Fantasy Shower

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Chris arrived at the concert area and was setting up her tent; she looked at her watch wondering when he was going to show up. He said that he would meet her there the day before the four day concert was to begin. She finished setting up their campsite. Deciding that she would just sit outside the tent and read some from a book she had brought. Soon she noticed that the sun was starting to set. She made her a sandwich from their food supply. Sat down in her chair and decided to continue reading, there really wasn’t much else she could do. After some time she gathered up her shower items. She had heard that the shower area was communal, however had not showered with other women since she was in high school during gym class.

She headed for the shower area, once there she went inside a little nervous about undressing in front of other women. Some of this feeling went away when she got inside and noticed that the shower area was deserted. Taking off her clothes, she stepped under the shower spray, taking her time she washed her hair. Soon after she heard a female voice say hello to her, she looked up and there was another woman in the shower stall with her. They chatted casino oyna easily while showering. Each eyeing the other when they thought the other one didn’t notice. Soon their chat turned to sharing different things that turned each other on. It doesn’t matter who started the kiss first; it was the most exotic kiss she had ever experienced. She had never thought kissing another woman would give her these feelings. They kissed under the spray of the hot shower for a while.

The other woman lowered her head and placed her lips on her new friend’s nipple. Chris let her head fall back while the other woman kissed, sucked and caressed her nipples. The sensation was a new one for her and she wanted to savor every minute of it. But even more she wanted to kiss, suck and caress the other woman’s nipples. Chris had never experienced sex with another woman before, but she was more than will to now if the opportunity arose. All of these thoughts were going through her head when the other woman lowered her to the tile floor in the shower room and started kissing her way down Chris’ stomach. When her lips touched Chris between the legs; Chris knew it was too late to turn back. slot oyna

Chris spread her legs wide for the woman to open up her vagina lips and slowly suck in her clitoris. The feeling was heavenly; tingles went up and down Chris’ spine as the woman slid a finger inside her while sucking on her clit. Chris could feel the pressure building inside her, she knew she would cum soon. With the warm water falling down on them, the woman’s mouth on Chris’ pussy and the thought of the story she would have to tell him when he finally arrived, the sensations finally overtook her. She was rocking her hips against the woman’s mouth when all of a sudden her orgasm hit her. Chris violently shook from head to toe as she let her orgasm take over, her juice spilling into the woman’s mouth. She could her soft suckling sounds and knew that the woman was enjoying the taste of her cum.

Without another word the woman got up and finished washing off and left Chris alone in the shower room to ponder who she was and if she would ever see her again.

Soaping up and rinsing off her body her shower done; Chris toweled dry and headed back to camp. Once there she laid down on her sleeping canlı casino siteleri bag and waited for her man to arrive. Several hours later he finally came into the tent, too late for her to share what she had experienced with him.

She slept soundly that first night dreaming of the woman in the shower.

Chris woke up the next morning; Jeff had been watching her while she slept. He saw her eyes open and asked her slyly if she could remember what she had been dreaming about. She asked him why and he told her, you were talking and moaning in your sleep. Were you by any chance thinking of me in your dream, no she told him. At that time she relayed her experience with the woman in the shower and she watched his expression. She could tell soon enough that this excited him, he had a major hard on and he was moving her hand to his dick as she finished the story.

As she took him in her hand he asked her who the woman was and if she could be found again. Chris told him that the woman had left the shower area soon after their encounter without telling her who she was. Chris then leaned over and kissed Jeff soundly on the mouth and asked him, now are you ready to satisfy me, as only you know how. Sure the other woman was good, but after all she is a woman. His eyes glittered as he smiled down at her and told her he would gladly fuck her as long as she would like for him to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20