Difficulty Adjusting to Treatment Ch. 02

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I couldn’t believe what Suzy had done. Everything from the experiment to give me female characteristics to pictures of her dressing me up in womens clothing to all of my fetishes were in this pamphlet in my offices ladies restroom. It also gave permission to do with me as they saw fit.

Stunned, I stumbled backwards and fell onto the floor. I was shocked that she would do this. I quickly got my phone out and started to call her. Her voice over the phone would normally be calming, but all I could focus on was the racing questions.

“Hey honey. Did you see what was left for you?”

“How could you do that? Everything on there…you realize the problems with just telling everyone everything that turns me on, right? And, besides, how did you even put that here?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Your boss let me. I told her about everything and she thought it would raise company moral to have a fun little toy around to help with the work, to be some great eye candy, and to take care of the urges everyone had.”

I could barely even speak. I felt my breath catch once or twice before I was able to inhale again. I was so shocked and I could barely hold back tears. “How…how could you do that to me without asking? You went behind my back and just…whored me out to all of my coworkers?”

“Hey, hold on there. You wanted to keep our relationship open too. Besides, you were asking earlier to get with Kim. Have you even read the mirror?”

I remembered her texting me that before. I looked up and saw the message: an arrow pointing to the pamphlet and below it the words ‘Ask Janet and sign the contract to take it down.’ She had thought about if I didn’t want it?

“Look, if you are still angry,” Suzy continued over the phone, “I get it. You are a bit…picky about plans and you like things to not be this spontaneous, but I want you to think of this. illegal bahis You get as much action as you can stand, wherever you go, you get to improve your stamina for me, your coworkers have more fun and enjoy you as well, and you get to learn new things you don’t know if you like yet.”

I was still sitting on the bathroom floor and couldn’t say anything. She was right. I could have fun and help everyone have pleasure too. If I changed my mind, I could always tell Janet. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door. Kim stood in the doorway, holding a belt in her hand and a smirk on her face. Her mouth parted and she licked her lips. “You won’t get away from me that easily, you slut.”

Startled, I scooted back until I hit the door of a stall behind me and felt that it wouldn’t budge. Someone was in there and they had been listening to me on the phone the whole time and now they were going to listen to Kim in here with me. Phone still pressed to my ear, I heard Suzy say, “Well, sounds like you have her to keep you company. If you want to stop this, I’ll see you at home tonight. If you need to stay late, just tell me before five.” I heard the sound of my phone registering the call being hung up. My hand moved, almost unconsciously, down to my pants pocket and slid my phone in

“So, you think you can just reject me trying to play with your cock, huh?” Kim said as she walked over to me, slowly and deliberately swinging the belt side to side. She kicked her shoes off into the wall and I heard them hit hard. I could tell she was very mad with me. “I read everything in there and I have to say, you are going to be in for a world of surprises from me when it comes to kinks, positions, and stamina.” By this point, she stood over me, my nose only a few inches from her crotch.

The smell emanating from her vagina was very strong, not helped by the fact that she illegal bahis siteleri was wearing a skirt. The skirt proved to be out of the plan, however, as she quickly moved it so it was no longer in the way of my face. With that gone, I was greeted with two other facts: Kim had not worn panties today and she liked to be clean shaven. I inhaled her odor, taking note of the pungent and strange new sent surrounding me.

Around my head, I felt a pull and noticed that the belt had been tightly pulled on, pressing my face to her. Kim groaned in sadistic joy as she felt my mouth pressing against her clitoris. She began to buck forward against me, shoving my head against the stall door repeatedly. Dropping her skirt, she secured the belt around us and I felt her hands moving somewhere else, but I couldn’t tell where.

She continued humping into me and I thought I knew what it was she wanted. I pushed my tongue forward and started to rub it against her clit. She threw her head back and began moaning intensely. Within a minute, I felt her start to orgasm, feeling some of them cover my tongue while seeing some of it run down her leg in what little light there was.

Patting the top of my head, Kim spoke again. “Good. You understand why it is I’m doing this, right? Reading the pamphlet your girlfriend left for us got me so worked up and I couldn’t hold back. You owe me for the teasing that it put me through. Now, I’m not going to move my hips anymore than I need to and you are going to make me squirt so hard, you’ll be able to taste me until tomorrow. Then I might consider letting you go”

Her left leg rose up and she pushed me down slightly until my tongue could be inside of her. I pushed into her and listened for her moans. I probed inside of her, finding every nook and cranny, while rubbing the tip of my nose into her clitoris. Her moans sounded canlı bahis siteleri lovely, husky but high pitched and loud. I was sure that someone had heard us by this point.

Pressure built on my phallus as my erection was being rubbed. From the way I felt her thigh sliding along my chin, I knew that it was her, giving me a footjob using only one of her feet. Normally, I wasn’t that sensitive, especially to this small amount of pressure, but today I was. I couldn’t explain it, but I was being driven crazy by her foot rubbing me and being forced to eat her out.

I found her G-spot and flicked it, hearing her gasp. I went as hard as I could against it, slowing when it felt best to or when she began to squirm out of the way, I could only assume to prolong the feelings in her. I, on the other hand, was being driven up the wall. The pressure was building and I knew that I could explode at any minute.

Suddenly, I felt her squeeze me tight and then release, coating my tongue and mouth in her juices. The belt came undone on us as I felt her push me back off of her and I felt her juices spray me, first all over my face, then on my shirt. She soaked me with her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back anymore and, within only a few minutes, I came in my pants.

Hardly able to breathe from all of the pleasure, I was shocked. I had never cum that fast, nor had I ever been sensitive enough for something so minimal to make me cum. I couldn’t believe it.

Throwing the belt over her shoulder, Kim looked down at me again. “Good boy, or whatever you want us to call you now. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you. Never knew you were such a quick squirter. That’ll be a lot of fun.” With that, she went back to her desk. I was exhausted as I got back up to look in the mirror. I was covered in sweat and arousal above the waist and below I was sporting a large cum-stain directly at crotch level. I was disheveled and there would be no way to hide this from my coworkers.

In the mirror I also saw another surprise, Janet, my boss, standing in the, now open, stall door that Kim was humping me into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20