Everything Happens for a Reason Ch. 04

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This is a sequel to, “Everything happens for a reason-Ch.3”


The room was cold. I pulled the blankets up half way over my head and gradually awakened. The heat of Taylor’s body next to mine reminded me that I had died and gone to heaven. Seeing each other again after so many years had been a shock. And the sex last night, and this morning…wow!

The clock on the night table was blank. The power was out. That must be why it is so cold in here, I thought. The power had flickered on and off last night for hours during that terrible, noisy wind. Now it was quiet, except for something droning outside. I carefully untangled my leg from Taylor’s and lifted his arm up so as to get out of the bed without waking him. Man was it cold. I could see my breath. As I headed for the window I smiled at the sight of our clothes strewn around the floor. We could not wait to jump each other’s bones after we had checked in last night. The quaint lodge was now booked, ours being the last room available.

I pulled the curtains apart and peeked out. Using the curtain, I wiped the moisture off of the window so that I could see out. “Oh… my…god!” I said out-loud.

That woke Taylor up. He rose upon on his elbows to see what was going on. “Trent, is the storm still bad?”

“Oh man Taylor, we are snowed in. The wind has stopped, but there must be four feet of snow out there and it is coming down like crazy. I can’t see the cars or the road, but I see some guys out there with snow blowers.” A moment later I felt Taylor’s arms reach around me from behind. He pressed his naked body against mine. I could feel his warm, flaccid penis and pubic hair as he pressed himself against my ass checks. I shivered, but not from the cold. I reached my hands around back and cupped his furry ass cheeks.

He caressed my nipples and said, “Trent, you’re either very cold or turned on, or maybe both. Brrrrr, it’s so cold in here!” He reached down to goose me playfully before he moved next to me and looked out. “Wow! All I see is white, everywhere. I need sunglasses, just to look out the window! It looks like we need snowplows, not snow blowers, Trent.”

The room had a fireplace, and I did my best to start a fire, but it did not throw off enough heat to keep the whole room warm. It did feel good, though. I pulled a couple of chairs up close and warmed up a bit.

I let Taylor have the bathroom first. We fortunately had hot water, but we took quick showers just in case it didn’t last. Good thing, because the water was barely lukewarm by the time it was my turn. Our plan was for me to get dressed and head down to the front desk to get an update on the road conditions. We needed to leave by tomorrow morning, or else we would have a lot of explaining to do to our wives. Both of us were on supposed “business trips” and were due back tomorrow evening. We had driven separately, but now both cars were buried with snow and blocked by equally buried fallen tree limbs.

We kept stopping to kiss as we were getting dressed, running our hands all over each other and down into each other’s underwear, which is all we had managed to put on, so far. It didn’t take long before we were naked again. We jumped under the covers and our tongues were busy as our bodies pressed together. We ground our hips against each other. God how I loved having our cocks and shaved balls rubbing together!

Taylor’s tongue seemed like it was after my tonsils. I could sense his hunger for me and it ignited my passion for him even further. He pushed me onto my side and buried himself under the covers. I felt his hot mouth surround my cock. I lifted my leg over his body as he sucked me. This allowed Taylor’s hands to have easy access to my balls and ass. It also kept the covers from smothering him. Every time his finger brushed against my hole I got that much more excited. I managed to gasp out, “Taylor, can you breathe in there? Do you want some light?” “If you keep that up I’m gonna cum Taylor, oh man.” His left hand was cupping my ass cheek and his right hand was tickling my balls.

Taylor gripped my cock at the base and held it tight while he surfaced from under the covers and kissed me. “Trent, I want you to finish what we started in the shower last night.” He then got out of bed and ran into the bathroom. He came back with the complimentary hand lotion and said, “I mean it. I want you to make love to me.”

“Taylor, are you sure?” He replied by kissing me hard and whispering to me, “I am really, REALLY sure. I want us to fuck, Trent.”

His hands were busy squirting the lotion onto my cock. When I was greased up, he turned over and asked me to lube him up. I took the lotion and squirted it up between his furry ass cheeks. I worked it in, feeling his hot hole grip at my fingers each time I worked the lotion into him. Despite the cold, I was very hard at the thought of entering him. I kneeled behind him as he raised his ass for me. He reached his hand down and grabbed my cockhead and pressed it against his casino oyna opening. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him up to me as my cock penetrated his hot and waiting man hole. Taylor pulled the covers down and we were buried underneath them.

He was very tight at first, but after awhile he relaxed and I was able to push my cock deep inside of him. We lay clutched together for several minutes, experiencing the bonding that only two males can know. Taylor groaned as he lifted himself against me, his body begging me to fuck him. He was definitely ready for me this time.

Once I was inside of him, we moved as one as my body penetrated him and as his body accommodated me in return. I reached down under him and cupped his cock and newly shaved balls as I thrust my hard cock into him. His moaning, and the fact that he kept pushing his ass back against me gave away his enjoyment. My hand was wet with his pre-cum as I felt my lover react to my gentle thrusting. He raised his head up and turned to kiss me in the dark of the covers, all the while gasping, “Trent, fuck me…oh please fuck me. Fuck my brains out!”

I felt his cock get harder and my cock was squeezed tight inside of him as he yelled out, “Oh my god, that’s so good, fuck me Trent, oh my god, oh my god…please, oh god, right there, right there, press right there. Oh man, ahhh, don’t move…ahhhh.” His ass was like a vice, gripping my hard cock as he spurt gob after gob of his hot cum into my hand. That was it. We were cumming at the same time, and it sounded like a couple of bears were in the room. I wondered if the whole lodge knew we were having sex.

Our breathing was heavy and we were coated with sweat, despite the cold. To lie there and caress my naked and sweaty man after we came at the same time was beyond sexy. After hugging each other for the longest time, I withdrew from his ass and lay down upon my back. I pulled the covers back so we could get some air. As I came down from my orgasm, I luxuriated in the sensation of his tongue licking my nipples and underarms. He was breathless, but he was smiling as he kissed me. He ran his tongue along my lips and nibbled my ear. His eyes grew sad as he wondered out loud what we both were thinking. “WHAT are we going to do?”

There was a crowd of guests in the lobby, and everyone was talking to each other, or else they were on their cell phones, at least the ones that had service. I could see a lot of people borrowing phones. I remembered that Taylor and I had left our cell phones in our cars, on purpose. We decided that they were a reminder of our responsibilities, and that we didn’t want them intruding on our fantasy weekend. I walked up to the desk clerk. His name badge said, “Chad,” and I asked him what he knew about the weather. He told me that the storm had plowed south over the mountains and that no one had forecast it to get this far. The front had stalled and heavy snow was falling for a radius of almost fifty miles.

Chad continued to say that everyone here planned to leave today or tomorrow, and they were frantic, because they knew they would be here for several days. I blurted out, “Several days? You must be joking!” He said that he was the owner, and he assured me that there was enough firewood and enough food in the fridge and pantries and not to worry, that we would all make the best of it. He said the power might be back up by evening, but he had a couple of generators to use in the meantime. Chad said, “The only real problem is that my chef, Ben, went down the mountain last night, against my wishes, and now he can’t get back up here. I can’t even hard boil an egg. I’m furious with him!” He scowled and then turned his attention to another guest.

I walked outside and watched the silent snowfall. It was beautiful. I hadn’t seen snow like this in decades. As a kid I prayed that we would be snowed in. Now it just made me very anxious. Taylor and I would have to develop a plan, and fast. In other words, we would have to lie to our wives even more than we had the last few days. I had hastily arranged this “business trip” and told my wife that I preferred to drive to enjoy the fall foliage. She expressed an interest in going with me, but I held her off by telling her that I will be on the phone all the way there, and probably all the way back as well, needing to concentrate on the deal.

She knew that I had business in Nashville, and that’s where she thought I was. Little did she know that I was really in the Virginia mountains with my male lover. Wow, how sordid did that sound? Taylor had done virtually the same thing. His wife thinks he is in Phoenix! Both of us drove to VA so that there would be no itineraries and no drop-offs at the airport that might betray our secret rendezvous.

Lies, lies, lies. Not to mention the overwhelming emotions at finding that my Internet lover, Brian, was really Taylor. Taylor wasn’t expecting me either, since we had both had used phony names. All these months of chatting on-line and we were both completely slot oyna clueless that we were about to be reunited after all these years. I shook my head again in amazement and looked up at the sky with moist eyes and said, “God, you work in very mysterious ways. WHAT do you have planned for us next?”

I went back upstairs and found Taylor packing his bag. “Don’t bother, Taylor. The roads won’t be open for at least a couple of days. At least they hope to have power by tonight.”

“Trent, we can’t stay here. We have to find a way out; I’m not joking. Laura thinks I’m in Phoenix, and I promised her that we would go to dinner on Monday night for her birthday.” I just looked at him. I didn’t have plans with my wife, Beth, but I was worried about having to call her and give her a bogus explanation on my whereabouts. Taylor and I sat down next to other by the fire. After several minutes of deep thought, he turned to look at me. He looked very worried, and seemed to be trying very hard to keep his emotions in check.

“Trent, I’m a mess right now, man. You were downstairs, what, thirty minutes? During that short time, I thought I was going to totally lose it. I don’t want to let my wife down, but I also don’t want to be away from you. I love Laura, but I realize that I also love you. I really do love you, Trent, and it’s killing me.”

I wanted to hug him, but I sensed that he needed some space right now. “I have loved you since the first time I saw you, Taylor. That day at work so long ago when you were introduced as my new partner changed my life forever. We will figure something out, we WILL! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we need to decide on a plan to buy us time here at the lodge until we can drive down the mountain. After that is out of the way, we will both feel a big relief. Can we agree on that plan?” He nodded, and we looked at the flickering flames for a long while. “Taylor, in any event, we need to go down and find our cell phones. Hopefully they will have service.”

It took us awhile, but we finally figured out which snowy mounds were actually our cars. The snow blowers were done making paths in-between. We could then see the color of the cars, and find our way inside to get our cell phones. Good, I had service. I made my call first. After much thought, I decided to keep it simple. I told Beth that I had to stay in Nashville two to three more days because one of the key players had reservations and wanted more time to consider. I told her that I would be wining and dining him and playing a lot of golf in order to win him over.

Beth had asked me for my hotel phone number, and reminded me that I didn’t take my golf clubs. I told her that I was planning to rent some, but first I was switching hotels because I did not like the one I was at. I told her to just use my cell phone since hotel calls were always billed and I would seldom be there, anyway. She bought the story. I walked over to Taylor’s car.

Taylor was more nervous. Laura was accustomed to constant communication with him. She was upset that she was just now being informed of the delay and that he might miss her birthday. I watched Taylor as he talked to her. He was all smiles, psyched up for the big story. He paced outside the car as he did his song and dance about a change in plans and told her to trust him, that he would more than make up for not being there on her birthday. Taylor suddenly frowned and then closed his phone. “She told me not to bother to be there for her birthday, that she would spend it with the kids. Then she hung up on me. I feel like shit. I have NEVER missed any of her birthdays. Not the kids’, either.” He got into the car and put his head in his hands, as I learned he was prone to do when he is overwhelmed.

“Come on, Taylor. The hard part is over, and you have to admit that being alone together in a snowy lodge is not exactly punishment.” I reached into the car and laid my hand on his shoulder and reassuringly squeezed it. He got out and walked around the car and then back again. After a few minutes of serious thought, I decided to break the ice, so to speak. I threw a snowball at him. At first he was indignant, and he brushed it off with a frown on his face. I threw another one, then another. Finally, he got me back, including a cold one to the neck; the kind that leaks down into your clothes.

He was laughing now…good. We ducked between the various cars and tried to sneak up on each other. More than once, we surprised each other and got hit. The elevation was getting to us. Breathing heavily, we sank down between two cars and kissed, our hair matted with snow. God, how I loved this man. The snow slipped off of our hair and clothes as we made out between the cars. I could not remember when I was happier.

Chad was asking the guests if anyone knew their way around a kitchen. He needed help feeding the twenty-four stranded guests. A couple of us volunteered, and before I knew it, I was helping a guy named Stephen whip up a big pot of chili. canlı casino siteleri We cooked it in a large Dutch oven, within the confines of the old-fashioned kitchen fireplace. Coupled with cornbread and soft drinks, it tasted mighty good. I really enjoyed cooking for the guests, who were all very appreciative.

Taylor was holding his own with the other guests, as I abandoned him again later on to make dinner. I am a fairly good cook, so I leaned on my repertoire of recipes and with a little help, put on a feast that more than one guest described as being, “gourmet.” We sat among four big round tables in a room overlooking the snowy valley. The visibility was poor from the falling snow, but it was still a lovely sight. Having made my excuses to Beth earlier in the day, I felt very calm. Chad sat down next to me.

“I want to thank you for taking charge in the kitchen. As I told you, I can’t cook. Chef Ben is very good, but he is not reliable. I can’t believe he insisted on going down the mountain. He’s done that before, but never before a big storm. My wife Liz, rest her soul, cooked here for fifteen years, ever since we bought the place. She cooked comfort food, and it was always good, but things really picked up here when I hired Ben after she died.

“Chad, I’m sorry to hear about your wife. It must get lonely up here at times, especially in the off season.”

“Yes, it does, sometimes. Liz and I made the best of it, though. It’s very peaceful up here, and a good place to be if you want to be alone with your thoughts. Now, with her gone, I wonder how much longer I can do this. Maybe I should sell and move back down the mountain. Ah, but I would miss it.” He looked around at the guests, who were chatting and laughing. It was clear that they were quite content, especially considering that they had nowhere to go. “You are a good man, Trent.” He shook my hand. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me. My guests would have revolted if I had tried to cook for them!”

Taylor and I had discussed with each other how to respond to inquiries about why we were there. We looked enough alike to pass each other off as brothers, so that was our story. Both of us were around six feet tall, 175 pounds, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Although not skinny, we are both slim and fit for our age. Taylor constantly fights a five-o-clock shadow, but it is very sexy on him. Hell, everything about him is sexy. I look at him and I am literally hypnotized. He says the same thing about me and it makes me blush, every time. So, we told the other guests that we passing through on the way to a family reunion.

By the end of the second day, the on-and-off power was on for good, and the snow had stopped. We took turns working the snow blowers, because the snow had been coming down as fast as we could clear it. Taylor was relaxed and seemed right at home socializing with the guests. I told him that he was a natural manager, and that he should buy the place from Chad. He laughed and said, “Yeah, and you can cook!” We both smiled at the fantasy.

Taylor and I stole glances at each other during dinner. We could not wait to get each other into bed. This would likely be our last night together for a long while, and he seemed to be reconciled with the fact that he was not home to take Laura to dinner. He had called her earlier to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she had settled down a bit. He told her that this business trip was more enjoyable than he imagined and that he would tell her all about it tomorrow night when he got home. Yes, Taylor was finally relaxed. I winked at him and he winked back.

After a few minutes, I noticed that the man across from me, whom I knew as “Eric,” kept looking between Taylor and myself. I had spoken a few words with Eric, but knew little about him.

After dinner, I went up to Taylor and whispered, “Let’s say good night and go upstairs and get naked.”

“Great idea. You are a mind read…” Taylor stopped mid-sentence, while looking over my shoulder. I turned to see Stephen and Eric approach us. “Trent, I believe you have met Eric, and this is his business partner Stephen.” I smiled and greeted them. Stephen had helped me in the kitchen, of course, so I explained to Taylor that I had already met him. Eric invited us over by the fireplace for an after-dinner drink. I hesitated to say yes, but he insisted. I wanted to be polite, so the four of us sat down and after a few drinks we had a lively conversation going.

At one point we were all quiet, looking out at the moon and the blue-gray glow it gave the snow-covered landscape. Eric said, “Well, we did a good job with the snow blowers, if I do say so, myself. It enabled us all to get to our cars. I hear the highway will be passable by tomorrow morning. By the way, “I saw you two lovebirds kissing yesterday in the parking lot. I know you thought no one could see, but I was rummaging inside my car and you two were next to me when you made out after your cute little snowball fight. I have to admit, it turned me on. Your kisses were tender and sweet, and lord knows where your hands were. I tried to see, but you two were causing me to fog up the windows.” Eric chuckled and continued on, “You don’t need to use the “brother act” with us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20