December Romance

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She was meeting him at the hotel at 3 p.m. She must hurry. Getting out of the car in the garage in which she discreetly parked her car, she began to pull her T Antony tote bags out of the car quickly. Once retrieved, she quickly bent down to look at herself using the car mirror on the driver’s side. Pushing her hair in place and blotting her lipstick with the swift move of a woman who is accustomed to doing this sort of quick grooming a thousand times. After looking in the mirror and touching up her lipstick, she quickly adjusted her stockings for those unseemly runs that mysteriously popped up when you least expected. Well, everything seemed to be in order. Smiling to herself, she walked down the ramp to the elevator and pushed the button that indicated down.

Killing time in the large upscale department store, gave him time to think. What the hell am I doing? He was in town visiting friends and had decided to give his wife a birthday surprise. A party, which would include family members and her closet dearest friends. He really did not need this extracurricular activity. He hadn’t plan on seeing her again, yet his recollection of meeting her 43 years ago had not dimmed. She was still stunning. A tall regal black woman in her early 60’s, she had retained her sense of style and elegance with just a touch of mystery which he had always found beguiling. Their chance meeting occurred during a social function at the house of their friend’s son. He and his wife had been a guest at one of her best friend’s home a short distance from her son’s estate. The dinner had been planned in advance and his wife’s friends wanted them to meet their son and his fiancé. Her husband was there as well. But he seems preoccupied with a lawsuit his firm was handling. Whatever the reason, both had seen the opportunity and slipped out unnoticed.

Earlier the next morning, she slipped a note into his shirt. “Meet me at the Rihga Hotel at 3pm today. His heart jump. Never in his life has he expected to be unfaithful to his wife who had been his rock of Gibraltar throughout their many years together. To betray her would sullied her honor, not to mentioned their wedding vows. Yet his deeply buried carnal instinct betrayed him. He could not refuse her request. Of all the women who had flirted with him throughout the years, she was the only one he really wanted to experience a secret sexual rendezvous with. As a matter of fact she was the one that got away. He had fallen deeply in love with her the first time they met. Just the thought of the few dates in their early years made him inwardly groan.
They met many years ago in Washington, D. C. He was a rookie cop and, she a teaching associate at the Howard University. While waiting at the stop light in front of the college, he looked out his front window and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. And that hair. It was blowing in the wind. She looked like she was lost. When she saw he had stopped, she walks over to the window and said in that southern lilt, “Good evening, officer. Could you tell me what bus to take to get back across town? My friends told me this morning, but I lost the piece of paper I wrote the directions on. Looking into those warm brown eyes, he was mesmerized. “Certainly, he replied. He gave her the instructions and then asked if he could take her to her destination. She looked at him curiously and then said. “Alright, if it’s not out of your way. He replied that it was not. Thus the beginning of a new, but very short friendship.

He remembered their first date like it was yesterday. They went to the movies and then to dinner. Being a southern man, he was still getting used to the North and its’ somewhat overbearing ways. But meeting her was like a breathe of fresh air. She had a wonderful way about herself. She knew a great many things, especially as it related to business and world affairs.

It was during their fifth date canlı bahis that she informed him that another woman had become smitten by him. He couldn’t imagine whom. Between working full-time as a cop and his job at the liquor store, he didn’t have much time for socializing. Plus, at this point, his mind, body and soul had been set on her. Their subsequent sensual petting sessions after their dates before he escorted her to her rooming house had always left both of them sexually frustrated. Then she dropped the bombshell one evening. She was not going to see him anymore. “Why, he urgently asked?.” “You and I come from different sides of the coin, and I think it best that we remain just friends. My business will ultimately drive a wedge between us. I really don’t want our friendship frayed by my sense of obligation to my board members. Plus, another girl really likes you. Give her chance. I’m really not your type. He looked at her. They say the windows of the soul are seen through a person’s eyes. And her brown eyes were the pools of her soul. “You are a wonderful man, and I like you, but I am in love with someone else. This affair should we embark upon it, will be doomed. Why not get a fresh perspective with someone who would love you unconditionally? He nodded his head, but his heart was heavy. He knew there was someone else but was hoping that she would leave this other man. He decided not to push her. After all, what could he offer her on a rookie cop’s pay?

Walking toward the hotel, he thought about that day. Although she left him physically, in his heart, she had remained through all of these years. Smiling he quicken his step.

The room was quite lovely. Very contemporary and quite stylish. She didn’t want a stuffy, mature hotel. She wanted a fun, whimsical place. A place they both would remember in their twilight years. A place when they could concentrate on talking and making love. She was pleased. Stopping and looking at her reflection in the mirror, she began the usual self-critiquing one does when one about to meet a new lover. Sitting down at the small, but very expensive vanity table, she looked closely at her face. Her eyes were clear and face devoid of wrinkles. She smiled. She was a vain woman in her youth and as the years passed she had become even more diligent in the care and upkeep of her warm brown skin.

Turning away from the mirror, she looked in her bag for the negligee she had specifically brought for the occasion and of which she would dispose of immediately after their tryst. She didn’t want her husband to come upon it and ask questions. It would be better for all concern. Carefully, she took off her nylons and put them on the back of the small antique vanity table chair. Taking her blouse off she hung it up with care along with her skirt. She put both items in the bathroom and ran the shower so that the steam from the shower would allow her clothes to remain fresh.

Before putting on the stylishly expense rose colored negligee, she again examined her body. Not bad for an older woman. She knew he would be surprised and pleased. Pouring her scented lotion in her palm she began to oil her skin in broad strokes. Then she took the negligee, opened it and proceeded to slip her arms into the folds of soft silk. After making sure her make-up had been applied impeccably, she took her hairbrush and brushed her hair in an upswept to which she pin in an neat style. Once finished, she took a magazine out of her bag to read until his arrival.
He had stopped at the elegant department store intending to buy her a bottle of perfume. Once inside he really found that he didn’t know what her scent was. His wife had always said a purchase of perfume was much like picking out the right man-neither should be rushed and you had to make positively sure it was the right choice. Since he wasn’t quite sure, he decided to purchase an expensive scarf instead He wanted their brief bahis siteleri time to be memorable. After the sales lady wrapped his gift, he tuck it into his briefcase. This was in case someone came upon and started asking questions. Smiling to himself, he briskly walked toward the hotel. Standing outside the door he could hear her singing along with a song on the radio. Knocking softly, he heard her said, “Come in”. What a vision to his eyes. “Could you do me a favor? “Sure he said. Take your clothes off and put them on the hanger on the chair. Looking at her quizzically, “Why” “If you take you clothes off, and put them on the hanger in the bathroom, the perfume and other body odors will not remain in your clothes to be detected later this evening. “Oh I see” he said” Looking at her and silently unbuttoning his shirt he did as she requested. When he got down to his pants he stopped. She looked at him. “Don’t stop, keep going I’m enjoying the show. Unbuckling his belt he slide the zipper down. As he was undressing he was quite aware of the music on the radio. “that’s Nat isn’t it, he asked? “Yes it is, she softly replied. Taking his undershirt off, he thought he heard a soft moan. Rising up on her knees, she proceeded to the edge of the bed. She beckon to him with her finger. “Come” As he walked over to the bed, he felt his member throbbing. Taking her hands she slide them into the waistband and slowly pulled his cotton shorts down. While kissing him on the lips, she brought her right hand around to fold around his dick. Many years ago she held him this way and was glad to see that the circumference of his dick had not change with the passage time. Massaging him ever so lightly she gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth.

He was on fire. Kissing and talking at the same time. “I want to be inside of you right now. “I know baby but give me a little more time she whispered. Massaging his dick she knew that she really couldn’t hold him too much longer. but she wanted to savor the moment as long as she could. He was rock hard. Lowering her head she gently touch the bulbous tip of his dick with her tongue. Sliding her tongue further she enfold her entire mouth on his dick as far as she could. She absolutely loved giving head. Years ago she remembered she giving him head and he was ecstatic. Today, judging by his moans, he was pretty much in that same state-of total rapture. For about five minutes she suck him. Finally she felt herself wet enough for penetration and she wanted it now. Rising up she slipped her negligee off. Taking his fingers he massaged her nipples until they were fully engorged. Looking into his eyes, she whispered “I need you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can.” And who was he to refuse a lady’s request. Their first coupling was extremely intense. The second time they made love a little bit slowly. Before the third and last time, they talked about their lives, the children and the future.
Their third coupling was extremely erotic. She was a woman who absolutely enjoyed sex. She had no exhibitions. He was surprised. Most women in her age group always tried to cover up their body. Didn’t want to engage or even talk about sex. And that was just plain intercourse. Certainly not the real nasty stuff that you snuck around and watch on late night cable TV or video tape. Not her. She reveled in her sexuality and she definitely embraced his. Because this was their first and last time together as lovers they wanted it to be memorable. So they began to talk to each other of their particular sexual likes and needs. He told her although he loved his wife she wasn’t adept at giving head. She laugh. “She’s a good southern girl. They don’t like to do things like that” Well, you know I listen to the young officers talk, females included. and all they talk about is oral sex. Our generation was not that open in that particular arena. “I know what you are saying, but it didn’t prevent some of us bahis şirketleri from learning the art form. Straddling him she kissed him deeply on his full well defined lips while grinding her vagina on his awakening penis. With tiny kisses cascading down his chest she was preparing him for the ultimate kiss and she wanted him standing tall in the saddle. Taking her time she run her tongue over the very top of his dick so that he could lightly feel the sensation. Judging from his moans she knew he was really enjoying her ministrations. She look up at him and say softly “scoot down to the edge of the bed. He complied with her wish. Taking a piece of mint flavored piece of candy she sucked really hard until her mouth was filled with a really tingly sensation. He had leaned back contemplating her actions.. What is she up to. he wondered. “Close your eyes and just feel the sensation. When she again touch the tip of her tongue on his harden dick, the sensation was of one he had never experienced in his entire life. The collision of mint and tongue almost sent him over the edge. It was nirvana. He almost came, but by some sheer will power was able to control the impulse. For this she was grateful. She wanted to do something a little kinky to remind him that he was a desirable man. Even at his age. And give him something to remember this day by.

When she felt he could no longer hold himself, she slipped the condom on. She then proceeded to the antique chair, flipped her hair and beckoning him come over. I’m wet she said. He didn’t know he could move that fast. Slipping his now enlarged dick into the recesses of her incredible pussy was just incredible. It was like his private fantasy had come true. Gaining a rhythm with each stoke, he push in and out, in and out. God this felt so good. Her moans are driving me nuts. Leaning down and kissing her back, he took her breast in his large hands and began to kneed . “Oh God, please don’t stop she panted softly.

Having a woman bend over the chair was one of his fantasies. Never did he think it would come true. He had accidentally walk in on his son’s having a secret sexual tryst with his ex-wife. The way he had position her over the chair was intensely erotic. He didn’t stay for the grand finale, but he heard the end result when both of them scream in unison the sound reverberate throughout the house. He had never forgotten that day. Today was one of pure erotic joy. Remembering that day just intensified his feelings at the moment. “I am coming Oh god, oh god, she said urgently. Grabbing the embroider pillow she scream into it. He silently screamed into her right shoulder. Being a father and a grandfather, he had learn from many years of practice how to make love urgently but silently.

When their hearts finally reach a normal pace the lovers walked over to the bed and collapsed. “Hey you, as she playfully smiled while tugging his ear. Hey you. Looking at her he started to speak. No, she said, placing her finger on his lips to quiet him. This time was for us. Our spouses have nothing to do with this afternoon activities. Tuck it away in your memory bank and pull it out whenever you pleased. And with that she got up and walked into the bathroom to change into her street clothes. They shared one last kiss. “Wait for me he asked.” Alright, she replied. Closing the bathroom door he smiled to himself. When he step out fully dressed he expected to find her. It was not to be. She was gone. Sitting on the bed he felt the weight of disappointment. That is until he spied a handwritten note on the sitting table near the window.

“Please forgive me for leaving before you completed your shower. But I think it best we leave separately. Remember me in your heart and always think of this day as special time between two friends who for a brief moment become lovers. “Oh, don’t worry about the bill it has been taken care of. Although he wanted to hold for one last time, he knew she was right to leave before he returned. So with that thought he kissed the note then tour it into tiny pieces and flush it down the toilet. With a brief look about the room he closed the door softly behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20