Finding the Perfect Fit Ch. 02

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*All characters are over the age of 18. Any feedback is welcomed and if you want to chat, drop me an email.*

The drive home was insane. I kept squirming in my seat trying to find the perfect position where the plug would stimulate me a little but not push me over the edge. With one hand on the wheel I used the other hand to pull out the dildo. It was still in its package so I just traced my finger over the plastic and tried to imagine what it was going to feel like when it was faux balls deep in me.

Arriving home, I moved quickly, into the house, shucking my clothes, anticipating what was coming. I was naked when I got to the bathroom and started the shower. Waiting for the water to heat up I looked at my naked body in the mirror and liked what I saw. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. One thing that I have found in my new found single life is when I masturbate I like to position the smooth corner of the vanity under my balls and let it push into me. I have the most intense orgams this way.

Doing it this time, with the vanity pushing into my taint, the pressure of the plug intensified and a shudder washed over me. Looking down at my cock I noticed a pearl of pre-cum at the tip and thought that I just had a mini orgasm. I am not much of a leaker, except when I edge, and this was new because I wasn’t touching my cock. It was throbbing and had that sheen on the head that makes my mouth water.

I used a finger to coat the head of my cock with the pre-cum and marvel at how even more shiny my cock looked. I would give anything right now to be flexible enough to suck my own dick. I kept looking at my cock as it pulsed as I humped the vanity. Another mini orgasm started to wash over me but I fought back the urge to let it become something bigger and another dollop of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

This time I grabbed the dildo, ripped open the packaging holding it and smeared the tip with my pre-cum like buttering corn. I brought the tip of the dildo to my mouth and kissed and then licked my pre-cum off the tip. It tasted similar to my own cum that I ate from the sales woman’s cunt earlier this evening but weaker. I took more of the faux cock in my mouth dreaming it belonged to Tim, my man crush from work, who has recently fueled my masturbatory dreams.

When the mirror got all foggy I knew it was time to get into the shower and I washed myself. I pulled out my plug and I felt empty. Sniffing it, I smelled ass but it wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it might be. I let out a big glob of saliva and coated it and then pushed it back into my rectum and hummed at the satisfaction of being filled again.

Taking the dildo in my hand, I positioned it at the level of where I thought my hole would line up and then started licking the sides back and forth. My cock was on edge and the slightest stimulation to it would cause me to cum. I started sucking the cock imagining it was Tim’s. I got halfway down it and then started to gag. I backed off and tried to relax more and then take it deeper but continued to gag each time. The gagging was actually good as I salivated a lot more and when I pulled off it was dripping and I knew it was time.

Pulling out the plug almost caused me to cum but I fought back on the urge as positioned the head of the dildo at my opening. I couldn’t see it but I could feel that I was gaping and then I impaled myself. It just slid in the length rubbed right over my prostate causing me to ejaculate without touching my cock. My orgasm washed over me in waves as I fucked myself with the dildo. My sperm splattered against the shower door and my ass muscles clenched to the cock. I caught a few pulses in my hand before I stopped cumming and brought my hand to my nose to smell my sperm. Again, different from earlier but equally exciting.

I coated my lips with my sperm and then licked it off. I cleaned my hand and then looked at the shower door for more. Leaning down to lick the rivulets of sperm running canlı bahis şirketleri down the shower door I slid off the dildo and felt empty again but the taste of sperm took my mind off that empty feeling as the salty, pungent flavor of my passion overwhelmed my senses.

I swallowed some but kept swirling the rest in my mouth. I washed off the dildo but left it in place for the next time. I put the plug in my mouth and coated it with a mixture of my cum and saliva and then slid it back inside me. I was sore but it felt good to be full again. Drying off, I went to bed feeling so content and relaxed.

By the end of the week I had graduated to the bigger plug and bigger dildo and sent Jenifer a few pictures of me sucking the dildo, fucking myself and my favorite was one in which I fucked my ass in bed with the dildo and came all over my chest and mouth. Even sent her a video of my tongue eating my own cum.

I told her about this guy at work that I had a crush on but wasn’t sure how to make the next move or whether or not he was into guys. I mentioned that he always dressed well and smelled really good. Not overly masculine but somewhere in between. Jen told me to be friendly with him and see where it could lead.

She sent me pictures and videos of her eating pussy and sucking cock. My absolute favorite video was she was on her back stroking a well hung guy and pointing the tip of his cock at her open mouth. On the edge of the frame at about where her legs would be you could make out someone’s head there. At just the right moment you could see her cum and then the cock she was stroking shot a huge load into her mouth. She then takes the cock into her mouth and it comes out all shiny with a delicious coating of cum. The cock moves out the scene and then a woman appears from the side walking on her knees and then sits on Jen’s face. Every time I watch that video I imagine myself as Jen and taking the load in my mouth and then Jen sitting on my face.

Following Jen’s advice I just started saying hello to my man crush each time we came across one another in the office. I also started complimenting him on his clothes and he in turn started giving me compliments, too.

One morning we entered the elevator together from the parking garage and his cologne was intoxicating. I told him as such, he thanked me and told me what it was but I was too intoxicated with it to listen to what he was saying. I got closer to him and took it in deeper. I looked at him and he looked back. I could see there was a want in his eyes but then the elevator dinged and the doors started to open. Before we parted I quickly asked if he wanted to meet for lunch. He accepted.

We met for lunch in the cafeteria and it was like a date. We never took our eyes off one another as we ate and talked about our lives up this point. I remembered what he called his cologne and looked it up on the internet and found out it was a pheromone for women to attract men!

Lunch became a regular thing. In fact we ate lunch with another every day and of course the office rumor mill said we were dating. Not that I would mind that but I still wasn’t sure how to broach the subject. On a Friday before a long weekend the office gave us a half day so after work we went off campus for lunch.

While sipping a beer and waiting for our meals I decided to bring up the subject. “You know, the rumor mill says we are dating.” I said looking him in the eyes looking for a response.

“I heard that, too.” He said.

I nervously asked, “Would you call this a date?”

He leans in and takes my hand in his and then says, “Depends on who picks up the check or if we split it.”

I look at the way he is caressing my hand with his thumb. “I guess it also depends on what we do afterwards. If we went dancing, then I would say it’s definitely a date. If you kissed me when we left, then definitely. If I took you back to my house and made love to you, definitely a canlı kaçak iddaa date.”

I looked at him wide eyed at his audacity to say what he just said. Then I leaned in closer, closed my eyes and was about to kiss him when someone cleared their throat next to our table and I turned to see the server with our food. I sat back and let him place my food in front of me and we started eating.

“I have never dated a guy before.” I said between bites. “Let alone have sex with one.” But I have been fantasizing about having sex with one, I wanted to say but thought that might be too forward.

“Well, you have probably figured out that I am gay, the rumor mill got that right, for once.” He said matter of factly. Then added, “and you don’t seem to have a problem with that.”

“I don’t and truth be told I find that interesting.” I said.

“How so?” He says putting me on the spot.

“Since my divorce, I decided I wanted to try something different.” I said.

“Something different as in men?” He asked.

“Yes and since meeting you I have had this incredible attraction to you that I can’t explain.” I said.

“I have felt the same way but wasn’t sure about you. The rumor mill said you were divorced so I assumed you were just being a bro and bonding with the only other guy on the floor.” He said.

I reached out and took his hand in mine and then leaned closer and said softly, “I want this to be a date but since I haven’t done this before so I want to take it slow.”

“And slow is how we will proceed. So, how do you want to continue this date?” He asked.

“I hope this doesn’t sound cheesy but maybe we go for a walk on the beach? Watch the sunset and make out on a park bench.” I said.

“That sounds wonderful.” He said, then he turned and got the server’s attention and asked for the check.

We drove to the beach in our cars and parked next to one another. We took our shoes off and then hand in hand started our walk and used the time to get to know one another a little more intimately. I gave him details on my divorce and how abusive my ex was towards me, both mentally and physically. He told me about his last partner, who he was with for 10 years had cheated on him causing a break up. Turns out we were both in therapy.

We talked about our hobbies, goals, motivations, everything I think you would discuss on a first date. We had so much in common that I felt comfortable in his presence so much that I knew I wanted to be with him. We found a park bench a little off the beach in a park area with an excellent view of the sunset. I sat with my back to his side and held his hand as his other was draped over my shoulder.

As the sun was going down he nuzzled my neck and then licked my earlobe. I shivered and then let out a moan. Turning to him, I kissed him. The position was awkward so I got up and straddled his lap and we made out. I was hard and pressed my crotch against his. I could feel his dick, too. I put my arms around his head. He was holding my hips. His scent was driving me crazy with lust.

Finally, we came up for air. I looked at him, breathing hard as he was breathing hard, too. I wanted him but was scared at what it would mean. All these thoughts swirling around in my head must have changed my facial expression and Tim recognized something in the look I gave him when he said, “Take a deep breath and relax. We are taking this slow and I am not going to push you into anything you are not comfortable with.”

I kissed him again and then said, “Thanks. This is so new to me and I have a lot to process. Can you give me your number? I think I am going to want to talk to you as things come up.”

He handed me his phone and I put my number into it and called myself.

“Hey, what are you doing Sunday?” He asked.

“I am free, what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Want to go for a hike?”

“I would love to.”

“Text me you address and I will pick you canlı kaçak bahis up Sunday morning.”

I kissed him again, we got up and walked to our cars. I unlocked my car and he opened the door for me. I pulled him down for another kiss.

“Thanks for a wonderful date.” I said.

“It was my pleasure and I can’t wait to do it again.” He replied and then turned and headed to his car.

When I got home, I texted him my address and told him I couldn’t wait to see him again.

He sent back to me a thumbs up and heart emojis.

I texted Jen and told her about my first date. She replied with a thumbs up emoji, followed by a picture of her getting fucked from behind by her girlfriend. Then she wrote, this is going to be you.

I got horny thinking about what it would be like to have sex with Tim. I got naked and went to the kitchen to get one of my butt plugs from the dishwasher and then went to the bathroom. I lubed up the plug, put my foot up on the vanity and pushed it into me. The familiar feeling of fullness felt wonderful. Then I put my taint on the corner of the vanity and started rocking back and forth. Each time I would rock back it would push the plug into my prostate and pulses of ecstasy were coursing through me.

Looking down at my cock a bead of pre-cum formed at the tip. I wiped my finger over it and put it into my mouth and tasted it. It got me thinking about what Tim was going to taste like. I backed off when I felt I was going to cum at any second. I entered the shower and then got on my hands and knees facing faux Tim. Sticking out my tongue I ran it down one side and then back up and then down the other side. Then I took the tip in my mouth.

As I took more and more of faux Tim into my mouth I sat on the heel of my foot to put pressure on the plug. I could feel my cock bouncing, begging to be touched but I held off. My spit was drooling off the dildo and dripping onto my chest. In my mind’s eye I saw Tim fucking my face and moaning my name. I pulled off faux Tim and stood up so that my cock was lined up with faux Tim. Giving it two tugs I erupted all over the dildo.

Looking at the dildo covered in cum I moved in and took it back in my mouth savoring the taste of my cum while I continued to stroke my dick. I swallowed a little but made sure the faux cock was liberally coated with a mixture of my cum and saliva. Pulling off it, I stood up and removed the plug. My cock danced as the plug stretched my sphincter and then I felt open and empty. Lining up with the dildo I slid it into me and there was very little resistance. The underside slid over my prostate making me shiver. When it bottomed out inside of me I stood still feeling my muscles contract and release around it.

I moved off a little and then pushed back. Each movement over my prostate sent shivers through me. I started pinching and rolling my nipples which sent more shock waves through me and I quickened my movements. I was fucking the faux Tim desperately now. My cock was hard again and straining for another release. Reaching down, I took hold of it and started to stroke. Again, I was thinking that Tim was fucking me and I was wishing he was behind me. His hands on my hips pounding away at me, moaning my name and telling me how much he loves me.

I let go of my nipple, I braced myself against the shower wall with one hand and then gripped my cock and started stroking with the other. The muscles in my ass clamped around faux Tim as I felt my orgasm rip through me and my cum splattered against the shower wall. There wasn’t as much cum as the first orgasm but it was much more intense. I pulled off faux Tim and started the shower. I scooped up my cum and then slathered faux Tim with it. I closed my eyes and took the sperm covered dildo in my mouth and relished the taste of my cum again.

When my cum was gone, I got up and turned on the shower. I cleaned myself and the toys. Once I was out of the shower and dried off, I threw on some boxers and grabbed my phone and jumped into bed. I texted Tim and thanked him for lunch and that I couldn’t wait until Sunday. He responded right away. I wished him good night and then turned off the light and fell to sleep thinking about Tim.

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