First Lust: First Love

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Jonty watched Carol walk away. Why was it that he didn’t feel anything? He was eighteen, fit and healthy — a red blooded man like any other — but he couldn’t feel the fire. She was dumping him because he wouldn’t put out; he knew that he would be the butt of many a joke amongst his friends but he just couldn’t do it.

The news spread like wildfire and Jonty was ragged rotten. Of course everyone assumed that he was gay and poor Jonty began to wonder if perhaps that was his problem. But, after looking at some cocks on the internet he decided that he wasn’t overly interested in those either. He just wasn’t interested in anyone and he knew his mind well enough to stand his ground: no more blind dates, no suggestions, and as for all the gay stuff he just let it was right over his head. He was getting tired of the fuckwits that he hung around with anyway and was determined to find other interests and new friends.

His quest for new interests led him to the library where upon his first visit he fell instantly, deeply and utterly in love. This went beyond lust; yes, he was simply smitten but he wanted more than that. He wanted, needed to know this person; the object of his desire was the redhead that worked behind the desk and Jonty felt his face flush as he drank in the beauty of the fiery red hair, the porcelain skin and amazing green eyes. But it was the cherry red lips had did him in; suddenly the door to desire was unlocked and all he wanted to do was kiss and kiss and kiss some more. He shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as his hardon tented his shorts while he tried to hide the massive bulge behind his books.

‘Let me take those from you.’ The voice cut into his lust-daze.

Reluctantly Kevin handed them over. He saw the green eyes widen as they traveled down his flat stomach and onto his wayward cock.

‘Wow, buddy you got it bad.’ Once more that sexy voice penetrated Jonty’s skull. Even his voice was beautiful. Suddenly Jonty had the urge to scream it from the mountaintops: ‘yes, I’m gay and I so fucking turned on right now I think I might pop.’ Instead he smiled and apologized.

‘No need to apologize,’ the liquid-sex voice shot back ‘I don’t get to see anything quite that exciting around here usually.’

Jonty smiled. He couldn’t believe it; they were on the same wavelength! Just this morning he didn’t know what he was looking for but now it had been revealed and lust, it seemed, was not just his alone. The guy behind the desk briefly licked his sexy, ripe lips and desire was full in his eyes.

‘The name’s Kevin.’ He stuck out his hand.

Electricity surged through Jonty’s hand as his warm flesh touched Kevin’s. This was how it’s supposed to be, he told himself and made a mental note to apologize to Carol.

‘Jonty. Pleased to meet you.’ He shot back.

And then all too soon it was over. His books had been date stamped and someone else had appeared to check out their library books. Jonty took his books and started out the door.

‘Catch you later.’ Kevin’s voice followed him out into the bright sunshine and full heat of a mid-summer’s day. Suddenly Jonty’s eyes were opened to a new possibility. ‘Catch you later,’ Kevin had said. And boy, how he would love to be caught and held close and kissed and cuddled and tickled and wrestled, prodded and poked and kissed and stroked. The thoughts raced through his brain causing his thick cock to surge once again and he was glad that he had the books to shield it from the public’s view. It didn’t help that suddenly he noticed the beauty of men like the strong, bronzed shoulders on a pair of bare-chested hunks that strode by. In a micro-second he had drunk in their beauty, noticed the hairless chests and tiny nipples and the flat bellies with the line of dark fuzz dipping south. Oh to undo those belt buckles, to slide those worn jeans down their hips, to press his nose into those furry crotches and inhale their man-scent on this warm day!

Already he felt like he was cheating on Kevin. He was sure that Kevin was mostly hairless, perhaps with just a few ginger swirls around the root of his alabaster cock, and that he would smell only of soap and aftershave and not of the musky crotch funk that quickened his pulse as he walked by those studs. He turned to look back at them now and admired the way that their fleshy butts rolled around in their jeans. He needed Kevin to come and save him and drag him away from his baser instincts. They would date, they would drink coffee, they would debate important issues and only once they had gotten to know each other would they make their first contact: perhaps they would hold hands, perhaps they would share a sweet gentle kiss.

Jonty could feel the sweat in his armpits and pouring down his back. His underpants were damp, not helped by the copious amounts of precum that oozed out of his cock, and he felt deliciously, disgustingly dirty. Thoughts of Kevin were interspersed with darker fantasies. Kevin’s luscious red lips would kiss him and those tender arms would hold him tight. Jonty’s heart would flutter in his ribcage like some poor caged songbird trying to set itself free. And into that daydream crashed the thoughts of big, beefy men: they would casino oyna be swarthy and rugged, muscled and virile and they would force him to inhale their crotch scent and sit their hairy cracks right down on his face. It was as if a year’s worth of lust was suddenly condensed into this one hour and Jonty’s brain was in a frazzle.

Everywhere he looked there were men dressed for the heat of summer. On some of the older guys big balls and fat butts were trussed up in too-tight shorts perhaps last worn a summer ago but in Jonty’s current lust-induced fug they were no less sexy that the dudes closer to his own age. At each turn there were beautiful legs, nice asses — peachy and small, massively round and firm or even downright sloppy he enjoyed the sight of them all — handsome faces, rugged faces, open faces, nice eyes, sexy lips, big hands…the list was endless. Every man that he saw that day was eye candy. His sweet tooth had been starved too long and now it insisted on drinking in and storing the beauty of every single man that passed his way. And still his cock ached in his shorts and he walked round and round town in an aimless daze unable to return home until something, and he knew not what, had happened to him.

And still Kevin was in that air-conditioned room with all those books. Perhaps he was a geeky nerd but he was certainly the sexiest one that Jonty had ever seen. If only he could come out now and rescue Jonty from this aimless street lusting that drove him round and round the same few blocks.

‘Is that what all the guys are wearing this summer,’ a voice cut through his thoughts as he walked past a greengrocer’s on the corner ‘a book to hide your hardon?’

Jonty stopped and blushed and tried to reply but his mouth was dry. The guy who had asked the question was standing there wearing just a pair of rugby shorts and a T-shirt and sneakers. He had the sexiest, hairiest legs that Jonty could imagine. This was one of the men who had been in his daydream, forcing Jonty’s face into his musky crack. There was a full bulge in his tiny shorts and Jonty could not tear his eyes away. The man noticed this and shoved his hand down inside his shorts and rearranged his equipment so that his fat cock was now clearly outlined across his thigh. The stranger had dark hair and dark eyes and long silky dark hair forested his forearms. The man was sex; there was simply no other way to put it. Jonty tried to draw his book closer to his throbbing organ that threatened to spew its juicy load right there on the street corner in front of the Portuguese Café & Greengrocers.

‘You trying to give every man in this town a heart attack?’ the stranger asked him.

Jonty couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had gone from virgin to sex-wise man of the world in under an hour. First Kevin, now this guy. Damn he was hot! Forget about a summer of love, this was his hour of lust. He was so incredibly turned on that he could hardly speak; knowing that he was giving this sexy hunk the hots had boosted Jonty’s confidence into the stratosphere but his mouth was so dry he could hardly get the words out.

It’s just that I’m just so damn horny.’ Jonty finally managed to say.

‘You and me both.’ The stranger replied. ‘I woke up this morning with a raging hardon but the wife’s not putting out at the moment so what do you say you and I sneak off for a little cock fun?’

I shouldn’t…’ Jonty said, but even as the words left his mouth he knew that he would.

‘Why not?’

‘It’s just…well, see…I’ve never been with a guy,’ he stammered ‘and there’s this other guy I’m real keen on.’

‘Is he keen on you?’ the dark haired sexy beast asked. There was a hint of disappointment in his voice.

‘I hope so.’ Jonty replied. ‘But I don’t know him well enough and it’s so hot right now and I’m feeling so horned up.’

‘Well, the way I see it,’ the man replied ‘is maybe this other guy you are keen on has had some experience before and if you’ve never been with a guy before…’ his voice trailed away.

‘You could show me stuff?’ Jonty asked.

‘It would be a pleasure, a pretty peach like you.’

‘But what about your wife?’

‘She’s not going to be there, is she? And I’m not going to tell her about us, and once we’ve had our fun you’ll lose interest in me anyway because you’ve got this other guy.

‘Aw shucks, I don’t know…’ Jonty told him.

The man reached down and rubbed his thumb over his thick cock and Jonty’s eyes just about popped out on stalks. He wanted to see that fat cock in the flesh, wanted to see the man’s body hair and inspect his meaty arse. Kevin was fading away.

‘You wouldn’t… you know, hurt me or anything?’ Jonty asked.

‘Wouldn’t hurt a fly.’ The man grinned and stuck out a hairy paw. ‘The name’s Greg.’

‘Jonty. Pleased to meet you.’

‘And I’ll be mighty pleased to eat you.’ Greg added before delivering a devilish chortle that suddenly put Jonty at ease.

He jumped in Greg’s car which was parked just around the corner and Greg drove them out to the river on the edge of town. Jonty could remember going fishing there with his grandfather many years ago but they drove on past the turn off that slot oyna the fishermen used and the road narrowed to a rutted dirt track. Jonty was very slightly nervous but was in too deep; he simply could not back away now because his cock would not let him. Greg turned off the track and drove through some bushes and parked the car close to a tree.

‘What is this place?’ Jonty asked.

‘This is where men go when they need a little relief.’ Greg replied. Jonty felt a shiver of excitement sweep through him. He couldn’t believe in their little town that there were men doing things like this: married men wanting and needing cock, men who would seduce strangers on street corners and drive them down some narrow country track and park up in the bushes.

‘What happens here?’ he asked.

‘Well, if a man needs somewhere to bring a friend to have a little fun, a place where nobody is going to judge him, he can come to this place. But also, if he is feeling horny he can come out here and wait and see if any other horny guys turn up and then if they like the look of each other they can have a little fun together.’

‘It’s just fun for you?’

‘Pretty much.’ Greg replied. ‘I like being married; it’s not like I’m some closet case but every once in a while I just like the feel of another man’s cock in my hand. Now, I think we’ve done enough talking, don’t you?’

Jonty gulped and nodded. He saw Greg take something out of the glove box and slip it into his pocket; he wasn’t sure what it was but he just knew it was something naughty, something to do with sex. He looked down at his stiff cock once more tenting his flimsy soccer shorts. Greg reached over and tweaked it and then opened his door and got out. Jonty followed him and the older man led them through a tangle of vegetation until they came to a clearing under a tree. It seemed very private in there and Jonty was ready for whatever Greg had in store for him. The older man pulled him close and Jonty was a little surprised when suddenly Greg’s tongue was snaking past his lips and grappling with his tongue. His first kiss! It took his breath away. Greg’s back was so broad and strong as Jonty’s hands played up and down its length while they kissed until finally his hands came to rest of that meaty arse and he gave it a good squeeze.

Greg broke off the kiss.

‘You like my arse?’ he asked.

‘It’s beautiful.’ Jonty replied.

‘Why don’t you take my shorts off?’ Greg asked.

With quaking hands Jonty slid Greg’s tight shorts down his strong thighs. He was wearing a pair of bright red underpants and there was a little wet spot on the left where his precum had oozed into the fabric. I did that! Jonty thought to himself. He was as pleased as punch. His beauty and desirability had made this hunky man’s excitement juice ooze out of his cock. Jonty knelt before Greg now and looked at those big balls cupped close in his underpants; he pressed his face into the fabric and inhaled Greg’s scent. It was as powerful and as sexy as he had dreamed it would be. As he sniffed the intoxicating aroma he stroked those big, furry thighs and desire overwhelmed him. All inhibitions were swept away as he made Greg turn around and then after admiring the shape and heft of Greg’s big booty Jonty pressed his face against the damp fabric covering his buttcrack.

His first masniff filled his brain and sent pulses of desire through his already blood engorged cock. Jonty’s cock was so incredibly hard he was afraid it would burst clean out of its skin. He couldn’t believe that he was doing something so incredibly disgusting and yet it was tuning him on so much.

‘Oooh lick my arsehole!’ Greg begged.

And Jonty was powerless even though those words triggered shame and disgust. He just kept sniffing Greg’s musky spice hole and Greg’s desperate hunger was raw in his voice as he begged Jonty over and over.

‘Please, lick it! Eat me, kiss my bumhole!’ he growled.

Jonty’s resistance crumpled. He lowered those red underpants down Greg’s furry thighs. His pale, hairy meaty arse came into view and Jonty felt sick with lust. The sight of this man’s big bum cut through all his reservations, through all of society’s taboos and rules; this arse was made for sex, it was designed to tease and tempt and lead men astray. And if he could help it this ass would be collecting a huge load of thick, creamy spunk before the afternoon was over. But first it demanded service and Jonty hefted those big cheeks apart and teased his tongue over the ridged flesh of Greg’s furry fuck hole. Greg bellowed like a wounded beast as Jonty’s hot tongue burrowed up his sensitive asshole. For a first-timer the young stud sure was doing a good job. Greg took hold of his fat cock and slowly jerkerd the fleshy skin back and forth over his overheated cockhead.

Greg had been kissed back there a number of times but this was proving the best. The way Jonty ate him out and stroked his thighs and his big goose eggs was just out of this world. It was with reluctance that he pulled away and turned around and presented Jonty with his fat cock. Jonty gasped when he saw that thick monster rod bobbing about in front of his face with a long drool of precum leaking canlı casino siteleri out of it. He gathered up the love juice on his thumb and tasted it. It was ambrosia slipping down this throat. He was amazed at how dark Greg’s cock was compared to his pale thighs and how big his balls were and how low they hung. If the world was full of women and Greg was the only man on earth there would be no chance whatsoever that the human race would ever go extinct. His potent seedbags looked brimful of juice and Jonty sniffed them once more before teasing his tongue against the smooth skin.

Greg yelped as the handsome twink’s tongue traced across his big balls. He loved having his balls licked and his ass eaten and his cock sucked; this sexy dude was pressing all the right buttons. Once more Jonty’s hands played over Greg’s skin as he licked the older man’s nads and then at last he took that fat cock into his mouth and began to nurse it the way he imagined it should be done. As he kissed and licked and nibbled his hands traveled up Greg’s thighs and now he pressed a finger into his sweaty crack until it found the ring of his desire and pushed past Greg’s resistance into the fiery heat of the interior.

‘Oh buddy, you’re getting me too close.’ Greg protested.

Greg pulled Jonty to his feet and kissed him, tasting his musky masculinity on the younger man’s tongue. Greg couldn’t remember when last he was so horny. He couldn’t decide which he wanted more: to fuck the stud’s little peachy ass or to surrender his meaty manfulness to the rampant rod of a virginal eighteen year old stud. It was not often that Greg got poked but there was something about this encounter that was pushing all his buttons. As he kissed Greg’s hands went down to Jonty’s sweet little cupcakes and he gave them a good feel, making Jonty feel faint with desire. He wondered whether it would hurt but he knew if Greg wanted his bum there was no way he could say no.

He was surprised when Greg knelt in front of him and pulled his shorts down. Jonty’s big cock was suddenly free of its cage and it just about took Greg’s eye out as it slapped up against his belly. Inch for inch he matched the big man but Jonty’s balls were just the size of walnuts compared to the goose eggs that dangled below Greg’s juicy cock. Greg lifted Jonty’s cock now and took both of his balls into his mouth and tongue loved them the best way he knew how. Jonty closed his eyes and let out the horniest moan that Greg hade ever heard in his life. He knew exactly what the sexy twink was feeling and Greg was determined to make this, his first time, the best he would ever know. He wanted Jonty to remember their fuck long after his name would have slipped from Jonty’s memory. Greg’s big hands stroked Jonty’s smooth thighs and cupped his muffins. The tongue stud’s ass was small but fleshy and as smooth as satin. The thought of his big cock sliding between those peachy virginal cheeks just about made the older man blast his spunk into the dust.

Wrapping his fist around Jonty’s impressively big cock Greg took it into his mouth. He remembered how he had first caught sight, from a side angle, of the rampant tool that Jonty had sought to hide with his book. The excitement that had coursed through his veins then was as nothing compared to the excitement he felt now. He was still undecided: cock or arse, which did he want more? The thought of fucking Jonty’s delicious bumhole, of taking his cherry, was making him crazy but he knew if he gifted his big butt to the young man it would be a memory that would stay with him forever. The lust that the younger man felt over his big, hairy bum was evident and Greg knew that the feeling of being buried deep in that warm pit would be something that Jonty would enjoy immensely.

Greg was still undecided when he had Jonty step out of his shorts and turn around. His pale little bum was incredibly shapely and Greg parted his smooth cheeks and gazed at the pretty pink slit that lay behind a fringe of dark, silky hair. It was prettier than many a pussy that Greg had seen his lifetime. It was the kind of pucker to make grown men weak at the knees; in times of war, or in an enforced men-only environment, even the straightest stud would have a hard time resisting Jonty’s doughnut. Just as Jonty had sniffed him out, Greg now grooved on the young man’s musk before drilling him with his tongue. Jonty yelped as the magical sensation set his nerves on fire and he clung onto a tree branch as if his life depended on it. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him as Greg reamed his dainty arsehole and when Greg took his magical tongue away and Jonty felt a cold slippery sensation slithering over his puckerhole he thought he was ready. Greg’s thick, insistent finger slid into his virginal chute and made Jonty’s eyes water but soon the lube had worked its magic, letting the finger easily glide backward and forwards through his assguts. And now Greg eased his finger out of Jonty’s hole and took a few seconds to look at the slippery little love lips that glistened in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the trees. Above them a bird was singing and life had never felt so real for either man. Greg rubbed some lube into his surprisingly slender cockhead and felt thankful in that moment that he didn’t have one of those flared mushroom caps that he had seen on some men. He stepped up to the plate and pressed home in a long, slow, sensual glide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20