Ethan and Carrie Ch. 09

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Jimi Hendrix’s guitar wailed from the speakers at both ends of the living room. Ethan got off the phone and went down the hall and found the girls in Carrie’s bedroom wearing only their bras and panties. He paused momentarily in the doorway to appreciate the sight before him. Carrie and Debbie were two of the nicest, most beautiful young women he had ever known and here they were in front of him stripped down to their underwear.

“I ordered a large pizza,” he said. “It should be here in about half an hour.”

“Good. That should give us plenty of time to get started,” Carrie said and pulled her bra off.

Ethan quickly stripped out of his clothes. His cock was as hard as a steel pole. “Come here,” he said, holding out his arms. Carrie stepped toward him and he hugged her.

Debbie watched them, feeling very turned on and tingly all over. She wanted Ethan’s cock badly, everywhere he could put it. He took Carrie to the bed. With a grin on her face Debbie peeled her bra away, letting her long, dark hair hang over her shoulders and her round breasts. She stood up to pull down her panties and get ready to fuck Ethan when she heard Carrie stop giggling and moan loudly. Ethan had finally got Carrie on her back and wiggled his way between her legs and put his cock in her cunt. Debbie stared, fascinated, as he slowly lowered his strong, muscular body onto her soft, feminine form and his huge cock disappeared into her body. Debbie noticed the expression on Carrie’s face change from surprise to shock to joy. Her breasts flattened under his chest. Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders to hold him down while his hips pushed his cock deep into her pussy. Debbie tossed her panties onto the pile of clothes on the chair and sat down to watch them. She had never seen anyone else being screwed.

The gentle pumping of their hips was very seductive. The steady motion of his hand on her breasts, squeezing and molding it and the way her legs hooked over his thighs to pull him down mesmerized her and lulled her into a dream.

His cock came out of Carrie’s cunt with a pop. Debbie spread her legs and mounted him. She grabbed his shaft firmly and positioned it under her spread cunt lips. On her knees, spread over his waist, her tits were squeezed between her arms and hung just above his mouth from the way she had to lean over him to accommodate the length of his pole.

When the head was a little way inside, she lowered her weight and let her pussy surround him. She had fucked a few times before, but she was unsure how this cock would feel going into her. As she lowered herself she found out. It hurt like hell.

She clenched her teeth together to fight back a scream of pain, but she wasn’t strong enough. Her mouth fell open and from deep inside came a moan that seemed more from ecstasy than from pain, followed by a gasp for breath and a long, wet lick of her lips.

She opened her eyes and looked at Carrie. Both of them studied her carefully. She laughed at their faces.

“It’s in,” she said, holding out her hands for them to see. Her fingers and palms were shiny with her liquids and Carrie’s, which came off his cock.

Ethan grabbed her hand and licked it. “Delicious,” he said and put his hands around her tits. His hips slowly rose and fell and her hips moved steadily with them.

Debbie moaned. “It feels like … like I’m fucking a tree.” Carrie began to laugh and Debbie turned bright red. She raised her hips a few inches to feel his cock slide into her again and whispered, “Ooooo.”

Ethan put his hands around her tits and pinched her beautiful pink nipples, which stood out on her breasts. Debbie’s eyes fell shut and her hips began to slowly rise and fall over his waist. She placed her hands on his chest and rubbed her fingers through his hair, scratching his skin with her long, painted nails. She dropped her head and kissed him passionately. His strong hands wandered down her sides to her hips, where they squeezed her firmly against his groin, which pushed his cock a little deeper. She grunted each time he thrusted.

Carrie giggled at the sight of her best friend’s grimacing face. She dipped her middle finger into her cunt, rubbing her fingers between her pussy lips and the blonde, curly hair on her mound.

Ethan wanted to drive his cock into this beautiful young girl. Her gorgeous looks made him want to cum, badly. He rolled her on her back to drive into her with more force. Debbie squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lower lip and held his shoulders for dear life. Her whimpers were barely audible above the loud music, as his hips began to pound her pussy.

Carrie grew more and more anxious the longer they fucked. She’d had his cock in her for only a few minutes and now her cunt was itching to have it back.

Ethan slowly slipped his cock out. Debbie sighed, flexing the soreness out of her thighs.

“I still itch to cum,” Debbie moaned, fingering her cunt.

“Me, too,” Carrie moaned, squeezing her clitoris.

Ethan sat down in the easy chair illegal bahis next to the fireplace and watched the two girls rub their fingers in their cunts. Their pink slits glistened with the soft, glowing yellow light from the fire, like they were covered with sparkling crystal dust. The wetness covered their thighs and hands and their powerful odor pervaded the room. Their moans seemed to respond to the wails of Hendrix’s guitar.

The girl’s thighs brushed lightly against each other. Their breasts jiggled with the movement of their hands. Debbie’s nipples were light brown and Carrie’s were dark pink and all four of them stood out proudly from their bodies, like the dome on the capital building.

Carrie’s eyes were closed. Debbie watched Ethan’s hand stroke his cock while she licked the drool from her lips. His pole still glistened with the coating of sticky liquid from her cunt. She desperately wanted that huge plunger back in her cunt and maybe, if she were lucky, he would stuff it up her ass.

Debbie crawled on her hands and knees to the chair, stalking like a dark-haired cat right up between his legs.

Her hand pumped furiously and her breathing was deep and forced. The tool was enormous in her tiny hands. She couldn’t believe it had been in her cunt only moments before, or that she’d want him to put this enormous thing back inside her.

Abruptly, she put it in her mouth. Ethan gasped. Her hair hung loosely at the sides of her tiny, innocent-looking face, made even more striking with her eyes closed and his thick, hard cock going into her mouth. Her red lips were closed tightly around the head of his cock and he could feel her breathing heavily through her nostrils. He liked having this young girl sucking his dick.

Debbie held the base of his cock in her left hand. It was so thick that her small hand barely closed around it. The head itself was so big that her jaw was opened to its limit just to get it in and it was getting sore and tired.

She felt his hand on top of her head and wondered if he was going to try to force his cock deeper into her mouth. She opened her eyes to look at him when thick gobs of semen spurted from the tip to the back of her tongue and down her throat. She tried to scream in shock and surprise, but it was muffled by his cock like a gag in her mouth. His hand prevented her from jerking her head away so that her mouth quickly filled with warm cum. Most of it spilled out past her lips when she gagged on it, since all of the space in her mouth was taken up by his fat cock head and there was little remaining for the enormous amount of cum.

Finally Ethan released her head and Debbie jerked her mouth away from his cock.

“Jesus,” she coughed.

Ethan’s cum covered her lips and cheeks and dribbled down her chin. Her mouth was filled with warm globs of the stuff on her tongue, her teeth and way back in her throat. She had been able to swallow only once when it started gushing into her mouth but the fat head of his cock prevented her from swallowing fast enough and she lost most of it.

A small drop fell from her chin to her breast when she rolled back to the floor. Carrie crawled slowly toward Debbie on her hands and knees. She placed her hands on Debbie’s hips and ran them up her waist, over her ribs and around her breasts. Carrie licked away the little bit of cum that remained on Debbie’s face. Debbie tilted her head to her left, opened her mouth and allowed Carrie’s extended tongue to meet hers in a deep, searching kiss. Debbie moaned happily and transferred a bit of Ethan’s cum to Carrie’s tongue. She swallowed and searched Debbie’s mouth for more.

Just as Carrie was about to lay back on top of her, the doorbell rang. They all sat still, looking at each other dumbly.

“It’s the pizza guy,” Ethan said.

“Oh my God,” Debbie said. She grabbed the nearest bit of clothing, a shirt, and tried to cover herself with it.

“I’ll get it,” Carrie said and jumped up. She grabbed her panties and the t-shirt in Debbie’s hands. “You got any money?”

“I left it by the door,” Ethan said, watching her slip into the panties and the short t-shirt.

Carrie opened the door and the delivery guy’s jaw fell open. He was a young guy, not much older than her, and kind of cute.

“Hi,” Carrie said, smiling at him. “How much?”

“Uh … uh … ten fifty,” he said, and handed her the pizza.

Carrie gave him the twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change.”

She put the pizza on the kitchen table and went back to her bedroom. When she got there, Ethan was on top of Debbie, thrusting his hips like a madman trying to cut down a tree. Debbie was clinging to him like she was on a thrill ride she was praying wouldn’t end. Ethan was raising his hips again and again and pounding into her friend almost brutally. Carrie had never realized how painful it looked, but she knew how good it felt when he did the same thing to her.

Ethan’s back muscles were tight like ropes. Debbie was squealing. Her fingers clawed at his illegal bahis siteleri back and her legs grappled around the backs of his legs like she was trying to drag more of him into her.

When Ethan stopped thrusting and plunged his cock into Debbie as deep as he could get it to go, Carrie knew he was filling her with fresh seed.

They laid together for a long time, breathing hard and covered with sweat, before they finally rolled apart and looked up at Carrie standing in the doorway.

“Pizza’s here. Don’t let it get cold,” she said.

She had already finished one slice of pizza when Ethan and Debbie came out of the bedroom. He had put on a pair of shorts which barely supported his enormous penis and Debbie was wearing a bathrobe that was not tied in the front. She pulled out a chair and sat down. Ethan went to the refrigerator for cold Cokes.

“Man, I’m starving,” Debbie said. Her wide eyes gazed on the pizza like she hadn’t seen food in a week.

Ethan set three cans of Coke on the table and cracked one open for himself.

“Thirsty?” he said.

Carrie grinned. Her cheeks were puffed out with pizza. Ethan didn’t realize how hungry he was until he looked down at the slice in his hand. He paused for a moment then ate it so fast it was like he inhaled it. He grabbed another slice.

“I don’t think we got enough pizza,” he said.

The second slice was gone as fast as the first. He slumped down in the chair. Debbie was laughing so hard she couldn’t eat. She had to put the pizza down to laugh and put her hand on her bare stomach.

“What’s so funny?” he said.

“She’s being silly. Don’t mind her,” Carrie said.

She and Ethan both reached for their third slice of pizza at the same time. Debbie was looking at them with a big, goofy grin on her face. Her delirious enthusiasm had finally stopped bubbling over.

“What do you know?” she said, chuckling and giggling as it threatened to burst out of her again.

It spread to Ethan and Carrie and they started to giggle with her, even though they didn’t know what she found to be so distractingly funny. Their giggling turned to laughter until they all lost it completely, laughing at nothing in particular so hard that they had no more breath and no sound came from their mouths. Debbie dropped her head to the table and rested it on her arm. Carrie was holding her hand over her mouth. Her face was bright red. Ethan looked away from Carrie. Every time he tried to look at her he started laughing again.

The feeling faded. They found themselves sitting around the table staring at each other, unable to remember what had even started the laughing.

“What do you want to do now?” Carrie said.

“I don’t know,” Ethan said.

“Wanna watch tv?” Carrie said.

“No,” Debbie said.

“Wanna play a game?”

“No,” Debbie said. Ethan shook his head.

Carrie waited a moment, thinking of other options. “Wanna go back to my room?”

“Ok,” Debbie and Ethan said at the same time.

The girls picked up right where they had left off. Debbie was sitting on the floor, leaning back on her hands. Carrie knelt down beside her. They were smiling to each other, as if they could speak to each other silently.

Debbie spread her thighs and Carrie put her face between them. Carrie stuck out her tongue and lowered her mouth to Debbie’s pussy, which practically dripped its sweet honey-liquid and Ethan’s sperm into her mouth.

Carrie’s tongue squirmed past Debbie’s lips into her cunt. Debbie cooed and held Carrie’s head pinned between her thighs. Her long, golden hair spilled over Debbie’s flat belly and round breasts.

Ethan’s eyes locked on Carrie’s raised ass and the heavenly triangle with the pink slit in the middle that peeked out from between her thighs. He stared at that place for a few moments, slowly stroking his erection until he decided he wanted to stick his tool somewhere and that somewhere was right in front of him, raised to just the right height, waiting to receive a good, stiff plunge.

Carrie savored the tastes from Debbie’s pussy. She felt a pair of warm hands on her ass and fingers searching for her pussy. She stopped licking Debbie for a moment and looked back over her shoulder. Ethan tucked the end of his cock into her cunt and shoved. Most of the shaft drove into her and she groaned, twisting her hips to feel every bit of the hard pole as it made its way into her body.

“Lick me,” Debbie moaned, pulling Carrie by her hair back down to her pussy.

Carrie dropped her head and stuck her tongue between the soft, warm folds of Debbie’s cunt. Debbie’s fingers tangled in Carrie’s hair and her thighs squeezed her head.

Ethan plunged his cock into Carrie’s cunt. His thrusts drove her forward slightly, again and again, forcing her tongue to slip deeper into Debbie’s cunt each time. Carrie’s slim back curved down toward the floor and her hips gyrated from side to side.

Debbie began to orgasm wildly, shouting and groaning loud canlı bahis siteleri enough to wake the neighbors. She squirmed on the rug but never pulled herself out of the reach of Carrie’s tongue.

As her orgasm ended Carrie crawled forward on her hands and knees until she was directly over Debbie, looking down into her eyes. Ethan grabbed her hips and crammed his rod stiffly into her. Debbie watched Carrie wince and squeeze her eyes shut when her body jerked with the sudden thrust of Ethan’s hips. Carrie’s lips curled into a funny, twisted smile. She squeezed her eyes shut, panting and moaning as he rocked her body back and forth.

The tips of Carrie’s breasts just touched the erect tips of Debbie’s breasts, rubbing as they jiggled back and forth. Debbie reached for them and squeezed. Carrie opened her eyes and looked down at Debbie, still panting and moaning. Debbie ran her tongue over her lips.

Carrie lowered her face to Debbie’s and they strained their tongues out, touching lightly in mid-air. Carrie, breathing hard and writhing, dropped her head and her tongue disappeared into Debbie’s mouth. Ethan reached under Carrie’s body, past Debbie’s hands where she held Carrie’s sides to feel her breasts and he found them squeezed flat against Debbie’s.

Carrie couldn’t control herself any longer. She raised her head and groaned.

“Ggnnnahh. Oh yes Ethan oh God,” she shouted.

He grabbed her hips, pulled her back on his cock and gushed sperm like a runaway oil well, clenching his teeth and groaning. Carrie briefly felt the tickling sensation of his cock throbbing and the squirt of cum inside her but she was overcome with the powerful waves of her orgasm. When it faded away she felt his cock sliding out, leaving behind a load of cum that sloshed inside her. Carrie looked down at Debbie, who smiled. She dropped her head and kissed her.

Ethan sighed, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“You girls are gonna wear me out.”

He rested back on his toes and knees to catch his breath. His cock was still long and erect, coated with a thick mixture of his cum and Carrie’s juices.

He reached for his clothes on the chair, his dick swinging between his legs like the end of a long, thick rope and pulled on his jeans. The girls were still on the bed kissing and moaning and touching. Debbie’s ass squirmed and she moaned like she was cumming again. From where he stood, he could see both of their moist, juicy cunts. His cum dripped from Carrie’s onto Debbie’s pussy hair and she pressed her thigh against Debbie’s cunt.

“I’m going to the kitchen,” he said, but neither of them stopped or acknowledged him, so he left them on their own.

As he was piling cold pizza on a plate he heard Debbie’s second loud, screaming orgasm and then they were quiet. A few minutes later both girls came into the kitchen.

Debbie was wearing the loosely-tied terry cloth bathrobe, revealing enough cleavage to make her look very seductive. Carrie wore a different long t-shirt, which was long enough to reach down to her hips but not long enough to cover her pussy if she raised her arms. Their faces glowed.

Debbie sat across the table from Ethan, her robe opening a little farther.

“Did you take all the pizza?” she said.

“Yeah. I’m gonna eat the whole damn thing.”

Carrie reached for the plate. “Bullshit you are.” She grabbed a slice of pizza and passed another slice to Debbie.

They ate the pizza in silence. Ethan looked from one girl to the other and they giggled almost constantly. Ethan watched Debbie’s tits, occasionally spotting a bit of her nipple and gazed at Carrie’s bare thighs, occasionally getting a peek of her ass or pussy. The girls teased him a little and played with him.

Debbie bit into her pizza and a thick glob of red sauce dribbled down her chin and plopped on her bare boob.

“Shit,” she said.

She scooped it up with her finger and licked it up. Carrie laughed and reached out for Ethan’s thigh to keep herself from falling out of her chair and put her hand on his cock.

“You’re so hard. Pull it out and show it to us,” she said.

He stood up, unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. His penis popped up and stood straight out in front of him like a flagpole from the side of a building.

“Beautiful,” Debbie mumbled, her mouth full of pizza.

“Thank you,” Ethan said and sat down, his jeans at his ankles and his cock pointing to the ceiling.

Debbie dropped the last crust of her pizza into the empty pizza box.

“I’d like to bronze your cock and keep it over the fireplace. Then I can show it to people and they can see the biggest cock I’ve fucked and all the other guys who think they’re so big can see what big is really like.”

“What about me?” Ethan said.

“You can use it when you need it but I want to keep it so I can fuck myself with it anytime I feel like it.”

“Anytime you feel like it all you have to do is call me up and I’ll bring it right over.”

Carrie put her hand around his shaft and stroked it slowly.

“I’m lucky. I can have him whenever I want and he comes to me every day,” Carrie said.

“He cums on you every day, you mean,” Debbie said.

Ethan looked into Carrie’s eyes. “Come here,” he said.

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