First Time at Men’s Store Pt. 02

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This is a continuation of my first time adventures with another man. If you have read the first part you would know that I loved what we did. I continued to work at this store with Sam but for the next couple of months after our time together I refused his advances. I was again confused since I was married and enjoyed a great sex life with my wife. However, the wonderful experience that I had with Sam was one that I didn’t think would happen again.

He would try as much as he could, rubbing his crotch, showing me the tent that he was making in his pants. He would also come up behind me and rub my crotch and grind up against my ass, letting me feel his hard on poking my ass. I would try as hard as I could not to get hard but most times it was impossible. I would always make up an excuse as to why we couldn’t do it again. Of course once I got home I would fuck my wife silly, always cumming in her sweet pussy and then going down on her and licking her clit and my cum up.

Finally one day I could take it no longer. While at work after yet again, Sam showing me his hard on in his pants, he called me to the back of the store. There were no customers inside and he was standing behind a clothes rack. As I went around I could see that he had his pants down and he was slowly stroking his hard cock. I stood there wanting to turn around and leave but I couldn’t take my eyes off his hard cock. He had some pre cum leaking from the head and wiped it on his finger, slowly bringing it up to his mouth and licking it off. My own cock was so hard I thought it would rip thru my pants, so of course I had to free it. I pulled out my cock and started stroking along with him.

At this point we were face to face, cocks touching, leaking pre cum. I reached out and started to stroke him as he did the same to me. He asked me to suck him to which I replied, absolutely,, just make sure you shoot casino şirketleri your creamy load in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to cum, he must have not cum for a month as he filled my mouth with his creamy white sperm. As I stood back up he moved in and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, tasting his own cum. He went down and sucked me till and I told him I was about to shoot, he stood up and asked me to jerk off all over his cock and balls which I certainly did.

We had a few more encounters in the store before I was transferred to another location. We lost touch for about 6 months, which was a good thing since I wanted to put that all behind me and concentrate on my marriage. I left the men’s clothing business and took a job that required me to travel a bit. In my travels within the state I would frequent the area that he lived. One day as I was driving and was passing a car, I noticed that it was him. I slowed down and he noticed me and we pulled over to the side. I jumped out and hopped into his car and we exchanged hellos etc. He had on a pair of short shorts so I knew he had been to the beach. I could clearly see his cock outline in those shorts. He noticed me looking and asked if I wanted to go to his house, which was just down to road. Against my better judgement I agreed.

As I followed him, my own cock was hard and I could hardly wait till we got to his house. When we arrived he led me to his bedroom and said he needed to take a shower to wash off the sand and sun screen. As he walked away he started stripping his clothes off and turned and smiled. He said strip and hop into bed, I won’t be but a minute.

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough and then hopped up on the bed slowly stroking my cock and waited. He came back in and had a big smile on his face, watching me pump my dick. He had a towel around his waist and he was casino firmalari standing right next to my head. I slowly reached up and took the towel off, Oh my god, his cock was so hard and had pre cum dripping from the head. I at once started sucking and licking his cock.

We got into a 69 and he was face fucking me, shoving his cock deeper into my mouth, causing me to gag. I had to stop him a few times to keep me from shooting to soon. He got up and then went to the foot of the bed and slowly started coming up between my legs. He was massaging my legs and got to my balls and started to lightly touch them. Then he started to rub a finger towards my asshole, slowly going back and forth over the hole. I was moaning at this point and he knew what I wanted, his finger in my ass. My wife would do that and I always had a huge cum from it.

He then retrieved the lube that he had put on the bed and proceeded to squirt some on my ass and his finger. He slowly started to push his finger in and I was pushing back. He started to pump his finger in and out and I was telling him more, more, more. He then took 3 fingers and started to fuck me. It hurt at first but then it was taking me to another level.

I looked at him and saw that with his other hand he was jerking his cock. He was so close to my ass I asked him to rub his cock on me. Damn did that feel great, his hard cock rubbing my asshole. I knew what was going to happen next, or at least I thought I did.

I heard a woman’s voice say, “you haven’t fucked him yet have you?” Imagine my shock when I looked towards the door and there stood his wife, skirt and top off, dressed in stocking, heels, bra and a tiny thong. She was slowly stroking her cunt and pinching her nipples. She looked at me and said, “surprise”, I finally get to watch you and Sam. I have been dreaming of this for quite awhile.

I didn’t know güvenilir casino that Sam had told her about us, me sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. He had called her on the way back to the house and told her to get ready, today was the day. At first my hard-on started to go down, but once she showed me her bald wet pussy and sat on my face, making me lick her juicy cunt, it didn’t take long for me to get rock hard again. She was grinding her pussy onto my face, telling me to suck harder. Sam, in the meantime, started to rub his cockhead on my asshole. His wife was begging him to put it in, saying that she wanted to see her man fuck another guy.

I wrapped my legs around his back and was pulling him towards me. I was telling him to fuck my sissy ass, fuck me hard and shoot you hot cum in me. As he started, his wife watching it enter my virgin ass, started cumming and squirting in my mouth. Once he got past the first ring and I got over the initial pain, it popped right in. Man did that feel fucking great, his cock was in my ass and his wife was cumming in my mouth. His wife is telling him to fuck me and fuck me hard, she wants to hear his balls slapping against my ass. Sam is pounding my ass and then without even touching myself, I start to shoot rope after rope of hot cum. Never before have I cum like this. His wife his squealing in delight, saying look, the sissy came by just having your cock in him. She climbed off my face and fed me my own cum. Sam seeing this, started thrusting harder and faster and shot his load deep into me. The warmth of his cum was intense, and I felt every spasm of his cock.

He finally pulled out of my ass and left me feeling empty, with the exception of his cum running from my ass. I would like to be like the rest of some writers and say that I used his cum to jerk off with and that I shot 2 more loads that afternoon, but that would not be true. We did get together a few times after, which always involved me getting fucked as she watched in delight. I moved away and he did the same. Sometimes I masturbate thinking of his cock in my ass and always end up licking and swallowing my own cum YUMMY YUMMY

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20