Eating Jessica’s Ass

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“So, bet you didn’t expect the night to turn out like this.” Jessica smiled at me wickedly, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you that you met me today?”

“Yeah, that would be a fucking 11.”

“Thought so.” She shook her head. “And look at you, eating one girl’s ass out then going home with her roommate to eat her ass, too. You know, if you were a girl, people would call you a slut.”

I gave a tight smile, still feeling a little guilty about doing this behind Chloe’s back. But I couldn’t not go through with this, not now. “So what would you call me then?”

Jessica laughed. “Hmmm. I guess you’re still a slut.” She brushed her finger over my mouth. “At least you’re gonna be when I’m through with you.”

The rest of the ride back to my place was tense. Jessica was staring at me for most of it, while I glanced over ocassionally at her, getting increasingly aroused by her own anxious anticipation, with her nice-sized tits heaving against her slight, baby blue camisole. Her body was screaming suggestions of things to come, and it was all I could do not to reach over and slide my hand down the backside of her shorts to feel that full, firm butt, and know that I was going to be getting a much better look in a few minutes. Thankfully, my place was just across town, and it only took a few minutes to get back.

Just as we’re pulling in, I receive a text message from Chloe. “Can’t stop thinking about what we did. Thank U! Will call u tomorrow.”

Jessica watches me as I read this, “From Chloe?” I nod. “Give me that.” She grabs my phone before I can move and reads it. “I’m going to hold this phone so you’re not distracted. Chloe had her turn, I need you to focus on me for the rest of the night.”

I unlock my front door and lead Jessica into my place. As I turn on the lights, Jessica glances around, and makes straight for my kitchen area, which is separated from the living room by a sort of bar-counter. Her white high heels click against the floor and I stare at her sexy ass bouncing in her tight white shorts until she reaches the counter and places my cell phone down. I’m breathing pretty heavily and still a bit in disbelief about the entire night, but I decide to throw all doubts aside, and quickly cross the room behind her. Jessica was now bending over the counter, her hands gripping the other side and her legs perfectly straight and together, holding up her beautiful bubble butt. A bubble butt on a redhead, who would’ve thought… She looked back at me with a wicked grin and bright, mischievous blue eyes, and rubbed one hand suggestively up and down her ass, “I don’t know,” she teased as she pressed her chest against the countertop, arched her back deeply, accentuating her firm, round butt even more, “what do you feel like doing?” I was overwhelmed with anticipation, and took a deep breath – here we go! Without a word, I dropped to my knees behind her and shoved my face into her supple ass. She laughed with delight. I felt like I was under some sort of spell, my mind numb and animal, lust-filled instincts taking over. I rubbed my face up and down against her shorts, then reached around for the button and zipper and yanked her shorts and panties down, just below her ass cheeks. Not wasting a second, I spread her butt apart to get a good, quick view of the geography; just as I remembered from earlier that night: a smooth, practically ridgeless, dark red hole that seemed to have some string attached to my dick that made it stand straight up. Jessica only had time for a quick yelp of surprise as I slammed my face back into her ass, then moved my hands from spreading her cheeks to grabbing her hips as I pulled myself into her butt. I stuck my tongue out and started licking up and down her ass crack as I continued to grind my face against her backside, reveling in the smell and taste of Jessica’s hot ass.

“Damn, Jack! You are not shy, no you fucking aren’t! Fuck, yes! I knew you wanted this as much as I did, I knew it! Yeah, lick that ass…” I was going crazy in her ass, breathing in deep, licking voraciously, indiscriminately everywhere, every inch of her butt crack. While breathing heavily, she pressed forward against the counter, hands gripping the other side. After a few minutes of furious ass licking, I could feel Jessica wriggle her hips and legs, trying to slide her shorts the rest of the way down her beautiful, toned, lightly-tanned legs. I took a reluctant break from rimming to help her remove her clothing, and looked down to watch while she stepped out of the shorts and panties and kicked them off to the side. She then surprised me a bit by lifting her right leg all the way up to the counter and balancing her foot on it, holding her leg up parallel to the floor, while spreading her right cheek with her hand, providing me an amazing view, and perfect access, to her sexy little ruby-red asshole. “Is that what you love, Jack? Do you want to slide your tongue in and out of my hot little butthole?”

I don’t even bother with a response – I press my tongue hard into her small, delicately parted hole. Jessica squeals like a little girl, and I remove my tongue and shove it into the center of her anus again, this time holding it, fully extended, hard against her tight orifice.

“Woah! Trying to get in there… ooooohhhh, that is so fucking good. You know what I want, baby. I’ve never had this before, never, ever…”

I continue applying pressure illegal bahis with my tongue, my face now pressed firmly against her ass, tongue getting deeper, centimeter by centimeter. As I am applying pressure with my tongue, I press my lips around her anus and make open-mouthed kissing motions, effectively massaging the area around her butthole with my lips.

“Oh fuck! Are you getting ready to suck on my asshole? Fuck yeah! Please suck on it, that turned me on so much watching you do that to Chloe. Fuck!”

Without hesitation, I take Jessica’s advice and suck hard on her butthole. I feel the ring of her anus raise slightly, drawn into my mouth, and I feel her one leg planted on the ground begin to buckle, as I alternate between driving my tongue into her asshole and sucking on it. I reach up with both hands, grab her ass cheeks and spread them wide as I continue to suck and tongue fuck her asshole wildly. She brings one hand to the back of my head and guides my movements, one minute coaxing me to jack hammer her asshole with my tongue, the next holding my face in her ass while I suck and lick the outer rim of her anus. Anytime I pull out enough to get a good, quick look at her gorgeous cherry-red butthole, she pulls me back in with authority.

“Fuck yes, Jack, yes! You’re gonna make me cum over and over, aren’t you? That’s all you’re gonna do. Fucking eat my ass and make me cum! Beg for it!” She yanks my hair back and looks over her shoulder as I stare at her now wet, gleaming anus.

“Please…” I pant.

“Please, what?”

“Please let me eat your ass!”

“Let you eat my ass until what?”

“Until you tell me to stop.”

“No! Until you make me cum!”

“Please let me eat your ass until you cum!”

“Over and over!”

“Please let me eat your ass until you cum over and over!”

“Yeah! You are my fucking party favor, and I’m gonna use your tongue to make me cum all night! Now get up in that ass!” She drops her leg from up on the counter and plants back on the ground in a wide stance, grabs the back of my head with both hands and pulls me back into her butt, arching her back and popping her ass back obscenely. I’m still pulling her cheeks apart with both hands, so her dark, gaping hole readily accepts my hard, wet tongue as I slide inside her anus, deep into her butthole, tasting her rectum. Jessica was not expecting such deep penetration, and her asshole instinctively clenches around my tongue, as she lets out a yelp of surprise. I smile into her butt, and start fucking her ass with my tongue, first frantically, then slowing to deep, rhythmic thrusting as she grows accustomed to having a tongue this far up her ass. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Oh fuck, you are so good, you are so good at this. Unnnnhhh. Damn! Who the fuck are you?! How are you so good with that fucking tong…unhgh. Oh my fucking damn… Tongue that ass… yes, yes, yes.” Jessica is slamming her butt in my face at this point, and I’m wiggling my tongue a bit at the end of each thrust. “You are my fucking ass eating slut, aren’t you?” She screams over the slapping sound of my face against her ass flesh.

“Yes.” I manage between tongue penetrations.

“How does my ass taste? Fucking good, isn’t it?” Jessica is panting heavily at this point.

“So fucking good.” I plop my tongue in and out of her asshole. “It tastes so sweet…”

“That’s right. So sweet. Get used to that taste, because that’s all you’re gonna be tasting the rest of this night! Now make me cum!”

I focus on the rimjob, mauling and devouring her asshole, spreading and kneading her butt cheeks, licking, sucking, kissing, grinding. I start picking up my pace again to Jessica’s moaning encouragements, and focus on tongue fucking her hot ass while she bounces back against my face. Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, she’s clenching, pound, pound, pound, faster, pound, pound, she’s shaking, pound, pound, pound, she’s screaming and holding my head back in her ass and… she cums hard. I hold steady for a moment before I lean back and stare at her glistening wet butthole in wonder, then move down for a bit to lick up her slick pussy juices.

Jessica pulls forward for a second, holding my head out of her butt. “Fuck you. That was amazing…” She turns around to face me and gives a gentle slap to my face. “And that’s for Chloe. Look at you, eating her roommate’s ass out.”

I shake my head, a little pissed at Jessica for her joke, even if she was only teasing. “That reminds me, I should text her back…”

“Oh no you don’t! I’ll take care of that.” She grabs my phone off the counter. “Now, you move over there, and stay on your knees. I think you know what’s coming.” She pointed at one of the cushioned bar stools I had at the counter. I smiled, despite myself, thinking about the new position, and slid into my place behind the stool. Jessica smiled back, and sat down seductively onto the the stool, perching her ass right over the edge of it, perfectly exposing her asshole to my face inches below her. I wanted to bring this down a notch, give us a little breather, so I started in slowly, opening my mouth and sucking on her anus with big, sloppy, sucking kisses. Jessica sighed in appreciation, so I continued. I also heard the clicking of her fingers on my phone. Fuck. She was texting something to Chloe, I could tell. At the moment, though, I couldn’t help but be preoccupied illegal bahis siteleri by her delicious ass propped on the stool, like a plaything for my own amusement. And I amused the hell out of myself, making out with her asshole like I was a soldier coming back to my girlfriend from war. Quickly, I heard the phone set down on the counter as Jessica moaned in pleasure and tried to compose herself. Fuck that. I’m going to make her lose control.

I’m grinding away in her butt, my face moving up and around in her crack from below her stool, and her hips are gently circling with my motions. Since I’ve been having some success sliding my tongue up her asshole, I start playing a little game in my head: see how long I can keep my tongue up inside her butthole before either one of us pulls away. My first thrust, I go as deep as I can and I can feel Jessica’s ass tense up a little as my tongue is fully extended in her asshole. I hold it there for a few seconds before Jessica lets out a laugh, “Wow! Gonna stay up in there, are you? Fuck. Good. Keep your tongue up my ass, Jack. I can work with that.” She starts slowly rocking forward, then back, careful not to let my tongue slide out of her asshole. Surprisingly, I’m the one that has to remove my tongue before she pushes me out because my mouth is getting a little tired. “Leaving so soon?” Jessica teases, as she reaches back and spreads her ass wide with both hands.

“Just getting a better angle.” I smile, as I move my mouth back to her beautiful ruby-red starfruit, and shove my tongue deep again. Her hot little orifice seems to suck on my tongue as I reinsert into the deep recesses of her butthole. I reach up and pull gently on her swaying red ponytail as I circle my tongue inside her anus, and she responds by arching her back, pressing her ass hard against my mouth, and screaming straight up, into the air.

“Yessss! Keep that tongue up my ass! Eat my fucking butt out! So bad, you are so, so bad…” She tries to catch her breath as I hear her reaching for something. “Here, you’re gonna need this.”

Jessica has a bottle of water that I was drinking earlier in the day in her hand she must have grabbed from the the counter. She opens it, takes a sip, then slowly pours the rest of it down her ass, starting at the top of her ass crack. “I think you need to keep hydrated. You might be down there awhile…” she teases as the water drips down to her asshole where I start lapping it up with big, wet sounds. “Fuck, Jack, that sounds so sexy. Keep doing that.” As the water pools a bit in her butthole, I slurp it out and continue rimming. So now I’m drinking water out of her ass while eating her sweet butthole, when I hear another buzz from my phone – probably another message from Chloe. What the fuck is Jessica writing back to her? Suddenly, I’m very paranoid, and feeling a little guilty again.

I pull out of Jessica’s ass. “What are you writing to her?” I return my tongue back to her asshole, so as not to destroy the mood entirely.

“Please shut up and eat my ass.” She pushes her butt back towards my face.

“No, seriously, what did you write to her.” I now lean back, waiting for an answer.

“Fuck, if it will get you back to work…” Jessica moves forward and grabs my phone from the counter, quickly scanning the latest text message. “Yes! See, Jack, you have nothing to worry about.” With that she hands me the phone and I can read the message string.

Chloe: “Can’t stop thinking about what we did. Thank U! Will call u tomorrow.”

Jack: (written, of course, by Jessica) “Me too, can’t get ur ass out of my mind! Can we do that again 2morrow? Jess can watch again lol. What a weird chick!”

Chloe: “O, I have feeling Jess wants to do more than watch… U should hear her talk in r video! I feel bad. She’s a good friend and I saw how xcited she was… Maybe 2morrow u can rim her 2 if u want.. Just this once, tho!”

I’m staring at the message in disbelief, thinking this must be some sort of test, when Jessica rips the phone from my hands again, and writes another message while saying it aloud. “You’re still my girl, Chloe, but if you want me to rim your friend I will. Can’t wait to see you two tomorrow!”

Within seconds, another message from Chloe that Jessica reads to me: “I knew it! I knew you wanted Jessica’s ass! Fucker! Fine. Come over 2morrow around noon. BTW, I’m gonna make you pay! :p”

After hearing that, I am filled with relief and excitement. Jessica laughs. “Am I good or what? Look at you, already up in two hot asses in one night, and you get them both tomorrow? You should thank God that you met me! Get on your hands and knees and pray.” She smirks at me, “Oops, you’re already there! In fact, why don’t you just worship my ass some more, show me how much you appreciate my friendship.” I smile at Jessica while shaking my head, look back at her gorgeous posterior, and replant my face into her butt. She laughs, puts the phone down, and sets her head down on the counter while I rim her with a clear head and renewed focus. I spend about ten minutes eating ass in a carefree daze before the excitement of what’s coming tomorrow starts to fill my head with even more fevered thoughts. The new sexual energy has my mind spinning, and I am giddy with ideas. With my tongue still playing with Jessica’s asshole, I start thinking of all of the fantasies I’ve had about rimming girls at my place. canlı bahis siteleri I had done it a few times, prior to this night, but never with a partner like Jessica, who, it seemed, was game for pretty much anything I could think of involving my face and her butt. Suddenly, I remove my tongue from up her ass with a small POP noise, savor the taste on my tongue for a second, and laugh.

Jessica lifts her head from the counter, stops rubbing her pussy and looks down at me, a little confused. “What the fuck is so funny? Why did you stop? Did I tell you to stop? I was about to cum again, you jerk!” She grabs my head again and tries to push it into her ass.

“Wait, wait! I was just thinking about how fucking ridiculously lucky I am.”

“Fucking right, you’re lucky.”

“But I also had an idea. I’ve always wanted to watch myself while I’m eating ass…” I nod in the direction of my living room.

Jessica glances across the room, sees the mirrored closet that runs the full length of one of the walls, and smiles. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that first! Let’s see if this looks as hot as it feels.” She bounces off the stool, and heads straight to the couch along the adjacent wall. I laugh as she climbs on top of it, stands on the cushions and leans one hand against the wall, while watching herself in the mirror rubbing her legs and ass with her other hand. As I had hoped, she has taken to this with gusto. “Damn Jack, are you going to let this hot ass just sit here, or you going to do something about it?”

I get off my knees and move quickly to her and get in position, standing behind her. She is standing up on the couch, still in her heels, her ass at my face-level, that bubble-butt directly pointed at me. I look over at the wall mirror, and the image turns me on even more, seeing this gorgeous red-head shoving her sexy ass in the face of some lucky guy, and the lucky guy happens to be me! And now he’s grinning. What a dick! A hot woman is bending over in your face and you stand there staring at yourself in the mirror? Eat her ass, you idiot! So, taking my own advice, I turn my head back to her butt, spread her ass cheeks, and lean forward, sliding my face back into her warm, welcoming butt crack. I see that Jessica is checking us out in the mirror before her eyes close in pleasure as I run my tongue in long licks up her ass crack. She is visibly turned-on by watching. “Fuck, that does look good! No wonder you want my ass so bad – I’m fucking sexy!” She starts bending at the knees then straightening them, so her ass is rubbing up and down on my face. With one eye on the mirror, I am unbelievably turned on watching myself licking Jessica’s butt. After several more minutes of her grinding on my face, and my enthusiastic licking, I am aware, more than ever of my dick straining against my pants.

After all that’s happened tonight, I finally want to get off. Normally, I only focus on my partner’s pleasure, but after what Jessica has put me through, I figure I could use a little release. I pull out of Jessica’s ass for a moment. She immediately voices her displeasure. “You know, you weren’t even close to getting me off that time, and I’m getting tired standing so long! I think you’ve gotten lazy now that you know you’re gonna get more tomorrow… Step up your fucking game!”

“Alright, Jess. I’ll eat your ass some more, but you have to suck me off while I do it.”

“Is that all? Get the fuck on the couch then.” I lie on the couch and she quickly repositions herself, now in the 69 position over me, and drops her asshole back over my mouth and starts grinding her anus against my lips. I reach down and barely manage to unbutton my pants and unzip before my dick is standing straight up and engulfed by Jessica’s mouth. Fuck it feels good to finally get ready to cum! She is blowing me like a pornstar, hand pumping, mouth and tongue wrapping around my throbbing cock. I figure I should resume returning the favor, and I apply myself to the task of eating Jessica’s ass out with renewed energy. I’ve already been rimming her for nearly an hour, but she can’t seem to get enough, and her asshole shows no signs of being desensitized. I circle my tongue around her anus, brushing the outside of her rim. She is pushing her ass back against my face while sucking up and down on my dick. I need to control myself, because I want to keep doing this for awhile, but I know I could cum at any time. They say the best defense is a good offense, so I increase my rimming intensity, physically lifting Jessica up by pressing my face hard in her ass. She responds as I had hoped, forgetting about sucking my dick for a moment, and focusing only on the pleasure I am giving her by eating her ass. Just in time, too, because I was about to cum in her mouth; I want to savor this orgasm, and I am something of an expert in delayed gratification. Jessica is now sitting straight up, ass in my face, hands pressed straight down on my chest while she glides her bubble butt back and forth over my wet face. As she increases her speed, I reach up to grab her hips and pull her asshole down hard against my extended tongue. She grunts and starts bouncing up and down on my face, and I feel her hand back on my dick as she is pumping away. Fuck! After only a minute or so, I yell into her ass “I’m gonna cum!” and explode straight into the air. She has been doing her own timing, so just as I orgasm, she crescendos into her own climax, one hand on my dick, the other rubbing her clit, while bouncing her asshole up and down on my tongue. “Yeeeeeeeeessssss!” She screams as she presses her ass heavily onto my face and gyrates until her orgasm subsides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20