Elaine’s Dirty Knickers Ch. 04

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Recalling my 12 month relationship with Elaine is a great source of sexual fantasy to this day and something I still masturbate over all the time.

I have strong images of things we did together even though her taste and smell has faded after all these years.

I’ve never really had such an openly dirty relationship with anyone since though I went close with one girl I was seeing. It was different with Elaine though, mainly because she played to my dirty fantasies with her which means I guess she didn’t judge me too harshly for it. Elaine knew what I liked and what I wanted to go for and allowed me to go there quite often.

For that reason, it’s kind of a shame we’re still not together but in reality we both needed to move on at the time. In the end, there had to be more than dirty sex, even as good as it was!

My best memories were of the regular dirty after work sex we often engaged in. Sex at different times can be the best but when we were both in the mood, it was hard to beat having Elaine sit on my face within the first 30 minutes of her getting home from work. It was also good having her sit on my face 2 or 3 hours after getting home from work!

For a start, Elaine had an incredible vagina. She had a set of large, thick, pink pussy flaps tucked away between her legs, covered in lush, brown, curly pubic hair.

Her odour was always magnificent, especially after work when she had a full day of accumulation inside her pretty, skimpy underwear.

The inner crotch panel of her panties was almost ALWAYS stained and smelly – her vagina discharging throughout the day and creating dark brown and yellow staining which was often sweaty and pungent in its quality. I loved it most when her vaginal discharge was nice and fishy after a long day at work.

And then there was the delicious brown opening of her anus – dirty, wrinkled and full of odour and nasty faecal germs after a busy day of activity.

It was not difficult for me to achieve a massive erection just thinking of all this, but to actually have the opportunity of Elaine spreading her hairy, unwashed genitalia and foul anus over my nose and mouth after work was always a guarantee of some passionate and dirty sexual encounters with her.

My fantasies about what went on between Elaine’s legs were intense, venturing into intimate details of her vagina as it discharged at different times of her cycle, leaving deep stains on the inside of her underwear and producing strongly feminine odours.

Elaine’s toilet activity was endlessly fascinating and I fantasised wildly about her private business as she removed her underpants before sitting on the toilet. I loved the idea of her conducting her private, feminine activity – stained white knickers pulled down around her knees with pubic hair triangle fully exposed and pee shooting out from between her legs before spreading open her pink vaginal lips and replacing a large white tampon at period time.

Most of all I loved imagining the graphic and disgusting details of Elaine’s anus as she conducted her daily bowel movement, imagining her anus as it expanded and dispatched a long, smelly, glistening brown stool into the toilet bowl beneath.

These dirty thoughts would dominate my fantasies during masturbation and knowing that I then had the opportunity to experience Elaine’s sexuality first hand was better than anything I could think of.

Of my favourite scenarios with Elaine was the first time she phoned me from work privately in the middle of the working day.

“Hi baby, how are you doing?” Elaine asked

“I’m good. What are you up to?” I responded

“I was just sitting on the ladies’ work toilet about 5 minutes ago masturbating over you.”

“Oh REALLY?!” I was ecstatic.

“I’ve just been thinking of you licking my perineum,” Elaine quietly admitted.

“God, I wish I was, and just after you’ve been to the toilet too!!” was my honest reply.

“I’m actually thinking about putting my tongue right up inside your dirty brown anus baby!” I went one step further.

“Mmmmmm. I’d love that baby. I want you to taste inside my bum!” Elaine continued

“Would you like that baby? Do you want me to taste inside your anus?”

“Oh baby. I want you to get your tongue right up inside me and lick me clean baby!” she pleaded.

“I’ll do it for you when you get home tonight baby. Just make sure you’re nice and ready.”

“You should see the colour of my pussy stains today baby,” Elaine was really taunting now.

“What colour are they? Tell me!!” I replied for good measure.

“Nice and brown and yellow! And smelly too..!!” Elaine declared.

“God, I’ve got really strong discharge today baby. I really want you to taste it!!”

“I can’t wait until you get home later. Make sure you save it for me!” I was almost begging.

“I will baby! My hairy bits will be nice and stinky for you. And these dirty little knickers will drive you wild baby!!

“Mmmmmmm. I CAN’T WAIT!!”

And I couldn’t.

I had begun masturbating intensely illegal bahis as Elaine was conducting her dirty talk to me, dreaming vividly of her spread, hairy pussy and its incredible tangy, fishy odour, together with her white discharge-stained panties and her brown, smelly, soiled anus.

And sure enough, when Elaine arrived home around 7 pm, I was more than ready and waiting.

It didn’t take long for us to get down to business.

We located ourselves in the bedroom and shared some brief stories from the days’ happenings.

I relaxed on the bed whilst listening to Elaine talk and watched her gradually remove her clothes.

She had actually pared down to her underwear which consisted of a white lacy bra and matching pair of white cotton underpants that were thin and low but complemented her shape and skin well.

I was horny just looking at her in her undies but as she sat back down on the bed, it wasn’t long before she decided to lie back and spread her legs in front of me, giving me a full view of the stained crotch panel of her panties and more than a hint of natural brown pubic hair underneath.

She held onto her knees as her legs stayed spread apart – I ran my hands gently along the inside of her thighs, gradually easing in towards her private area.

There was very little chance of Elaine’s panties staying on – she wanted me to take them off so I could see her privates at close and intimate range.

There was little surprise as I peeled her panties off and her dark brown curly pubic hair was the first to make an appearance.

She brought her legs together as I slid the panties off around her feet and then lay them open again for full access to her private region.

The vagina was now obvious tucked in amongst her brown curly bush – the lips were prominent enough and quite separate in the mess.

Right now they lay pink, folded and dry in amongst her pubes – the flapped messiness had me thirsting with anticipation that I would be in for a real moist flappy vaginal show once I peeled them apart and gained access to her bright pink innards.

There were many beautiful flaps and folds to Elaine’s vagina – it was a sheer pleasure accessing them in amongst her healthy crop of pubic hair – and then there was the smell!

It was a strongly scented feminine vaginal smell – every possible combination of vaginal fluid, sweat and period and I was hoping to get some anus smells as well.

I was not going to be able to resist making oral contact with Elaine’s genitals. There was an odour emanating already and I wanted to smell it as closely as possible and taste every aspect of her feminine genital flavours.

With her legs spread so wide, it was also very possible to see the subtle brown cavity of her anus beneath her pink cash box.

I was sure that I was about to see and experience everything that was on display before me in great detail and intimacy if the smells now emanating from between her thighs were anything to go by.

It was time for business as I leant down close to her goods to get a sample.

I let her ample brown pubes tickle my nose as I got a nice strong palette of her sweaty pubes and a nice mix of vaginal smell.

I blew some warm air on her dry pink labia which I was sure would soon to be juicing up naturally from the inside. She re-adjusted and pulled her legs as far apart to give me maximum access.

I paused also as the sight of her limp white panties just lying on the bed next to her was too much for me to bear, so I unravelled them and opened up the good bits.

“Do you want to taste my discharge baby?” Elaine asked. “I’ve been saving up all day, just for you!!”

This was getting very dirty and feminine as I opened up her panties to inspect the inner crotch panel and just the thought of something that had been riding so close to her vagina and anus was not to be passed up.

“Put it to your nose baby, sniff my dirty fanny discharge. It’s come from deep inside me baby, especially for you!!”

After first taking a nice sniff of Elaine’s slim gusset, I just couldn’t help myself and began to lick the crotch panel quite heavily, searching for any present flavours and all the while just ripping on the gamey feminine odour.

“That’s it baby!! Taste my yellow pussy discharge. Mmmmmmm…baby, suck that dirty discharge deep into your mouth. Suck my pussy discharge baby. Does it taste nice and fishy?? Sniff it baby. Suck my dirty pussy discharge!!”

I closed my eyes and sucked hard on the filthy gusset, inhaling her delicious fishy funk all the while.

“OH GOD ELAINE!! It’s so fishy and feminine. I can’t believe your vagina has produced this in one day!!” I was almost in tears.

I had always advocated the theory that women with good natural coverings of pubic hair not only created more smell but the density of their bush HELD the smell – especially in the confines of a white cotton panty!!

This was indeed about as fishy and feminine as anything could get as Elaine lay beneath me with her legs spread wide apart illegal bahis siteleri and I licked and sucked heartily on the inner crotch panel of her freshly worn panties.

“Ohhhhhh God Elaine!! I love the taste and smell of your pussy discharge! It’s so fishy and moist. I love the colour!!” I moaned, as I stared obsessively at the deep brown and yellow staining on her dirty crotch panel.

I then ran my tongue across where her anus would have been contacting with the cotton. There wasn’t much fabric in question but I was getting close to ecstasy. I wondered what else Elaine was thinking as she lay spreadeagled and I savoured on the gourmet delicacy of her underpants.

I might have anticipated her to start masturbating in front of me but she just lay patiently with her legs wide apart and her vagina fully open and accessible.

My next hope was that she had worked out that the attention I was currently pouring into her panties would soon be transferred directly between her legs, as I explored every glorious part of her female anatomy!!

She actually still had her bra on even though her underpants were off and her breasts were so appealing that I offered to take her bra off as well.

Her large milky white, but freckly breasts were flopped out before me – they sat well on her chest – not fully firm but rather soft and milky with nicely well-proportioned puffy pink nipples and brownish areolae.

I decided to lick them to begin and they had a nice slight taste of sweat. I tasted around her nipple as my tongue ran across the lumpy contours of her areola.

A couple of minutes of this was nice, but only a scratch on what was to come.

I kissed her breasts several more times before sliding down to where I most belonged.

Once again on the way down, her triangle of natural brown pubic hair acted as an intermediary – somewhere I could rest briefly and enjoy the femininity and sex of her bush whilst savouring the anticipation of what lay just within.

I ran my nose and eventually my fingertips through her hairy triangle. I kneaded the curly hair between my fingers and several pubes even came out as I did it.

It was nice losing my fingers in her pubic forest – smooth yet rough at the same time – and I lapped up the heavy female sweaty smell as I ran my nose and lips through it at the same time.

I was tempted to chew on the crunchy forest in the hope that some more of her pubes would come out in my mouth. As nice as it was and we were both enjoying it, there was not much point lingering in her pubes for any great length of time, even though I’m sure she was getting some nice feelings from it.

Her pinker and more sexually intimate flesh lay barely centimetres away although it was just as good an idea not to rush to it.

I made a final few passes through her pubes before taking some time to gaze at the flat, wrinkled pink flesh of her labia.

It was going to be best to position everything right in order to get the most pleasure for both of us now.

There was no doubt that I wanted to lick Elaine around her vaginal area and I wanted to maximise the taste and smell for myself as well as give her absolute maximum sexual pleasure as I did it.

Elaine was a very sexual woman and her beautiful pink vagina was at the centre of her activity.

I was also going to make sure her tender brown anus came into play.

Once I warmed her to it, my aim was to be working Elaine’s clitoris, anus and vagina all at once – and maybe even her pee hole and breasts would come into it as well!!

First things first.

Her vagina was still flat and dry, though the natural messiness and flappiness of her lips still stood out from the covering of pubic hair.

I blew some air over her lips to start with before touching the soft pink flaps and getting a nice feel for the folds and wrinkles.

They moved quite readily and now I targeted the actual split of her labia as I gently separated her lips along the length of the structure.

In a secretive, dirty way I might have really hoped that she was on her period right now and I would find her feminine pink vagina occupied with a soft white tampon and accompanying feminine odour.

I also had to figure those very smells emanating from between her legs may have given things away a little more in this regard and the willingness with which she was spreading her legs before me suggested she was offering a clean, period-free vaginal opening for me to presently attend to.

I certainly had her willing and there was no encouragement needed to get a great spread happening.

Elaine wanted to provide maximum access to her hairy feminine bodily openings and I was in the best position to wreak intense pleasure in her tender female orifices.

The time had come when I wanted to take her feminine pink vaginal flesh into my mouth.

I had tasted and smelt her underpants and I desperately wanted her worn crotch panel close to my nose as I consumed her flappy genitalia.

My fingers were now doing the lead canlı bahis siteleri up work as I ran my finger amongst her wrinkled vaginal folds and marvelled as the soft pink flesh responded.

I then pushed her legs back even further to open her up and pulled either side of her labia majora and allowed her quickly thickening lips to splay apart.

I had now opened Elaine up and her inner vagina was exposed.

All this sensual activity had created significant moisture production from deep inside Elaine’s vaginal canal – the glistening pink folds inside her cavity were the actual proof – I had her moistening rapidly.

I pulled the lips wider and they opened up alarmingly easily.

They were large and wrinkled now and also quite swollen in the activity.

I had each flap of her pink labia in my fingers pulling each apart to expose her vaginal opening.

I pulled a little harder from inside and I could now clearly see the little black dimple of her pee hole.

Of course, this had been in good use only a short time earlier and I could hardly wait to apply my tongue to it!!

Next in line was her clitoris, which would be at the epicentre of activity once I had removed it from its pink fleshly casing above her vaginal opening.

As I looked at her glistening, wrinkled opening and her tiny black pee hole in amongst the moist lumpy flesh, I couldn’t help but think of Elaine on her period – that special feminine time of the month where her vagina gets extra special attention.

I could only imagine Elaine going to the toilet (to either pee or poo – or even both!!…), sliding her panties down around her knees, so she can spread her legs and gain access to her lovely pink vagina. Then finding the important bits amongst the hair and gently pulling her flappy pink cunt lips apart with 2 fingers and gently inserting a soft white tampon deep into her vaginal cavity.

With the tampon securely in place and the white string dangling between her legs, she would wipe her vagina after her pee, or her anus after her poo, gently slide her panties back on, flush her wee and poo down the toilet, wash her hands and get on with her daily activities.

Now with Elaine’s moist flappy vagina exposed in directly in front of me, I could only get hornier and hungrier thinking about her most private activities!!

The pink flesh was now too wet and too inviting to resist.

Elaine’s cunt was emanating such a rich vaginal odour and with both lips spread apart I leant down and began running my tongue upwards along the wet flesh.

It was light to begin with and I made sure I included her clitoral hood at the end – something like a gentle push and a flick.

Everything was so pink and raw and her pubic hair was not even relevant now. It was well pushed out of the way and her vagina was centre stage.

My tongue gradually increased its activity as Elaine was clearly absorbed by it and my aim was to immerse myself in this woman’s lactating genitalia.

My tongue now became one with her thickening pink vaginal meat.

There was no pubic hair to be found inside this sloppy heap of reproductive flesh.

I took the time to explore her tiny pee opening and concentrated the tip of my tongue in and around the tiny black slit, whilst I kept her twin wrinkled flaps apart with my forefingers as my tongue entered the forbidden woman zone.

I found a definite tangy saltiness within her vagina at this point and what wasn’t being washed away by her vaginal fluid was most probably the remnants of her pee only 20 minutes previously.

It was such a nice taste and it certainly occurred to me what it was. This was really a unique opportunity to experience Elaine’s most inner realm – an experience most associated with very private moments in and around the toilet and the realm of her daily panties.

The taste had me in now with Elaine and her legs wide open and her vagina on full access – there was nothing hidden from view.


Elaine’s clit was a friendly little pink bud hidden beneath the fold of skin at the top of her vaginal slit.

Elaine’s vagina was normally a flappy and meaty mess and her clitoral hood was just another flap of pink flesh in amongst the structure.

With her pubic hair cleared away and her meat so well spread, my job was going to be to gently roll back the hood and with hope, her erected little clit would poke out from behind its soft pink sheath and offer itself – pink moist and glistening – to the open air for some special attention.

It was the most sensitive part of Elaine’s sexual meatus.

The tiny little innocent pink bud, tucked away amongst all that voracious pink female flesh – it was going to require some special touch.

Meanwhile, the feeling was building as I began licking her fanny out more intensely taking in more of the pink flesh and beginning to take some her lips and folds into my mouth.

I began to slide my tongue right inside her vaginal opening.

I wasn’t afraid and took the dare to get whatever was in there on my tongue and in my mouth.

It was most likely all vaginal fluid, but it is almost impossible not to think of her period and whatever fluids and germs and tastes pass through her vagina during this time.

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