Educating Our Youth Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3: Shy Stephen suddenly feels pretty bold

I showered, savoring the warmth of the pulsing jet as I rinsed Stephen’s semen from my face, hair, shoulders and legs. I reflected on the morning. Things had certainly gone much, much further than I had intended. In a matter of moments, I went from some harmless teasing to a physical sexual relationship with my young boarder. And this young boarder was the son of my good friend and neighbor.

Was it even possible to contain this situation? Did I really want to contain it?

Stephen had given me a powerful orgasm. And I could not deny that I thoroughly enjoyed masturbating him and watching his powerful, impressive ejaculation. Even now, recalling the sight of his large, thick erection spurting long warm strings of youthful semen aroused me.

As some of you know from my previous stories, Jim’s and my relationship had not been entirely ‘monogamous’. Early in our marriage, Jim had ‘shared’ me with other men on occasion. But when our two sons came along, and as they got old enough to understand what was socially acceptable and what was not, we abandoned our more lurid activities. We settled down into more normal, and yes, mundane lifestyle. So it had been many years since my sex life involved anyone other than my husband. So being fingered to orgasm by my young house guest, and then masturbating him to his climax, had stirred memories and desires deep inside me that had long be dormant.

Yes, I was forced to admit, my encounter with Stephen had me aroused, and anxious, and uncertain how to proceed. I knew that I needed to set limits; but what would they be? And how could I control Stephen in light of his discovery of how easily I could be seduced and manipulated?

Being honest with myself, I did not have a good history of resisting males, especially strong, confident and assertive ones. And while Stephen was rather shy and reserved when he arrived here a couple of weeks ago, he certainly was more confident and assertive this morning than I had ever seen him before.

I turned off the water, and dried myself. I glanced at myself in the steamy mirror. In all honesty, and objectively speaking, I was still a very attractive woman. My smallish B-cup breasts were firm and perky. My figure was not much different than it was when I was 19. And I had a cute, pretty face in the style of Meg Ryan. I still had the cute little surfer girl look from my youth. I was pleased with how well I held up over the years.

But back to the issue at hand, I needed to talk with Stephen, before Jim returned, and establish some rules and guidelines. I dried, blow-dried my hair, and put on some make-up. If I was going to talk to the young man whose cock I had just jacked-off, I wanted to look good.

I knew when I did it, it was a mistake, but rather than getting dressed, I put on my swim suit. It was a two piece, red & white bikini that had a halter top and a sexy bottom that tied on both sides. It was flattering to my figure, and made me look several years younger than my 36 years of age.

As I tied the bottom of the suit, I reasoned that Stephen and I could sit by the pool and discuss what happened. Deep down, I knew that I wanted to distract him with my cute ‘surfer girl figure’ while we talked. I knew I was playing with fire, but I could not help myself.

I went to find Stephen downstairs. He was in his bathroom, I could here the water running in the shower. I opened the door slightly, “Stephen, are you in there?”

“Yes, Miss Cindy. I’m in the shower.”

I stepped in the steam filled room. The shower door was clear glass, but it was ‘steamed over’. I could see Stephen through the fog, but not clearly. I sat on the counter by the sink, a couple of feet from the shower. “Stephen, we need to talk about what happened this morning. I never planned on anything like that occurring. I feel terrible that I let it happen. I want to apologize.”

“Miss Cindy, it wasn’t your fault. I initiated it. I just couldn’t help myself. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known, the sexiest girl I have ever met.”

It had been a long, long time since anyone called me a ‘girl’. I felt like I had been a woman for many years. I liked that Stephen thought of me as a ‘girl’.

“Stephen, that is very flattering, but it does not change the fact that what I did was wrong. I am a grown woman; a grown married woman. I am supposed to know better and behave better. I let you down and your parents down.” I was watching Stephen through the foggy glass, and I could see his penis growing erect as we talked. I liked watching this young man grow hard in my presence; I liked it a lot.

Stephen interrupted me, “You did not let me down at all. What we did was great. It was the best experience I have ever had. As for my parents, they will never know anything about this. They would kill me of they knew what you and I did.”

“That is good to know Stephen. I do not think I could explain this to your mother.” I looked directly canlı bahis at him through the glass, and said, “Stephen, are you getting erect again?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”

“It is OK. It is not your fault. I must admit, it is kind of sexy. And it is definitely flattering.” I smiled at myself, thinking, ‘girl, you ought to be ashamed of yourself’.

I continued, “Stephen, we need to figure out how we are going to behave ourselves for the next four months you are here.”

Stephen opened the shower door and grabbed a towel. He quickly dried off a bit, but was still quite wet. His erection stood straight up, rigidly pointing at the ceiling. Ah the wonder of youth and youthful erections. It was a beautiful and sexy sight. The purple head glistened, and the thick veins were quite pronounced. I was estimating he was 7+ inches long and a couple of inches think. He did have a very nice cock indeed.

He approached me as I sat on the counter in my bikini. Stephen looked at me with a combination of lust, admiration and, yes, to a certain extent, love. It was an immature, puppy dog type of love; but in his eyes, I could see it was real to him at that moment. “Can I give you that thank you kiss now Miss Cindy?” he asked as he stepped between my knees with his hard penis pointing up towards my belly.

“I suppose I can give you a kiss if you’ll quit calling me ‘Miss Cindy’. I think after this morning, you can just call me ‘Cindy’. I think we have gotten close enough for that.”

I leaned forward to accept his kiss, which was sensually soft at first, but gradually increased in passion and intensity. I opened my lips to accept his tongue, and our tongues did their erotic dance, chasing each other from my mouth to his, and back again. We opened our mouths wider and wider as the passion increased. I had not kissed anyone that passionately since high school.

Stephen slowly reached up to cup my left breast, pulling the bra of my bikini up, and exposing my erect nipple. My vagina was throbbing in a series of spasms, and leaking into my bikini bottoms from this incredibly erotic foreplay. I was very, very aroused. Stephen continued to tweak and pull my erect nipple as I moaned into his mouth around his probing tongue.

Stephen reached down and pulled the strings on the side of my bikini bottoms free, and then pulled the front triangle of material forward, exposing my neatly trimmed pussy.

Stephen looked lustfully at my pussy, committing its every detail to memory as if it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He began to run his fingers up and down my wet slit, taking my erect clit between his thumb and index finger, which evoked a loud passionate moan from me. “Oh God, Stephen, you are driving me crazy. Where did you ever learn how to touch a woman like that?”

Stephen smiled broadly, “You are the first girl I have ever touched like this. It just seems so natural to touch you this way.” The fact that I was the first female he had even fingered pleased me more than I can explain. I do not understand it completely myself, but knowing that he would always remember my pussy as his ‘first’ aroused me even more than I already was. I had never been anyone’s ‘first’ before.

Stephen slowly parted by vaginal lips and began inserting two fingers inside me. Just like earlier that morning, he seemed to instinctively know to focus on the front wall of my vagina, quickly finding my g-spot. Soon, he was aggressively massaging the front inside wall of my vagina, driving me closer and closer to another orgasm. My moans were validating to him his tremendous effect on me.

It is important to explain that in my mind, we were preparing to repeat this morning’s activities of Stephen exploring my vagina with his fingers, driving me to orgasm before I stimulated him to orgasm with my hand and possibly my mouth. It may seem ridiculous to you, but it never occurred to me that Stephen would want to actually try to mount me, to penetrate me with his beautiful and rigid cock. I just assumed he would be completely satisfied with mutual masturbation. Yes, I was that naive’.

Stephen pulled my legs forward so that my ass was barely hanging off the counter’s edge, allowing him an improved angle to attack my open vagina with his two fingers. I was leaning backwards against the mirror, bracing myself with both hands on the counter top, holding myself steady to meet Stephen’s increasingly violent assault on my open womb with his fingers. Stephen was standing between my splayed open thighs as his fingers drove me higher and higher.

I knew I was going to cum any moment. I wanted to cum; I needed to cum. And I was encouraging Stephen with moans and my forward thrusts to meet his fingers.

Then suddenly, without warning, Stephen withdrew his fingers and positioned his erection at my vagina’s opening. I did not expect this, and I was not ready for this. And for a brief moment, I was confused by what he was doing. But suddenly I became aware.

He bahis siteleri was preparing to try to fuck me!

I was confused, and tried to tell him ‘no’, but Stephen’s large penis had already penetrated the first outer folds of my vulva even before I realized what was happening; certainly before I could tell him ‘no’. And once the bulbous head was past my entrance, Stephen plunged into me with all the force his youth body could muster, before I had even uttered any verbal protest, he was buried ‘balls deep’ inside my pussy.

The suddenness of the rapid penetration sent a shot of pain as I was stretched open to accommodate the thickness of his large tool. I let out a loud sound, a combination of a moan and a scream at the shock of the pain from the suddenness of his entry coupled with the pleasure against my vaginal walls.

I tried to tell him to stop, but I merely grunted incoherently as he pulled out and plunged forward again.

The pain quickly subsided as he pounded his large erection into me repeatedly. His large firm head was pressing firmly against my g-spot. I was full, stretched and open. After the first painful thrust, my vagina, which was already very wet and very aroused, rapidly expanded to accommodate his erection.

Even as I wanted to tell him ‘no’, the sudden plunge into my womb pushed my arousal over the edge, and I experienced a shockingly intense orgasmic wave. I was pinned under Stephen, and could do nothing to stop, or even to slow, his rapid and violent penetrations.

I came and I came hard despite my knowing that I should tell Stephen to stop. I tried to utter something, but it came out babbled and incoherent, as the waves of pleasure rocked my core. Pinned against the counter as I was, I could only continue to brace myself against his rapid pounding of my pussy as I came.

But even as the second wave of my orgasm shook me, I realized I need to stop him before he came in me. I was not ready for this. I had not even decided that I wanted to allow Stephen to enter me this way. And I had not prepared myself with my diaphragm. I was not on the pill, and certainly did not want to allow this young man to fuck me unprotected. I did not want to risk having him impregnate me.

It was stupid of me to fail to anticipate this potential outcome, but nonetheless, here I was being fucked bare back by my 18 year old neighbor. And his level of excitement and the furious manner in which he was pounding into me let me know he was not going to last long; not long at all.

“Stephen, you have to stop. I don’t have any protection. You can’t cum inside me. You could get me pregnant.” Stephen’s hips were bucking frantically and he seemed unable to stop. He was just too far gone at that moment to think, or act, rationally.

I now realize that the excitement of his first entrance into a woman’s vagina was just too much for his 18 year old mind and body. Stephen took hold of my hips and buried his erection deep inside me as his entire body stiffened. I knew, as I felt his erection pulse and throb deep inside me that he was cumming in me, he was pumping his seed into my unprotected womb; and as his weight held me down, with each pulse of his cock, he pumped another string of his seed into me. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do to disengage from him until he finished. I felt his very hard penis throb inside of me spewing his sperm into my womb pulse after pulse after pulse. And all I could do is brace myself against the counter top and accept his seed.

After about 45 seconds of strong, violent pulses of his penis deep inside me, Stephen seemed to relax a bit. His cock was still hard inside me, but the rigidity of his entire torso started to release a bit.

“Stephen, you really should not have done that. I mean really you should not have done that at all. You can’t fuck a woman unprotected. That’s stupid and it’s wrong.” My tone conveyed the seriousness of his actions.

He looked down, not being able to look me in the eyes, as his penis, which was still inside me, continued to pulse up occasionally, pumping the last drop of his semen. I felt like such an idiot having let this get so far out of control.

“I’m so sorry. I lost control. I didn’t mean to do that.” He sounded legitimately contrite. But that was little consolation at this moment.

“You need to pull out of me and let me up.” And Stephen looked at me, and after a brief pause, did just that. And as he slowly withdrew from me, his penis bounced up towards the ceiling as it exited my vulva, and a long string of semen stretched from the head of his erection to the inside of my gaping vagina before it ‘snapped’ and flew back towards me. Yes, he had pumped a good deal of semen inside me. I could feel his seed leaking out of me already.

“I need to go wash this out.” I hopped up and headed upstairs to my bathroom. My bikini bra was draped around my neck, and I grabbed the bikini bottoms as I headed upstairs.

Stephen followed naked, his cock bahis şirketleri swinging proudly in from of him still erect. I removed my bikini bra, and ran warm water to my shower and pulled my douche bag out from the bathroom closet. Stephen was looked at me amazed, as he watched me attach the nozzle and fill the bag with the solution of powder and warm water. I squatted in front of him with no thought of modesty, and I inserted the nozzle inside me. I released the clamp on the hose and washed the many large globs of semen out of me as best I could. The whole scene seemed to arouse Stephen and his erection remained hard and upright.

Under any other circumstance, putting on this show for an 18 year old admirer would have touched every exhibitionist desire I had. But at this moment, I just wanted to wash away his fertile seed before his sperm could accomplish their mission. Later, I would reflect and enjoy the erotic nature of my ‘show for Stephen’, but that would be much later, not now.

As the warm solution flowed into my vagina and out into the tub, I quickly calculated when my last period was in my head, and came to the conclusion that the risk of pregnancy from this ‘ill advised encounter’ was remote. I was due to have my next period with the next few days. But Stephen did not need to be let off the hook that easily. I would let him stew in the thought that he may have just impregnated me.

As the last of the warm solution purged my vagina as I squatted naked in the tub, I said, “Stephen, that can never, ever happen that way again. I mean it. You can never ever take me, or any other woman, without giving her a chance to get her protection in place.”

“I know, Miss Cindy. I am sorry. It won’t ever happen again. I promise.” He sounded sincere. I believed he truly regretted his impulsive actions. It then dawned on me, that this would be a terribly difficult scene to explain if Jim returned home early from golf. How would I explain a naked 18 year old in my bathroom watching me douche? I would definitely have ‘some splainin’ to do. But Jim was not due back for several more hours. He typically played 18 holes and then had lunch and drinks with his golfing buddies. It was a little before 11 a.m., and Jim would likely not be back until 3:30 to 4 p.m.

“Stephen get dressed. You and I are going to the drug store.”

He looked at me puzzled and unsure, but he was not prepared to argue. His penis was still very erect, but I figured he could get rid of his hard-on himself. He did not need me to give him a ‘reward’ right now, although his large youthful hard-on was tempting.

I got dressed myself, and called to Stephen, “Let’s go. I want to be home before Jim gets back. I don’t need to try to explain all this to him.”

I knew I had plenty of time before Jim returned, but I was not going to give him anywhere near enough time to jack-off and eliminate his hard-on manually. He would just have to suffer with a bit of frustrated anxiety for now.

Stephen followed me to the car, and rode in silence to the local Walgreen’s. I took him inside and introduced him to the wide world to condoms. I felt like a teacher of sorts, standing in the aisle telling him about the different material selections, lubrication, reservoir tips, etc.

I bought a large economy box of three dozen latex lubricated condoms and handed him the bag. As I handed them to him as we exited the store, I realized that I had raised his expectations of what was in store for him in the weeks and months ahead as my houseguest.

We were both quiet on the 15 minute ride back to the house as I pondered what to do next. But by my purchase, I clearly was conceding that I would likely be allowing him to enter me again. In fact, I realized I was signaling to him he had a minimum of 36 tries to get this right! I wondered ‘how long will 36 condoms last a 18 year old who just lost their virginity?’.

I thought to myself, as we turned on to my street, ‘school is just beginning for this handsome young man’. I looked at the dashboard clock. It was 11:50 as we pulled into the driveway. I realized we had a little over three hours for the first serious lesson in loving making before Jim was due home. Exposing Cindy

Chapter 4: “Training begins”

Stephen remained quiet on the drive back from the drug store, and as we entered the house through back door to the kitchen. I knew we needed to clear the air so I decided to ‘tee up’ the issue. “OK, let’s talk. What is wrong?” I asked motioning for him to join me at the kitchen table.

He sat, placing the bag of condoms on the table between us. “Cindy, I am really sorry about what happened. I knew better, but I lost control. I am sorry. I took what should have been the most beautiful experience of my life, with the most beautiful girl I can imagine, and I screwed it up. I am sorry.” Stephen was looking at his feet, not at me as he spoke.

“Stephen, thank you for saying that. I mean it. I appreciate what you are saying, but we were both foolish and we were both at fault. I should not have placed you in that position in the first place. You are too inexperienced to know exactly how to handle situations like this. I should have never put you in that situation.”

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