Elevator Music

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Walking slowly through the florescent-lit lounge of the Plaza Hotel in Berlin, Germany at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Alexander arrived at his favorite elevator. He was dressed out for a business meeting that had just been canceled because of weather, so his dark blue suit was slightly damp, and his long, light-brown hair was sleek and dark from the rain. He had no idea why he liked this elevator, but he did. He had really weird visions and premonitions, and when he felt strongly about something, it usually turned out in his favor when he followed it.

Alex hit the ‘up’ button, and waited until the elevator dinged. He heard the old music, which he faintly recognized, but ignored, because of the tiny room’s other occupant, who didn’t get off at the ground floor. He was wearing tight, black jeans that rippled against his muscular legs. His red hair was running free, and his white sleeveless shirt was tight against his highly toned chest. He and Alex were about the same height, 6’2″.

“Hi. I’m Alex,” he said, extending his hand. The other man took it, and shook with a firm hand.

“Wil. Wil Stephens,” when he shook Alex’s hand, he stared right into his eyes. Alex’s were green, while Wil’s were a deep and crystal blue. Alex hit his floor button. Wil watched him, and seemed to stare lustfully out of the corner of his eye. Alex’s cheeks grew hot, and he looked down at his feet.

Thirteen floors had gone past, and Alex felt a presence near his cheek, so he swiftly turned his head to the left. Wil’s hand gripped his cheek softly, and turned Alex’s head to look into his eyes. He moved in, and kissed Alex chastely, no more than a touching of lips.

Alex felt his whole body tingle with lust. Alex’s subtle premonitions were right, once again. He blessed them, and stared through the corner of his eyes at Wil, who was looking at the button panel, completely ignoring Alex. He cleared his throat, and Wil glanced over. Right then, Alex leaned over and kissed him, flicking his tongue across the other’s lips and teeth. Wil eventually granted passage of the writhing organ and Alex explored the new, wet cavern open to him. They eventually broke away, panting heavily.

Another kiss soon followed, with a new experience for Alex. He had never before had someone invite his tongue into his or her mouth, and then suck on it with such tenderness. Or roughness. He had hardly known the man for ten minutes, and hadn’t said more than three words to the guy, yet here he was, raging war with his tongue.

The elevator dinged, effectively startling Alex. A man walked in, saw the two still kissing, and then backed into the opposite corner, watching them. Wil decided to show off, kissing up and down Alex’s neck and nibbling on his earlobe, placing his hands roughly on Alex’s ass, massaging and kneading. “What floor, man?” Alex asked, between gasps.

“Um… What? Oh, floor forty-two please,” the man said, still staring wide-eyed at the two men, fondling and kissing each other. That was the same floor Alex and Wil were going to. Well, Alex assumed Wil was going to go to his room. I mean, you just don’t kiss a stranger, and then expect not to get fucked.

The floor number was rising, 40. Wil’s hands were working his ass delicately, then roughly, then back to tenderly. 41. Wil’s tongue ran over Alex’s stubble of a beard, licking his earlobes and placing love marks up and down his neck. 42. The elevator dinged, the other man ran out, and Wil and Alex tumbled, falling through the doorway.

They rose swiftly, kissing and licking each other. Alex fumbled for his key to the room, and dropped it on accident. He bent over to pick it up, and Wil reached up and fondled his ass with one hand, and his swiftly rising erection with the other. Alex jumped up, unlocked and flung open the door, and the two stumbled in, kissing deeply. Alex pushed Wil against the bed, and he fell back, dragging Alex on top of him.

They began to fumble with each other’s clothing, and eventually, Wil’s shirt came off. Alex pressed his arms against the bed, and pulled Wil’s pants off, but left his lavender boxers on. Sweat coated Wil’s chest, and he looked delicious to Alex, so Alex kissed him, and moved around, nibbling on his earlobe and licking up and down his neck, while Wil gasped and tried to pleasure Alex in some small way. What he didn’t realize was that pleasuring Wil was giving quite enough pleasure to Alex.

He moved down, running his tongue against the hollow of Wil’s chest, and then moved to his right nipple, which was quite erect, and begin to suckle on it, and rubbed the other with his hand. He switched to the other dark ring of flesh and swirled it with his tongue, too. Wil’s gasps of pleasure quickly had giggles added in when Alex’s roving tongue left a trail of fire to Wil’s navel, where it dipped in and swirled around.

After Alex’s ministrations moved farther south, they met the soft cotton cloth of Wil’s boxers. The left a mark of wetness down to the head of Wil’s quite massive erection, illegal bahis it was seemingly 8″ in length, and growing. He began to suck and nibble on his head, licking the cloth. Wil screamed in torture, and begged Alex to remove the hindrances.

He complied slowly, dragging the torturing cloth against Wil’s cock. He gasped and whimpered at the agonizing slowness at which his request was being carried out. When the boxers were off, Alex began to massage Wil’s sac with his hand, and the head of Wil’s cock with his tongue.

He alternated at minute intervals, but after about ten minutes of Wil’s panting moans and gasps, he was almost done. Alex sensed this, and quickly shifted so his mouth was engulfing and eagerly licking the hard member. Wil soon gripped the bed on both sides, moaned once, and let out a primal roar as he relinquished his seed into Alex’s waiting mouth. His mouth quickly filled, so he swallowed some of it, but saved some inside his mouth. He placed his hand around the base of Wil’s cock, squeezed lightly, and kissed his new lover, passing some of his own cum into his mouth.

Alex started to strip himself, and once Wil’s sexual high wore off a bit, he jumped up to help. Together, they got out of his suit in no time, leaving him naked and sweaty on the bed. Wil stood there, for a second, watching Alex, admiring the sexy body beneath him, before he stooped down and kissed him roughly, smashing their lips together.

He moved down, leaving bites against Alex’s tender flesh of his neck and collarbone. Each rough ministration brought another gasp and moan from Alex, and Wil had no intention of leaving him disappointed. He reached one of the dark nubs of flesh, and took it into his mouth, nibbling and sucking roughly on the nipple. This brought an increase in volume of moans from Alex, and an increase in excitement from Wil. He moved to the other one, licking and biting it roughly. He decided that Alex’s nipples had enough, and moved his tongue of fire and biting teeth downwards.

He met with the hard ridges of muscle with much licking and teeth action. He moved down to Alex’s navel, and licked his way into the small hole. He bit down on the skin, causing Alex to gasp and breathe heavily. “W-Wil…” Alex gasped, and placed his hand on his swiftly stiffening member. Wil quickly batted it away and moved his body lower on the other.

Wil’s mouth reached the nape of the carefully trimmed rough raven curls. He took a few of the sweaty strands in his mouth and clamped on them with his teeth, pulling back roughly. Alex gasped louder, and Wil ripped the small patch out. He spat the hairs on the floor and licked his way through the maze of hair.

Wil moved his mouth to the base of Alex’s cock, and he licked and circled his tongue around the base of it. Alex moaned softly, and progressively louder when Wil’s tongue moved up and licked tenderly around the shaft. He surprised Alex when he took the whole head in his mouth, biting and sucking roughly. Alex responded with another series of moans and placed his hands on the back of Wil’s head.

Wil responded by moving his tongue down the shaft, as far as it would go, while still sucking and nibbling roughly. He swiftly began bobbing his head at varying lengths, every ten or so swallowing as much of it as he could without choking.

Alex intense moans were probably disturbing other people, but the two fevered fuckers didn’t care. They were lost in intense pleasure, giving into the carnal urges that their minds and cocks were screaming at them. Blowing Alex gave Wil a certain pleasure too, he could feel the warm weight of his new lover’s cock in his mouth, and he had a fetish for mouth contact.

Wil was extremely horny, but determined to make Alex cum before he had his way with him. He knew that that would more than likely proceeded with himself being penetrated by Alex. His thoughts were interrupted with his hair being tugged on hard and a loud moan of “W-W-Wil!” as Alex came abruptly into his mouth. Wil loved the taste, and left the cum on his tongue to preserve it. He swallowed when it was mostly saliva.

Alex was high off of Wil’s ministrations, and he felt like he was floating on a cloud. A very warm and soft cloud. His cloud drifted apart swiftly when Wil’s hands were roughly shaking him. “Alex! Up!” He rose through a fog, opening his eyes slowly and blinking the sexual high out of his eyes. When his eyes focused, he saw a beautiful, sexy, sweaty, aroused man poised to push his cock deep into Alex’s ass. The fog almost overwhelmed his sight again, but he forced it down.

“W-Will…” Alex moaned and tried to sit up, licking his lips softly. He wanted another taste of that… Wil pushed him back roughly and spat on his hand. He moved the saliva to the tips of his fingers, and placed them at the entrance to Alex’s lovely cavern. He looked at the other, who nodded swiftly in affirmation.

Wil swiftly plunged a finger into Alex, who moaned softly in an odd mixture of pleasure and pain. Wil illegal bahis siteleri swirled his finger around, slowly stretching the entrance. He added another finger, scissoring them slowly. A third soon followed, and when Wil felt that he was stretched adequately for what he was about to do, removed his fingers slowly. Alex groaned, loosing the full feeling that Wil’s fingers gave him, but he was almost certain that something was going to replace them… He was not disappointed.

Wil looked down at the man in front of him, smiling lustfully. He positioned himself for entrance, and Alex nodded acceptance, and Wil nodded back. He pushed himself in slowly, but gained speed. Alex moaned and gasped through the whole ordeal. Primal grunts of pleasure emitted from Wil’s throat as he pushed his length into Alex’s tight ass. Seven, eight, nine inches of cock impaled Alex. He screamed with pleasure and pain as he was probed by Wil’s member.

Wil buried himself as deep as he could, all way to the hilt of his proverbial sword. Alex practically screamed in pleasure. When the other was adjusted, Wil gently slid out until it was just his head inside. He thrusted forcefully, digging himself back deeper and bumping the sensitive flesh of Alex’s prostate. He screamed out in pleasure, moaning his new lover’s name. “W-W-Wil!”

Wil continued to thrust, roughly and forcefully, striking the flesh deep inside his partner, who continually screamed his pleasure to the world. He teasingly slowed down, moving at an agonizing snail’s pace. He then went faster than he had before, and then slowed down to the teasing pace. This caused amazing feelings inside Alex, and he felt himself going deeper and deeper, nearing his orgasm. Wil sensed this too, and felt himself nearing his own climax.

Wil began the rapid pace again, rapidly striking the sensitive flesh around his prostate. Alex screamed in pleasure, obviously seconds away from his orgasm. Wil pulled himself almost all the way out, then slammed himself back in. He continued this, adding to the immense pleasure they both were feeling. Alex’s eyes screwed tight as he screamed “WIL!” to the rafters of the hotel. His orgasm clamped down on Wil’s cock, and he roared in a primal scream. Wil slammed himself as deep as he would go into Alex, and shot his seed deep into the man before him.

Alex saw the haze rising again, and let it overtake him. His arms instinctively wrapped themselves around Wil’s waist. The other man chuckled at the innocent gesture of love, and pulled himself out of the other. Alex groaned, and collapsed back on the bed, sighing faintly. Wil pulled him up by his shoulders. “Oh no you’re not, buddy, I still get mine!” He shouted.

A small squeak was heard from the general area of the door. Wil knew what that squeak meant, someone was standing right outside the door, trying to get a better view. Wil smiled inwardly. He was going to put on a show.

Alex rose out of his second haze faster. He saw Wil glancing sideways at the partially opened door, and saw the flashes of black and white that meant a maid who was on duty was staring at their nakedness. It got him hard again.

He felt himself rise swiftly to the occasion, poking softly at Wil’s stomach that was flushed with fuck-fever. Wil straddled the other’s hips, and raised his puckered entrance for Alex to prep. He gathered some of the fluids on Wil’s cock, making him moan.

He plunged a gentle finger deep into Wil. He waited, and then added another, and scissored them softly. Wil moaned in pleasure, and tried to push the fingers deeper. Alex pulled them out completely, and then placed three inside there. Bu the time he was able to fit his pinky in the company, he decided the other was ready.

Alex pushed the other forward, and made Wil place himself just so, hovering over the other’s cock. He pressed himself down slowly, engulfing the head, which caused another moan to emit from the already-strangled lips of Wil. He pressed harder, harder, while Alex thrusted upwards, penetrating deeply of his new friend.

Alex didn’t leave Wil’s cock alone for a second, though. Even as he was fucking him swiftly in the ass, he felt the urge to make sure the other part of Wil wasn’t alone either. His hand closed softly around the other’s erect member, and he pumped in tune to their fucking. Alex felt the urge to get a better angle, so he swiftly knelt up, forcing Wil to his knees. He swung up, making Wil go on all fours. They continued their vapid fucking, soft and slow.

The figure outside pushed open the door a little wider, in shock, watching the two new lovers fuck. They put on a spectacular show, their doggy-style fucking and moaning was turning on the maid to no extent. The maid’s body acted of it’s own accord, drawing itself closer to the two men. “Hey, mind shutting that door on your way in?” Wil asked, painting with pleasure. The maid jumped, and slammed the door shut. Wil motioned for the maid to sit down, and the newcomer complied. “We’ll be with canlı bahis siteleri you in a minute.” Alex said, with a chuckle. “Oh my God…” the maid said, and leaned in with rapt attention, watching the two men making love on the bed. The two lovers giggled, and then adjusted position so they were on their sides, Alex ramming himself into the other. Moans from both parties showed just how much they loved it.

About five minutes later, Alex grew bored of this, so he adjusted the twosome so they were in an almost missionary position, with Alex standing on the floor driving himself into Wil, much the same way that Wil had fucked Alex. It wasn’t long before Wil was painting harder and harder, becoming more vocal with his pleasure, and getting closer to his orgasm.

Alex’s own orgasm was approaching, but his signal was the quieting down of all these vocalizations. They were soon on the brink, and not long after, over the brink. In freefall, Alex shoved himself into Wil, as far as he would go, and screamed his new lover’s name. Wil arched his back and came onto the other’s chest, spraying his seed all over the tanned muscle. Alex shot his own seed deep inside Wil, making him feel even more full and warm.

The maid gasped and leaned back into the chair. Wil shook his head quickly and then got up on his hands. He licked his seed off of Alex’s chest while he recovered. Alex pulled himself out, and was intensely aroused by the sight of a small trail of cum connecting his still slick cock and Wil’s puckered entrance.

The maid squeaked softly, and both of the men turned their heads in that direction. The two men looked at each other, smiled, and looked back. “Your turn.” Wil said, with a devilish smile on his face.

“O-okay…” the newcomer said, and both men rose and advanced. They started with the maid’s top, pulling it away quickly. Much to their surprise, the maid didn’t have the big, perky tits that they had seen due to the bulky maid’s outfit. Actually, the maid was fairly flat-chested. But, neither of the men cared. Alex kissed the maid softly, softly pressing together their tongues. Wil worked on the maid’s lacy skirt. When he had pulled away the bulky things, he gasped softly and poked Alex’s shoulder.

Alex swiftly looked down. He noticed the maid’s frilly panties and unshed socks, and then gasped himself. Stretching the fabric of the frilly panties outward was a raging hard cock!

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to be a he!” Alex exclaimed, and kissed him again. Wil began to suck on the knob of it before taking the panties off, and the other man moaned softly around Alex’s invading tongue. “What’s you name, hon?” Alex asked.

“R-Richie, s-sir. I mean, R-Richmond.” The third boy said. “S-sixteen.” Richie answered to Alex’s second question. “But I won’t tell if you want to do stuff to me!” He exclaimed.

“No problem, kid. You’re of legal age here anyway.” Wil said, with a smile, and continued ravishing the covered cock with his mouth. More moans emitted from the mouth of the child, as he was being simultaneously sucked off through his panties and kissed deeply.

Wil had enough of the hindrances and quickly shed the boy’s frilly pink cloth. He attacked the cock with renewed vigor, running his tongue around the rim of the head. He took the whole knob into his mouth again, moving it between his cheeks and sucking softly on it. The moans and intensely arousing sounds coming from Wil’s sucking were making him ready for a really good threesome.

Alex moved himself down a little, and began to nibble at Richmond’s neck He moved down, taking a nipple into his mouth and circling his tongue around it. Richie moaned in pleasure and bucked his hips against Wil’s questing mouth, driving his head deeper into the other’s throat. Wil almost choked, but he relaxed his throat and repositioned himself so he could override his gag reflexes.

While Wil was using his mouth to pleasure the boy, Alex positioned himself so he was standing over Wil and nibbling on Richie at the same time. His throbbing erection pressed into Wil’s back reminding him that the other was there. He had no intention of letting Alex get away without providing more pleasure for himself and their newcomer.

Richie was a very vocal boy, screaming and moaning his pleasure for the whole hotel to hear. It turned on the others on insanely, and they fondled the boy with only more fervor. He moaned harder when Wil added a stroking finger that ran from the start of Richie’s ass to the top of the point where Wil’s mouth wasn’t engulfing on his cock.

Richie’s moans suddenly cut off as he shuddered violently. Alex was worried, but when Wil swallowed loudly and continued licking away the seed from Richie’s slick cock, he was relieved. The boy slumped back, leaning against the back of the chair, panting heavily. When he recovered, he looked sheepishly at Wil. “S-sorry about that.”

“I don’t mind at all, I love to swallow.” Wil said, with a chuckle and nibbled softly on the end of Richie’s still-hard cock, causing the boy to moan. “Now it’s time to get to the real stuff…” Wil said with a mischievous smile, and stood up. His throbbing erection pointed straight at Richie, who giggled and put a hand around the base of it, stroking lightly.

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