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Jamie eventually stood, stepping off the blanket. I rolled to my side reaching for a napkin to wipe off the faint butterscotch ring around the base of my distended penis. I patted my buttery pubic hair. I dabbed seminal residue from my meatus. I stuffed the incriminating napkin into a cardboard box.

Playfully swiveling his flaccid hose back and forth, Jamie pissed a ragged, sunlit, amber arc that broke apart in the wind, a giant urinating over a tiny, distant school.

“Holy fuck,” I quietly exclaimed. The way a spouse might, Jamie knowingly grinned down at me. Hands on hips, he squeezed out diminishing little squirts of urine, his penis nodding several times like a trained seal.

“I’m fucking starved,” he said, absently toggling a rubbery cock trickling final topaz drops, until Jamie shook it down conclusively. Back on the blanket he squatted. Half a drop of urine clung to the tip of his hanging member. I reached, flicking the drop off with my finger. Smiling self-consciously, Jamie collapsed sideways on the blanket.

We scavenged box lunches then sat facing west in the intermittent sun and steady breeze, devouring the remains of crusty sandwiches, granting downtime to our reclining penises.

“My butt’s leaking,” Jamie said.

“Here,” I said, handing him my shorts; “sit on this.” His relaxed muscle flopped back as he lifted his hips to stuff the shorts under himself.

“You know,” he said, “we’re in big trouble if I get pregnant.” I laughed. Jamie settled back onto his elbows, grinning away from me. “It’s a nice spot,” he said, nodding his approval, looking around, as if for the first time. Barely audible, “I’ll miss you next year,” he added.

Caught off-guard by his admission, I needed to change the subject. “I’m not ready for college,” I lied.

“It beats Vietnam,” Jamie sniffed, facing me.

I milked his spongy shaft. He slowly blinked moist dreamy eyes at me, smiling sadly. Lovingly I pulled and twisted the loose elastic skin of his scrotum into momentary little cones as yet another huge shadow darkened the pasture.

As always I was glad to see Jamie’s penis fill with blood, but across the valley the cumulus bottoms had become smudged, and the wind was really beginning to gust – we looked at each other wide-eyed throughout the first grumble of distant thunder.

“All hell’s gonna break loose,” Jamie said under his breath. I withdrew my hand. It was time to go. Naked, we stood, warmly hugging, grinding swollen penises for half a minute. Then we stepped slowly into loose fitting boxers barely concealing twin resurrections. We retrieved our sneakers, which we sat down again to put on reluctantly. We pulled on our shirts.

Standing again, we collected our trash. I shook out my blanket, which needed dry cleaning, and we started down, but I turned just in time to register the lingering after-image of our splendor in the crushed grass.

Again we took verboten showers. Still wearing his tee shirt, Jamie approached me from behind, grabbing my hips, pressing his irrepressible erection into the triangular space between my buttocks and thighs. I widened my stance, wiggling to allow his big cock to poke and prod under my sac.

“Is it my turn?” he asked, canlı bahis gently thrusting. I fondled both hard touchy penises then twisted, disengaging, turning to face him.

“Not here,” I said, tapping his nose, pushing him away. Momentarily rejected, he slumped to the floor, holding with one hand his inflated, inflamed disappointment.

I turned off the showers. Pulling Jamie up, I kissed his open mouth then took him by the hand back to our towels. As if he were on a pedestal, I slowly turned him, drying him off, reviving his erection. Then he dried me off. Solemnly we swiped and tasted the beads of each other’s pre-ejaculate.

“Let’s check something,” I breathlessly whispered.

Damp towels in hand, we stepped out of the bathroom, entering and crossing the bright lounge at the end of the hall, an unlikely place to walk mostly naked, mostly dry, but fully erect.

I turned on the TV, flipping the dial: under pelting rain, the ground crew at Yankee Stadium pulled a giant billowing tarp across the infield. Jamie and I just stood there with ruddy erections pointing directly at the black and white screen.

“Un-believable,” Rizzuto announced. Jamie and I laughed. Play had been suspended in the second inning, meaning we had at least two more hours to cavort, even if the game never resumed, but where would we go next?

Jamie tagged my upstanding cock. “You’re it!” he said.

I turned off the TV, clutched my genitals and chased his bare ass laughing all the way down to our room.

Dressing as before in clean clothes, we returned to the front steps of the dorm, where lower, angrier clouds roiled the sky, admitting only the briefest flares of sunlight. We sat, stretching out our legs.

The warm southerly wind blew against us. As we dried our hair, Jamie fully liberated his handsome erection, which he pointed right at me without saying a word. He even looked away, but I could feel his impatience – we were both helplessly primed to ejaculate.

The whole campus still seemed deserted. Suddenly obvious to me, the nearby chapel beckoned.

“Come on,” I said, pushing up.

Like heretics we crept through the cluster of wavering pines, crouching under the giant spruce to the side entrance behind the transept, which opened into a dark vestry.

A popular place to sneak a cigarette, the chamber’s slate floor, momentarily lit from outside, appeared surprisingly clean until Jamie shut out the wind.

As my vision adjusted, I could discern the narrow closet of surplices and robes, an empty coat rack, a small sink below a framed mirror, a stack of books on a shelf.

Jamie hadn’t even bothered to tuck in his erection, so I gladly unveiled my own.

“Altar boys,” I whispered.

“Yeah, right,” Jamie scoffed: “altar boys straight from hell.”

He followed as I padded silently into the brighter chancel, looking out over the nave; the slate aisle; the symmetrical rows of dark-polished pews; the pulpit and lectern; the balcony; the parallel pairs of medieval lighting fixtures – iron hoops each holding six electric candles suspended by chains from the dark brown timbers of the high ceiling, like the inverted ribs of a Viking ship.

I was already spooked bahis siteleri by the empty chapel when Jamie, behind me, placed hands on the sides of my upper buttocks and again pressed his persistent erection against me.

“It won’t go down,” he confessed stepping quickly out of his shorts.

My hand instinctively sought his hard cock, but I faced the choir when indirect sunlight illuminated the huge stained glass window – flat across the bottom, rounded to a point on top, four vertical panels of bright, leaded panes of rubies, emeralds, sapphire and gold. The white linen across the altar glowed like a rainbow until the momentary sunlight faded.

“You want to fuck me here?” I asked, stroking Jamie’s uplifting erection.

“Is the pope Catholic?” he answered pulling off his shirt.

In seconds I too was naked, except for my sneakers. I lifted the heavy brass cross, placing it behind us on the floor. Returning to where Jamie stood at the end of the altar, I jumped aboard with a twist.

“Come on up,” I said, making room for him.

“It’ll be too dry,” he said.

“Check that sink,” I said. “Maybe there’s some soap.”

The tapered waist, the perfect, pale, joggling buttocks – like a naked holy ghost in sneakers he disappeared back into the vestry. Water pattered against aluminum. Anxiously I fondled my hard cock. Jamie turned off the faucet. His soapy erection waggling and dripping, he reappeared, smiling proudly.

“Make room for the cleanest dick in the school,” he said.

“Not to mention the biggest,” I thought, with growing apprehension.

The white linen bunched as I pushed myself to the center of the altar turning onto my hands and knees.

“Wait,” I said. “Give me my shirt and shorts.”

Jamie bent over and handed me my clothes, which I placed under each knee for padding. Hanging my head, I watched him in the half-light between my legs as he stepped into view behind my pointing down erection. With his back to me he hoisted his butt onto the end of the altar, turned into position, knelt and placed a damp hand on my lower back.

Cool, wet fingers burrowed deeply between my buttocks, as if Jamie were drying his other hand. Then a single digit slid inside.

“That feels good,” I said.

“I only hope this fucking altar can hold us both,” he whispered.

“It can,” I carelessly assured him.

He placed both hands on my hips. I lifted my head craning like a bitch to see his face. Devilishly intent, he blew his long hair back, rocking from knee to knee, drawing closer.

“Easy,” I said.

“Okay,” he said. “Relax.”

His thumbs spread my buttocks. The slick swollen mushroom glans I worshipped like a godhead probed my anus. I placed my head down on overlapping forearms, drawing breath, groaning as Jamie pushed in, prying open and cruelly stretching my sphincter.

“Dominus vobiscum,” he whispered.

“Et cum spiritu tuo,” I gushed as he inserted inch after inch of thick hard shaft clamping deeply inside me.

“How’s that feel?” he asked, slowly wheeling his hips.

“God you have a big cock,” I blurted.

“You okay with it?” he asked, slowly pulling out then backfilling, as if I had a choice.

‘Yeah,” bahis şirketleri I said. “Fuck me, but go easy.”

Defiantly he slapped my right buttock, pulling almost all the way out, pushing in again and again and again. Grimacing, I was surprised my virgin ass could accommodate him at all, but his intrusive rhythmic pressure did quickly deplete my own erection. Gritting my teeth I twisted toward the choir as Jamie accelerated his thrusting.

“Slow down,” I begged, my back-end burning. But with both hands Jamie slapped my hips, the nave reverberating with sharp metallic echoes. I pushed up with my arms dropping my head to look back at my hanging, swinging genitals and Jamie’s scrotum rapidly bouncing back and forth like an extraneous pouch.

“Please, Jamie,” I whimpered.

“Okay,” he huffed.

But the fucker wasn’t about to slow down.

Outside, a branch of the large spruce was brushing like an incessant broom against a copper gutter. Barely containing the pain of Jamie’s abuse, I placed my forehead back down on the white linen reaching to grab the corners of the marble slab as my roommate slammed me now at full throttle. With his fists he pounded my upper buttocks, grunting as he pummeled me, his sacrificial lamb. Still I arched my hips, trying to relax my anatomy. But he slapped my right buttock really hard with the crack of a pistol report.

“It’s coming,” he warned. His thrusting slowed, a train entering the station.

I braced.

“Oh Jesus,” Jamie muttered, clawing my hips, plunging deeply.

Silently I screamed.

Gasping, Jamie pulled back then thrust hard into me again and froze. He slapped both my buttocks, pulled back, thrust and froze again. He shook my hips. He moaned. Mouth wide open, my teeth bared, still I held my breath. He pulled back, plunging again. I gushed, gulped air. Then he pulled back, thrust with a groan and froze for good. Injured, I drew my hands back under my head, which I turned sideways, staring dumbstruck at stained glass.

Jamie collapsed against my back, panting into my ear. “Holy fuck,” he marveled.

“God damn you,” I cursed, no longer able to feel my stuffed anatomy. Jamie chuckled, slowly pushed up squirming behind me, pushing in, pulling back, draining semen. Then he fell back down over me. Breathing hard he wrapped both arms tightly around my midsection, grinding his chin into my upper back. He loosened one arm and mockingly tweaked my limp penis, which hung down uselessly as my roommate caught his breath.

The main doors whistled with a gust of wind. Jamie whispered breathlessly into my ear. “Chapel will never be the same.”

“Neither will my ass be,” I said, and Jamie laughed. He laughed! “We better get out of here,” I said, skittish as a fox.

Jamie took a deep breath, sighed, pressed his hands along my back to straighten then slowly pulled out of me. I gulped air. Suddenly depleted I leaned to the side, vaulting down before my butt could leak. Jamie also pivoted, jumping down, his slick, haloed erection still engorged and bobbing. We dressed silently.

I hastily restored the altar. Even if the priest noticed the errant squiggle of Jamie’s milky seed on the white linen cloth he would probably think it was just candle wax.

We slipped outside, hurried through the wind back into the dorm and, like sunburned penitents, took long, hot, punishing showers.

The Yankees, meanwhile, were rained out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20