Finally Realising My Fantasies Ch. 01

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I’ve pretended to be heterosexual my whole life, been married twice and have three children, but I finally admitted to myself that if not homosexual, I was at least bisexual. Half the time I would convince myself I was hetero, thinking of women when masturbating, but the other half I would fantasise about taking a cock in my mouth and feeling the cum spurt over my tongue. In the past 10 years I also fantasised about taking a cock anally, imagining myself bouncing up and down on a fat cock. And yet the fear of catching something and my hetero mask coming off always stopped me taking the plunge. I had had a couple of chances to fulfil my fantasies, but always chickened out at the last minute. Until, that is, a few weeks ago.

I am a healthcare professional, 6ft 2in tall and around 14 stone. I don’t work out but my body is in decent shape for a man of 52. I’ve got a flat stomach, a modicum of body hair, and like to keep my body hair trimmed to a close crop. I shave my balls and base of my cock regularly, as I like the feel of smooth skin, and also have an aversion to pubes, so it’s kind of a given I would keep mine very short! Women always tell me I have a nice firm, pert bum, and I often wondered if a man would think the same. And the reason I’ve taken the plunge now? Recently divorced and in my own house. No-one to question where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing!

I’ve been working with John for a couple of years now and always found him fun to be with and very handsome. He is just a little shorter than me, 45 yrs old, and in good shape. He likes to run and often goes to the gym. We get on really well, (in a work colleague capacity), and he is an out gay man. A couple of times in the past, when larking about, John has said to me that if I ever want to reconsider my sexuality, he’d help out! We always laugh when he says it, but secretly inside I longed for him to try just a little harder.

A couple of weeks back we both attended a healthcare conference. I can’t remember the subject, but it was rather boring and spread over 2 days. By lunchtime on the first day I was longing for it to come to an end! The evening of the first day was a formal dinner, with a couple of speakers and the usual ‘net-working’, a phrase and action I completely detest.

As the lectures came to an end, I found myself sitting with John having a coffee, chatting about how boring the day had been, poking fun at some of the speakers, and both wishing we didn’t have to go to the evening meal. After 30 minutes we both headed up to our own rooms to shower and get ready for the meal. In the lift, John asked what room I was in.

‘Why? You’re not going to turn up and try and convert me are you??’ I said. He laughed but I noticed he blushed slightly.

‘Don’t be daft,’ he said. ‘Just wondering how far I’m going to have to carry you when you get pissed later!’

We parted company at the lift and went to our rooms. Shortly after getting out of the shower the hotel phone rang. It was John.

‘Fancy a glass of wine before the meal? I’ve got a nice bottle of Chablis in my overnight bag.’ He said.

I felt really nervous all of a sudden, but agreed to drop by his room in a few minutes, to give me time to get dressed.

‘You don’t need to get all dressed up,’ John said, almost reading my mind. ‘Just come in your scruff, we can change in a bit. They won’t miss us if we’re late.’

I agreed and said I’d be there in 5, quickly pulling on my ‘slobbing-around-the-house’, (or hotel room in this case), joggers and tight black t-shirt.

5 minutes later and I find John is wearing the same as me as he let me in to his room. I sat down in the little arm chair and he came towards me, wine bottle in hand. I glanced at his groin and saw his cock moving beneath his joggers. I was fairly certain he wasn’t wearing any underwear as I could clearly see his cock swaying from side to side as he walked over to me. I quickly looked up at him and held out my glass. He filled it and sat on the other side of the small table.

We chatted for a while and were having a laugh about lots of things. The wine flowed freely and I felt my inhibitions falling. Almost unconsciously the subject came round to gay sex. I asked John if he was a top or bottom.

‘Top,’ he replied. ‘Always have been, always will be.’

‘How do you stay safe, you know, from STDs and HIV?’ I asked.

‘Well I always wear a condom during anal sex, and don’t like sucking cock, so have actually never done it! No spunk in my mouth, and I’ve only ever had two cocks in my ass, and canlı bahis şirketleri that was 20 years ago. Found out I don’t like that either! I get tested once a year to be sure, but my chances of catching anything are pretty remote.’

‘I see what you mean,’ I said.

‘More wine?’ he asked, getting up and walking to the wine cooler near the door.

‘Yes please,’ I said. He turned and walked towards me, my eyes transfixed by his cock, moving beneath his joggers. He lent over to fill my glass, his groin easily in touching distance. He finished filling my glass and stood upright, looking down at me.

‘You keep staring at my cock,’ he said in a matter of fact way.

I blushed and looked up at him. ‘Sorry,’ I said.

‘Don’t apologise. I don’t mind at all. Would you like to see it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak?’ he asked.

I looked up at him and smiled in a half-hearted way. He sniggered and said ‘Well?’.

‘Uhmm…’ I said, unable to get words to come out of my mouth.

‘Oh for goodness sake!’ he said. ‘Here!’ As he said that word he hooked his thumbs under his waistband and pulled his joggers down, letting them fall to the floor. There, a matter of inches from my face, was his cock. It was uncut, hanging down to his ball sack, neatly sitting between two, what can best be described as duck eggs. He was totally bald down there, with not a pube in sight. I could smell the soap he had used in the shower, but also a hint of ‘man’. His cock twitched slightly and he began to move his hips from side to side, making it sway very gently.

My lips had gone dry and I licked them. His smile broadened when he saw this and he said ‘Why don’t you touch it?’. I nervously reached out a hand but suddenly felt him stop me with his own hand.

‘Not with your hand, with your mouth,’ he said, quietly but quite forcefully.

I lent forward and kissed his flaccid cock. It twitched as I did so, so I kissed it again. Another little twitch. I kissed again, but stayed in contact with his cock, opened my mouth slightly and ran my tongue over the soft skin. John moaned quietly, his hand moving to the back of my head. His cock was responding now and jutted out from his body. It was 6.5 inches long and thick, with visible veins running up and down his shaft. He pulled his hips back and placed the tip of his cock against my lips. I felt him push forward and my mouth just fell open. His cock slid into my mouth and I swirled my tongue around the firm head of his cock. At last…a cock…in my mouth! It felt wonderful. Hard yet smooth, with a lovely firm head, nicely in proportion to the rest of his awesome cock. I moaned softly, my lips clamped around his shaft, tongue swirling round the tip..

He reached down with his hand, pulled back on the shaft of his cock, retracting his foreskin. As he did so I got a taste of the pre-cum he had already produced from that lovely cock. I started bobbing my head back and forth, slowly, savouring every inch of this lovely cock, running my tongue around its head. John moaned again then backed up towards the bed. I never let his cock leave my mouth, shuffling across the floor on my knees.

‘You are a keen bugger aren’t you!’ he said, then sat on the edge of the bed. His legs spread, I got comfortable between them and started bobbing my head up and down. I reached round and wrapped my hand around his shaft, moving it in time with my head bobs, with my other hand cupping his balls.

He was moaning a lot now, his hips rising very slightly to meet my head bobs. He was dripping pre-cum, the inside of my mouth feeling all silky as he did so. It tasted wonderful and I swallowed it down greedily. I was now using my lips on the tip of his cock, wrapping them tightly to it, my tongue flicking the underside each time it came into my mouth. John’s groans were getting louder, his breathing getting faster. Both hands were now on the back of my head and his hips were moving up off the bed as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, matching the movement of my head. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and he groaned even louder.

‘Holy shit…I am getting really close. You want me to cum in your mouth?’

I didn’t reply, just moaned in approval.

‘Holy fuuuuucckkkk,’ he said, his grip on my head tightening.

I squeezed his balls very gently, my tongue flicking all over the tip of his cock, my lips clamped tightly round the shaft. He thrust into my mouth, almost making me gag, once, twice, three times.

On the fourth thrust he froze, motionless, canlı kaçak iddaa a strange whimper coming from his mouth. I felt his balls tighten up and his cock swelled just a little bit. I felt his cock pulsate and then the first jet of spunk hit the back of my throat. As it did so John let out a satisfied moan and said ‘fuuu uuu ckkkk…’ I pulled back a little and took the next jet on my tongue. His cock pulsed again and another stream of spunk hit the roof of my mouth and pooled on my tongue. It tasted salty and manly, with a tiny hint of bitterness, but felt thick and creamy, just like I had always fantasised it would. I loved it! His cock pulsated again and more spunk flooded my mouth. I swallowed, involuntarily making a gulping noise.

‘Listen to you gulping it down… Oh…my…god!’ said John, another jet of cum filling my mouth. I prayed he would never stop cumming. His cock pulsed in my mouth, spunk dripping from the tip of his cock as his orgasm came to an end. I sucked softly on the tip of his cock, coaxing the last of his spunk out of him. He pulled back, his cock too sensitive for my tongue, and it slipped from my mouth. I looked up at him, showed him the spunk still in my mouth, closed my mouth and eyes and swallowed.

‘Fuck!’ he said, pulling my head back towards his cock. I took it back into my mouth and cleaned it, licking every last drop of spunk off the tip and shaft. It finally went soft and slipped from my mouth. I sat next to John on the bed. He turned to me and kissed me, our tongues intertwined.

‘That was some fucking blowjob!’ he said. ‘I’ve not cum that much in years.’

‘Glad you did,’ I said. ‘I could take more of that.’

‘Gimme 15 mins and you can,’ he said, kissing me again.

‘I’ll start my stopwatch,’ I said. John smiled as he kissed me again, pushing me onto my back on the bed. ‘You’ve still got your clothes on!’ he said.

‘Well yeah, I was kinda busy!’ I laughed.

‘Soon change that…’ said John, and 10 seconds later I was naked, as was he.

He rolled me on to my front. I felt his hands grip my arse cheeks.

‘Fuck! That is a nice arse!’ he said.

‘Thanks. Always wondered if guys would think the same,’ I replied, as John lay down next to me, his hand gently squeezing and stroking my bum.

We lay face to face chatting, laughing at the idiots downstairs at the boring meal. I had just swallowed spunk, and didn’t care if I was ‘missed’ at the meal. John didn’t care either, given I’d just swallowed his whole load. He was also quite occupied with my bum, having never stopped stroking it.

After about 20 minutes the chatting had turned to kissing, our tongues fighting each other for control. I reached down and found his cock, slowly dragging my fingertips along the length. It twitched and responded, going from flaccid to semi-hard in a matter of seconds. I loved the way his cock twitched like that. Our kissing got more feverish as I gently worked his cock to fully hard with my hand.

‘Got a condom?’ I whispered, in between the tongue battle.

John smiled, pulled me to him and kissed me hard, a smile on his face. Then he reached over to the bedside table, opened the drawer and took out a pack of condoms and some lube. I sniggered and kissed him passionately.

John ripped open the condom wrapper and slid it onto his cock as I played with his balls. He applied lube to his cock, then I felt his fingers between my ass cheeks. He worked the lube around my hole and I gasped as he inserted a finger. He worked it in and out of my butt as we kissed, and I gasped again as it was joined by a second finger. He pushed them inside me, as far as he could, then spread his fingers, widening my eager asshole.

‘Fuck me, that is tight,’ he said.

‘I should think so,’ I replied. ‘Never been anything up there.’

John moaned and wiggled his fingers inside me. I couldn’t wait any more, reaching round and pulling his hand away as I moved into position astride him. I felt the tip of his cock brush my hole. I reached round with my hand, held his rock-hard cock steady, and lowered myself on to it. It passed the outer ring of my hole easily, but the inner ring resisted. I pushed down a little harder and it popped inside, unexpectedly. It hurt! I withdrew his cock and winched a little. John told me to take it easy…go slower! I lowered myself back down, putting a little extra pressure on as his cock head pressed against my inner ring. It slid in easier this time, without a pop, and with little pain. I slide down on his gorgeous cock, letting canlı kaçak bahis out a satisfied moan as I felt his thighs against my bum cheeks. I’d got him right in me. The pain passed quickly and then all I felt was rock hard cock. In me. I was getting fucked! My head span. Both fantasies in one night. I was in heaven.

I started to slide up and down on his cock, slowly at first but building in speed. His cock felt wonderful sliding in and out of me. John’s hands held my hips and guided my speed. After a while they held me firm.

‘Stay still’ he said.

He started to fuck me, nice and slowly to begin with, then faster and faster. We both started groaning as his cock banged in and out of me virgin ass. His breathing was getting faster and, just when I thought he was going to cum, he pulled his cock out and slid from under me.

‘Put your face in the pillow, stick that gorgeous ass in the air’ he said.

I did as he commanded, raising my bum in the air and burying my face in the pillow. I felt him move behind me and felt the tip of his cock at my hole and then, a second later, I was full of cock again as he slid the whole length right into me. He gripped my hips and began to fuck me, kneeling behind me. The feeling was intense. I don’t know if it was the change of angle or what, but I was fairly sure he had found my g-spot! He thrust in and out of me, his hands firmly gripping my hips.

‘You have got a fucking gorgeous ass,’ he said, gripping me tighter and speeding up. He slapped my butt cheek quite hard, then again, and again. I let out a high pitched squeal! His cock was ramming in and out of me as he took it almost completely out of my ass, hesitating a split second, then plunging it back in again until his hips hit my arse.

‘Look at you,’ he said, ‘full of cock’. He groaned as he fucked me hard.

With very little in the way of warning, I suddenly felt an intense pleasure and tingling all over my body. My legs started to shake and my cock erupted with spunk, squirt after squirt covering the bed covers beneath me. I felt John’s hand on my cock as he milked it, making sure every drop of spunk was out of me.

‘Fuck…that hit the spot for sure!’ he said quietly, squeezing the last few drops of spunk out of my cock. I was shaking from head to toe, after experiencing the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, by a country mile. I was in heaven, John’s cock ramming in and out of me, his balls slapping against mine on each thrust. I’d swallowed spunk for the first time, been filled with fat cock for the first time, and had my first anal orgasm.

‘I want your cum in my mouth again…Please! I want to swallow all your spunk again…oh god…please cum on my tongue’ I whimpered as he fucked me, his hands gripping my hips as his cock rammed in and out of me.

This pushed him to the edge. He withdrew quickly, leaving me feeling empty, then I felt his hand under my arm and he lifted my body and head from the pillow. His cock was an inch from my mouth, the condom on the bed next to his knee.

‘Ready for some more spunk?’ he said, stroking his throbbing cock.

‘Oh my…oh yes please…’ I whimpered.

‘Stick your tongue out and open your mouth’ he commanded.

I did as I was told and his hand worked his cock for a few more seconds. He let out a long groan, his head went back, and I felt the first jet of spunk land on my tongue. He moved the head of his cock between my lips and squirted 2, 3, 4 more times, filling my mouth with thick creamy spunk. He pulled back a bit and I felt the next three jets land on my face. I reached up and grabbed his cock, stroking it as my lips closed around the shaft. I milked the last few drops of spunk out of his cock and swallowed it down, making the same loud gulping sound I did before.

‘You fucking spunk whore you!’ said John.

I took his cock from my mouth, still rock hard. ‘I might be. But if I was, wouldn’t I ask you to wipe the spunk off my face with your cock and feed it to me?’ I said.

John smiled at me.

‘Wipe that spunk off with your cock and feed it to me,’ I said, my turn to be commanding.

John did as he was told, wiping the spunk off my face then letting me wrap my lips around his cock and cleaning it up. The smell of his spunk filled my nostrils. I moaned quietly as I cleaned his cock again, thick white spunk all over the tip.

We collapsed next to each other on the bed.

‘Want to go down to dinner then?’ he said.

‘Not a chance in hell!’ I replied. ‘I want more spunk…’ I whispered as our lips met.

‘Spunk whore,’ he whispered back.

‘Yep. Every last drop…’

(This story is fiction, all apart from the description of me and my fantasies, which have still not been realised! But if they were, that is exactly how I want it…)

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