Evening Lakeside Stroll

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I giggled at the sun shining in my face in the car passenger seat. How the fuck did only three beers mess me up this much? I didn’t want to move and went limp like a rag doll.

“Come on. YOU wanted to go for a walk. Lets go.” I heard you taunt me from the other side of the window as you opened the door. I giggled again and let you pull my arms out of the car. It HAS been awhile since I anticipated your touch that much. For good reason. But that didn’t stop our dangerous thoughts.

I could walk just fine…I think. I still put my arm around your waist for support. You reciprocated, pulling me in a little closer and asking where we should go. I didn’t want the sun in my eyes, so I gestured straight ahead to a little patch of woods connected to the boat dock.

We walked along the hilly path for a few minutes. You walking in front as usual. Mostly I just walk slow, but I appreciated the opportunity to check out your ass. I wanted to sit down on a log near the water since my head was starting to spin. Looked a nice a place as any for sitting down to talk, or sober up, or whatever reason I wouldn’t tell myself to justify coming here with you.

You took your sandals off and cooled your feet in the water. I sat down and rubbed my eyes, convinced at this point the beer had eroded any sense of willpower I might have had.

“What are we doing?” I mumbled to the mud with my forehead in my hands.

You came back out of the water with a sigh directed at nobody in particular, and sat down with a clear ‘you know exactly what the fuck we’re doing’ face. I looked up and let out a frustrated groan and leaned against your chest. I shouldn’t let this happen. I sat up again quickly and shook my head. It was clear you were waiting for me to make the first move – you weren’t exactly stopping me from exploring every inch of your body with my eyes up to that point.

I looked back at you and rolled my eyes. “Ok, I know. But…ugh. Give me a hug.” We hugged tight and I rested against your chest again, not pulling away so quickly this time.

I don’t know how many scenarios raced through my head just then – most of them titillating, a handful not so much – but my mind slowed and stopped on one. I remembered your face from just a few days prior at our friend’s birthday party. Specifically, you curling your lip in our shared frustration canlı bahis şirketleri when you couldn’t fuck me senseless like you wanted to, due to the presence of our better halves in the next room.

That frustration came back to me instantly and reminded me just whose chest I was leaning against. I looked up at you and brought my lips to yours. You started to stroke my hair, and I told you to run your fingers through it. This action sent electricity down my spine and sparked a bit a wetness as your lips started to trail down my neck. No turning back now. I leaned my head back in pleasure as I felt your lips and fingers travel up my arm.

“Nice bra” you pointed out, ogling my cleavage while trying to go under my shirt. Around this point I noticed some little shit on a boat watching us and told you to stop trying to take my shirt off. Somehow, this triggered my conscience to tell me what was up and I groaned out of frustration, laying down completely on the log, as if somehow that was supposed to convey “stop”. You leaned forward over me and continued to run your fingers through my hair, effectively quashing my conscience and instead making me moan and buck my hips into you.

This wasn’t going to happen with an audience – not today, anyway. I stood up and brushed the leaves out of my hair, noticing that I was missing a cheap earring.

“You go back with both, or you go back with none”, you smiled and kissed my neck again. I wasn’t going to spend more time looking through the mud with you doing what you were doing so I chucked the other earring in the leaves.

We made our way into a more secluded area behind some trees, and I wanted to take some frustration out on you. I grabbed your neck and pushed you back against a tree and made you tell me what turned you on. I could feel your throat when you swallowed. You gave a shrug and mumbled something about wanting to make me lose control.

“Yeah?” I said, running my hand up your face and squeezing your cheeks. “How do you plan to do that?” I sneered.

You pushed my arm aside, spun me around and pinned both of my hands up against the tree with only one hand. Your other hand immediately found its way down my pants and was getting closer to the wetness your presence was cultivating. I smiled, knowing we were both getting our way. I felt one warm finger easily slide canlı kaçak iddaa against my clit, discovering the puddle forming.

“That’s how. Oh, look what I found.” You murmured into my hair.

“Surpri-i-i-ised? Oh god, yes…” I gasped, and you answered by pushing a finger inside me.

My knees buckled but you made sure to keep me standing upright. I writhed harder when you put another finger in me, and I clenched my pussy against your hand. This only turned you on more. You buried your face in my neck, one hand still pinning me against a tree, the other frantically looking to get drenched in my tight cunt.

You were relentless in making sure I couldn’t move my arms, which forced me to push my tits against you as you fingered me. Your moved faster as my writhing got desperate, begging you to make me cum. The bark was scraping the back of my arms and hands, but the pain made me welcome the pleasure between my legs even more. I couldn’t control my moaning. You were getting me close, and I couldn’t stand up straight any longer. Pulses of ecstasy throbbed through me, weakening me yet making me thrash uncontrollably as you brought me over the edge. I had to stand there, released, reeling for a few seconds before I could move again.

When I was able to open my eyes, I saw you standing a few steps back, sucking your wet fingers with a bulge in your pants. I rubbed my wrists and grabbed you through your shorts.

“You were a good boy – here’s a gift.” I pulled my top up and you immediately palmed my rock hard nipples. You buried your face in my tits before your hand found its way back to my still soaking pussy again. Of course you enjoyed keeping me under your thumb, so you pushed me back up against the tree. You rubbed my now less sensitive clit intensely which made me writhe even harder while you kissed my chest and neck.

“Oh, fuck. God, yes. I need this.” I could barely form the words through my clenched teeth. I bucked against your hand and wondered how I was still standing after that first orgasm. Your wet fingers found their way inside me again, more insistent this time. My legs were giving way and I was leaning sideways away from you. Your fingers fucked me furiously then – I was so close to coming – I was there. Your fingers were a wet blur inside my pants, against my clit, inside my pussy, fucking me raw. canlı kaçak bahis Waves of pleasure washed over me yet again and I moaned in your ear while you held me up.

“Nnnnngh…oh…yes…I came…I came…” I started to push your arm but your fingers were still insisting on another goal. Suddenly, I felt a different twitch from deep within me and there was a wetter release. I lost control of my legs momentarily. I pushed you away one last time and you finally stopped.

“Dude.” I took a minute to catch my breath and pull my pants up a little bit. The wetness was overwhelming. I guided your hand over my pants and between my thighs. Soaking wet everywhere. That’s never happened before…I wanted you to feel your prize. You grabbed my thigh and kissed me as I grabbed you to return the favor. I licked my lips.

“You sure?” Your breathing got a little shallower. Did you really forget how much I love sucking cock? Especially after what you made me feel…the way you just made me cum…

“Yeah, I still want you in my mouth.” I walked over to another tree, marveling at how wet my pants were, and leaned against the trunk until my mouth was at perfect receiving height. I watched you fumble with your waistband and present me with your delicious erection. I inhaled you fully and completely in my mouth as soon as I could, and backed off slowly, looking into your bewildered eyes. I finished the first stroke with a wet pop and a smile as I pulled you out of my mouth. You came back down to earth and grabbed my hair, pushing my eager face down on your cock, back and forth, sliding in and out of my throat. You relented and let me have my way some more, and I let my tongue drift all over your cock, teasingly, before I engulfed you entirely again. My mouth, my hands, your hands took turns pleasing you.

You took over when you were close. I reached between your legs and massaged your thighs and ass, telling you what I was going to do to you next time. I don’t know what sent you over the edge – the concept of ‘next time’, or how good it will feel to get reamed and be under my complete control. Whatever it was, you couldn’t handle it anymore and you shot your hot load on my hair, face and chest. I caught the first taste in my mouth and licked what I could from my lips.

I got up and cleaned myself off with some nearby leaves. You flicked a small amount of cum off my shirt, and then checked my still soaking pants to make sure I was ok to walk in polite society.

“I wasn’t expecting that.” you said, tightening your belt.

I licked my lips and smiled. “No, but it sure was fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20