Don’t Wake Him…

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First story, hope you enjoy it!

Okay, let me start off by telling you a bit about myself! I have dyed burgundy hair and bright green eyes that have flecks of lighter greens and yellows. I have size 46DD breasts and I stand a whopping 5’5″. I had a fiancé at one point in time named Jeremy and this is the story of my night with Nick while Jer was asleep beside us.

Jer and I were hanging out with our friend Nick who’s around 6 foot tall with shaggy brown and blonde hair and a surfer type tan because he’s from Cali. Everyday since the moment I met him I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off him or the bulge that always seems to be in his pants when we chill.

That night we were in the living room of our apartment having a few laughs and drinking a little when Nick made a comment to Jeremy that he would “totally tap that” given the chance. By the end of the night we all three ended up piled into our full size bed, Jeremy and I laying side by side with our heads at the foot of the bed and Nick with his head at the top of the bed on the other side of me. Now Jeremy isn’t a bad looking guy himself and being sandwiched in-between them made me kind of flustered. That night I had chosen a black and gray miniskirt with no panties, a lacy bra and a long sleeve black shirt that hugged my breasts.

As we lay there talking, jer slowly nodding off during the conversation I felt a hand on my right leg. At first I thought Nick had just innocently placed his hand their for comfort… until he started to trace circles on my thigh with his fingertips. In that moment many thoughts went through my head, what was he doing? heck, what was I doing? Nick was my fiancés best friend and Jeremy was laying right beside me, but slowly my thoughts changed, it felt so good and I had wanted him for so long.

Before I could stop myself I found my legs opening slightly, feigning innocent at first and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he took the incentive to slide his hand higher up my thigh, still circling with his soft fingertips. We kept the conversation going softly as he brushed his knuckles against my thigh and I found my hand sliding up his jean clad leg to the bulge that was now against my side. I accidentally let out a soft gasp as my hand finally splayed over the bulge that had been in my every fantasy since meeting him, it was huge! I slowly started to work my palm along it as he slipped his hand higher and higher up my thigh. Suddenly he stopped and grabbed the blanket to throw over himself as he carried on his conversation with a delusionaly exhausted Jeremy. As he unzipped his pants placing my hand around his warm shaft, now free of its blue jean confinement, I couldn’t help but let lose a soft moan which I quickly covered with a yawn. Nick returned to my thigh but this time he slid up it so far that I could feel his knuckles already brushing my vagina lips that were dripping with my juices. I took a chance and glanced down at him as I stroked his thick cock and found his hooded gaze on mine as he licked his lips. I swallowed hard, Jeremy had finally fallen asleep as Nick slipped his fingers in between the shaven lips of my pussy and stroked my clit. I could feel my breath start to shake its way out of my chest as I quickened my strokes along his shaft and when he finally slipped his fingers inside of me we both let out a soft moan.

No longer being able to resist Nick got up and switched positions so that he was positioned behind me, his warm, bare chest pressed against my back and his throbbing cock snuggled against my thighs. I tilted my head as he nibbled my neck and whispered in my ear “I’ve wanted to do this since we met that day at the pool…” and without warning he lifted my leg and thrust güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into me with such skill I shivered.

As he pushed slowly further into my tight pussy I heard his breath shudder and felt his warm lips on my throat. I found myself arching back against him in a need to take him in quicker, deeper. He started to thrust in and out of me, holding my leg up with one hand and digging the fingers of his other hand into my hip. The room was filled with mine and Nicks soft moans and the light slapping of his sack against my ass as he pounded into me accompanied by Jeremy’s soft snores from beside us. I found myself lost in the pleasure of the big cock of my fiancés best friend as it pounded in and out of my tight pussy.

As Nick grunted softly and fucked me I could barely see my fiancés outline in the dark room, his chest rising and falling with his steady breaths and the thought of him asleep beside me while his best friend ravaged my cunt only made me wilder. I found myself slipping off his dick, his soft protest filling my ears until I rolled him over onto his back and straddled his hips taking him into me again. I slowly started to ride him, my hands splayed on his chest, my skirt around my waist. Nick slipped his hand up my shirt to my chest as he watched me ride him, his gaze hungry. “I have watched you Kristen…” he breathed the words as my wet cunt slid up and down his shaft “I’ve wanted you since that first moment, I know you’ve wanted me too…”. He punctuated his words by grabbing my hips and thrusting up into me causing me to throw my head back in a moan. I panted softly as he fucked me and said “I’ve seen the way you watch me too, the way you always find a reason to lean over me letting your gorgeous tits brush against me”. I whimpered softly at his accusations, he was right, I had worn the miniskirt tonight just for him so that when I güvenilir bahis şirketleri leaned over to grab a drink out of the fridge he could see up my skirt to my pink pussy from where he always sat.

As he gripped my hips tightly, pounding hard into my cunt I could feel my first orgasm building quickly inside me. As if he could tell I was on the edge Nick quickly reached one hand up tangling it in my hair and pulling me down to his lips as he thrusted harder into me igniting my orgasm. I came hard with a soft cry into his mouth, my body clutching his shaft as I felt wave after wave of unbelievable passion shudder through my body.

With a soft growl I saw the look in Nicks eyes change to a dark need as he slipped me off him standing up beside the bed. He grabbed me and pulled me around so I was on my knees at the edge of the bed. Without hesitation he grabbed my hips and thrust roughly back into me making a ragged moan escape my lips. As Jeremy mumbled in his sleep Nick wrapped one hand around my waist and placed the other over my mouth pulling me back against him, continuing to pump into my dripping pussy.

I could feel his release creeping it’s way up his shaft as he hammered into me panting softly, his lips pressed against my neck. I started to push back onto him with every one of his thrusts, our need for one another escalating higher and higher. I felt his muscles tensing, his release was coming and with that thought I felt another release rush through me drenching his cock moments before he pulled it out of me letting me drop back onto my hands and knees in front of him. Suddenly I felt his hot, sticky cum splattering on my ass and lower back while soft growls and moans escaped his lips. As the last bit of his release left him he dropped to his knees behind me panting. I slipped off the bed and knelt beside him, once I was within reach he gripped my hair again and pulled me in for a rough entanglement of lips, tongue and teeth.

After cleaning up a little we snuck into the living room where we cuddled up on the couch for a little bit. We discussed the fact that we couldn’t ignore what had just happened between us and as I looked up at him I knew… this was just the beginning.

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