Damien’s World

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Part 1 –

Linh was the most perfect woman I have ever been with.

We met in high school, although we’d lived in the same town for years. I’d seen her in the hallways, and always felt a connection of some sort, but had been too nervous to strike up a conversation. One day after school, my friend, who knew I found Lihn hot, introduced me to her and her friend group after freshman football practice. I stood there in my gear, a grass stained 14 year old warrior wannabe, and my best friend introduced me to her friend group. When I opened my mouth I was so nervous my voice wavered, and between the exhausting physical practice and my social terror of finally speaking with her, I vomited halfway through my introduction.

Everybody found it hilarious, but to my surprise, Linh, being the nice person she is, asked me if I was okay when she saw me at lunch the next day. We ended up sitting together, and it was instant puppy love. We became known as an item, and we texted and phoned endlessly, confiding in each other our deepest secrets and greatest dreams. Still, we were young and awkward looking, and things really started to change through high school. She was becoming a woman and my friends, become red-blooded men themselves, tried to flirt with her. Her thin figure became full bodied and voluptuous by the time we both turned 18 our Senior year.

After our last football game of the season, a bunch of us had a secret get together at the home of Ben, our quarterback (his parents were gone for the weekend). Somebody’s older brother procured a case of beer, and we did what most 18 year olds did, trying our best to drink it quickly.

I knew Ben really liked her, and that evening, on liquid courage, he crossed the line. He tried to talk the girls into doing things like taking off their shirts or kissing for our amusement, but the way he seemed to focus on Linh made me more and more wary and jealous. My friends even looked at me, wondering if I was going to put a stop to it. Linh, perhaps a little buzzed herself, didn’t seem to mind. Then Ben went too far, and he reached out, grabbing her tits. She squealed with what seemed to me glee and terror.

I could see she liked it.

Enraged, I charged him, but he turned with cat-like reflexes and grabbed my throat, forcing me onto a couch. I flinched, expecting the worst, and got it, seeing stars as he punched me. Everybody jumped in to stop it and when the flurry of punches ended, I opened my eyes as Ben, in a drunken fury accused me of “starting it”. To my horror, Linh said, “I know, I know. Just relax. Come with me. Just. Relax.”

“He needs to go NOW,” Ben said, and a couple of my friends helped me up as Linh and one of her friends, Sasha, calmed him down and convinced him to go upstairs and calm down with them.

I refused to leave without Lihn so I held a cold beer to my head as I nursed another one, adrenaline shock overwhelming me. After five or ten minutes, the girls came down and Ben followed. I sat on the couch, bloody, but giving him the evil eye, not backing down. Sasha smirked at me. I never liked her, she was a giant slut with a mean sense of humor and I bet he enjoyed watching Ben pound my face. Heck, I knew she liked him. Why couldn’t Ben just hit on her?

“Sorry bro,” Ben said. I sat there in shock. He held out his fist and I tapped it with mine. I stood up and we did a drunken hug thing and everybody seemed to be relieved. Frankly, I was just glad it ended because he probably would have kicked my ass.

Linh sat on the couch next to me, but she seemed different, upset about something. “Are you okay?” I asked and she just nodded, holding my hand, and whispered in my ear that she wanted to leave.

We had a long walk home as we didn’t have a car. I held her hand and told her I was sorry I’d rushed Ben, but he’d been out of line. She agreed, and we made small talk when out of nowhere, she stopped. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

She gave me a hug and started crying. “I’m so sorry,” she said.


“I, I can’t say.”

“Why not? Are you sorry about Ben hitting me? It’s not your fault.”

“Do you love me?” Linh asked.

“I do.”

“I don’t deserve it,” she said. I went in to kiss her and she turned away.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

She held me tight, and asked desperately, “Let me suck your dick. Please?”

“Of course,” I answered, shocked. She pulled me off the sidewalk, into the shadows on the side of some stranger’s house, knelt in front of me, and proceeded to blow me.

Suddenly it hit me. She’d gone with Sasha and Ben. That had to be it. “Tell me what happened,” I said, my cock swelling in her mouth.

“I can’t.”

“Tell me what happened. Was it Ben? Did he do something to you?”

She didn’t answer, she only slurped and sucked on my hard shaft. The truth was, I may have become a man, but my cock seemed to stop growing years before. I was two inches hard on a good day. I couldn’t believe how aroused I’d gotten, considering the circumstances. If my face was in agony, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the smooth feeling on my cock from Linh’s innocent mouth was pure ecstasy. “Come on Linh. Tell me. I won’t be mad.”

“Are you sure?” Linh asked between sucks.

“Just tell me. I love you.”

Linh looked up at me, her little fist furiously pumping my cocklet. “I love you too, Jake. I love you so much.”

“Just tell me.”

“Sasha and Ben made me do it. I just want you to know that. I didn’t want to, but I wanted to help you.”

“What?” I asked, my cock beginning to vibrate with pleasure.

“Ben wanted to kill you. Sasha, she was trying to calm him down. You know. Touching him.”


“He was still pissed, so I…so I,”


“I put it in my mouth. I sucked him off. Sasha just held it out and we both kissed it and he put it in my mouth and he…”

“Oh Jesus!” I cried, and I came, huge spurts from my wee sized erection.

“He spermed in my mouth!” Linh admitted as she took my own white hot load in her mouth.

“NOOOOO!” I cried, leaning back against he house, my legs losing strength. “Oh Jesus, Linh, oh my God.”

I backyard light turned on next door, and a voice, out of the darkness, the homeowner I assume, said, “What the hell’s going on back there?”

Linh stood up quickly and I pulled my pants up, stuffing my half hard, still pumping cock into my underwear, and we ran for it. We’d gone a couple of blocks before Linh gasped, falling to her knees in exhaustion.

“I can’t, my stomach, cramps,” she cried, gasping.

I barely had broken a sweat. Between the adrenaline of getting punched in the face, my dick sucked to maybe one of the best orgasms I’d ever had, finding out my long-term girlfriend had sucked off the guy who punched me, and getting caught in somebody’s yard with my dick shooting ropes only to run for it like a juiced up organ grinder’s monkey, I was ready to take a lightning strike and shake it off.

In that moment, I actually felt SORRY for her.

We walked the rest of the way to my house, silent this time. Incredibly, my dick had become rock hard again as we neared her place. I didn’t want to let her go. The truth was, we were both still virgins. I’d been dying to have sex with her but she’d always denied me. The more we walked the more I rationalized the situation. I would fuck her. That asshole Ben with his big fat cock (yeah, I’d seen it in the locker room. I had a dwarf dick compared to him, but I always pawned off as “I’m a grower not a shower”). I’d have my revenge.

I’d have first crack at Linh’s pussy.

And so that’s how we first had sex, sneaking into her garage so I could fuck her in the back seat of her family’s SUV. I barely inserted the tip of my raging little boner and POP, I spurted.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry!” I cried, pulling out. She reached between her legs, her fingers sliding over mine as I tried to frig her clit, anything to get her off. It was at warm sticky mess, and she gently pushed me away, telling me it was okay.

And that’s how we technically had sex, prematurely ejaculating as my mind kept thinking about her sucking Ben’s cock at the party. I didn’t even bust her cherry.

Things weren’t the same after that. In class I’d see Sasha and I knew she’d witness my beautiful Linh debase herself with that son of a bitch, Ben.

I agonized over what happened. At home I’d masturbate, thinking about my girl and that fateful night. Each time in my mind, Ben’s cock grew bigger. Linh’s enthusiasm grew wilder. My humiliation grew deeper. This happened every time a got my cock hard, and it occupied my mind until I’d orgasm, after which I’d feel terribly guilty.I wanted to fuck Linh again, but she was still wary. I bought condoms but my dick was too small for them. I found this out the hard way, a few weeks later we were back in her garage, sneaking to the only secluded spot we had, the family SUV. Linh volunteered to put it on, and I could see the look in her eyes the latex hung loosely over my hard nubbin.

“Maybe you can do it bare in my ass?” she offered. That seemed good to me and I sat there in the garage, stewing in my impotence as she went inside for something to lubricate it. I was so nervous from the humiliation of the condom that I was soft when she returned. I lubed as best I could as she bent over. Her anus looked inviting, but hanging below it, her beautiful pussy, the flowering labia begging for cock, that was the real treasure.

I put my semi-soft head against her soft lips, and she turned to me, shaking her head. “Not without a condom.”

I just couldn’t do it. Even her ass had somehow become too humiliating for me to fuck.

There was one thing that might work though,

“Linh, can I ask you something weird?”

“What?” she whispered.

“Tell me how you, you know,” I stuttered, “sucked Ben’s cock.”

“What?!” Linh said, grabbing a blanket to cover up. It was the exact wrong reaction that I’d been wishing for.

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was humiliated and angry. We were compatible in every way. But somehow this, sex, the pinnacle of human relationship and compatibility, eluded us. It was all too much. I shook my head, put my pants back on as Linh stared at me, silently.

I’d had enough. I loved her so much, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I went home, crawled into bed, and slept. I had a dream that Linh was in the back of the SUV getting fucked by Ben and his big, fat, cock. When I woke up the next day, I’d had a wet dream.

We didn’t break up, so much as we just stopped seeing each other. There was no closure at all. In the hallways we’d pass each other and nod respectfully. Earlier I’d bought a promise ring for her. We were applying to colleges, and even before all this went south, I knew we might be in a long distance relationship. I’d planned to give it to her if we were going to different educational institutions, hoping to keep the spark alive, but one day I passed her locker and I noticed the picture of us she kept taped to the inside door was gone. All my plans lay in ruins.

By January I’d heard she was dating some other guy. By March I’d heard she’d been seen with Ben, of all people, at the mall. I told people I didn’t care, she was free to live her own life. We were no longer a thing.

And then, a miracle occured.

In April I was in the school gym working out with a couple of my pals and Sasha came in, motioning for me to come over to her. I couldn’t help but think she was the one responsible for guiding the love of my life into her little web for Ben’s Great Cocksuck, which strangely still aroused me, and in fact, had somehow changed my attitude toward Sasha from disdain to deferential respect. She was not one to be fucked with. She had the goods on me and she didn’t need to offer mercy ass-fucks to Ben because his dick was too small. I hadn’t heard a whiff from anybody about their little blowjob threesome, so I respected that she could keep a secret (even if she was probably just protecting her friend).

“Do you still like Linh?” Sasha asked.

What the hell was this? “Sure,” I answered, “I just, I don’t know, it didn’t work out. But yeah. I thought maybe she was already going out with somebody.”

“Yeah, she was,” Sasha answered, as if this information was completely unimportant to me, “but her date for the Prom bailed on her. She wanted me to ask around and find out if you’re still interested.”

I gulped, “Hell yeah!”

That had been my dream. I’d been too embarrassed to talk to her again, and now I find out she felt the same way about me. Sasha smiled at me, happy with my reaction. “You know she always liked you. She just had to, you know…”

“What?” I asked, confused.

Sasha looked around, making sure we were alone. “Um, she uh, wanted to take somebody Ben’s size for a test run if you know what I mean.”

I stood there, my dick suddenly hard. “She did?” I gulped, my heart pumping faster.

“Yep”, Sasha said, and then she paused, came in close to me and reached out and touched my hard little erection. I could smell the cum on her breath. “Oh, she wasn,t lying,” Sasha whispered, turned, and left.

You would think I’d feel horrible, but the opposite was true. I ran to my locker, pulled out my phone, and called Linh.

The Prom went great. Ben and Sasha actually were elected Prom King and Queen, and afterward, Linh and I went to an after party held at her house by her family. They all welcomed me back into their lives like I’d never left. I pretended to leave at the end of the night, but Linh snuck out the back and we had a rendezvous in the garage, just like old times. She told me she was on birth control, more evidence she’s spread her legs for other guys during our break. My cock was rock hard. We had blankets, we’d put the seat down, we were way more prepared. I wasn’t going to bust her cherry. In a way she was busting mine, again. This just made me all the harder. I just wanted to give her pleasure. I lasted 19 pumps. I counted and remember it well.

I ended up giving Linh the promise ring. We were both going to different colleges, but they were pretty near each other, so although we couldn’t see each other every day, I could drive to her place in an hour. I was mildly surprised that she was going to have a familiar room-mate, the sultry, sexually devious Sasha. Linh was mine and I didn’t want to lose here.

Part 2 – College Begins

I decided to major in writing, working hard on the weekdays so I could always visit Linh on the weekends. Linh majored in exercise science, and the nature of the degree channeled her into a friend group which really took care of their bodies. With each month that passed, the hotter she grew. She decided it would be cool to be a yogi, or yoga teacher, and would run, stretch, and work out her legs almost every day.

I know this is selfish, but goddamn, she was the hottest piece of ass anyone could have and I fully supported güvenilir bahis şirketleri her decision. I was proud to have her as my girlfriend. We’d hooked up every weekend, even Sasha was used to me, and occasionally she’d even give us the dorm room so Linh and I could play. She found if she could ride me cowgirl, she could grind her tight little pussy into my pubic bone and actually cum sometimes. That’s assuming I’d even last. Her body kept getting tighter, more muscular, more sexy, and half the time I would last more than a minute or two, so I’d end up eating her out (even if I came in her. I learned to accept the price of commitment).

One week in early December, I came down with a nasty cold of some kind. I didn’t want her getting sick so we agreed we’d skip that weekend’s visit. I still sometimes reread the texts that happened that day.

It was the first day of the end of my life.

“Hey Linh, miss you! I can’t believe I have to wait another week!”

“Aww, you’re the sweetest. And it’s ok! I’m going out with Sasha to one of the basketball parties. We help them stretch a lot before games so we usually get in for free. Plus free booze, so I’ll make sure to send you some sexy pics ;)”

“You naughty girl :P, just go out and have fun! Try not to get so drunk that you’ll cheat on me :D”

I don’t know why I put that last part in. It just sort of seemed appropriately amusing.

“Oh stop, I have your promise ring remember? I don’t think I could ever get so drunk that I would cheat on you. Rest up and drink plenty of fluids. I can’t wait to have you inside me again.”

I passed out for a few hours and woke up again as my phone buzzed from a new message from her. She’d sent a photo of herself in a tanktop and panties.

“Sasha took this sexy pic of me at the pool party, hope it helps you recover. I forgot my bikini at home btw, so don’t think I’m a tramp or anything lol.”

“Swimming? Those panties might be a bit too see through you know…” I texted back.

“Honestly, I am the most dressed person here. Sasha is just walking around with her tits out and the guys are just all over the place. But I have seen them all naked for their physicals so it’s not that big of a deal.”

Could that be right? I know she helped the sports programs, but naked? I swallowed and typed. “Okay. Don’t do anything too provocative, you’re so hot they might just not be able to help themselves.”

“Just because they’re jocks doesn’t mean they’re bad guys. Although a couple of them did tug at my panties. Maybe you could show them how to actually get them off ;)” Linh texted back.

“You naughty girl :P”

And then I paused, typing, “No three way blowjobs with Sasha.”

I looked at her picture again. I never realized it, because I always saw her in person, but goddamn, she could easily be a model. Thank God for the promise ring.

Part 3 –

By the time I returned to see Linh on a Saturday afternoon, it seemed things had changed. I realized how popular she’d become. She and Sasha had a few of the basketball players over and they were day drinking. I never saw Linh as that wild of a girl, but it was college and to be fair, I drank a bit myself. “Hey sweetie,” I said to Linh and gave her a kiss.

She reciprocated with a sloppy one of her own, and I could taste a little bit of liquor on her tongue. She’d been such a health addict, it surprised me. “Hey you, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said.

The other guys seemed a little confused, which was new for me as no one had ever questioned us being together. It occured to me that I certainly wasn’t a health nut. I’d gained a freshman 15, no, 25 of my own. I had a bit of a gut. These guys were elite athletes. They made QB Ben look like the Hamburglar. Still, I greeted everyone, and they all seemed nice enough.

We hung out and played some drinking games. I really started relaxing and having a great time. The basketball guys were all really cool and funny, but I tried to ignore it when I noticed how much they seemed to be checking out Linh. I could hardly blame them, I kept checking her out too. She seemed full of so much energy and life, confident, like college had really changed her.

“Babe, do you want to go out with my friends, or would you rather us spend some time together? It’s really been a while since I saw you,” Linh said, looking coyly at me.

“Oh come on!” the other guys said, looking at us both, “Let’s get our drink on and get out of here!”

I felt pressured, these guys wanted to go out, and they looked like they knew how to party. I caved. “Why end the night now when I can spend the whole day with you tomorrow?”

“That’s right!” the guys said, giving me a high five.

Linh smirked at them and then at me, as if thinking it might not be the best idea. “Well, they were planning on going to a club, do you have any clothes you can wear in your backpack?”

I didn’t, and one of the guys offered to loan me some. Everybody got up to get ready. The guys came back with some clothes and Linh and I went into the bathroom to change. I was getting pumped. Something about the night was going to be great, I just knew it. She stood there, naked, and looked incredible. “Why don’t you go without underwear?” I asked Linh, thinking about sliding my hand up her skirt as we danced, playing with that sweet little pussy of hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20