Don Juan d’Pussy

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I’d climbed a high fence and negotiated the rose bed and prised open the downstairs bedroom window. I was dressed all in black… Spandex…with black athletic shoes… rubber soled against noise.

Some might call me a cat burglar… I prefer pussy prowler.

As I’d jumped to enter that high window… I snagged my ass on a rosebush. I felt the thorns rake my ass… and cause runs in the Spandex. Damn! The third pair that month!

Daringly I continued on and as I rested with my hands on the sill… my body straight…I listened before swinging one leg and then the other over and dropping to the inside floor.

I felt a little cramped… Spandex does that… especially when you wear nothing under it. Slowly I crept across the floor… feeling my way against tables and chairs…the sofa… and then stubbed my toe on the raised entry. I always forget those things. Why do designers always think a sunken bedroom is so nice? How many people awaken in the middle of the night and have to void…leap from the bed and run for the hallway and the bathroom and break a toe?

Suddenly I was aware that I wasn’t alone… then the lights were on and I was momentarily blinded as my eyes fought to adjust themselves. As my vision cleared… I saw her… standing three feet away… with a revolver pointed right at me… and I had my answer!

There would be no broken toes because the bedroom had its own bathroom… on the right side of the room at the same level. Clever fellows those designers!

My attention returned to the predicament I was in. A beautiful woman dressed all in black stood pointing a black pistol at my heart. My eyes quickly apprised me of the situation. She was wearing no bra under that low-cut dress and I suspected nothing else over the hips beneath. The dress was short… showing off lovely, shapely legs and a cute ass… black pumps… and she was wearing…black fairy wings? Her long hair threw off the light just as Angel’s hair on a Christmas tree.

She was cute… but looked determined as the pistol wavered not… under my withering glare. She told me not to move… I’d just got here… I wasn’t going anywhere… some women!!

Besides… I’d lived next door to this beauty for over five years and had a lot of ‘peeping time’ already invested.

Suddenly her cat jumped to the bedroom window… distracting her momentarily. Fortunately she hadn’t noticed the slow rise in my Spandex and it was now pointed right at her… a little lower than her heart of course… I mean naturally.

Now it was my turn…I told her not to move or I might be forced to unload in her direction. She let out a slight cry… but dropped the pistol to the floor. Luckily it landed on the deep carpet and didn’t go off… otherwise the rise that I was sporting might have been decapitated… its head blown right off.

Besides… I was thinking… I might go off later…several times tonight… anyway.

I rushed up behind her and trapped her arms to her sides as my own riser prodded her bottom. Again she moaned… but this time the tone seemed to have changed. I couldn’t resist and one hand went to explore that missing bra. Her fullness filled my hand… and her fairy wings tickled my nose.

I demanded that she remove the wings… and coyly she smiled and said that if I wanted them off… I’d have to do it myself. I studied her further and then decided there was no trick. It would be easy to defeat the black elastic strap that held each one… and I did remove them.

Savagely I yanked the dress from over her breasts… and… just as I’d seen each night for years… they were indeed full. I had güvenilir bahis to release her other arm to finish lowering the dress and I did. As I stood again… her hand reached out quickly toward me and I felt her hands close like a vise around my ‘pointer’ and its two companions.

Again the table had been turned… and I was helpless under her grasp… until I saw her tongue caress her upper lip… and her eyes roll back… and that same enhanced moan escape again from those exquisite red lips.

But she was fast… before I could regain the upper hand… she’d clenched and demanded that I remove the Spandex. I pointed out the blood trickling down my ass from the thorns and she grinned and repeated her demand with a slight tweak of her thumb against my head.

I was hard… but at the moment she was like glistening granite in her own demands. I reached and slowly slid down the Spandex. I wear the one piece kind and had to stretch the neck out over my shoulders and slowly down to my hips.

I reached behind and grabbed them again and stretched them below my ass… but I was trapped now… her hands were still in the way. But she had a ploy for even this bit of trickery. She released one hand and slid it down the inside front of the Spandex until she had me again before losing the original hold.

She stepped around behind me to allow me to bend and continue. My bare ass was hot against her naked tummy and I felt her begin what appeared to be… yes!!! It was!! She’d begun a slow hump of my ass as I reached lower. I had to raise one foot from the floor to grab the leggings and begin to remove them and where my ass jutted… her unshaven pussy was raking my ass… and her hands had both returned to hold my cock.

Somehow I managed at last to free the Spandex and stand again. As my ass folded in under me… she slowed her hump and then still holding that vise grip around my cock she dragged me to the bed and without missing a step she’d raised first one leg and then the other backwards until she was on her knees and pulling me to sit on the edge.

She tricked me by motioning to one side… and as I turned… her head came around the other and had me trapped between her lips. What was I to do? I knew if I’d tried to move she might have caused me serious damage… and besides I kind of liked it.

I did take advantage though… knowing her attention was focused elsewhere… I leaned back and turned slightly to face her. Her hips were beginning to move and I could make out the wet traces of the hump still on her thighs and tummy. I turned further and raised her upper leg over my shoulders and positioned my neck on top of her lower thigh.

I brought both hands to her haunches and pulled her ass closer. A weaker man might have been overcome by the sweetness in her scent and the pleasure in his penis… the soft thrumming of his balls… but I managed to overcome all of this and positioned my lips and kissed her pussy.

My tongue extended fully… that long purveyor to a lady’s passion… and I raked her hard from front to back with it… pushing aside the protection of her folds and attacking frontally. Her wetness was apparent… openly… her inner lips glistened in the soft light… and her scent was an aroma of deepest passion that tended to further weaken me. Still I plundered.

My fingers came up and I positioned them on either side and brought them together on each side of my tongue… and I worked. The wetness increased… but I was more than a match. Her mouth quickened and again I felt weakness… my cock wanting to surrender… but I was steadfast.

I refocused what was türkçe bahis still functioning of my brain and I remembered. I pulled forward and used my chin to roll back that fine, full hood and my tongue found it’s reward and her weakness. What could she possibly do now? She was naked and defenseless against my marauder… my “Tongue of a Thousand Tongues”.

Still… there was a part of me that was still weak and wanting to surrender as my ass drove my cock deep into her mouth. And again to the edge of her throat and partially in. But there was no response on the other end except a momentary gag… heavy breathing… and a continuous keening in my ears from her opened mouth.

Her hips began to telegraph her options… they quivered intensely… they gyrated feverishly… almost as if she was a mare in a rodeo trying to throw her rider. But I prevailed… and my cock found an opened mouth with no resistance and it wanted to give up. I promised it a reward in minutes and it saluted higher and held sway as I worked.

Her clitoris was alive under my tongue… between my lips… swollen and eager… stretching for more…and she began that slow hump again… and it built… increasing in tempo and magnitude until she was slamming me with her whole weight and literally crying for me to continue… never stop… give and continue giving.

I felt her body tense again and I knew… I knew she was there… about to reward me again…about to drive her message home…and I bit firmly on her clit… and she did cum… the most intense and most demanding yet… and the sweetness grew and filled my mouth… my tongue awash and floating in bliss…the bliss of a job well done… and she settled again though I wasn’t nearly finished.

Don Juan is committed to total, a lifetime remembering satisfaction… whether in or out of his Spandex. It was time… and I lifted her other leg and took a moment to pleasurably rub him… my head across the softness of the sheets… reminding him that his turn was coming nearer.

I began with a pussy rim… that gently increasing expansion that stretches and flexes the entrance to the depth of a woman’s pleasures. Round and round… stretching in every direction… and descending… slowly… perfectly…again and again…until that slight shift in tissue texture tells me that I’m there and her body agrees totally.

It is nearly at the length of my tongue and so I bury my face deeper to gain full unfettered access… and begin my own pleasure. I roll her slightly until she is flat on her back and enclose her head with my knees and my hands work her hips and massage her ass. I lift my face and tease and then fall and force her deep into the sheets and still I tease.

Up and down… across each direction and still the breadth of my tongue rims her and shows her the path to more and deeper pleasure. She has wrapped her arms around my hips and then down to my shoulders. She is unable to talk… only to continue that even deeper… more arousing moan… and my cock is between her breasts and I begin to move my own hips. Somehow she senses my fire… my need… and her hands move to enclose me with her breasts… and I begin a needed fuck of her breasts… feeling the pressure of her softness against my head and sheathing my shaft.

She has sensed something more… an abandonment of her own control… a full and complete release to me.. and yet I feel her tongue taste me and lick me… and moan at the solitary drop she tastes. Perhaps it’s the pheromones in that drop… perhaps the ecstasy between her thighs… perhaps the long enduring need for satisfaction… but now she is totally güvenilir bahis siteleri mine… to do as I want.

I roll again and she is atop my face and I bring my hand up just as I begin to maraud her spot and I bring it down on the warm softness of her ass… and she hadn’t expected … for a moment she stilled… and then it was all that I could do to keep her in place… as her hips… her entire body broke loose in a frenzy of passion… and need.

I rode her hips… keeping her knees from gaining full purchase against the sheet and holding her to me as I plunged and moved my fingers to clamp a thumb and finger on her clit and squeeze. Instantly she washed me… my face was inundated… swimming in her fluid… and fortunately my reflex had been timed perfectly as I’d taken a full breath.

I drank from her depths… from her pleasure well… her sweetest of sweetness… and I was in that Fountain that would ever keep a man young. I licked and teased and she rewarded me again and again before sinking slowly sideways still moaning my name… “Don Juan”.

As she sank into pleasure… and her body relaxed… her breathing returned to normal… it was ‘his’ time… still enduring… still hard…still ready and… needy.

It was only modified Missionary…her knees pinned to her chest… by my shoulders… but she moaned again and reached to fondle and guide him home… to the cherished place he’d been looking for… the hearth and mantelpiece that he’d needed. The soft warm rug… the cushion of woman… this woman… and the depths of her pleasure.

He felt himself expanding her… stretching her tightly… and yet not wanting to hurt. He paused and suddenly she became aware and raised her hips forcing herself around him. He felt her close at the base of his head and then he began a slow soft well-lubricated slide into her deepness.

She paused… and retracted… and then began again… and it was several minutes before she’d worked him in completely and he felt himself bottom and still she urged… And finally…as he felt the resistance at the bottom increasing… he was in… fully and deeply…satisfyingly in… trapped and pleasured by her all.

Now began the exercise of passion he’d been begging for… and he withdrew and concentrated on what he was enjoying… his fulfillment… and her response. Again and again they separated and drove together time after time. Her earlier weariness apparently overcome and forgotten by this later experience.

She begged me for him… and yet I was powerless to control him. Her words only aroused him further… he extended and swelled until I was certain that he’d would burst in the ecstasy… but he continued.

She was hot once more and calling “Don Juan” again and again…wrapping her legs and her calves tightly… spreading her hips ever wider… her heels and ankles girding him as in a race where he was already number one.

And she announced… and her body rippled and flowed and her release was hot and welcome and he could do nothing but fill her, too… again and again he climaxed… lost track of all but her need… and he climaxed… and she moaned and cried and rode him.

Eventually there had to be an intermission to this longest of life’s most pleasant dramas… but all I know … all I remember… is her… my five year desire… the exhibitionist for my voyeur’s life. The culmination of a dream and reward for long years of temptation and release.

I wasn’t leaving until she asked… and right now she was pleasurably asleep…holding me… and my trusty member… tightening her grasp every time I moved and it seemed in her sleep anytime that I might be moving away.

My Spandex and her fairy wings lay forgotten and abandoned in a corner… and my ass still itched from the scratches… but it was all worth the effort. Spandex?… “Bah Humbug”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20