Do You Think I’m Evil?

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It’s been over a year since my last story and I wanted to come back with something a bit more hard edged. Reading back, my earlier stories were much stronger than the later ones and while I think my writing as a whole improved, it definitely lost its bite a bit. So here you go, see what you make of this one. I still have my 10,000 word story on the go, but I really need some time to finish that. That one’s a completely different kind of story, hopefully it won’t be too long before I can post that one too.


“I have a question for you slave and I want you to answer honestly…”

Karen’s hand moved up and down her slave’s cock at a steady pace. Not too fast and not too slow, keeping him stimulated but not heading for the edge. It was far too early for that…

“Do you think I’m evil?”

“No Goddess,” moaned Dean.

Karen looked disappointed and squeezed his cock a little harder on the next few strokes.

“Really! Oh dear… that means I’m failing then, doesn’t it? After all I’m sure you said you wanted me to be ‘evil’ to you, didn’t you? You said you wanted me to be completely merciless… in fact, if I remember correctly you said you wanted me to be a totally heartless bitch, didn’t you? And I promised I would, didn’t I?”

Dean groaned in agreement.

“Don’t forget, this was your idea, you made me promise to never go back, no matter what you said, no matter how bad it got, no matter how much you begged, you made me promise to never let you enjoy a proper orgasm again, didn’t you?”

“Yes Goddess…”

“I know I’ve made it hard for you, and that’s what you wanted too, isn’t it? You didn’t want me to make it easy for you, you wanted every orgasm to be completely excruciating didn’t you?”

Dean whimpered as Karen grabbed the dildo that was protruding from his ass and gave it a volley of violent strokes, punishing his prostate and stretching his tight hole at the same time.

“And yet you still can’t quite believe that I won’t show you compassion, that I won’t show you mercy at the last second. Even though you know full well that every orgasm that I allow you to have will be ruined one way or another, as you get nearer, as your balls start to tighten, your brain tricks you into thinking that this time you will be allowed to cum properly. Over and over again… isn’t that right?”

“Yes Goddess, yes…”

“Because despite everything, you desperately want to cum properly don’t you? You need it don’t you, you need to feel that blissful sensation of your cock pumping out your cum with just the right amount of pressure and for just long enough to make it feel good… before it gets too sensitive and starts to throb and hurt.”

Dean gasped as his Goddess forced the dildo even deeper into his asshole.

“But see, when it gets too sensitive and starts to hurt, that’s the bit that turns me on the most. When you start to buck and shake and try to pull away from me, straining at your bonds even though you know you can’t escape and that I can torture you for as long as I like… that’s the bit that makes my pussy really wet.”

Karen let go of the dildo as she focussed her full attention on his cock.

“Do you even remember what it felt like when I used to let you cum properly? It’s been so long now hasn’t it, well over three years… and you know what, I haven’t missed it at all… it’s always been much more fun for me to watch you suffer. So when you ‘made me’ promise to never let you cum properly again, I could hardly canlı bahis believe my luck.”

Dean’s cock twitched and Karen released her grip and slapped his aching balls twice, hard.

“Don’t even think about cumming yet slave, I’m nowhere near done with you.”

Dean exhaled loudly, every fibre of his existence was focused on holding back his impending orgasm, knowing full well that failure to do so would only make his Goddess more determined to make him suffer.

“Maybe you should try to forget about it, because you know that I will never let you have that pleasure again. I made a promise to you and I mean to keep that promise… and I mean to destroy every orgasm I ever let you have again… including this one.”

Karen grabbed Dean’s swollen balls and squeezed them hard.

“And in that moment when I ruin your pleasure, either by ‘under’ or ‘over’ stimulating you, or tying a lace around your cock and pulling it tight as you cum – literally blocking your orgasm and forcing your cum back… Oh that’s one of my favourite ways, I love the sounds you make when I do it like that, it’s so fucking hot to hear you beg and howl. I know it hurts and that turns me on so fucking much I can’t even tell you…”

Dean winced in pain and Karen released his balls. She leaned forward and spat directly on to his thick, throbbing cock and then resumed stroking it.

“And in that moment… when I do that, there must be a tiny part of you that genuinely hates it… and genuinely hates me too.”

Karen’s hand climbed to the top of his aching shaft and curled around his cockhead, palming him mercilessly.

“But you can’t ever really hate me can you? Because after all, I’m only doing what you asked me to do aren’t I? And I’m only doing that because I love you and I want to make this as good as I can for you…”

Karen switched to teasing the tip of his red, pulsing cock with one finger, on the sensitive spot right under the head.

“And the best way to make this as good as I can, is to make it as unbearable as possible isn’t it? Because we both know that’s exactly what you crave. Isn’t it?”

“Yes Goddess, I love being your toy…”

Goddess Karen chuckled to herself as she used her free hand to squeeze Dean’s huge, aching balls.

“Do you want to see my gorgeous tits slave?”

“Yes Goddess.” Begged Dean, his voice almost cracking as he spoke.

“I know you do,” chuckled Karen. “And I love showing you my beautiful, soft tits because seeing them only makes your cock harder and more desperate to cum doesn’t it? And believe me slave, I want it desperate. I want it so fucking desperate and painfully hard for me, because I know the more you want to shoot, the more you ache for release, the more intolerable it will be when I completely annihilate your orgasm…”

Dean’s cock twitched hard in her hand and Karen laughed again as she pulled her breasts free from the confines of her tight T-shirt.

“Oh I felt that. You are so fucking bad. I know you think you want to cum, but your cock knows the truth. Your cock gives you away every time… honestly, it just grew half an inch when I said I was going to annihilate your orgasm. Oh, and there it goes again, pulsing, twitching, aching for my gorgeous tits… you want to shoot on them don’t you, you love the sight of my beautiful big tits dripping with your cum don’t you? But you know that it never turns out the way you expect.”

Karen leaned forward and rubbed the tip of Dean’s tormented cock against bahis siteleri her left nipple.

“You still cling to the idea that one day I’ll relent don’t you? You still think that one day I will decide to let you cum properly and enjoy it like you used to.”

Dean’s body arched as he felt the soft, silky skin of Karen’s breast against his prick.

“Sometimes I’ll even say it, won’t I? Sometimes I’ll even say ‘One day I’ll let you cum properly’… but we both know it’s a lie. I only say it to fuck with your head. I only say it because we both know your brain will cling to that thought and that even though deep down you know it’s bullshit, you can’t help but hope. Ah, hope… it’s all you really have isn’t it? The feeble hope that one day I really will let you cum properly and all this will have been worth it. And maybe I will…”

Karen’s words hung in the air for a few seconds as she teased his cock against her skin.

“…but I probably won’t.”

The pleasurable sensation from her breast was ripped away as she wrapped her hand around his cock once again, pumping hard and fast and rough, the side of her fist travelling right down and slapping against his balls on every stroke.

“Do you know why slave? Because I love it far too much…”

Dean groaned loudly, desperately trying to hold back the torrent of cum that was bursting to escape his tortured balls.

“Oh God, that’s it… suffer for me. I fucking love watching you suffer and struggle for me.”

The abuse continued for a few seconds more and then abruptly stopped. Karen moved closer, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper as she lightly gripped his cock and began a slow torturous, unbearable teasing stroke.

“Do you ever think about what might come next slave? What new ways I might come up with of ruining your orgasm and denying you the pleasure you think you so deeply crave?”

Dean’s breathing was heavy, the sensation of her touch as maddening as it was light.

“Maybe it’s best you don’t, after all, a slave could drive himself insane thinking about things like that, couldn’t he?”

“Yes Goddess.” Dean’s just managed to force the words from his lips.

Karen chuckled softly in his ear, her hand continuing to barely stroke his throbbing length.

“What if I am truly evil though slave, have you thought about that? You know the cage never comes off until you are securely tied down, I made sure that you agreed to that early on. So what if I really am as ‘evil’ as you wanted me to be… and more? Could you handle that slave?”

Dean could barely speak now, such was the concentration required to prevent himself from exploding without his owner’s permission.

“What if I wanted to destroy not just your orgasms, but your actual balls as well. It would be so easy to tie you up, slip off the cage and slip on an elastrator band, wouldn’t it?”

Karen’s voice audibly cracked as she spoke those powerful words for the first time.

“Oh yes, your cock definitely jerked there. I know you know what an elastrator band is and it excites the fuck out of you doesn’t it? I’m sure it scares you too, but you trust me don’t you? You know I’d cut it off before any lasting damage was done, don’t you…?”

Karen moved away from him again and squeezed his balls hard once more, then reached for the dildo, pumping it into his ass in time as she stroked his reddened, angry looking cock towards an unavoidable, excruciating edge.

“Look at those huge, swollen balls… bahis şirketleri they would look so good banded tight.”

Dean let out a strangled whimper which only pushed Karen to go further with her fantasy talk.

“Can you imagine how it would feel slave, having that tiny band of rubber wrapped tight around your balls? Making your cock harder than it’s ever been in your life? Wouldn’t that be something slave, wouldn’t it be worth the risk?”

Though he hated to admit it, the thought of her banding his balls like that pushed him hard to the edge and his breathing was coming in huge uncontrollable gulps as he tried desperately to hold back for her. Sensing how close he was, Karen relented and let go of the dildo, but left it plugged deep inside him.

“Maybe if I knew you were really, truly terrified, maybe then I could find it in my cold, evil heart to allow you to cum properly… just one last time? What do you think slave, what do you think it would feel like to cum with your balls banded so tight? Do you think your cum could even escape?”

Dean’s body was starting to twist against his bonds now, as the need to find release approached critical levels. Meanwhile Karen’s free hand moved between her legs and her fingers began to stimulate her sodden clit as she revelled in her slave’s torment.

“God, I so want to try it slave, I want to see you struggle as your balls try to pump out every drop of pent-up frustration… fuck, I can’t tell you how wet thinking about that makes me slave, maybe I really am just as evil as you wanted me to be.”

Karen’s hand was working like a steam hammer on Dean’s cock now, as she pushed him ever closer to the point of no return. Her other hand was becoming more insistent on her own clit and she felt her own orgasm beginning to build.

“You know it’s going to hurt don’t you… when I cut the band off and the blood rushes back into your balls? I imagine it will be like when you take a nipple clamp off… only a hundred times worse. Who knows, maybe after the first few times you’ll start begging me to leave it on, because you won’t be able to face the pain. And when you do slave, if you beg me hard enough, then one day maybe I will…”

Dean’s groaning was growing in intensity, his cock looked impossibly red and hard and Karen knew he couldn’t possibly last much longer.

“You’re getting close aren’t you slave, you can’t help yourself can you? The thought of me destroying your balls makes you fucking horny too doesn’t it slave? You want to cum so bad don’t you… Well come on, show me how bad you want it, shoot your fucking cum for me while you still can. Come on, I want to see it, I want to see it now. Right now slave, do it, shoot your fucking load for me…”

As the moment of release drew closer, Dean began to babble incoherently, begging and pleading for release and an end to his torment. But Karen continued stroking, harder and harder, faster and faster until she saw the first drop of cum erupt from his angry looking, crimson cock head.

“That’s it slave, shoot it for me, shoot your cum all over my gorgeous fucking tits…”

Karen pumped hard and fast as ropes of thick cum splashed her skin and dripped down onto her naked thighs. On and on, way beyond the point of pleasure, way beyond the point where Dean wasn’t coming anymore… this was no longer about him, this was all about her and the pleasure she took from hurting him and ruining his every release. His animal like cries and muffled pleas for mercy pushed her crashing over the edge, until ultimately she lost her grip as she collapsed, spasming as she sank to the floor, her pussy gushing repeatedly as she succumbed to the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life.

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