English Mistress/ American Slave

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I’m frantic, I only have two hours left and my provider is stalling me. I must see her before it’s too late. I’ve dialed her number so many time I know it by heart. Good, it’s ringing instead of going straight to voice-mail, my pulse quickens.

“Pick up, please pick up” I whisper hoarsely, praying.

Finally she answers, “Hello!” she sounds annoyed, “What do you want.”

I stumble over my words as I try to explain what it is I so desperately want, no need. She’s annoyed that I have called so many times and left messages. I try to explain without giving away too much information. That kind of info always costs me more money. Finally, when she threatens to hang up, I blurt out the truth. She laughs and tells me it will cost double and that I better hurry if I intend to meet my deadline. I ring off and bolt out the door, telling my secretary that I will return in a couple hours, another ‘family emergency’. She just smirks and says she’ll reschedule my afternoons.

It’s all part of the game. The rules of the game are very strict and can only be changed by Mistress Andrea. I have never met Mistress Andrea and I’m sure I never will. If I don’t Make my appointment in time I will never hear from her again either. That is one of the rules, the one that I dread the most.

I met, if you will, Mistress Andrea on line at a fetish site. If you are reading this you may have been there yourself. You don’t have to admit it to me but you know, deep down you know. illegal bahis It’s the kind of place where men like me go to be humiliated and the kind of women like Mistress Andrea go to find slaves. Most of the Doms require some sort of monetary compensation. Those are usually less than completely satisfying. Others like Mistress Andrea do it because they enjoy it. Those are the scary ones. And fear her I do.

We had chatted a bit and I was really starting to get good vibes from her, she seemed to know what buttons to push and was asking me all the right questions, drawing all my secret kinks out of me. She mentioned the west coast and I was hoping that maybe she was close enough, LA or Frisco, that I could meet her and have a session but I was disappointed when I found out she was nowhere near Phoenix where I live. In fact she wasn’t even on the continent. She lived on the west coast of England. My hopes were dashed and I was about to sign off when she asked for my e-mail. I thought, what the hell, maybe she can send me dirty pictures or something, at least I’ll have a good wank.

What came instead was the rules to the game. If I decided to accept the rules I could play but any failure on my part would terminate the game. Permanently. The rules could only be changed by Mistress Andrea and there would be no appeals.

The game works as follows. I send a link to the commercial sites that the local prostitutes advertise on. At any random time Mistress Andrea illegal bahis siteleri will text me that I have an e-mail. The e-mail will contain a link to one of the ads from one of those sites. I then have 24 hours to contact the provider and set up the appointment. Once I meet that person I must have them contact Mistress Andrea using the phone of the number in the ad. She uses called id to verify it is the right person and then instructs them about what it is I am to do for them or what service they are to provide for me. I don’t always know what her instructions are and often they are in the form of additional services. Of course they always cost extra. Once I’m finished with my assignment I e-mail back what I have done and Mistress Andrea verifies I have been successful. I once whined to her that I thought a provider was playing me, saying that my mistress had demanded that I pay double. She thought that was funny and it has now become standard. There are a lot of happy providers out there thanks to Mistress Andrea. It sounds simple and the time should be ample but it doesn’t always work out that way as you saw above. The closest I came to losing was when one provider got spooked and thought I was LE.(law enforcement). I had to beg her to let me meet long enough for her to call and tell Mistress Andrea. That cost me over five hundred dollars and all I got out of her was the phone call.

Mistress Andrea can be brutal in her instructions, from ‘tease and denial’ canlı bahis siteleri from high priced call girls to bdsm from local Doms. She usually has the Doms take pictures of me in bodage (I supply the camera). I always forward the pics to Mistress. She has quite a collection now. I’m required to wear women’s panties, sometimes even a bra. Mistress Andrea likes to pick older (some as old as 70!) providers and have me lick them to orgasm, with younger providers she will often have them ridicule and humiliate me, one 18 year old was particularly nasty about my size or rather lack of. I’ve had two girls at once use strap-on’s on me (that hurt!). I’ve had golden showers and clamped nipples. One thing I rarely get is actual intercourse. Usually I have to jerk off for them.

I’ve had to sell my country club membership, I can’t afford golf anymore. My wife is suspicious and I think my secretary has snooped into my e-mail account and is on to me. I live in constant fear of being arrested in one of Sheriff Joe’s sting operations and I have to get tested monthly for std’s. I always practice safe sex but it’s not full proof. Oh, and as far as being arrested, Mistress allows arrest reports as proof. She’s so kind to me.

Why do I do it? I don’t know for sure but it’s a thrill I get nowhere else. It is humiliating to have so many people with power over me.

I find it incredible also that someone so far away can control so much of my life. Mistress has just sent me an e-mail saying to expect a package soon. It’s a CB2000 chastity devise. I wonder what the next provider will charge for removing that? And why am I to have my secretary keep the key for me? Oh dear! What will I tell my wife? Well, let the game continue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20