I told Susie so. She looked down and agreed, noting that she had really come to appreciate how she looked when my cock was buried deep in her, a sight she had never thought about prior to us getting together.

“When I was young, and first married, some of the older women I knew would tell me to turn the lights out before I had sex, as if it were something ugly I shouldn’t see. For a long time, I never looked. I’d been told for so long that sex was an ordeal to be endured-how many times I heard it described as ‘my wifely duty’-if I wanted to have babies. It really killed my enjoyment of it. It took a long time for me to really allow myself to enjoy it.”

“You seem to have overcome that,” I said, holding Susie’s hands, our fingers entwined.

Susie laughed. “I have, but it wasn’t til now that I really, fully was able to see the beauty in myself, and to let go of all that baggage.”

“What changed??” I asked.

“When I saw the pictures you took of me, and of us, not so much of our ‘parts’ together, though the realization that I could look so erotic, and that was me in the photos, but the full shots, where I saw the looks on our faces and how we looked at each other while we made love, that the beauty of it really hit me. I wish I had discovered this 40 years ago.”

“Or not listened to all those old biddies and their warped attitudes toward sex. Sadly, there’s a lot of social conditioning that goes into what people do in the bedroom, promoted by people who have no business telling others what’s right and wrong in that realm.”

Susie laughed again. “Don’t I know it!!” She leaned down to kiss me as she started slowly rocking on me. I felt the head of my cock poking her cervix as we rode. Soon, Susie was riding up and down on my dick, and I was pulling her so that the shaft was stroking over her clit. I could see she was well on her way to another orgasm, and pulled her down so my balls hit her ass, my pubic bone hit her clit, and the head of my cock pushed deep. That set her off, and she thrashed around on me, crying out as she came again.

Once her orgasm retreated, she looked down at me, a look of tired satisfaction on her face. “I’m glad we found each other, and we had this time. I don’t know where it’s going after this, but even if this is the end, I don’t regret what we had.”

I smiled up at Susie. “No regrets here either. You are a delight, and I would not have missed this for anything.” My eyes met Susie’s. “I’m getting close. Where do you want to be when I come??”

Susie gave me a smile, full of mischief, and rolled off me, taking a position on the bed next to me, on her back, legs spread. I could see her open labia from where I lay. She patted the bed between her legs. “Right here,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me up. My cock dangled between my legs for a moment, then she took it in her hand, stroking gently. I looked at her beneath me, her legs wide, blonde hair surrounding her wide open, 62 year old pussy. She smiled as she guided me to her. I felt the head of my cock in her bush, then the familiar feel of it spreading her inner lips as in entered her sanctum. I sank in easily to my balls, and held, settling in to the comfortable feel of her pussy around me.

“I want to feel you on top of me when you come, feel your seed filling my cheating, married slut cunt,” said Susie. She had acquired quite a vocabulary since the start of our little affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20