Eva’s Unexpected Encounter Ch. 01

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Eva sat in the bar. Alone, mulling over her drink, she sighed. She was supposed to be in London with her best friend, but unfortunately his second cousin or something had gotten knocked up so he was away in France helping to plan a shotgun wedding. She’d called around and asked if other friends might come back early but they all apologetically said they were still on vacation with family or still working their internships. So here she was, alone for another two weeks until the term started.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was any life in the town, but life in St. Adams and the namesake town completely revolved around the university. When classes were in session the town was alive and bustling, but with the start of term another two weeks away it was just a few locals, mostly kind elderly folk, with a smattering of middle aged shop owners. Eva was alone for the foreseeable future. So here she was on a Sunday afternoon, all dressed up, sitting at the pub alone. At least she had that. She drew out her mornings with choosing what outfit to wear and carefully applying makeup because at the very least it took time out of her day.

Her long brown hair was carefully combed, with not a single strand out of place. It was pulled to one side, cascading over her shoulder. Her makeup was lightly, but carefully done, accentuating her beautiful Czech features. Dark red lipstick made her luscious lips look even more inviting. Medium gold hoops hung from her ears. Her top was a tank style white button up, with a plunging neckline, which matched her tight black skirt that ended mid thigh. The outfit was complete with black stilettos.

In the midst of her wallowing she didn’t notice another patron enter and sit beside her. His introduction brought her out of her lonely stupor.

“This seat taken?”

Eva sat up with a start and looked over. Sitting next to her was a well dressed middle aged black man. He had a shaved head, muscular body, and a devilishly handsome smile framed with a well kept beard. Slung over his shoulder was a camera bag and backpack.

“By all means.” Eva said politely. He took a seat next to her and ordered a drink.

“I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone your age. You’re the first person here under fifty that I’ve seen all day. I’m Jamar, but most people just call me JJ.” He said, extending his hand.

“That’s because school hasn’t started yet,” responded Eva, shaking his hand, “you’re early by about two weeks, and until then this town is pretty quiet.” She silently marvelled at how firm and commanding his grip was.

“Oh I know. The school hired me to take some promo photos of the campus so they could update their recruitment stuff. I figured I’d come here early and get some before and after shots.”

“Oh wow! You’re a professional photographer?” Eva’s interest suddenly skyrocketed. She was a member of the fashion club and an avid photographer herself. Whatever her career was after university, she hoped to continue to include it in her life in some way.

“Freelance, I like my freedom.” JJ laughed. “This job for your uni is more of a ‘get some savings in the bank’ job rather than enjoyment.”

“Oh? So what other stuff do you shoot?” Eva asked curiously.

“Nature, fashion shows, and…other stuff.” JJ laughed.

“What kind of other stuff?”

“Nothing you’d be interested in. I was able to shoot in Milan last summer, I could show you if you’re interested?” JJ changed the subject quickly.

Eva quickly took him up on his offer and leaned in next to him. They spent the next hour or so looking over JJ’s work. He also took this time to realize how beautiful this young girl was. She was beautiful enough she only needed a bit of eye shadow and mascara to make her face pop, her white shirt kept teasing what looked like a black lace bralette underneath, and the way her legs were crossed in her skirt made it ride up, leaving him tantalizingly close to seeing more. The girl was dressed like sin… and yet, she seemed oblivious to what she was doing. He was sure she knew she was attractive, but she had no idea how her persona came off.

“You know, since you’re a student, what do you say you show me around campus and I take some professional shots of you in return?” JJ offered. A win-win for him. It would make his job easier and he would get to spend more time with this stunning co-ed.

“That sounds amazing!” Eva eagerly accepted. It had been a childhood fantasy of hers to be a model somewhere, but at only 5’2 she had given up on that dream long ago. She’d do mock shoots with her fashion friends sometime, but here was a chance to be photographed by someone with experience!

They spent the rest of the evening together, Eva touring JJ around the most picturesque spots on campus. He kept finding excuses to touch her while posing her, and Eva secretly loved the rush it gave her. She found herself in more and more positions she’d never put herself in and she loved it. Her favorite had her standing on the steps of the Library, canlı bahis şirketleri back mostly turned to the camera and looking back. She knew it showed off her cute little ass, and she wondered how much visibility JJ had up her skirt.

When dusk finally came, they decided to finish up and break for dinner. JJ excused himself to go upload the photos from today to his computer, and invited Eva back to his hotel room later to take a look. She happily accepted. She ate, took a bit of time to go over her makeup, and walked over to his hotel. The town was small, so there was no need to drive. The twenty minute walk also gave Eva some pause to think about what she was doing. Here was a man who must be old enough to be her father, inviting her to his hotel room alone, the day they’d first met. She might be a virgin but she wasn’t stupid.

She’d seen the way he’d looked at her. She’d known those positions he posed her showed off her young, tight body. But somehow she found herself not caring, excited even. Maybe that’s why she’d touched up her makeup and stayed in her outfit instead of changing into sweats. She’d always been into older men, and JJ just seemed…comforting to her. His looks weren’t lost on her, he was a stunningly handsome man for his age, but she’d had plenty of handsome men pursue her. Something about his demeanor and how he took control of the conversation. Something about how his muscles still shone through his formal attire. She sighed as she reminded herself of what she’d lived by her whole life. He may seem nice, but she was waiting for the one.

Before she knew it, she found herself at his door. She knocked, and he quickly opened the door and invited her in. He had changed from his formal attire into a pair of grey sweats and a loose fitting t shirt. If Eva had been afraid of succumbing to his charm and physicality before it was all she could think about now. He offered her a glass of wine, and brought her over to the bed where his laptop was opened. As Eva climbed next to him and leaned over to look at the screen, she could feel how truly muscled his chest and arms were.

“Well Eva, I have to say you’re lovely to shoot.” JJ said as he opened her pictures from earlier that day. She was stunned.

“JJ that can’t be me, I look like another girl in these! You’re amazing!” Eva exclaimed, as they flipped through. She was right. She looked like a supermodel. JJ had captured her perfectly from every angle, and with a little photo editing and changing contrasts, she looked like she could’ve walked out of a fashion show and onto campus.

“It is you, Eva. Whoever your boyfriend is must be a lucky man.” Eva knew what game he was playing. She couldn’t tell if it was the wine, or the pictures, or his charm, but she decided to play.

“I’m single, JJ,” she said slowly, “I haven’t had a boyfriend since last year.”

“Oh?” He played along, “Why is that?”

“I was eighteen, he was twenty five, I was too young to see he was just using me. He was just so immature, and pressured me into doing things I didn’t want to do.” She punctuated the last part with a stare at JJ. “As soon as I went off to uni he dumped me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Eva, you deserve better than that. You deserve a real, mature, man.” He put a comforting arm around her. Eva flinched at his touch at first, then slowly relaxed.

“I suppose you don’t have a woman at home?” Eva asked, slowly nestling into his body. She knew she shouldn’t but it felt so nice.

“You suppose right.” JJ laughed. “Not many women are interested in photographers, and there are far fewer interested in the amount of travel I do.”

“Oh a ton. You have to travel to freelance. Just last year i travelled too…” JJ went on to talk about the places he’d been. The African savannah, the cherry blossom festival in Japan, winter in Moscow, fashion shows in Milan. Eva listened with rapt attention as he detailed his experiences. One thing crossed her mind, however. A detail from earlier that day.

“JJ, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“The ‘other’ stuff you talked about that you did as a photographer…what was it? You’ve told me about fashion shoots, contract work, and nature shoots, but what was the other thing? I didn’t know there was more.” Eva asked, still curled up against him.

“Well, you have to promise not to judge me.” JJ said, with the hint of a smile.

“I promise.”

“Well… I could explain but it would be easier if i just showed you. Close your eyes, Eva.” JJ said, as he opened his laptop up again. “Ok… you can look.”

Eva opened her eyes and gasped. Sitting on the screen in front of her was an astoundingly beautiful woman, shot in black and white. The contrast was stunning, the lighting perfect. She must have been in her mid thirties but JJ made the camera love her. Still, the most striking aspect of her in the photo was her naked body and lewdly spread legs.

“I do boudoir sets. You wouldn’t believe how much wealthy women and their husbands canlı kaçak iddaa are willing to pay for a decent shot of them.” JJ said softly as he continued to flip through. “Here’s another one of my favorites.”

He skipped to a photo of another beautiful woman, this time blindfolded in a submissive kneeling position, hands clearly tied behind her.

“You’d never believe it, but this one actually runs a very successful international firm. I love exposing this side of a strong woman.” He whispered. Eva shivered, she could feel the wetness growing between her legs. She knew she should leave, run home and hide in her bed from this man whom she’d just met but she couldn’t.

“I know you’re getting wet, it’s ok Eva. I’m not an immature brat like your last man. If you’re uncomfortable we don’t have to keep looking at these and I’ll walk you home.” She was fully nestled into his arms now, he could feel her heart racing. She slowly shook her head.

“I’m glad you’re not uncomfortable with this Eva, and don’t be ashamed of being aroused. It’s a natural reaction.” He gently moved his computer off his lap to show her his growing erection. Eva let out an audible gasp.

“Is that…” She quivered.


“It can’t be… it can’t… it can’t be that big, JJ.” Eva half whispered and half moaned. She had no idea what she was feeling right now. She was clearly attracted to JJ, but he was so much older. They had chemistry but she’d never felt like this in her life. When her ex, Chris had touched her it was an unpleasant sensation, like he was forcing pleasure from her. When she touched herself at night, it was tame and straightforward. But now she felt like there was a fire of passion within her, she was dripping through her black lace panties.

JJ Slowly reached over and Eva allowed him to take her hand, as he placed it gently over the fabric of his sweatpants. She softly gripped as they both moaned. He took her chin and guided her lustful gaze from his cock to his face. They looked at each other only a moment before their lips met. Eva knew she shouldn’t, with a man old enough to be her father, but she couldn’t resist. His lips felt so good on hers, his tongue felt amazing, plundering her mouth in a passionate kiss. She kept rubbing his cock over his sweatpants, searching for the base as it seemed to continue forever. She kept moaning into his mouth, words lost in their fiery passion.

He reached over and unbuttoned her blouse, as she used her free hand to maneuver his shirt off. She moaned again as she saw his well toned muscles, as he slipped her clothes from her body, and deftly unhooked her black bra. They sat for a minute, staring at one another before he lowered his mouth to her nipple as she quaked. Eva had never felt this level of pleasure, a fire running through her body from the nipple in JJ’s mouth right down to her sopping wet core. She moved her hand from stroking him off over his sweatpants to free his cock.

JJ jerked in shock and pleasure as he felt Eva’s small hand around him, trying to stroke him under his restrictive sweats. He broke his lips from her breasts and captured her in another kiss as she moaned. As they made eye contact, they both paused, then separated, jumping up from the bed as JJ stripped out of his sweats and briefs, and Eva unzipped her skirt and stepped out of her panties.

They admired each other’s nude bodies before Eva’s eyes locked onto JJ’s cock. He was so much bigger than he’d felt, if that was possible. His black monster stood an astounding eleven inches, and was thicker than anything she’d seen before. He was at least three times the size of Chris.

She slowly reached her hands down, first running one hand down his entire length as he shuddered, then wrapping both around his hard cock. He shuddered as his cock twitched under her soft, gentle touch. She descended to her knees, almost as if in a trance, coming face to face with his head. The first thing that struck her was the smell. No, not smell, musk. Whereas Chris had smelled almost dirty and grungy, JJ awoke something primal in her. She smiled up at him as she inhaled. He was intoxicating. She slowly moved one hand from his cock down to fondle his balls. They both moaned as she felt the heat of his sperm.

JJ leaned back and let out a long groan as Eva explored. He’d had plenty of women, but none compared to Eva. They all either saw him as some cheap porn like conquest to be had after their boudoir shoots, or balked once they saw how big he truly was. The ones that made it to the bedroom were never able to take his full length. Yet here Eva was, the first girl to be truly curious about exploring him. Other woman who had given him handjobs just seemed to tug at him like he was some huge dildo, and here was Eva, gently caressing him.

Eva noticed his pre cum as she handled her new toy. She looked up at JJ and saw his eyes closed and mouth ajar. She leaned forward, giving his slit a gentle kiss.

He twitched again in her hand as his eyes snapped open canlı kaçak bahis and made contact with her innocent face. She looked at him with those adorable brown eyes, comforting and mysterious at the same time as she gave him another lick, then another, as she continued to stroke him.

Eva loved his taste. She loved his smell. His precum was salty but in a good way, as it blended with the flavour of his cock. Chris’s had been smelly and tasted gross. He was small enough she could fit him entirely in her mouth and she’d done it to get him to cum sooner. She spat out his cum, which almost tasted curdled as soon as he shot. But with JJ, everything was so much different. She couldn’t tell if it was the moment, or hormones, or if JJ’s cock was really that amazing. All she knew was that she wanted more.

JJ was in heaven as he felt Eva alternate between dainty kisses to long licks, and kissing further down his shaft. He could feel her hands still working, pumping, almost milking him. He froze as he felt Eva get close to his sack. He heard her inhale, and then felt her gently take one testicle into her mouth, sucking and using her tongue, eager to taste.

She loved his smell and the closer to his scrotum she got, the more intense it was. Eva had no idea if what she was doing felt good, she was purely working off of instinct. She could feel his balls tightening in her mouth as she worked, and she almost reluctantly started to back off, giving each one final kiss as she kissed her way up to his head again.

JJ knew he was close. He could feel it as Eva tongued his head and continued to milk him.

“Eva, fuck that feels so good. You’re gonna make me cum.”

Instead of backing off, she instead doubled her effort. She started trying to fit him, inch by inch, down her throat,moving one hand off his cock to start coaxing his balls. When she looked up at him with those adorable, innocent eyes it finally set him off. JJ exploded into her mouth, spurt after spurt of his hot cum coursing down her throat.

Eva loved his flavour, loved his scent. He was salty and thick, as she happily gulped down his cum. With Chris she’d always spit but it seemed a shame to waste JJ’s delicious cum, especially after she’d worked so hard for it. She savored the taste as it trickled down her throat. The volume was incredible, and some overflowed as he let out his final spurt. She looked up at him with those deep brown eyes and used a finger to scoop up the cum leaking out of her mouth. She licked it clean, and made deep eye contact as she sucked on it, making sure to get all of her prize.

“JJ you taste so good. I’ve only been with one other guy but I love your cock.” Eva confessed.

“Fuck girl, you’re a natural.” JJ responded, still recovering. “I’ve never had any girl worship my cock like that.”

“You deserve it,” Eva cooed, wrapping a hand around him again. “It’s so fucking big and powerful, and it tastes and smells so good.” She gently took his cock and laid it over her face, peppering kisses on his underside.

“Fuck Eva,” JJ moaned, leaning back, “You’re gonna make me cum again if you don’t stiop with that.”

“Good,” Eva smiled, “give me your thick cum. I’ll never stop wanting it.” She never thought she’d hear those words come out of her mouth. Just a few hours ago she was reminding herself that she didn’t want to rush into anything, that she didn’t need a man because she was independent, and now here she was worshipping JJ’s cock. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice JJ leaning down to pick her up, tossing her on the bed until it was too late. Her legs spread for him almost instinctively, as he leaned down to capture her in a deep kiss. His cock quickly settled between her pussy lips, sliding in between due to her wetness. He slowly thrust, grinding the length of his cock along her.

Eva came immediately. His entire eleven inches rubbing along her clit, along with the lack of stimulation the whole night caused her to explode. She’d been so wrapped up in making JJ cum that she forgot about her own needs.

“Fuck JJ, you’re amazing and you’re not even in me yet.” Eva whispered, kissing him again.

“I know you’re a virgin, so we don’t-“

“No, I want it to be you. It has to be you. After all, after my introduction to your cock, how could it not be?” Eva cut him off, chuckling. “Do you have a condom?”

“No, I didn’t think we’d get this far and I didn’t want to pressure you.” JJ said, cursing.

“That’s ok…we can go to the chemist tomorrow and get a morning after pill. I just know that I need your cock right now, but call it hormones or women’s intuition or whatever you want, but I know that if you cum in me i’ll get pregnant. You’re so virile, i can feel it.” Eva said, reaching a hand down to lovingly stroke his cock. “I just can’t get pregnant right now. Uni to finish, and then I want to travel.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, just go slow. You’re so fucking big.” Eva kissed him as she stopped stroking him and positioned his head at her entrance.

JJ could feel her anticipation as he slowly thrust forward. She was so fucking tight, this nineteen year old virgin who he was about to deflower. He felt her breathing become more laboured as more of his cock disappeared inside of her.

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