Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 03

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I have had a few weeks off, because I needed to concentrate on my school work and had to catch up with a series of various family events. We had the Day of Ashura, Shia’s religious holiday for which I donned the customary all black outfit. I also went out on protests and demonstrations about the government’s attempts to Monetize. our education. I also arranged events on campus for the various student societies, for which I am a member of. However, something overcame me when this unusual request came in. I wanted more money, but this latest request made me so nervous, I nearly turned it down. It seemed complicated, dangerous and one hell of a challenge and one I don’t know if I could withstand. A group of White Bankers, who work in the City of London, were planning on celebrating their boss’s birthday and wishing to go all out. Their boss has a school girl fetish and dreams of corrupting an innocent -looking girl. He will corrupt her with 12 of his colleagues and they will restrain her and fuck her. But then she gets free, and decides to punish and dominate them. They want me to be that girl. I’ve never done anything like this before, and something like this will stretch me, both metaphorically and literally.

But despite my reservation, I decide to accept their offer. It will go ahead on Friday night, and before that, I have to attend my classes and do some shopping.

The day starts off as normal, and I go to class, but I cannot concentrate on the lecture as I am too pre-occupied with what needs to be done in preparation for this evening. Once the class gets over I cannot get away fast enough and I not even stop for lunch. I go towards Oxford Circus and stop off at shops along the way. the clients want a school girl look I need to buy clothes that make me look like a school girl. The first thing I need is a uniform. In the first shop, that I stop in, I manage to find a white long sleeve t-shirt. But it takes me me a while to find a suitable grey skirt with folds that goes up to my knees. Finally, when I do find the skirt , I know I will be good for the evening. After the skirt, I quickly find a red and black striped tie and a blue blazer. I then purchase some ordinary black heels and big white socks, which finishes my ‘uniform’ part of the shopping. I then go and buy some extra condoms and lots of lubricant from the nearby drugstore, as I will need them definitely during the gangbang session.

The evening arrives and I am heading towards an apartment in the up-market area of Chelsea and Kensington in my motorbike outfit. I arrive at the discreet -looking apartment, I park my motorbike remove my helmet grab my bag and head towards the door a buzzer. I press the buzzer and wait for the reply. After a few seconds, I hear a man’s voice over the intercom: “Yes.”

“Mr Stevenson?”

Stevenson: “Yes, speaking.”

“Your pizza has arrived, and I have the extra toppings you’ve ordered.” I use the code word andam immediately buzzed in. The hall way is large, and I stand and wait for the elevator to arrive. I am feeling nervous and excited, I can only hope I am what they wanted. The elevator arrives and I press the button to go to the top floor. I knock on the door and am immediately let in by Mr Stevenson; he has white hair and blue eyes and has a huge smile on his face.

Mr Stevenson: “Hi, you must be Mistress Soraya? I am Mr Stevenson, but you can call me Alex. Did you get here okay?”

“Yes. Fine, thank you. It didn’t rain and it wasn’t too cold. So will I do?”

Mr Stevenson takes a very good look at me and lays his hand down on my stomach, and smiles and say “Yes, you will do very nicely. God, you’re even better than what I’d imagined. You’re so beautiful. Guys, come here and check out our dinner.”

Eleven guys come the living room, and they all gather around me and make noises that suggest their approvals. Mr Stevenson then turn to me and says, “So, you know what we want to do to you?”

I respond by saying, “Yes, I have the description right here. School girl role-play with 12 guys gangbang, must be both submissive and dominante.”

Mr Stevenson: “Yes, that’s it. Thanks for doing this. You look like the perfect girl for the role. Do you need somewhere to get changed?”

“Yes, please.”

Mr Stevenson: “Go up the stairs and into my bedroom. You can get changed there.”

Mr Stevenson very polite, and so are the guys. I admire his luxury pad, spacious and large. I could imagine myself ending up in a place like this. I run up the stairs and into his bedroom and start changing into my schoolgirl outfit. It does not take me long, as I’ve done my make-up prior to arriving. Ten minutes pass and I leave the bedroom and head down the stairs and towards the living room. The role -play has begun. I strut into the living room and see Mr Stevenson sitting on the couch. The other guys are nowhere to be seen, but they will enter at the appropriate moment.

Mr Stevenson: “Hiya, come and sit down next to canlı bahis şirketleri me. Your parents will not be home for a few hours, and I am sure you’ve got a lot of homework to do. Am I right?” He now breathes in and eyes me up and down.

“Yes, Mr Stevenson. My mum would be upset if I don’t finish my homework, and I’ve got a major test coming up too,.” I say as I move towards the couch.

Mr Stevenson: “Is that so? What’s the subject?”

“It’s algebra, and I am finding it really difficult. I’m afraid I won’t pass the test.” I sit at the other end of the couch, away from Mr Stevenson.

Mr Stevenson: “Ohh, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Tell you what, why don’t I help you? You know I am pretty good with algebra.”

“Well…I don’t know.” I say hesitantly.

Mr Stevenson: “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m really good with algebra. Come and sit closer to me. It’s okay. I’m your uncle, I’m not gonna bite.”

“Okay, then.” I then move closer to him and open my notebook and pull out a pencil. I begin writing sums as he gets even closer to me. He sticks his head right- up against my ear and begins sniffing me.

Mr Stevenson: “You’re doing well, very well. You’re such a clever girl and a good girl too.”

I smile nervously and say, “Thank you, Mr Stevenson.”

Mr Stevenson: “Call me Uncle Bob.”

“Okay, Uncle Bob.”

Mr Stevenson: “That’s better, my dear. Gosh, you’re so pretty and you smell good too. I bet you have to fight them off with a stick.”

“No, I don’t. I’m from Iraqi Muslim family., I’m not allowed to date, and I don’t believe in sex before marriage.”

Mr Stevenson: “Jeez that’s too bad.You really are so beautiful. Any guy would be so lucky to have you.” He then begins to touch and stroke my hair., “Your hair is so soft. You really are just perfect, so beautiful.” He moves in and whispers, “And you’re making me very hard,” and he moves in and kisses me on the cheek.

“No, Mr Stevenson. Stop it. It’s very wrong. Stop touching me.” I say in a panicky voice and push him away.

Mr Stevenson: “I told you, it’s Uncle Bob! Please don’t go. I will behave. Anyways, I have to drop you at your house.”

“Okay, but please stop trying to touch me!”

Mr Stevenson: “Okay, I will, I will, I promise you.” He moves in again, and we pretend he is now seriously helping me with my homework. He grabs my hand while I am holding the pencil and directs it around the piece of paper.

“Thank you, Uncle Bob., I don’t know how to thank you?”

Mr Stevenson: “I can think of a way. Now, I’m not going to hurt you, but there is a fun way you can reward me. I just want to rest my hand on your knees. It’s nothing perverted, it’s just a good luck charm to help you pass your test. Having your knees rubbed by someone over 50 is considered good luck in Celtic culture. May I?”

I look at him cautiously. “I suppose that will be okay.”

Mr Stevenson: “Good, I’m glad to hear it.” He then places his hand gently on my knee cap and makes noises of excitement and begins to rub. “Ahhh… Yes. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? Ohh…and very beautiful too. Your parents must be very proud of you. You’re very respectful to your elders. I’d read that in Muslim culture, young people are required to respect their elders. Is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

Mr Stevenson: “You see, I’ve always liked Arab and Muslim girls, because they are so discreet. You can do anything you want to them and they won’t tell a soul.”

I smile nervously, and now he begins to speed up and aggressively rubs my knees.

Mr Stevenson: “I have this picture, I’d like to show you, and you tell me what you think, okay?” He stops rubbing my knees and pulls out his smart phone and enters his photo album. “Flick through it.” As he hands me the smart phone, he grabs my leg and rests it on top of his leg and starts stroking it. I look at the pictures girls with cum on their face,. I pretend to look shocked, and he says, “What do you think of them? Do you like it?”

“No, Uncle Bob. Stop doing this. Leave me alone. You’re sick!” I retort.

Mr Stevenson: “I’m sorry it had to come to this, but it’s your own fault. You’re too beautiful, and it makes it difficult for a respectful man like me to resist. What I am about to do is for your own good, and it will teach you not to play with older men. Boys, come through.” Eleven men appear out of nowhere and, all quickly, begin to surround me. Mr Stevenson wraps his arms around me and tries to restrain me, while I attempt to fight him off. “Okay, boys, let her have it.”

“Have what? What are you doing to me, you sick perv,” I shout.

Mr Stevenson: “As you’re a little girl and we are all older men, it’s your cultural duty to please us. And these guys really need pleasing. Okay, guys; get a good look and feel at what Uncle Bob has brought you! Who wants to inspect the merchandise first?”

There a row of different canlı kaçak iddaa men shouting “me” “, and Mr Stevenson then tells the men to line up in groups of three so that they can grope me. Meanwhile, Mr Stevenson holds me down and red marks begin to appear around my body.He was squeezing me very tightly, and it didn’t seem to matter what I did. I try kicking in the air and pushing him off, but nothing works in my plan.

A trio of men now begin to touch me. They make Zombie-like sounds and stoke and rub my body up and down. One guy get on his knees, hold my legs down, so that I cannot kick and begins playing with my leg. He pulls down my socks and strokes and kisses my knees, thighs and ankles. He tells me how precious and beautiful my legs are and how he wants to rub his dick up and down my leg and hump it. The other guys all have a good feel and seem to become knottier by the minute They all like the feeling of my soft breasts and stroking my stomach. Mr Stevenson sticks his tongue into my ear and licks and gently teases the inner ear. Another guy starts slapping my face. I order him to stop, but he just laughs and then starts licking me. I’m still in the school uniform, but that does not stop him. He licks my fully clothed body, and soon others joins him. My hands, legs, body and face are now being licked. Each man praises how divinely I taste.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… Stooop…It, please stop it., What you’re doing is wrong. Why are you doing this to me?” I now pretend to cry, but the guys just laugh and continue to lick me. One guy screams that seeing me in tears makes him hornier. Another guy tells me to stop crying and starts kissing me. He inserts his tongue into my mouth and pushes it down my throat. He has very smelly breathe, and I begin to cough and choke. He eventually withdraws and I calm down.

Mr Stevenson: “Good, little slave, you’ve now accepted your fate! This was all done to a rouse you., I’m not your uncle, and you will never see your parents again! You have no future. Your destiny is to please men. Do you see what is over there? It’s a large doggie cage and it’s your new home.”

“Nooooo.” I scream.

Mr Stevenson signals to one of the guys and he goes off into the kitchen and comes back with hand and feet restrains. Four men now hold me down and the restrains are applied., Another man produces a black latex dog collar and ties it around my neck. They attach a leash and force me to crawl and walk like a dog towards the cage. All the guys are laughing and jeering and seem to be high as a kite. I am locked in the cage, and all 12 men gather around me and taunt me. I beg them, “Please let me go., Please., I won’t report you., I just want to go home.” I pretend to cry again.

Mr Stevenson: “Okay, guys, isn’t it time for Soraya to have a shower?”

All the men shout “yes” and jeer some more. They then, one by one, unzip their pants and yank out their enormous manhood. I’m on my knees, and my doggie cage is completely surrounded by hard cocks, which have encircled me. I can only look- up, and my big green eyes, try to project the image of innocence. But nothing will stop them. Pretty soon a squirt flies out of one of the guy’s member and hits me in the right eye, and I’m force my eyes to close, but before I can fully react to being squirted on, another guy squirts and hits me in the left eye. They both go red, and my vision impairs for a few moments, but as I try to rub my eyes and push their pee away, the rest of the guys start to pee. Their salty piss flies into my mouth and I cough. But the guys don’t notice they are in full swing and seem to be having a good piss. My face starts to go yellow, and I now reek of urine., My clothes, hair and face are completely wet. I now accept my fate and offer no more resistance.

After ten minutes, the peeing party ends and Mr Stevenson sticks his cock through the cage.

His big, seven -inches -by -four uncut cock stares at me. I kiss the tip and push his foreskin back and begin to play with the tip. I poke and tease the foreskin and lick around the tip. My hair is still wet and dripping, but I now focus all my energy into Mr Stevenson’s manhood. My hand rubs, strokes and teases his manhood, and as I do so, another man shouts out and orders me to give him my panties. I stop licking Mr Stevenson and pull my panties off and squeeze it out of the cage. The man grabs it and starts sniffing it and tries to breathe it in. Then he licks my panties. I get back to sucking Mr Stevenson off. My tongue now glides up and down his penis, and I start spitting. I rub my spit aggressively,and then drool onto his cock. And then insert his cock into my mouth and start sucking.

Mr Stevenson: “Come on, boys, let’s feed the hungry whore.”

The guys line up, and four of them stick their cock through the cage holes, and I start licking and sucking them off. I shove two cocks into my mouth at once and force them to touch inside my mouth. And then spit them out. canlı kaçak bahis But before I could catch my breath, another guy shove his cock down my throat, and he tries to go all the way down. I now cough and choke, but he isn’t bothered. He start to fuck my throat. A massive lump, which looks like an Adam’s apple, appears in my throat and, eventually , a massive lumps of pre-cum goes through my throat.

Mr Stevenson: “I think Soraya has learnt her lesson. We will release her from the cage so we can properly fuck her.”

They open the cage and I crawl out. Immediately, a guy grabs my hair and pull it. Another guy sticks his cock into my mouth. While I am blowing one guy, another guy comes up sideways and starts rubbing my cheeks with his cock. Another guy comes up to my other cheek and does the same thing. They both stick their cocks into my ears and rub. A new circle forms around me, and everyone plays with their cock, preparing for me to blow them. I have to swing from one cock to another, and whiles I suck one cock, I give hand jobs to the others who are in waiting. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I soon get the hang of it and get into my mood. I’m the blow job queen of London, and I aim to please as many people as possible. I’m still in my uniform, and I pause for a moment and strip naked.

“Okay, which one of you big boys will cum first, ha? I’m waiting for some tasty cum?” I tease the guys, and what they don’t realise is I am starting to re-gain control of the situation. I decide to provoke them further. “How about you,? Why don’t you cum? I thought you were supposed to be this stud? What’s wrong? Doesn’t your dick work?” I then turn to another guy., “And how about you? I can’t work with men with erectile dysfunction. You got a delicious piece of meat here and you struggle to eat it.” And then to another. “Come on, you big boy, show me what you’re made off!” The men seem to get more excited and start to produce some, thick, creamy liquid, and it flies onto my cheeks. Twelve creamy cocks now squirt at different parts of my body. Tits, stomach, hair, face and mouth – and I scoop it all up and swallow. I take one piece of hot, thick white cum, which lands on my shoulder, and scoop it up with my finger. I hold my finger in the air and open my mouth and let it dangle into my mouth. The salty taste hits my tongue and sends of a riot in my taste buds.

Mr Stevenson: “Well done, guys, excellent decorating job. The white cum gives her skin a nice glowy complexion. But you let her dictate too you., She is just a dumb school girl! You three grab her and take her to the couch, and we’ll teach this bitch a lesson. My couch converts into a bed. Now let’s have some fun.”

Three men grab me and pick me up and take me to the couch., I am still wearing the leash, but, evidently, they decide that picking me up would be more fun. My throat is already chained, and I’m sure it can’t take too much of me. I am beginning to feel stretched-, but it isn’t over yet. The three men throw me onto the couch, that has been converted into a bed. One of the guys comes from behind and holds my arms down; and the rest line up; and licks and sucks my pussy one after another. The first guy sticks his entire head onto my waxed pussy, and begins licking me out. Feeling his tongue penetrating deeply into my pussy puts me in a good mood. Finally, I might have an orgasm as my lips are very sensitive. It would be great to cum before they rip me in two. Feeling his tongue makes me groan loudly with pleasure: “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaaaahhhhh….. Yes, yes,! Oh, fuck! Yes!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I may smell of urine, but I don’t care, as I am having a good time. One after another, they lick and suck my hole.

Mr Stevenson: “Right now, guys, did you all get a good lick? Good. Now we have to divide her up and fuck her to pieces. She has three holes, and so that means – three, or maybe four, guys at a time.”

“Oh, God!, No!” I scream., The moment has finally arrives, and I know that if I survive this, I will be a rich girl. Mr Stevenson examines my tiny pussy and decides it needs maximum force. He selects one other guy and they both lube up. Another guy comes in and lubes my pussy and asshole, and I think I am going to definitely need it. Mr Stevenson opens my pussy with his fingers and inserts his cock, while the other guy, he selected, opens my asshole and slowly inserts his cock. It’s so unbelievably painful and I scream the whole time. Once Mr Stevenson inserts his entire cock, he stretches my pussy with his finger and signals the other guy to insert his cock too. So to summaries I have two cocks in my pussy and one in my ass.I can hear tearing and I scream, but everyone is in. Mr Stevenson commands, and suddenly, I feel movement. My ass and pussy get pounded, and I cannot stop crying. The guys make so much noise; they shout, wail and scream in excitement. But I do not have time just to scream and cry. From nowhere, two men emerge at either side of me for oral. I just grab their cocks and start sucking. I suck loudly, even use my teeth.

But it’s hard to suck and be pounded at the same time; so I end up biting their cocks and leaving teeth marks in their dented penises.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20