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Dawn broke, setting pink streaks across the sky. The weather was predicted to be another hot one. Heather didn’t know the first thing about fishing, but Leah loved it, and that was more than enough reason to go. Leah mentioned loving fishing once during their senior year, and like anything else about Leah, Heather never forgot.

Heather had gone out to the local fishing shop and spent her hard earned money to get a pole and a tackle box. The country looking fellow behind the counter helped her set everything up, so she didn’t look like a fool. The man worked hard and quick to put the pole together and hook on the line. He was pleasant, maybe even slightly flirtatious.

Waking up early in the morning was a hazard. Heather wasn’t a morning person, but she wanted to spend the time with Leah. At first, there had been rumors about Leah’s boyfriend Justin coming along. Luckily, something at work had come up, and he couldn’t make it, leaving the two girls alone.

The canoe she borrowed from her father tied to the bed of the truck. Heather rubbed the crust from her eyes as she flew down the highway, reminiscing on the good times she had with her friends before they had fallen apart.

Leah sat on the stone step of her house, wearing a black bikini and a beautifully white smile. When she saw Heather approaching, she grabbed her pole and climbed inside. “This is exciting. I never knew you liked to fish.”

“I love fishing. What are you talking about?” Heather laughed.

All the times her dad and brother had gone, she opted to stay home and watch tv. On a couple of occasions, she was forced to go. She went swimming or tanning instead. In her youth, Heather caught one fish, and it was just a small sunfish. In all fairness, it seemed big at the time, considering she was seven. There was a slight memory of screaming, not wanting to touch the fish.

From the corner of her eye, Heather stole a couple of glances at Leah. She had black hair, slim body, light ebony skin, and huge breasts. They had been the best of friends in high school. After that, they had distanced because Leah had gone to college. Now that she was back, Heather wanted that closeness again. The black two-piece bathing suit looked good on her, accentuated her slim waist and large boobs.

Fresh air blew into the truck, rustling Leah’s hair in a beautiful black tornado. The scent of her shampoo wafted into Heather’s face. That faint, soft smell had been seductive many years ago. It was still the same brand of shampoo she used back then.

“I missed you while I was away,” Leah said. She was patting down her hair and rolling up the window. “I didn’t make a lot of friends in college,” she admitted.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Heather said. “I started working at the movie theater right out of high school. I admit it isn’t the greatest job, but I get to see all the new movies for free. I also go home smelling like popcorn, which I find delightful.”

They both chuckled in unison.

Standing about three inches taller than Leah, Heather was thicker too. She had bright, vibrant blue eyes and two front teeth that leaned in toward each other in the cutest way.

The ropes untied with ease, and the life jackets bounced in the bottom of the boat. Leah and Heather worked as they walked across the rocky shore. The canoe bounced a couple of times on the water. The trickling sound was music to their ears. It was nice to be in nature.

The boat rocked a few times as they pushed off the shore. A slight breeze blew across them again, raising goosebumps on the arms of Leah, momentarily. Underneath her black bikini, her nipples were standing at attention.

The lake around them was quiet. The water sloshed against the side of the boat in a soft, compelling sound. Heather thought she could fall asleep to that noise. Quietly, without much effort, they pushed to the center of the lake. The shore was barely visible from any direction. They were truly alone.

Heather’s father told her it was the best spot around to catch big fish. During many of his explorations, he had brought back much fish he cooked for her. Even though she didn’t like fishing, she didn’t mind eating it.

The lid to the cooler flipped open, and Heather unburied a beer from the ice. The can hissed when she pulled the tab. A couple of loud gulps casino siteleri went down her gullet. “Nothing like a cold beer when you’re fishing,” she said to Leah.

The pole went over her shoulder, then cast out into the deep water. The bobber hit with a loud plunk. When Leah settled in, and her bobber was in the right spot, she shuffled through the cooler for a beer as well.

“There wasn’t any of this in Vermont,” she said. The lid cracked on the can. “I didn’t go fishing once. I only studied. I worked fucking hard there,” she admitted.

“I believe you.”

The boat gently rocked. A few moments later, Heather lifted her pole and attempted to cast. She didn’t want to seem like a complete loon when she was out there, so she had her dad talk her through it step by step. She leaned back her arm, clicked the button, and slung the line into the water, just like her dad told her.

From her position on the boat, Heather only had a glimpse of Leah’s back. It wasn’t what she wanted to look at, but it was better than nothing.

“Oh, I brought sunscreen. We should probably put some on,” Heather said.

“Good idea,” Leah agreed.

Heather produced the bottle from her bag and squeezed some into her hand. The cream was cold compared to the warm air around them, but she lathered Leah’s back anyway. Slowly, methodically, Heather lathered Leah in sunscreen. Her hands glided across Leah’s soft, ebony skin. When her back smothered, Heather told her to turn around.

After Leah turned around, Heather began to rub her front, starting at the shoulders and working her way down around her breasts and to her stomach. Teasingly, Heather slid a couple of fingers under the edge of her bikini, touching the outer breast. Leah either didn’t notice or didn’t mind.

Now, Heather felt hotter than she had before. She expected Leah to offer to do her back as well, but she didn’t. Leah went on fishing. Quickly, without the same precision, Heather doused herself in sunscreen.

Although Heather was thicker than Leah, she had grown to accept her body. Guys still found her attractive, so did a few girls.

Leah reeled in her line and turned around. When she turned around, she noticed that Heather was staring at her, smiling. Leah cast her line out on the opposite side of the boat. Now, the two of them were facing each other, which was what Heather wanted all along.

“You don’t mind if I take this off, do you?” Heather asked. Before Leah could answer, she had already pulled the strings on her red bikini top.

“I don’t mind,” Leah said.

Her brown eyes dropped from Heather’s face, just for a moment, taking in Heather’s breasts. Quickly, she looked away, hoping Heather hadn’t noticed. She had.

Again, Heather pulled out the sunscreen and applied a healthy layer upon her chest. This time, she ran her fingers slowly across her body, making sure to grab her tits with lust, hoping Leah would look. It was unclear if Leah was looking from the corner of her eyes or not.

Quietly, they drank their beer and stared off into the distance. Leah had a nibble, but she lost it quickly after she began reeling.

Heather sat with her tits out, all double D.

When they were in high school, Heather was too ashamed to admit that she was attracted to Leah. She didn’t know if the feeling was mutual or not. The fact that Heather was bi-sexual had been a secret her entire life. She had never acted on the impulse, but she had fantasized about it many times. Now, she thought this was her chance.

Occasionally, Leah caught herself glimpsing at her old friend’s tits, who had splayed them out to be noticed. It was clear Heather was trying something. Leah, who had a lesbian tryst in college, was trying to remain faithful to her boyfriend. It was impossible to keep from looking over. Heather was sexy. Her nipples were the perfect shade of pink, and her tits were still perky and amazing.

Something was appealing and sexy about the confidence Heather showed. Although she wouldn’t admit it, Heather had always been a voyeur. There was something about being seen or being watched that turned her on.

“I’m going for a swim. You’re welcome to join me if you’d like,” Heather said. She gave a smile.

Leah hadn’t anticipated that Heather was going to step out from her bikini bottoms slot oyna as well. Heather slipped out of the bottom part of her bikini and jumped into the water. Leah was looking down at the bikini sitting at the bottom of the boat. She had always wanted to go skinny dipping but never had the gumption.

I’m only going to live once, Leah thought.

It was obvious she was giving in to Heather’s pressure, but she wanted to give in. She also wanted to be seduced. Heather was sexy. Heather was confident. Most importantly, Heather was horny.

The black bikini top dropped into the bottom of the boat. Leah didn’t have to look at Heather to know her eyes were taking her in. It’s what she wanted. It had been in the air since they got out into the water. A cool breeze blew across her breasts, making her nipples hard. Something was exhilarating about being naked in front of someone else. Foreign eyes lusting for her body made her feel a way she had never felt before.

What’s going on with me? Leah thought as she slid out of the bottom half of her swimsuit.

Heather was looking, just as she suspected. Leah could have jumped right in, sought cover from the water and hide her nudity, but she didn’t. She stood at the edge of the boat for a few seconds longer, letting her look. Just the night before, Leah had trimmed her pubes.

Leah wasn’t often proud of her body. It had been a while since she felt comfortable naked, but now, she felt amazing. There was something special about being naked. Something was amazing about being wanted.

Leah plunged into the water.

“You did it,” Heather said, clapping.

The water was cold, instantly making Leah’s nipples hard as diamonds. “That was exciting,” she said.

“The water feels good, doesn’t it?”

The distance between them didn’t last long. The water splashed as Heather submerged. It wasn’t clear if she was going under for a better look or not, but it certainly seemed likely.

Leah thought if that were the case, she would give her a show. Trying to keep herself above water, Leah kicked her feet, spreading her legs open. She could have attempted to hide her nudity, but now, she wanted Heather to see.

When Heather resurfaced, she was close, closer than two women would be on an ordinary day.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hey yourself,” Leah whispered back.

The opportunity was there, waiting, begging. Leah, who was shy, reached out a hand. At first, she didn’t know where to put it, so she settled for her lower back. Their faces were close. Heather gave the signal, looking down at Leah’s lips and moving closer into her embrace. The signal received. Heather’s lips were just as soft as they looked. The first kiss was sweet, romantic, not lustful at all. It was a kiss passed between two lovers.

Their bodies touched. At first, they met at the lips. Then they met at the breasts. Now, they were leaning against each other, kissing again. Leah’s hand, which had been firm against Heather’s lower back, dropped.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” Heather admitted.

Leah kicked, holding herself afloat. Heather was busy sliding her tongue into Leah’s mouth, feeling around inside, playing lightly against Leah’s tongue. Their hands caressed each other’s bodies, feeling all the curves and surfaces.

Heather’s main obsession was on Leah’s breasts. At first, it was just a single hand, but quickly, it became both. The water was deep, too deep for them to reach the bottom. Heather’s soft hands clutched Leah’s tits, squeezing them, cupping their nipples.

The rhythm of their breathing had changed. Now, the girls were both breathing heavier. Leah interrupted the heavy kissing for a second. “We should take this back onto the boat.”

Greedily, Heather slipped a hand down below, feeling the lips for a quick tease before they parted.

Chills went shooting through Leah’s body. When her boyfriend touched her, he didn’t cause chills like that. Nobody had caused chills like that before.

Getting back into the boat without tipping, it seemed to cause a bit of a challenge. Leah had to hold one side of the boat to let Heather get in. While Heather was climbing over the ledge, Leah was glimpsing from beside her. There were no secrets. Heather had also trimmed her pubes, creating almost nothing.

The canlı casino siteleri ladies sat on the boat, across from each other. For a moment, they took in sight. Leah was quickly drying off with a towel, hoping their escapade wasn’t over.

Those soft blue eyes, which had stolen the glances at her naked body, stared at her now. Heather made no effort to dry herself. The sun was doing a wonderful job at that.

“Come over here,” Heather whispered, beckoning Leah with a single finger.

The boat rocked below them as Leah re-positioned herself closer to Heather. The kissing commenced again, this time with more vigor. Heather was now pawing at her breasts, pulling Leah closer in a desperate passion. Nobody had lusted for her that way before, which was now making her wet.

“Don’t stop,” Leah whispered.

The teeth felt good against the tender flesh. There was something about a little pain that mixed extraordinarily well with sex. Leah watched as Heather bit into her neck, breasts and sucked her nipples for a few seconds, making unbreakable eye contact. It was Leah’s porno.

Softly, seductively, Heather kissed her way down Leah’s chest. The kisses peppered her stomach and then her thighs. The view was exceptional. Heather dipped down, placed her head in Leah’s lap, and began. Her tongue was soft against the clip with a lot of suction. Immediately, Leah’s legs began to shake. Nobody had done it that well before.

Those are piercing blue eyes looked up at her the entire time, which added to the heat. Leah reached down and placed a hand on the back of Heather’s head, holding her against her flower. The blonde hair was smooth and slick against her hand.

“Do you like that?” Heather asked, pulling away for a second.

“Yes, please don’t stop.”

The sky above was blue, with the brightest sun Leah could imagine. Now, she wasn’t watching Heather munch her flower. Now, she was staring up into the sky as she climaxed, and her body convulsed. Her toes curled, and her muscles tensed. Euphoria poured through her brain like drugs, and she felt closer to Heather.

When Heather pulled her head away, there was cum dripping from her chin. Leah grabbed Heather by the back of the head and pulled her in for a long, extensive kiss. Intentionally, she lapped at some of her juices, which stirred something in Heather.

It wasn’t fair to leave Heather hanging. She knew what was implied, but she had never gone down on a woman before. So, Leah convinced herself to give in. She submitted herself.

There wasn’t a presentation like there had been with Heather. She didn’t start to kiss from top to bottom. There wasn’t much of an effort for wooing. It was straight down to business. She hadn’t predicted that she was going to enjoy it. Once she was down there, she began flicking the clit with her tongue, humorously at first. Then passionately.

The juices trickled from her flower like a peach. Leah hadn’t been expecting such a visceral reaction. Now that she was in the heat of the moment, she loved the response. All along, Leah thought she was going to have to coach herself through it. She had watched a couple of girl on girl videos out of curiosity and found that she liked what she had seen. It had tickled her. She didn’t need to talk herself through it because she was a natural.

The first response was a high pitched groan, followed by a mumble. Heather tilted her head back. Her turn to look at the sky. She continued to make passionate sounds. Her hands reached out and grabbed the edge of the boat, holding the wood tightly.

“Oh my God,” she called out. “Oh, my God.” Heather made no effort to contain her excitement. If someone were watching from the shore, which neither of them believed there was anyone, they got a free show. Heather welcomed the idea of someone watching.

When the romance was over, and both of them had achieved strong, powerful orgasms, they kissed passionately. Sitting on opposite sides of the boat, they looked at each other and began to laugh.

“That was wild,” Leah said.

“I have wanted to do that for a long time,” Heather admitted.

“I’m glad you did,” Leah replied.

Emotions flared. Thoughts of the past, future, and present rolled through both of their heads. Neither of them knew what to do next. They started by returning to their bikinis. What they had done was unforgivable in the eyes of Leah’s boyfriend, if ever she decided to tell him. They could keep a secret, couldn’t they? Could they keep from doing it again? Leah didn’t think they could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20