Dave and Scott Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


After I had fucked Scott’s ass that first time, we spent the rest of the day naked, slapping each other on the butt or making a grab for each other’s cock. We kissed and hugged a lot. I loved catching glimpses of Scott’s well fucked gaping hole when he would bend over, spreading his legs and pushing his ass out. My cock alternated between being semi hard and fully erect. Occasionally Scott would grab hold of it and coax out some precum which he would bend over and lap up. When he did, I would rub my hand over his round firm ass cheeks or slip my finger inside his well fucked shit hole.

Later, while we sat at the table we had fucked over, having dinner, I raised the subject of Nick and him being fuckbuddies.

“So how long have you and Nick been fucking each other?” I asked.

“About a year now. We fuck every time we get time together,” he replied. He then went on to tell me they had started after a Friday night out on the town. They had both assumed the other was on the hunt for pussy and had tried to get each other interested in any girl that walked into the pub they were in. Scott finally had to put Nick straight and told him outright, that he was gay and not interested in finding a girl to fuck. Nick had looked a little stunned apparently and then burst out laughing as he confessed that he was gay too. He had tried to get interested in fucking women but couldn’t “rise” to the occasion. They had gone back to Nick’s flat, as he was living away from Phil’s at the time, ripped each others clothes off and apparently fucked like rabbits all that weekend.

After Scott finished telling me the history of him and Nick, I decided to come clean about me and his Uncle Phil being fuckbuddies. Scott was a little shocked then smiled and said “Can you imagine having them both over for a BBQ when lockdown is over? All that meat! How big is Uncle casino oyna Phil’s cock?”

“He is bigger than me but not as big as this beauty” I answered as I reached over and took hold of Scott’s hard throbbing cock. “How big is Nick?”

“He is very big, here look.” He grabbed his phone and opened a pic of Nick, naked and holding his hard cock. It was a thing of beauty to look at. Uncut, solid, with a big blue vein running the full length of about 9 inches. “He is a fucking horny bastard too, he can fuck for hours, cum, stay hard and fuck again. He has wrecked my ass many times. When we sleep together he always wakes me up in the middle of the night to fuck me, and then usually slides his cock up my ass in the morning to wake me up.”

“Hmmm – you do have a hungry mancunt don’t you?” I said. “I don’t think I’ll be able to match Nick’s stamina but I’ll try and keep your cunt fed and satisfied during lockdown.”

“I’m sure you’ll be UP for the challenge Dad.” Having Scott’s naked body and hard cock in front of me, seeing Nick’s beautiful piece of cock meat and talking about fucking had made my cock hard. Scott got up and walked over to where I was sitting, threw one leg over me and held my rigid cock straight up. Slowly he lowered his loose juiced up cunt down on me. I felt every inch of his hot anal tunnel as he slid down my pole until he was sitting in my lap. He bent forward and kissed me, our tongues fighting to be in each other’s mouth. “You don’t have to cum each time Dad. More than happy to just have your hard cock inside me.”

I reached around him and took hold of his ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart so he could get the last little bit of my hard cock inside his cunt. He started clenching and unclenching his ass hole on my cock. “Oh fuck me Dad, you feel so good inside me,” he said.

“Ride me Scott, like you did that dildo earlier. Ride me fucking hard boy,” I said

Scott started lifting and dropping slot oyna his ass on my cock as I held his cheeks apart, each time he bottomed out his big hard cock would dribble more precum till there was a little pool of it gathered on my groin. “OH FUCK… OH FUCK … YES DAD… FUCK ME” he cried as he rode me. His ass made squelching noises as he bottomed out. “You’re so fucking deep inside me Dad.” Just then he stopped and pulled himself off my cock with a pop and a sloppy fuck fart. “But no more for now.”

He must’ve seen the look of dismay on my face – I was really enjoying fucking him like that. “Don’t worry. Not gonna leave you with blue balls for long old man. Just going to make you so fucking horny that when you fuck me again, you’ll give it to me hard and blow a huge cum load up my cunt. I want you to fill me to overflowing with your daddy spunk.”

For the rest of the evening I sat on the sofa while Scott laid with his head in my lap. Occasionally he would lick at my hard knob head and I would shove two or three fingers up his shit hole and finger fuck his cunt. After awhile he said he was going upstairs and I was to follow a few minutes later – he said he would have a surprise for me.

I watched his delicious ass as he bounded up the stairs. I knew the surprise would be his ass – primed and ready to be fucked hard till I nutted inside his hot shit chute. I was half right. When I went upstairs to his bedroom, there he was on his back on his bed, legs raised and bent so his knees were in his chest and his sexy puffy hole was there for the taking. “Come on Dad, ram that fucking hard cock in me and give me a good seeing to” he said.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I almost ran to the bed with my hard cock bouncing. I lined my cock up with his hole and slammed the fucker in balls deep. “Oh FUUUCK Dad. Yeah fuck me, pound my cunt hard. Tear it apart you horny bastard” he said as I proceeded to ram his cunt. Over canlı casino siteleri and over I slammed my cock into Scott, hard, deep, fast. My thighs slapping against his ass cheeks, his cunt farting and squelching as I fucked him deep. Suddenly his body tensed, he arched his back and cried “Fuck Dad, fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck me hard old man, oh fuck here it comes” then rope after rope of his hot white jizz erupted from his cock. He hadn’t been touching his cock, I literally fucked the cum out of his balls.

Seeing him explode pushed me over the edge. My spunk started to bubble and churn in my balls. My cock got thicker. “Take it you slut, take your Dad’s seed, take my cum load” I yelled as my cock exploded inside Scott’s ass. It felt like I was blowing a huge load as I kept fucking and cumming, my jizz leaking out of his loose used pussy as I continued unloading inside him. Finally I stopped shooting my cum, and just pushed my cock deep inside Scott’s ass. It was then I looked over at Scott’s desk at his laptop. The screen was dark but there was a little green light on at the top of the screen.

“Have you been filming this Scott?” I asked him.

“No Dad. We’ve had an audience watching us.”

My softening cock fell out Scott’s ass along with a load of my jizz. I walked over to the laptop and turned the screen brightness up to see my nephew Nick, naked, watching us while he played with his huge hard cock. “Hey Uncle Dave, nice job. You really fucked Scott good.”

“Told you I’d have a surprise for you Dad” Scott said.

“”Wish I could’ve joined you both,” said Nick. “Looked so fucking hot.”

I pretended to be shocked and walked out of the room, turning in the doorway so Scott could see me but Nick couldn’t. I motioned for Scott to be quiet. “Is he OK Scott? Did you go too far doing this?” Nick asked.

“I’m sure he is OK,” Scott answered obviously wondering what I was up to. I padded down the hallway to my bedroom, picked up my phone and rang my brother Phil.

“Don’t ask questions Phil. Go to Nick’s room right now. Don’t knock – just go straight in. He has something for you,” I said and put the phone down.

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