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Chapter 1

It’s another Saturday night and I’m at home waiting for Dana to get back from another wild night of dancing and partying to fuck me hard. For the past year, our relationship has transformed to one of master and slave, with Dana, my wife, as the master in total control. As usual, I have followed her instructions for the night precisely, taking a long bath and making sure that my cock, balls and ass are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I am dressed in loose fitting cotton pants and an oversized long sleeve pullover shirt. On the outside, I look like your typical husband and normal American male. But underneath my clothes, I am wearing a pair of Dana’s panties, a bright red satin and lace thong. The feel of the satin against my skin has an erotic effect on me and keeps me in a perpetual state of arousal. As always, I am wearing a leather cock-ring that has 2 rings. One that loops around my balls tightly and a second ring looping the base of my cock. As I wait for Dana to get home, I think back to how and when we evolved to this arrangement in our relationship.

It was about a year ago.

Dana had called to say that she was going to be late getting home from the gym. Some new equipment had been added and she wanted to expand her workout. After getting out of the shower, I lay on our bed wearing only a towel around my waist. Staring up at the ceiling, my hand naturally began to feel my cock and balls. I could feel myself grow hard in my hand and I started stroking up and down my shaft. After a few minutes, I stopped, thinking it would be better to wait for Dana to get home because she was usually horny as hell after a workout. It had something to do with endorphins kicking in and her being on a natural high.

When I got to the dresser, I saw Dana’s drawer was slightly open and giving in to curiosity, I opened the drawer and went through some of her things. I came across one my favorites, a skimpy little thing she wore on special occasions. A pair white silk panties that had very thin straps that tied on both sides at the hip. I picked them up and felt how smooth and silky they felt, I rubbed them on my belly and got hard immediately. Wow, that felt great. I figured, what the hell, Dana won’t be home for a while, so I put them on and got the biggest, hardest erection I ever got. This was good…real good. I lay on my back on the bed, closed my eyes and started feeling my cock through the panties, slowing jerking off.

I’m not sure how much time had gone by, but I was startled by Dana as she sat down on the bed next to me. Somehow, I had not heard her come in. I tried to cover up, but Dana put her hand on mine and said, “No, don’t stop, let me get out of my clothes and join you.”

I didn’t know what to do, so I just lay there as Dana stripped off her clothes. She had showered at the gym and was wearing nothing under her jeans and T-shirt. To say that Dana was hot, would be an understatement. She would easily qualify as wet dream material. We met in high school, where I lettered in track and baseball and Dana, well Dana was the ultimate cheerleader. Standing at 5′-8″ with the longest pair of legs I had ever seen. Her hair was corn silk, yellow blonde that hung to the middle of her back. She had the kind of boobs that defied gravity, they were big, but not huge, firm but not hard and topped off with puffy, pink nipples that would grow to about an inch long when they got hard.

When Dana got back on the bed with me, she reached down and started rubbing my cock through the satin panties. Looking at me through her bright blue eyes, she leaned over and kissed me softly.

I stammered, “I-I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I guess I just got carried away.”

She put her finger up to my lips and said “Its OK, It’s kind of sexy….It really turns me on.”

Then she asked me why I had never told her that I liked wearing her things? I told her honestly that this was a first for me too. I had no idea it would turn me on like this. She swung her leg over my hips and straddled me. I could feel the heat between her legs on my cock as she rubbed up and down my shaft.

She started talking to me then, “Do you like wearing my panties?”

“Yes,” I said.

She let out a little moan. “Do you like feeling like a girl?” I hesitated, not sure how to answer.

She asked again, “Do you like feeling like a girl?”

“Y-Y-Yes,” I mumbled.

“OH-H-H,” she moaned again. Her breathing became labored casino şirketleri and she closed her eyes as she kept humping my panty encased cock. “Do you want to be my girlfriend? Will you let me fuck you like my girlfriend?” she asked quickly.

I was getting close to cumming and breathlessly answered “Yes, I want you to fuck me.” She started rocking faster now and lay down on my chest pushing her boobs against me. I reached down with both hands and cupped her ass cheeks.

She said “That’s it, feel my ass like a good girl, let me rub my titties against yours, Yes, Yes, Yes,” she said rocking faster and faster until she gasped, held her breath and came. I could actually feel her throbbing against my cock. She kept humping me, gradually slowing down, then I felt myself erupt, wave after wave after wave as I came in her panties.

We lay there for the longest time, and eventually I could hear Dana snoring softly. She had fallen asleep while still straddled across my hips. I must have fallen asleep too, because the next thing I remembered was looking at the alarm clock and seeing that it was after 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

I gently rolled Dana off of me, went in to the bathroom to clean up and came back to bed. Turning off the light, I got under the covers with Dana and asked myself “WOW, what just happened?” Smiling, I fell asleep in anticipation of what tomorrow would bring.

Chapter 2

Several days went by and Dana didn’t mentioned what happened that night. I was beginning to think that she was embarrassed and wanted to forget about it completely. But the next time we fucked, she asked me to put on a pair of her pale blue lace bikini panties. I obliged and figured, what the hell, if it got her off, why not? We started kissing and Dana was fondling my cock through the panties. The more she rubbed the hotter she got. The hotter she got, the harder I got and the more verbal Dana became.

She started with “I love the feel of your cock in these panties.” Her nipples got extremely hard and as she straddled me, she leaned forward and dragged them across my chest. She started rocking back and forth on my cock and I could feel her warm wetness right through the panties.

Then she said “It makes me so horny thinking about having a cock of my own, I would love to feel it hanging down between my legs.” Dana sat up and reached behind her ass, gently squeezing by balls and I thought I was going to explode. I took both of her breasts in my hands, rubbing her nipples between my thumb and finger, tugging gently as I rolled and pinched her nipples, Dana moaned softly.

Then I heard her say “If I had a cock, would you suck it for me?” I had never heard Dana speak like that before and it really made me hot.

I answered, “I would do anything you wanted, anything that would make you happy” Dana went wild, I could barely keep her astride me as she approached orgasm.

She said, “Yes, I want you to suck my cock…I want you to take me deep into your mouth and make me cum.”

At that point Dana lay across my chest, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to me. She freed my cock from the panties and I slipped deep inside her. I had never felt Dana so wet or so hot. I started to pump up into her matching her stride for stride. I wasn’t sure if I was fucking Dana or if Dana was fucking me, but at that point I didn’t care. I felt her shudder, heard her gasp, let out a low moan and watched as she exploded in a massive orgasm. I was right behind her, and I came so hard that it was almost painful. This was intense, a place we had never been before. We had stumbled on to something wickedly wild and neither one of us knew where it would take us. But one thing for sure, it was going to be one heck of a ride.

Afterwards, I held Dana as she lay curled up with her ass up against my cock. I rubbed her belly in a slow circle and we spoke about what had just happened. Dana asked “You think I’m weird don’t you?”

I said “No, not at all, this is new for both of us.”

We had agreed a long time ago that we would follow our relationship where ever it took us. That neither one of us would ever deny the other of their desires or fantasies, as long as no one was hurt or threatened in any way. Dana then asked me if I thought it was sick for her to fantasize about having a cock. I told her that I had read somewhere that many women have that fantasy. That It’s a matter of power and control, a “penis envy” if you will.

She casino firmalari giggled and said, “Well, whatever you call it, I seem to have a real bad case of it.”

We lay there for a while then got up and showered together, soaping each other got us both all hot and horny and we ended up fucking in the shower again. With Dana facing the wall and me entering her from behind.

Later that night, as we surfed the Internet, we came across an adult toy store that sold vibrators, dildos and all kinds of sex toys. Dana got real excited when we found a realistic rubber cock that had balls, real lifelike foreskin and a harness that would allow her to wear it in position like a real cock.

It came in many sizes and colors and after looking through them all, she decided on one that was 7″ long and about 4-1/2″ in diameter, not too big and not too small. It actually had moveable balls that you could feel when you squeezed the testicles. Dana decided that she wanted a pink, flesh tone one with a medium sized head that was darker pink. It was pretty expensive (Over $100) but we figured it would be worth getting one that was high quality and as realistic as possible.

After we placed the order, Dana was like a little kid on Christmas morning, she got all giddy and happy and HORNY as hell. I ended up bending her over my computer desk and fucking her right then and there.

Chapter 3

A few days later, the package arrived with “Dana’s Dick” as she called it. She was so excited that she called my office to tell me.

She said “You gotta see this, it looks and feels so real. I cant wait, I gotta try it on now…love you, gotta go, get ready for the time of your life tonight.” Then she hung up.

Just hearing her voice and how hot she sounded got me hard. It took all my will power not to close up shop and head home right then. But I had appointments to keep and people to see. So I concentrated on work and willed the time to go faster. Six o’clock couldn’t have come fast enough. I hurried home, pulling into the driveway and almost ran up the walkway to the front door. As I walked inside, I noticed all the lights were out and Dana had lit some candles. I called out her name but got no answer.

I noticed pieces of her clothing strewn all over the living room trailing down the hall into our bedroom. There was her shoes, her jeans, then her tank top followed by her bra and then her panties. Taking off my clothes as I went, I walked slowly down the hall towards our bedroom.

As I looked into our room, my jaw dropped open. There was Dana, sitting up in our bed, back against the headboard, one leg on the floor and the other bent at the knees with her foot on the bed. She had on a pair of thigh high black boots with very tall stiletto heels, a black lace corset that cut around the bottom of her tits leaving them exposed. The contrast to her smooth white skin and silky blonde hair was outstanding, then I saw her “cock.” It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I stood there speechless and just took it all in.

Dana broke my trance by saying “Don’t just stand there, come on in, I won’t bite.” It felt like I floated in because the next thing I knew I was standing by the bed looking down at Dana.

She slowly stood up and with the heels, she was actually taller than me. I looked up into her eyes and I saw a new Dana looking back at me. She gave me a wicked little grin and said, “Do you like what you see?” Even her voice sounded different. More assured, more dominant.

I mumbled something like, “Y-y-yeah, I do.”

Then she said, “And how about my big cock, do you like it?” I looked down and I saw that Dana had taken her “cock” in her hand and was stroking it.

“It’s really, It’s very…” I was lost for words. Dana gave a little laugh.

“Go take a shower, put on the new panties I bought you, and get back here and show me how much you like my cock.”

As I stood in the shower, the thoughts were running wild in my head. I was excited but I was a little scared of where we were headed. Did I want to give in to Dana’s new personality? Did I want to let my wife take the dominant role? Is this the same innocent Dana that I took to the high school prom and had to persuade to neck (some heavy petting) in the back seat of my dad’s car?

I looked down and saw that I had a raging hard on…it was obvious that my cock was screaming “yes” to all those questions. Now I just had to güvenilir casino convince my mind.

When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that Dana had left a small gift box on the counter. I opened it to find some lotion and scented powder. I applied these to my body and had to admit that they

really smelled good. In the box, I also found a pair black leather and lace thong panties. I held them for what seemed like hours trying to decide my next step. This was it, the moment of truth. There would be no turning back. What the Hell… I put them on. My cock was so hard that the head was peaking out above the waistband of the panties, I adjusted myself and tucked my cock back in, then I walked back into the bedroom and into Dana’s domain.

Chapter 4

Dana was back sitting on the bed. She had a drink in her hand (liquid courage, I thought) and it was obvious that she too was nervous. She held the glass out to me “Want some?”

“I think I need some,” I answered and took the glass from her.

She sat there looking at me while I downed the rest of the drink.

Then she said, “Come here” and reached for me with her hand. I approached Dana cautiously like I was approaching a tiger. Not sure how I should act, not sure how she’ll respond.

Dana took care of that. “Are you ready?” she asked.

“I think so,” I answered. Dana stood and came to me. She put her hand behind my head, pulled me to her and kissed me. A soft, wet, open mouthed kiss and I felt her tongue probe my mouth. I could feel her “cock” between us as we kissed. I sucked on her tongue softly, tasting the Gentleman Jack on her breath.

She broke the kiss and took a half step back and said, “Let me look at you.” She took a long time scanning me and I saw the lust fill her eyes and her face flush.

Dana grinned and reached down to rub my cock with the back of her hand. “Do you like the new panties?” she asked. “Turn around and let me see how they look from the back.”

I turned to face the wall, and I felt her rub my ass through the panties. Dana put her arms around me and pulled me against her. I felt her “cock” slip between my ass cheeks and I gotta admit it felt good. Dana reached around and started jerking me off. Breathing in my ear, she whispered. “I love you,” then she started a slow rhythmic rocking back and forth as she rubbed her “cock” on my ass.

“I love the way you feel in these panties” she said.

“Do you like the feel of my “cock” against your ass”?

“Yeah,” I answered. She humped into me for a few minutes then she stopped and turned me back around to face her. She kissed me again, a little more forceful now and rubbed her nipples against my chest. She gently pulled my face to her left breast and I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Dana leaned her head back and moaned loudly and her breathing came in short bursts.

She was on another plane and going higher. When I let go of her nipple, Dana looked at me almost pleadingly, longing for more. She then put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. “Suck my cock babe,” Dana said “suck me good.”

She had taken it in her hand, slowly stroking and guiding it to my lips. It was as so real looking that I had to remind myself that it wasn’t. Dana said “Lick it, take my cock in your mouth.”

I hesitated slightly as Dana continued to rub it on my face and on my lips. Then I opened my mouth and Dana slipped her “cock” into my waiting mouth.

“Oh my…Oh-h-h” she said. “I can feel it, I can actually feel you sucking me.”

She started fucking my mouth with slow, shallow strokes. I think she was concerned about how deep to go…and frankly so was I. Dana was reaching the point of no return. Her fucking got faster and faster. I could feel her “cock” deep in my throat with every stroke. I reached up and held her balls in my hand, rolling them between my fingers.

Dana said “Yeah, that’s it, play with balls, suck me off!” She held my head between her hands and was fucking my mouth furiously. Dana’s chest was heaving, her skin was flushed pink and she was moaning louder, and louder.

Then I heard her say “OH-MY-GAAAAAA!!!!” and she came violently. Her knees buckled and I had to actually grab her around the back of her thighs to keep her from falling down. I eased Dana to the ground and her eyes were rolled back in her head.

“Dana? Dana?” I said. “Hey babe, are you still with me?” Her breathing became more regular and she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.

“Wow….that was fuckin’ awesome,” she said, “that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.” She reached down to my cock and came away with a hand full of come. I had exploded without her ever having touched me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20