Day of the Gila Monster

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This story is erotic fiction meant for mature readers and should only be read by adults over the age of eighteen years old. Please do not use my stories without my permission.

Editor’s note: this story contains nonconsentual themes.


Ty and Marty were two personable and handsome, blond-haired, brothers. Ty, age 23, was lithe, serious, and handsome. Ty liked to reflect upon his actions. Marty, 21, was just as handsome, but a bit more physically substantial and extroverted; more of a sportsman, and not so reflective.

Driving in the car with them, as they headed to the outskirts of Tucson, was their younger brother, Dale, who had just turned 18 and had just graduated from high school. There was more than an age difference between Dale and his older brothers. Dale was not like his brothers: his hair was light brown; he had different interests from his brothers; he was more of scholar; and he was gay.

While there was never any extreme animosity shown Dale by his older brothers, there was also never much friendliness between them. And that is why it both surprised and pleased Dale when his two older brothers invited him on a road trip with them to do some desert hiking at the peak of the summer heat. “It’s when the Sonoran desert is at its hottest, but it’s also when it’s at its most exciting.”

Dale and his brothers chatted often about the desert hike in the weeks leading up to his high-school graduation. Dale was pleased that his relationship with his brothers had reached a new, more adult, plateau. And it was also the first time Dale had ridden in Ty’s brand new Audi Q7. The air conditioning felt great as the three brothers drove protected from the 104-degree heat.

But what felt especially great to Dale was having been invited, at last, into his older brothers’ circle and actually spending time with them on a much planned vacation. Dale was slightly worried about being able to withstand the ordeal of a desert hike in the presence of his brothers, and secretly feared that he would make them think that he was a wimp in some way; if it should happen that the heat was too much for him; or the treks too fatiguing.

But the fears of disappointing his brothers abated when Ty turned off the main desert highway they had been on and went down a rough, unpaved, road named, ‘Gila Valley Road’, and Ty looked at Marty and smiled, “This is where the trek begins, at our old friend Castel’s oasis and hideaway.”

Dale commented on his new fears, “It’s kind of frightening to think what would happen if our car should suddenly give out in a place like this, with nothing but saguaro cacti and burning sand for miles and miles everywhere you look.”

Marty spoke, “Have no fear, little brother. You’ve got us to protect you.”

As Ty’s Audi easily took the rough road, and as the sun’s intensity heightened, gila monsters in their daytime crevices stirred from casino oyna their slumber to burrow themselves more deeply.

After 30 minutes of driving down the same road with the same scenery, even Marty expressed concern, “Are you sure this is okay? This the right place, Ty?”

Ty’s usual serious demeanor comforted both of his younger brothers, “This is what Castel told me to expect. The drive should take about ten more minutes.”

Ty was correct. In the distance were four long, almost windowless, trailer homes, next to a large, one-story, warehouse type structure made of corrugated metal. One of the four long trailer homes was hitched to a large Peterbilt 379 Semi-Tractor. Ty was surprised, “Who would make a structure of corrugated metal in the middle of this desert?”

Dale thought the whole scene was strange, “This isn’t exactly the kind of hiking lodge I was expecting to see? Do we stay in those trailers?”

Ty’s voice showed some uncertainty and concern, as well, over the hostile looking oasis, “I’m not real certain, Dale. But let’s just check it out.”

Ty drove his Audi alongside one of the trailers, turned off his car engine, and opened the door. Immediately the intense arid heat of the Sonoran desert hit the three brothers with such a smothering intensity that they all were stunned.

Marty swore, “Jeezzzusfuckinchirsssss!”

As they got out of their car and stretched, even the sober Ty cursed, “Fuck man! This heat is evil!”

Voices were heard, voices with Mexican accents. Soon there appeared a friendly looking Hispanic in his early 50’s accompanied by two young adult males. Their brown faces were wide with inviting smiles as they waved at the three brothers.

The old man and Ty immediately made eye contact, approached each other with outstretched hands, and soon started shaking hands with a vigor that suggested they had known each other for a lifetime. As the man vigorously shook Ty’s hand with a beaming smile, he spoke, “So you ees Ty. Ty? Do I say eeet correctly?”

His accent was more moderate than Ty had expected, “Yes, I am Ty. And you must be Castel?”

“Ah si, senor. Eeet ees Cas-tÉl.”

Castel looked at Ty’s two brothers, pointed at Dale, and asked, “Theeees eees Dale?”

Ty only nodded his head, ‘yes’.

One of the brown faced young men who accompanied Castel, and who looked like a sophisticated gentleman, spoke Arizona English without an Hispanic accent, and he took up the conversation, “Come on everyone. Let’s get out of this heat. Follow me!”

Everyone did follow him, and the three brothers did so gladly in the hope of getting quickly out of the burning sun. The young brown-skinned sophisticate led his comrades and the three white boys to the large trailer house to which the semi tractor was hitched.

He walked up the steps, opened the door to the trailer home, and motioned the three brothers slot oyna to enter. As soon as the three brothers entered the trailer home, Castel and his two comrades quickly followed them in and closed the door behind them.

The men were in an entryway that was separated from the rest of the trailer by a hanging curtain. It was a very comforting air-conditioned cool inside the trailer. Castel called to behind the curtain, “Estamos aquí”. (We are here)

Castel placed a hand on Dale’s shoulder to invite him, and opened the curtain swiftly with his other hand. Standing on the other side of the curtain were three Hispanic young men who immediately grabbed Dale and started removing his clothing. The two young men who accompanied Ty, his brothers, and Castel, to the trailer stood ready to offer their comrades any assistance.

The reason Dale was almost as silent as a lamb as he was stripped was because he was shocked at what else he had seen in the trailer; as were his brothers, who, although not knowing exactly what to expect, were somewhat more prepared.

As the Hispanics stripped and hobbled Dale, Dale’s brothers took in the sights of the other naked captured men in the trailer. There were nine other naked young men, all about in their late teens or early twenties, and they were standing close together with their arms raised above their heads and securely tied to steel grid work overhead. Their legs were bound with cords around both their upper and lower legs. They watched impassively as Dale was similarly trussed.

As the Hispanics took the bound Dale to where the rest of the captured men were secured, and started securing his arms to the overhead grid work, Ty looked at Castel, anxious. Castel shook his head and handed Ty a briefcase, “Your money, Senor. Please count it.” He placed the briefcase on a table, and Ty opened it.

Ty and Marty’s hearts were beating rapidly. They didn’t really hate their brother. But the offer was too good to turn away. One million two hundred thousand dollars if they would deliver Dale to Castel. Their desire to get out of the trailer as quickly as possible was put on hold as Ty opened the suitcase and saw the neatly stacked bills.

Dale was quickly strung up by the young Hispanics, and soon, but too late, his defenses kicked in. He called out to his brothers, but they appeared to not hear him. They were counting money, lots of it. Dale quickly figured out what had happened, and asked, “Ty, Marty, how could you do this. Please help me! Don’t sell me!”

Ty looked at Dale, but it was too painful a sight for him to take in. He looked away and quickly closed the suitcase as Dale called to his brothers again. Marty fumbled for words to answer his captive brother but Ty stopped him, “Come on Marty. It’s best that we get out of here as fast as possible. It will be easiest on all of us!”

Ty nodded at Castel, and quickly exited the cool canlı casino siteleri trailer followed by Marty. The heat seemed more stifling than before, so the brothers gradually picked up their already fast pace to get back to their car, just around the other side of the corrugated warehouse.

When they turned the corner, their car was gone. The brothers were eager to get out of there. “What the fuck?” “Where is it?” Marty walked to the padlocked gates of the warehouse, “Maybe they put it in here for us, to get it out of the sun.”

Marty peered into the warehouse, and he was right about the car being in the warehouse, “Here it is Ty. They put it in here for us.”

The brothers hurriedly made their way back to the air-conditioned trailer. Marty, too overwhelmed by events to soberly evaluate threats, neglected to tell Ty that also inside the warehouse were about 10 other rather fancy cars; cars of the type that cool American boys liked to drive.

They knocked on the trailer holding the captured boys, and one of the young Hispanics opened the door and nodded for them to enter. When the curtain was opened, Castel greeted them, “Ahhh Senors, we knew you would be back!”

In a flash the five young Hispanics pounced on Ty and Marty and did their work. Castel took the suitcase, held it up for Ty to see, and thanked him. As the Hispanics flung the naked Ty and Marty over the fucking table and tied them down, Castel dug through their clothes. When he found the keys he held them up for his comrades to see, and they all smiled and laughed.

Castel spoke to the ready-to-be fucked brothers, “My boys like very much blond boys. They need to geet their rocks before we arrive in Nogales.”

The five young Hispanics quickly stripped totally bare and started stroking their dicks. As the first two Hispanics went behind their two blond captives, the sophisticated Hispanic who spoke Arizona English without an Hispanic accent spoke to Castel as he calmly stroked his dick awaiting his turn to plug one of the brother’s assholes. “The Paraguayan dealers will pay a fortune for these two. I think the prices they are willing to pay are outrageous, but every time I fuck one of these dumb American blondes, I can understand why they are so highly sought. They sure feel good!”

Castel exited the trailer, took the driver’s seat of the semi tractor, and started the tractor-trailer on its trip to Nogales.

Dale’s tears had stopped the moment he saw his two brothers’ step back into the trailer. As lost and betrayed as he felt, he nevertheless found his dick rising rock hard along with all the other standing, bound, and captive, young white men as they watched Ty and Marty get sampled by the five young Hispanics.

When the screams of Ty and Marty rose too sharply, two of the Hispanics waiting their turn to fuck them went and put their dicks in their mouths to help quiet them down.

As the powerful semi trailer rumbled into Nogales, Ty, Marty, and Dale, by now standing bound and hobbled with their naked bodies touching each other, were closer than they had ever been before.

The End

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