Freshman Virgin

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I dreaded going back to college this year because all of my friends and peers had graduated in May. I had somehow missed one of my primary courses required in my major area, so here I was back at college and 21 years old in a primarily freshman dormitory. The only real person my own age was the dorm manager; even her assistant manager was younger than I.

The dorm was a typical six floors and the only air conditioning was in the manager’s suite. I opted to pay extra for the sake of a private room not wanting to hassle with the fluff filled heads of 18 year old roommates. The only room available was actually a suite for four students on the second floor facing the street; had to contend with street noises while the windows were open. I went ahead and paid extremely extra to have the suite and the college had been delighted since enrollment was down.

A month into the semester I decided it was time for a party. During my previous senior year, I use to host a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) party in my room. My stimulations were always was to keep it fun, music not loud enough to bring the campus police, and definitely No Drugs!

The party was going well and most of the students behaved decently; a few I expelled from the suite for inappropriate behavior toward my other guests, but, all in all, everyone was having a great time to meet, greet and unwind on a Friday night.

I had just sat down by one of the windows to try to gain some cool night air when I noticed three guys standing out on the sidewalk looking up at the window.

“Hey,” I called down to them, “want to join the party?”

“Yeah!” they all called up at the same time.

I smiled and thought, ‘freshman always seem to run in packs.’ I let them know which room and told them to go in and sign in at the front desk. Soon I had three additional students to add to my crowd. I offered them a punch and handed out the cups. I lightly introduced them to some of the others there.

One of the freshman boys barely spoke at all, in fact all he gave was his name ‘Gary’, what he was majoring in and what dorm ‘they’ lived in. He sort of followed his friends around from ‘female’ group to female group, but never saying anything. I went back to the window to once again try to gain a touch of breeze. He sat in a chair next to me, but didn’t offer any conversation and so we just mellowed and listened to the music.

His buddies came over about a half an hour later and told him that they decided to cruse the strip. Now as most of us are aware, each town has one of these places where kids just drive up and down a street looking to pick up someone. He nodded his head ‘yes’ but told them that he was going to stay. They left without him and then I had some more guests drop by so I greeted and mingled once again.

About midnight I turned the music off as the party was whining down and at one in the morning I announced that it was time for everyone to head out. Finally getting everyone out, I turned around and noticed Gary was still sitting by the windows.

“I’ll help you clean up,” he suggested. He was still so shy, looking embarrassed and down at the floor.

“There really isn’t that much do except put the trash in the bag and get rid of the evidence,” I laughed.

He just sort of stood there with his head hanging down. Then it struck me; I could just make out the outline of his hard cock pushing against his jeans. I swallowed hard; it had been about three months since I’d had any sex. I felt the familiar warmth and wetness starting between my legs.

Then something else dawned on me as well; this shy guy must still be a virgin because he hadn’t even tried to hit on me all night. In fact he wanted sex, but was unsure about how to ask or go about it.

I crossed over to the door and flipped the lock silently.

“Gary?” I said and he lifted his head, “see that lamp over there? Would you be kind and turn it on?”

He crossed the room and flipped the switch and I turned out the primary lighting. His surprise showed when the room flooded in soft blue light.

I smiled, “Blue is so much easier on the eyes.”

I crossed over to the windows and shut the curtains and then walked over in front of him. “Gary,” I said softly and placed my hand on his shoulder. He looked up into my eyes then and I could see his lust and longing.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?” I asked gently while my hand traced the top of his shoulder; he shook his head ‘no’ and blushed. “Gary, have you kissed a girl other than a family member?” I asked again and was once again answered with a head shake and then he went back to studying the floor. I don’t know why, but I was extremely turned on to know that I would be his first.

“Gary,” I placed my hand on the side of his face and he looked up again, “would you like to spend the night with me?” This time he shook his head ‘yes’. “You must never let your friends, roommates, buddies or family know; that is my condition for spending the night canlı bahis şirketleri with me.”

Again Gary shook his head ‘yes’, but I thought he was going to cream his jeans on the spot. I thought to myself, ‘this won’t do if he ejaculates too soon he’ll be embarrassed’ so I decided to make my move first.

“Would you mind if I do something first and then you can spend all night with me?” I asked while I still held his attention. He had this questioning look on his face, but still nodded his head ‘yes’.

I still don’t know how I performed it so quickly, but I unzipped his jeans and brought his cock out fast and barely got my mouth over it before he came. It was just a low groan followed by a lot of hot cum which I swallowed and swallowed until his cock started to shrink. I put his cock back in his pants and picked up one of the leftover cups of unserved punch to swish my mouth out.

Gary stood there looking stunned; all wide eyed and embarrassed. “Doesn’t that feel better?” I asked, “Now we have all night to explore each other,” and I smiled.

I led Gary into my bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and patted the place next to me. I realized that this would be sex education 101 with full visual aids and participation; the thought had my heart racing.

My first instruction was in the art of kissing leading to French kissing. I gave him a closed mouth kiss lightly on the lips; he got a bit excited. I proceeded with my follow through with sliding my tongue into his mouth and he jerked in surprise.

I pulled away and looked into his eyes, “Does this type of kiss scare you Gary?” I think he was too scared to answer so I continued, “Tell you what. Let me kiss you like this and then you stick your tongue in my mouth and we’ll see how it goes.”

I leaned in and kissed him again, but this time when I slipped my tongue into his mouth he started breathing faster. Soon we changed and I let his tongue slide into my mouth. I was breathing faster now as well so broke off this kiss in order to go on with the instruction. At this point Gary was starting to loosen up and was smiling.

I showed him my erogenous zones along my neck and shoulders; with emphasis that not all women were the same and each woman would let him know what they liked or didn’t like. I showed him how to kiss, use his tongue and gently use his teeth to heighten my sexual pleasure.

Second lesson was in how to erotically undress a woman and keep her excited. I thought he was going to faint before we actually got naked together. I’ve always sported large C cup breasts for my slender frame. We finally both got naked; which took us to the next lesson of breast arousal, nipple sucking and nipple play.

I lay back on the bed and had Gary kiss me from the neck down until he reached my breasts. Then he kissed all around the breasts teasingly close to the nipples before actually sucking on them. I taught him to again use his mouth, tongue and teeth to enhance stimulation of the nipple. I know when I moaned he smiled and that encouraged him to keep going. We proceeded to nipple stimulation with mouth and fingers from soft to rough. I was definitely breathing hard by this time.

Gary definitely enjoyed that lesson so much that his cock was now hard again. I smiled as I traced my finger along the top and then the bottom. I gently massaged his balls and he moaned. I stopped and smiled at him. I got off the bed and gave my hand to him, “Come on Gary, I think you will like this.” I brought him out to the center of the room, “You stand there and I’ll get on my knees.”

“Why?” he asked.

I was naked and on my knees looking up at Gary with his cock stretched out before me. “Some men like to see a woman like this,” I explained, “it’s very stimulating to them to have a woman begging for their cock.”

“I’d never do that,” he said appalled.

“I know Gary, so I’m not begging. I just wanted you to experience this position of fucking my mouth,” and I placed my hand on his hip and opened my mouth around the head of his cock. Unlike before, I swirled my tongue and teased the slit tasting a bit of pre-cum. I moaned to send vibrations along his cock as I slowly sucked him into my mouth. I watched him close his eyes and push forward into my mouth.

I brought his hands from his sides and placed them holding my head. He started to saw in and out of my mouth; he was a natural. I reached up and started to massage and squeeze his balls and he started to fuck my mouth even faster. His cock felt harder and wider now and I could tell that he was getting close. His hands clamped hard around my head and he was moaning in earnest and then his first load hit the back of my throat. I plunged my mouth down and then half back up; swallowing each jet of cum he shot into my mouth.

After bringing Gary to another well deserved orgasm, I decided to show him the art of cunt eating. I thought he was going to faint again when he saw that I shaved my pussy. I explained how it was canlı kaçak iddaa a lot more enjoyable for men and a lot more sensitive for me. He proceeded through my step by step instruction from fingering to tonguing me to an orgasm. I gave Gary an “A++” as he brought me to orgasm and then couldn’t seem to get enough of it; brought me to a second orgasm as well. I told him he had a ‘magic’ tongue.

By the time that Gary started to bring me to another orgasm, it was time to move on to actual fucking. He was worried because he didn’t have any condoms. I informed him I was on the pill, but that he should invest in condoms not only to prevent pregnancies, but sexually transmitted diseases.

I’m still not sure which lesson he enjoyed most; oral or intercourse. I taught him first in classic missionary and proceeded to “doggie”. I asked him if he would care to try anal, but said ‘no’ so I didn’t push him. After he came two more times, we were ready for some actual sleep. I cuddled up next to him laying my head onto his chest and feeling his hand caressing my shoulder.

When I woke it was well past noon, but I still felt tired. I was on my side and Gary was curled up against my back snoring lightly. I closed my eyes and smiled and went back to sleep.

I next woke with the pleasant sensation of having my breasts felt and sucked. I smiled at Gary and he smiled back at me. I decided that this was the Final Exam and would let him proceed on his own.

“Good Afternoon,” smiled Gary as he reached over and held my face. He traced his fingers down to lightly stroke my jaw, shoulder and on down to my breast. He leaned over and kissed me deeply; our tongues tasting and probing bringing out desire in both of us.

He started to kiss and nuzzle his way down my neck while his fingers tweaked my nipples into a hardened engorged state. He leaned over and sucked my nipple into his hot mouth; I arched my back and ran my fingers through his hair. Gary quickly rolled between my legs and I felt his hard cock resting between my pussy.

He started to work alternately between both breasts and I was soon panting and moaning. He kissed his way down to the top of my mound and slipped his tongue in between my lips and flicked it across my hard clit. I opened my legs for him wider and felt as his mouth sucked my engorged lips and then his tongue slipped inside my hot wet slit. I was breathing quite hard and moaning; I was so close.

Gary rose up and slid his hard hot cock into me slowly. I became uncontrollable and wrapped my legs around his back to drive him into my throbbing pussy.

“Oh Gary, Fuck me hard!” I screamed and it was the last coherent thought I had.

Gary started to slam into me hard and my orgasm hit. I do remember starting to come back to reality when Gary came and starting pumping hot cum into me which sent me into a mini-orgasm. Gary was faster to recovering than I was; I was just enjoying the feeling of having his cock stuffed into my pussy.

Gary spent all Saturday and half of Sunday with me and then we parted company. I saw him a couple of times in passing that semester since our age groups ran in different crowds. He was more confident and easy going; talking with guys and girls. I smiled and turned to walk into my next building; gone was that shy boy I had first met.

* * * * *

I was downtown about seven years later doing mostly window shopping and killing a pleasant summer afternoon. I was wearing a light summer white dress with my three inch heels; looking into a window at a silk sheer powder blue dress. I smiled and thought, ‘I bet my heels would be a perfect match to that dress’.

In the window I caught the reflection of a man in a business suit walking towards me; I stepped a little closer to the window so he could walk behind me. I was still contemplating on whether to go in and buy the dress when I noticed that the man had stopped behind me and was looking at me. I turned around and stared into Gary’s face and started to smile.

He stepped forward before I could say anything and swept me into his arms and gave me a deep passionate kiss; which I returned in kind. When we broke off our kiss, we were both hugging and smiling.

“I’m in town for a friend’s wedding and isn’t it wonderful that I found a friend here too,” he said. He pulled me at arms length and looked me over, “My God, You’ve gotten even more gorgeous than I remember!”

It was my turn to blush and then I smiled at him, “and you’ve turned into quite a handsome man Gary.” I stepped forward and kissed him again and he reached around and drew me into his chest crushed my breasts against him.

“I don’t have a lot of time so I’m going to come right out and ask,” he started, “are you attached … I mean do you have a boyfriend or husband; something like that?”

I laughed lightly, “Well, that’s getting to the point, but ‘no’ I’m not currently attached.”

His eyes lit up and he smiled, “Would you mind seeing me this evening. We could canlı kaçak bahis have some dinner and catch up.”

I smiled at the invitation, “Sure Gary. Where are you staying?”

“I’m over at the Plaza in suite 810. The wedding is over around 5 pm and I should be back by 6 pm. I had already decided to skip the reception.” He was anxiously waiting for my reply.

“Okay,” I said, “that’ll be nice.” Then I laughed, “Maybe then you can tell me if you’re ‘attached’ too.”

He laughed and hugged me again, “No way; not yet. I’ve got to run, but I’ll see you this evening.” Gary dashed down the street and hailed a cab while I was still smiling.

I got to the Plaza around 5:50 pm, handed valet my keys and walked toward the hotel door. The doorman eyed me and hurried to open the door to the lobby. The lobby seemed to be filled with lots of businessmen and the banner posted at the side told me it was some kind of sales convention.

I felt their eyes taking in my body and appearance. I had bought the silk dress in the store window and my three inch heels did match it perfectly. The dress accentuated my large breasts and slim curvy figure. I could practically read their minds; hooker. I smiled and slowly walked over to the front desk.

“Yes?” replied one of the attendants.

“Gary Brasher in suite 810. Please ring to let him know his guest has arrived.” I responded.

“Yes madam, just a moment,” and they picked up a white phone. “Sorry madam, no answer.”

I looked at my watch, 6:05 pm. I sighed, “Ok. I’ll have to wait then,” and walked over to the lobby seating by the wall. My thoughts ran scenarios like the wedding got delayed, the minister was running late, he’s stuck in traffic, his car broke down, and finally he stayed for the reception.

Looked at my watch again, now it was 7:05 pm and I was getting hungry and tired of sitting. I stood and made my way over to the front desk again.

“Yes madam?” replied the same attendant.

I smiled, “It seems he’s running behind schedule. Do you have something I can write on and leave him a message?”

“Yes madam and he handed me a tablet with their letterhead and a pen.

“Thank you,” I replied and eased down the counter to write Gary a note.

I thought for a moment contemplating on how to start the note balancing on one shoe. I got as far as “Dear Gary,” when I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “Thank God!” I turned and saw Gary rush up to me.

“I kept thinking you’d be long gone by the time I got here, but you waited. I wouldn’t have been able to find you; I don’t even know where you’re living now.” He drew me to him and kissed me.

I smiled, “I was just writing you a note. I figured something had probably gone wrong, but I was getting hungry. I thought I’d just let you know where I was going to eat and you could join me if you got back.”

Gary turned to the attendant who had been taking in the whole scene, “How late is the kitchen open?”

“Another three hours sir,” he replied.

Gary turned back to me, “Let’s just eat in and we’ll talk over dinner. It’ll give us more time together.”

I smiled, “That’ll be fine. I need to freshen up and take my shoes off for a while anyway.”

Gary then noticed my dress, “From the store, Right?”

“Yes,” I smiled and then leaned up to whisper in his ear, “and I can assure you that everyone here was probably thinking I was some hooker too.”

Gary laughed and winked at me, “I’d never be able to afford you.” I laughed as well. He gave me his arm and we walked to the elevator, rode to the 8th floor and walked to his suite.

“Mind if I use your bathroom to freshen up?” I said as we entered.

“No go right ahead. I’ll order room service. Anything in particular?” he said as he lifted the receiver on the phone.

“Something simple and filling will do; I trust your taste,” I said as I closed the bathroom door.

I walked back out in about five minutes. Gary had hung up his coat, taken off his tie and shoes and was lounging on one of the beds. I smiled, “Long day?”

He opened his eyes and sat up. I walked over to the table and took a seat, bent down to unbuckle my shoes and slip them off. “Ah, that’s much better,” I said as I started to rub my ankles.

Gary got up and sat in the chair next to mine, “Here, let me,” and he reached over and took my ankle to hold and started rubbing it. “It’s my fault that you had to wait so long. I’m sorry. I rushed here so fast when I realized that I forgot to reset my watch to this time zone; I didn’t have my cell and couldn’t find a phone.”

“Hey,” I reached over and rubbed his arm, “things happen and I wasn’t going to leave without seeing you and catching up. I figured you had to return sometime at least to sleep if nothing else,” and then laughed. “Don’t beat yourself up over it.”

He reached down and placed my other foot on his lap as well and started to massage my foot. I closed my eyes feeling the massage ease the ache in my foot and leg. “You do that quite well,” I sighed.

“Thank you. I had a wonderful teacher,” he replied.

I opened my eyes and he was looking at me intensely and I blushed. I smiled back, “No, I had a wonderful weekend with a new friend.”

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