Do You Want To…?

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One of the best things about Tara was the fact that she wore stockings. Sometimes when she perched herself on a high stool at work, you caught a glimpse of them under her skirt and being a fan of underwear, this was a major turn on. Unfortunately, Tara wasn’t a great lover of underwear, often eschewing a bra. In bed we’d talked about things we liked, experiences we’d had and things we wanted to try just like anyone else. I told her about my love of lingerie and mentioned that I thought she looked extremely sexy in a suit – especially with stockings underneath, but she told me she wasn’t going to wear uncomfortable underwear when she didn’t have to and wasn’t going to wear stockings to bed for me. Obviously I was a little disappointed, but didn’t push the subject.

A few weeks later Tara and I were going to meet a friend and her new boyfriend for dinner. To my delight Tara put on a very short skirt and although I didn’t know at the time not only was she wearing quite possibly the shortest skirt I’d seen in a long while but also a black lacy bra, matching knickers and – best of all – black stockings!

In the evening when she crossed her legs her stocking tops would poke out from under the hem of her skirt, making me – and I suspect quite a few other men – extremely horny. The evening drew to a close and Tara and I went to get our bus stopping on the way for a kiss and a quick grope. As I was running my hands over her body, I asked her if she’d enjoyed flashing her stockings. She replied with a breathy “Yes.” I told her I wanted to know how much she’d enjoyed it, so she pushed my hand up her skirt and I cupped her damp pussy through her panties.

“You did enjoy it, didn’t you?” I told her as I pulled her knickers off, sniffing the crotch before stuffing them in my pocket.

The journey home was very difficult as the bus was very full and we could only whisper obscenities to each other. I made Tara walk in front of me so I could get a good look up her skirt as we climbed the stairs to her flat. Once inside I gave her illegal bahis back her panties and told her that I wanted to watch as she played with herself through them. She slipped them back on and did as I asked and at the same time pushing them into her snatch. I managed to contain myself until she had cum.

I went over to the sofa and we kissed passionately before I sucked the juices from her fingers as she opened my trousers with her free hand. Pulling out my erect cock she began to stroke it.

“Do you like it when I dress and behave like a slut?” she asked.

“Of course. Every man loves his woman to be slutty at times,” I told her as she took my member in her mouth “and you do it so well.” Tara continued sucking my dick while swirling her tongue around the head while tickling my balls. Eventually I had to stop her before I came.

Leading her to the bedroom I told her to lie down. Joining Tara on the bed I pushed her skirt up to her waist, opened her legs and pulled her sticky wet panties from her snatch. I flicked my tongue over her engorged pussy lips, causing her to take a sharp breath. Lapping at Tara’s drenched cunt, I slowly made my way up to her clit and she pulled my head closer to her sex. Introducing my fingers I penetrated her easily “ohhhhh…I need your cock. Please….I want to cum”

“Soon” I told her enjoying the taste of her pussy too much to stop. Twice I bought her to the edge of an orgasm but cruelly pulled her back denying her the release.

Moving back up to her mouth I kissed her and she pushed her tongue into my mouth, trying greedily to taste herself. Tara pulled off her blouse and skirt and went to remove her stockings

“No! Sluts keep their underwear on when being fucked” I told her.

Desperate to get at her boobs, I yanked down the cups of her bra lowering my head to suckle her nipples.

“Make me cum, please” she begged as I moved back down to her pussy. Pulling her black lacy knickers to one side I rubbed my cock around the lips of her snatch, teasing illegal bahis siteleri her even more.

“Are you ready?”


“Show me.” Tara spread her cunt lips wide, exposing her inner pink wetness. I moved forward entering her easily and causing her to moan. I began moving in and out, picking up speed. After about five minutes I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. Pulling her knickers down I entered her again and reached around her to play with her tits. After a while I pushed a finger into her along side my cock, then withdrew it and rubbed it around her puckered anus. Repeating this a few times I began gently pushing a finger into her arsehole. Tara moved a hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit desperate to get off. As she didn’t object I pushed another finger inside her. All of a sudden she stopped and said “do you want to fuck my bum?”


“Rim me”

Withdrawing I lay on my side, pulled her bum cheeks apart and began to lick at her anus as she continued to massage her clit.

“There’s a tube of lube in the top drawer.” I took the lube and spread it over her arsehole.

“Put some on a finger and push it inside.” I did as she said and moved my finger in and out.

“Now another one.” After about fifteen minutes she told me to spread some lube over my cock.

“OK, push it in slowly” Gently I pushed my cock past her sphincter. The further I went, the tighter she got. Once I was fully in she told me to stop.

“OK, you can move now” I moved my cock in and out at a gentle pace, gradually picking up speed.

“How does it feel? She asked.

“Wonderfully tight and warm. And you?”

“I feel so full.”

I speeded up and Tara began to moan. I could feel that she had her fingers in her pussy now and was rubbing my cock through the membrane that divided her rectum and pussy.

“Ohhhh. Fuck me. Oh yes…Oh yes…I’m cumming.” With that all her muscles tightened and she came closely followed by one of canlı bahis siteleri the most earth-shattering orgasms I have ever had.

As I pulled out my cock was followed by a trickle of cum leaving her gaping arsehole. We both collapsed exhausted on the bed and snuggled up trying to catch our breath. We drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour before Tara dragged me to the shower. We soaped each others bodies as we kissed. I ran a finger down the crack in her arse.

“How’s your bum?” I enquired.

“A little sore, but otherwise OK” she smiled before she kissed me. We rinsed off, towelled each other dry and went through to the bedroom.

Tara went through her pre-bed beauty regime, put on a beautiful short white nightdress, climbed into bed and cuddled up to me. In no time at all we both fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up. Tara had her lips around my growing cock.

“I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep” she told me.

“Turn around” I told her.

Tara lifted her nightdress, turned around and straddled my face. She was very wet already and it was obvious she’d been playing with herself. I lapped at her snatch as she sucked my cock. All of a sudden she moved away, sat over my dick and slowly lowered herself onto it. She began riding me and was moving at such a pace that the straps on her nightie fell down exposing her jiggling boobs. She leaned over taking one breast in her hand and fed me the nipple. I licked it and gently bit, causing her to moan before I sucked it into my mouth. Moving my hands around to her shapely bum I began squeezing it hard and slapping it as she moaned in ecstasy. All of a sudden she began to moan louder and squeal before shouting at me to cum. I sat up slightly, improving the angle of penetration and she hugged me close to her as I spanked and squeezed her bottom harder until she started to shake and raked her nails down my back. Then she came, screaming, her juices flooding out, soaking my balls and the sheets as she begged me to cum inside her. My cum boiled inside my balls and then shot up my cock spraying her insides before leaking out of her and matting our pubic hair together.

By the time we’d recovered it was time to get up and go to work. We were shattered, but very, very satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20